Month: June 2017

Angies Adventure

Angie had three things in mind for the weekend. Eat, Sleep and Sex…and not necessarily in that order. She knew her boyfriend, Tommy, would be here any second and she was going to set the tone for the weekend. Wearing only her swimsuit cover-up over nothing, Angie knew she looked irresistible. Her 34C-23-35 frame was topped beautifully by her shoulder length brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

Angie was home from college on a long weekend. Her parents, not knowing she was coming home, were already off for a trip in the mountains and would not be back till Tuesday (long after she would be back at school). This was almost too perfect as she had not been with Tommy for over two months and even though they were not completely faithful, she was looking forward to three days of re-acquainting herself with him.

The doorbell rang and Angie bounced over to the door. Looking out the peephole to make sure it was him, Angie opened the door and pulled Tommy in. “Have I got plans for you this weekend,” Angie said with the look of lust in her eyes.

“Angie, I have some…” Tommy tried to say.

“Shhhhhhhhh…Be quiet. The only sound I want to hear right now is you moaning!” Angie said as she pulled his cock out of his pants and almost in one stroke, had his semi-hard eight inches as far in as it would go.

All Tommy could do at this point is moan, so moan he did. This brought back great memories as Angie was great at giving head. Slowly she would work all the way down his cock and twist her tong around it on the way back up. She would switch back and forth from that to rubbing her lips up and down the bottom of is sword.

Angie picked up the pace and in under five minutes had Tommy on the edge of shooting his wad. Sensing he was about ready, Angie started jacking him off very fast, aiming the tip of his cock straight at her open mouth. Letting out a loud grown, Tommy shot what seemed to be a gallon of cum on her face. Angie started wiping her face with his cock and sucking the limping cum covered cock deep in to her throat. She looked up at Tommy and saw his satisfied look. Standing up, she took off the cover-up and said, “My turn!”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Tommy said sheepishly. “The guys are waiting out in the car for me. We have tickets in Chicago for the playoff game. I have to go.”

With that, he was out the door and out to the car. Angie stood there not knowing what to think. This had to be some kind of bad joke. “THAT BASTARD!” she thought. She still had his taste all over her face and now what turned her on minutes earlier was pissing her off like there was no tomorrow.