Month: January 2017

Palm Springs Spring Break

Spring break is always the best time of the year, at least I think so. This year, it had worked out where my spring break was the same as the colleges. Usually, my high school doesn’t break at the same time. I took this to be an omen that I should go and have a little fun. When I told my parents I was going to spend the week with my friend Heather, they weren’t that happy. But, I reminded them, gently, that I was eighteen and, legally, I didn’t need their permission. My parents raised me to be independent. I guess they were starting to question their parenting decisions at this point. Either way, I packed up my things, drove to Heather’s and picked her up. Heather had told her parents she was staying me. Actually, we were going to Palm Springs for the week.

As I drove through the desert, Heather and I listened to music, ate junk food and fantasized about the trouble we were going to get into. I’d recently broken up with my boyfriend and Heather had been without a boyfriend for nearly a month. Who needed high school boys when we were in the hunt for college guys? As we entered Palm Springs, things were already starting to get wild. Stopped in traffic, three guys climbed into the back of my convertible and made themselves at home. They were cute so Heather and I didn’t mind. Chuck, Mikey and Jimmy were from Colorado and asked where we were staying. I had called ahead and booked a hotel. Luckily, Chuck knew exactly where it was and directed us to it. They’d been in town for three days and already had the lay of the land.

After Heather and I checked in, we changed into tank tops and shorts and headed back out to town. Mikey and Jimmy had taken off but Chuck had waited around for us. Chuck was sweet. I could tell Heather had already fallen for his tall good looks. For me, he was a little too jock. Anyways, the three of us climbed into my convertible and took off for greater adventures. The number of people in town was growing by leaps and bounds. It was such a rush. Everyone was having a good time. We ended up at a huge party at a private house. Someone had told us about it and it was amazing. A huge house, a band playing on the patio, drinks flowing. As we walked around, Chuck and Heather were getting more and more friendly with each other. Finally, they disappeared. Not sure where to, but I was pretty sure I knew what for.

As I grabbed a beer, this gorgeous guy came up and stood in front of me. He was tall, probably around 25, dark hair. He was wearing khaki shorts and his shirt was hanging open. Amazing chest. He smiled and said his name was Linc and did I have any tattoos. Ok, that was a new line I hadn’t heard before. I told him I did and did it matter. He said it might and asked me to show it to him. Now, actually, I two small tattoos that I got when I turned eighteen four months ago. Pulling the neck of my tank top down a little, I showed him the small black rose I have on the upper inside of my left breast. As I did, I told him I had another one too. He wanted to see that one too. I told him to follow me.

Walking around the house, I came to a secluded spot surrounded by bushes. Slowly, I undid my shorts and pushed them down. Then I slid my panties down. Right above my pussy, I have another black rose interlinked with a heart. Linc smiled and knelt down in front of me. He was really close to me and I could feel his breath on my skin.

“I like it. Very subtle. What’s this little hoop right here?”