Month: November 2016

Male Stripper

Bruce and Karen were good friends of ours and because we only lived two houses apart, we spent a lot of time with them. Bruce was a little shorter than me, a bit thinner, and he had a dry sense of humor. He wore his brown hair cut short in a military-style hair cut and he never needed a shave, the perfect USMC poster boy if you know what I mean. The fact that he’d pulled two tours in Iraq, both in a Marine recon unit, didn’t hurt his hometown hero image that’s for sure. Karen was a saucy little dark-blonde with huge knockers and she never wore a bra and seemed to like showing off her huge, dark nipples that always seemed to be hard.

This particular Saturday afternoon, Bruce and I were working on my truck and we were just shooting the shit when somehow the subject got turned to sex, which it always did anyway sooner or later anyway. We are both prior service and had been in some of the same places, just at different times, so we were pretty comfortable in talking to each other. So I wasn’t surprised when he told me a story about him and Karen getting frisky last night and her asking him to spank her.

“Helen likes that too,” I said. “If the mood is right, I call her a slut and spank her while we fuck.”

“Karen and I sometimes role play like that too, with different stories that we change whenever we get tired of the old one,” he laughed and then added that Karen seemed to get tired of them pretty quick and was always demanding him to think up more.

“Helen likes it when I tell her stories, but she doesn’t like talking back and playing along,” I sighed, “but she has her favorites, and that’s a sure-fire way to get her off.”

“Yeah?” Bruce chuckled “and what’s her favorite one?”

“She’s being forced to suck another man off while I fuck her from behind. What’s Karen’s?”

“Being with another woman and making me watch,” he laughed. “I told you she was evil.”

“She’s never been with another woman?”

“You say that like every woman you know has been with another woman. Has Helen?”

“Sure, a few times.”

“Is this something she’s told you or did you actually see her with another woman, like in pictures or anything? You know as well as I do that some women will say things just to make their husbands happy, right?”

“Right, some will, but not Helen,” I assured him. “I know she’s been with another woman because I was there and watched her.”

“Wow,” Bruce sighed, “I wish I could talk Karen into something like that.”

“You never know until the situation comes up, she might go along with it if it was with someone she already knew.”

“Are you suggesting that you and Helen should join me and Karen in the bedroom?”

“All I can say is I know Helen has mentioned your name several times and how much you turn her on and I think Karen is a knockout and me and you get along, so why not? No pressure,” I hastily added when he didn’t say anything, “if you guys don’t want to we can just forget about it with no hurt feelings.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to,” he smiled, “I was just trying to decide if I should tell Karen or let it surprise her.”

“I think we could surprise both of them if we play it right.”

“I’m game for anything, so tell me what you’ve got in mind.”

So we planned the entire evening while we cleaned up the garage and put everything away. He said he’d have Karen over tonight around 8 and we’d put our plan into action, and I agreed. I didn’t tell Helen anything about it other than they were coming over for dinner and what time.

The meal was uneventful considering the nerves both Bruce and I were feeling and even the girls picked up on it and so we were all laughing and goofing off more than usual until well after we’d finished eating and retired to the living room.