Month: July 2016

Locker Room

The locker room was silent but the entire colosseum literally vibrated with the roar of thousands of people as the game ended. The doors to the locker room slammed open and over a hundred people flooded the room accompanying the victorious team. I had somehow managed to be swept away with the crowd and now found myself in the locker room surrounded by a sea of men. Shoulder-to-shoulder, body to body, the entire room seemed to move as one…and my body was continually being brushed up upon…pressed into…and I was enjoying the excitement of the victory as well as the anonymous touching… whether intentionally given or not.

I caught the eye of one of the team members…his stare was intent on me…as he walked over to stand closely to me…forcing me up against one of the lockers. He placed the palms of his hands onto the lockers behind me and lowered his face, his lips next to my ear…whispered…”want to have you…all of us do….” My groan and weak kneed response was all he needed to know…and the entire crowd was signaled to clear out…leaving the team players and me to begin our own game.

“Wait here,” was all I was told to do…and the steam from the showers began to rise as the men began to strip. Some were intentionally teasing me as they stripped…some hurriedly stripping to get into the shower…and one was standing in the corner, completely naked, having already showered…drying off slowly to my delight.

He came over to me with several towels…laid them down on the bench in front of me and then casually stood behind me, directing my field of vision into the showers as he began to slowly undress me from behind. As he stripped away each item of clothing he urged me to watch the men showering…told me to decide how I would pleasure each one…that he would see to it that I was deeply aroused and that he would be the first to fuck me into oblivion. From behind he stripped me completely…and his enormous hands began to flow over my body…cupping my breasts…pulling and pinching at my nipples. I could feel his cock pressing in above the small of my back…his height bringing his cock higher than I was used to. I could feel his hips rocking slightly, making his cock slip over my back, up and down, his grasp upon my breasts tightened…Then his hands moved lower and from behind spread my legs apart, allowing my hand to easily begin stroking my clit while his hands tempted and teased my entire body…continuing this as I watched the men showering…soap and steam rolling over their bodies…all mine to be had.

My 5’3″ height was overpowered by his nearly 7′ frame as he turned me around…slid his hands under my hips…and easily pulled me up to waist level. I greedily wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me over to the lockers…forcing me up against the cold metal…and using the lockers as a brace…held me against that as his hand lowered to my cunt and inserted two fingers into my now dripping pussy and proceeded to finger fuck me slowly…my juices flowing already over his fingers.