Month: January 2018

Ice Hockey Team Shares a Treat

I’ve arranged to meet a friend outside the local ice rink, but when I arrive, she isn’t there. It’s started to rain, so thinking she might have gone inside to shelter, I open the door and step inside. The sudden blast of icy air chills my bare legs, unexpected after the warmer air outside. The building seems to be empty, so I turn to leave, not wanting my friend to arrive outside and leave, assuming I’m not there.

Suddenly, I hear a burst of laughter, and thinking my friend might be wherever that laughter is coming from, I go to investigate. The sounds lead me towards a partly open door. By this time I can hear several voices, all male, and the sound of running water, and I realise that it’s actually the door to the locker room. It seems that the local ice hockey team has just finished a training session and is getting showered and changed inside. I know I should leave, but my curiosity gets the better of me, so I push the door open a bit further and look into the room.

At first I can’t see anyone, and I move further into the room. Now I can see one of the players standing with his back to me. He is completely naked and I can’t help but admire his body, muscular and still wet from the shower. As I stand staring, I hear the door swing shut behind me, and I jump, startled. The player in front of me hears it, too, and turns around. I can’t speak, mortified at having been caught and suddenly more than a bit afraid of the consequences. He smiles and moves towards me, and I step back towards the door, mumbling “Sorry, I was just… I’ll go”. He says “No, don’t go yet” then calls over his shoulder into the room, “Hey guys, look what I’ve found”. I look beyond him and for the first time I see the rest of the team, twenty big, muscular, and mostly naked men.

Suddenly the sound of water stops completely and all I can hear is my own slightly panicky breathing, too fast and loud in the silence. Every impulse is screaming at me to get out, fast. I glance over my shoulder at the door and find to my horror that one of the players is now blocking my path. This guy is huge, at least 6’5″ tall and built to match. I have no doubts at all that this one guy alone could do whatever he wanted to me, never mind with nineteen other guys to back him up, and I’m suddenly utterly terrified. I know that there’s no-one else in the building, so it doesn’t matter if I scream, there’s no way anyone will hear me.

The first player steps forward again and I switch my attention back to him, sure that I know what’s about to happen, and ready to beg him not to hurt me. The words die on my lips as I take in the fact that he is truly stunning. He’s tall, blond and very muscular with startlingly blue eyes and tribal tattoos on his well built shoulders and biceps, and I can’t take my eyes off him as he reaches towards me, or ignore his all too obvious arousal. Then he pulls me into his arms and kisses me, unexpectedly gently. I’m too shocked by the almost tender approach to bother trying to struggle, and I find myself kissing him back as he pushes my coat off my shoulders. Whatever I’d expected, it certainly wasn’t this, and I catch myself thinking maybe it won’t be so bad, maybe the other guys will be content to just watch. All I know is I want this man so much. He pulls back to look at me, apparently trying to gauge my reaction, and beyond him I can see the rest of the team moving closer, watching us intently. I know what must be about to happen, I can see the lust in their faces, and I know there’s no way they’re just going to watch, but I’m not afraid any more, just more aroused than I’ve ever been in my life.

Ginger Works On The Beach

Attending a collage in the south has many benefits not the least of which is frequent road trips to the beach. On this particular trip it was myself and five fraternity brothers looking for a little fun and sun down on the gulf coast. We arrived Thursday afternoon around 2: PM and checked into our hotel. Typical collage guys on a budget, we were jamming the room. After the fights to see who got the beds and who got the floor Steve, Allen, Scott and myself decided to see if we could find a place to rent jet skies. We figured on Thursday afternoon they may not be to busy so we might be able to cut a deal. John and Chris were too broke so they decided to cruse the beach and check out the local talent.

After driving along the bay for a while we spotted a sign and pulled off to check it out. There was a pontoon boat about 20 feet long pulled up on the sand of the bay shore and next to it were 4 SeaDoos. We got out and walked toward the pontoon boat and about then she stood up from a lounge chair on the deck. This was the most perfect girl I had ever seen. We all just stood there and stared at her perfect body. She looked to be about 19 and was about 5’2″ tall. Her hair was waist length blonde and her eyes were so blue you could see them shining from 20 feet away which is where we were. She had perfect tits, not too big and not too small with nipples that were poking at her bikini top just enough to see them. Her ass was perfect and I mean perfect. She was tan to a golden bronze and she shined just a little from the sun tan oil on her body. She finally broke the silence with a big smile and a “How you boys doing,” southern draw hello. That was it for me, I was in love. Died and in heaven, this girl was just too hot to believe and I was looking right at her.

Scott spoke up and asked if she was renting the SeaDoos which she was so she proceeded to give us all the details and cost. I pretended to listen but just stood next to her and breathed as deep as I could in order to smell her. The guys gave her a sob story about not having enough money and she made us an offer. Because it was getting late she would let us ride for half price if we would help her put the boats back on the trailer when we were through. We agreed whole heartily and she said she would call her boyfriend and tell him not to come down to the launch tonight. She told us her name was Ginger and gave us final instructions and took our money. We were to ride for a half hour and then she would take the pontoon boat across the bay to the boat launch where the trailer was parked. We were to fallow on the SeaDoos and load them for her then she would bring us back across to our car on her pontoon boat.

Off we went on our wet adventure but I just keep thinking about Ginger and her perfect tan body. It’s hard to ride a SeaDoo with a stiff one in your trunks but I managed. Soon we saw Ginger driving the pontoon boat away from shore and we fell in behind her and played in the small wake made by the boat. Because we were now cursing at a slow speed we gathered close enough together to talk to each other. From behind the pontoon boat you could see Ginger’s perfect ass barely covered by her thong bikini. We laughed and talked about how nice it would be to get a piece of her. The 20 minuet cruise across the bay was filled with very graphic talk of what we would do with her sweet body if given the chance. When we reached the other side we all jumped off our boats in the cool water to relieve the hard-ons. That could have been embarrassing but we got over it quick. The boats were loaded quickly on a large trailer that held them all and Ginger pulled them out and parked her truck and locked it. We jumped on the pontoon boat and Ginger climbed onboard with a big smile and said, “Let’s go for ride boys,” in that sweet draw, making my cock hard again. I had to sit down and cover with a towel.

We motored away from shore and Ginger offered us a beer from the cooler on the front deck. “Great,” I thought, that might help my hard-on go away. We drank and talked to Ginger as she drove. The sun was setting and a red glow filled the sky to give everything a new tint. In this light Ginger’s tan had turned so golden brown that she looked like a piece of art and not a real person.