Month: October 2016

First Fraternity Gang Bang

I was going to meet my fiancĂ© Kurt’s best friend and fraternity brother for the first time. Kurt had wanted me to look amazing he had said. He had told me that all through college they had had a rivalry. So for fun I let him pick out my outfit.

I walked into the bedroom from the bathroom after having taken a shower and blow drying my hair, and smiled when I saw he had picked out my clingy black skirt that really hugged my hips, and showed a lot of my long legs. He had also picked out a red corset style top that I had never seen before. Next to the clothes I saw a white box with a red ribbon.

He was sitting at my vanity with a big smile on his face, “I bought you something that I would like for you to wear tonight.”

I opened the box to find a red lace garter belt with a matching pair of crotch-less lacey panties and a matching bra.

He was behind me and removed my robe. It dropped to the floor, and I felt his rough hands against my skin as he moved my long blond hair to one side. He kissed the spot on my neck where it meets my shoulders.

“Can I put it on you?” he asked and nibbled my earlobe.

I let out a long sigh feeling warmth between my legs, and nodded.

He grabbed the panties and held them at my feet. I stepped into them, and he slid them ever so carefully up my legs. He kissed my inner thighs, and I let out a whimper. He looked up at me and smiled. The garter belt followed, and this time he kissed my stomach.

My skirt was slid up next. He turned me around to zipper me, and bit each of my ass cheeks lightly. It tickled so I giggled. He spanked my ass in response.

He didn’t put the bra on, because the corset top had a built in bustier. He kissed my shoulders as he fastened the clasps in the back. He turned me around again, and reached into the top of the corset. He positioned my breasts so that they pushed up nice and high, and made my C-cups look more like D’s!

We were facing each other then, and our eyes were locked. I had never realized that getting dressed would be as much of a turn on as getting undressed. He kissed me long and hard then, and I wanted to claw his clothes off and fuck him right then and there.

He pushed me back down on the bed. Then turned to the dresser, and pulled out a pair of nude thigh high stockings. He knelt before me, and slowly rolled each one up my legs. He ran his hands down my right leg after the stocking was on and attacked to the garter belt, and did the same with the left. He had picked out three inch black heels for me to wear. Smiling, I stepped into them.

I felt like a pampered princess at that point. He stood before me, and pushed me back onto the bed. He lay on top of me, and we kissed. His hands roved my body, and I began to pull his shirt out of his pants. I wanted him so bad at that point.

He pushed himself off the bed, “We’re going to be late.”

We met his friend at a very fancy uptown restaurant. Kurt’s friend was very tall, and had shoulder length brown hair. He was introduced to me as Greg.

Greg’s brown eyes never left my breasts, especially when we shook hands, and they jiggled a little. I looked to Kurt, and saw the proud expression on his face.

Kurt had graduated the year before, and Greg was a senior that year. After they went over polite conversation about what each other had been up to they spent most of the evening talking about the fraternity and the new pledges.

By dessert I was feeling a little bit alienated, seeing as I hadn’t said much since the salad was brought to the table. However, I had enjoyed three, or maybe five, glasses of red wine.

Before I knew it, Kurt was closing the door to the car after I had climbed in. Dinner was over and I was a bit tipsy. I watched out the window as he spoke to Greg.

I was a little annoyed that I had been ignored most of the evening. I had decided that I was going to tell Kurt how annoyed I was when he got back in the car.

Just as I was about to open my mouth after he climbed into the car he placed his hand on my thigh and kissed my forehead.

“Would you mind if we went back to the house. You can see where I used to live.”

I crossed my arms over my chest, “Actually I would mind! First of all your little friend’s eyes NEVER left my tits, and second of all you two didn’t acknowledge me all night!”

He squeezed my thigh, “I’m sorry baby, but you have no idea how happy that made me!”