Angies Adventure

Angie had three things in mind for the weekend. Eat, Sleep and Sex…and not necessarily in that order. She knew her boyfriend, Tommy, would be here any second and she was going to set the tone for the weekend. Wearing only her swimsuit cover-up over nothing, Angie knew she looked irresistible. Her 34C-23-35 frame was topped beautifully by her shoulder length brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

Angie was home from college on a long weekend. Her parents, not knowing she was coming home, were already off for a trip in the mountains and would not be back till Tuesday (long after she would be back at school). This was almost too perfect as she had not been with Tommy for over two months and even though they were not completely faithful, she was looking forward to three days of re-acquainting herself with him.

The doorbell rang and Angie bounced over to the door. Looking out the peephole to make sure it was him, Angie opened the door and pulled Tommy in. “Have I got plans for you this weekend,” Angie said with the look of lust in her eyes.

“Angie, I have some…” Tommy tried to say.

“Shhhhhhhhh…Be quiet. The only sound I want to hear right now is you moaning!” Angie said as she pulled his cock out of his pants and almost in one stroke, had his semi-hard eight inches as far in as it would go.

All Tommy could do at this point is moan, so moan he did. This brought back great memories as Angie was great at giving head. Slowly she would work all the way down his cock and twist her tong around it on the way back up. She would switch back and forth from that to rubbing her lips up and down the bottom of is sword.

Angie picked up the pace and in under five minutes had Tommy on the edge of shooting his wad. Sensing he was about ready, Angie started jacking him off very fast, aiming the tip of his cock straight at her open mouth. Letting out a loud grown, Tommy shot what seemed to be a gallon of cum on her face. Angie started wiping her face with his cock and sucking the limping cum covered cock deep in to her throat. She looked up at Tommy and saw his satisfied look. Standing up, she took off the cover-up and said, “My turn!”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Tommy said sheepishly. “The guys are waiting out in the car for me. We have tickets in Chicago for the playoff game. I have to go.”

With that, he was out the door and out to the car. Angie stood there not knowing what to think. This had to be some kind of bad joke. “THAT BASTARD!” she thought. She still had his taste all over her face and now what turned her on minutes earlier was pissing her off like there was no tomorrow.

She walked in to the kitchen to clean herself up and grabbed a towel. She got it wet at the sink and was dabbing her face when the doorbell rang again. If Tommy knew what was good for him he had put an end to this cruel joke and was coming back to payback what Angie had started.

Angie grabbed her cover-up and slung it on as she walked toward the door. She grabbed the doorknob and opened the door saying, “Well, I am glad you finally came to your senses. I want you to…” Angie was stopped dead in her tracks. It was not Tommy at the door, but a delivery man with a package for her father.

“I will need you to sign for this,” the man said as he checked out Angie’s lovely 5’2″ body. Without missing a beat and determined to keep her plans intact, Angie grabbed his hand and lead him straight to the large couch in the living room. “I will do more than sign for it,” and with that, she pulled him on top of her and started kissing him deeply.

His hands cupped her perfect breasts as they continued to kiss. Then his hands were everywhere…much to Angie’s delight. Her body was finally getting the attention she had planned. The Delivery Man (Dan) started kissing his way down her body. Angie was wiggling at every touch of his lips and moaned with every pinch and scratch from his hands. One couldn’t tell who’s fantasy was coming true.

Finally Dan made it down between Angie’s legs. Immediately he started slow circular motions around her clit while grabbing and needing her ass. “God, don’t stop! You’re going to make me cum!” Angie cried as she started losing control. And with that, Dan stuck his long tongue straight up her pussy and Angie let loose an orgasm she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

After a couple of minutes, Angie felt rejuvenated and Dan was going to be the benefactor of this. “Hi, I’m Angie and I’m going to get you very hard so you can fuck me!”

“Hi, I’m Dan and that’s just fine with me.”

Dan flipped over on the other end of the couch and took off his pants. Angie told him to stand up so she could take down his boxers. Much to her surprise and delight, Angie pulled down his underwear to expose a six inch cock limp and now starting to get larger and harder with her touch. Angie took Dan’s cock straight in to her mouth, totally engulfing it. Angie took it out and looked at it again and it had grown to well over 10″. She had never seen or touched a live cock that big. Dildo, yes, but that is another story.

As Dan grew very hard, he picked Angie up, turned her around, putting her face down on the couch and her ass in the air. Then with one foot up on the couch and one on the floor, Dan started rubbing the head of his large cock up and down Angie’s pussy. With that, Angie let out a long moan and then it happened. Dan took his cock and plunged over three quarters of it deep in to her pussy. Angie lost her breath for a second and then was completely lost in the lust for Dan’s cock.

Dan started off slowly, drawing his cock all the way out and now pushing it all the way up to his balls. He started picking up the pace and Angie was lifting her ass up higher to meet every stroke. She had already cum once by his mouth and was about to cum again by the stroke of his cock. Dan was now pounding her and that was enough to send her over the edge again. Grabbing the couch and screaming in to the pillow, Angie was cumming again. This time the contractions of her pussy were having a great affect on Dan.

Dan was starting to make more noise and Angie could tell he was getting close. “Aim your cum towards my face! Please, I want your cum!

Dan needed no more prodding and with that he took his cock out of her cunt. Angie spun around just in time to be hit in the face with a gush of cum like she had never experienced. It hit at her upper lip and nose and spread out quickly all over her cheeks. Without warning, a shot of equal proportion came out and hit her open mouth, much to her delight. There were several more smaller shots that Angie played with, almost like a cat does with a caught mouse, slightly spitting cum back on to his cock only to suck it back off seconds later.

Dan was exhausted, but he knew he had to get back to work. After exchanging numbers, he quickly ran out the door. That was ok with Angie who had already decided that this was a lot better than being left completely alone and horny. Now it was time to clean up and change in to a skimpy bikini to get some sun time, since there was nothing on the horizon.

Angie had just gotten changed and was headed to the secluded back yard of her parent’s when the doorbell rang again. “Gee, you would think this was Grand Central Station today,” she thought as she walked toward the front door. It had been well over an hour since her morning encounter so most of the horniness had gone away. Or so she had thought.

She opened the door wearing her bright blue, G-string bikini, showing everything but nipples, clit and bung hole. There was a fairly nice looking guy, almost 30 with a golf shirt and khaki shorts. “Excuse me ma’am, but I am from Jones Factory Mattress Outlet (like his shirt displayed) and we are suppose to change out the mattresses in the three bedrooms today. Did we come at a bad time?” he said as his eyes wandered up and down Angie’s lovely body.

“No, not at all. I was on my way out back, but that can wait for a few minutes,” Angie said, not minding the added attention today (remember, that was her goal). “Will you be long?”

“No, it should only take us a five to ten minutes,” Paul, the name on his shirt, said.

Us, Angie thought and in walked two other very tall (about 6’3″ a piece), very muscular and very handsome. Angie felt herself getting wet, but which one could she get to stay behind. “This way,” as she pointed to the stairs but made sure to give everyone in the room a view from every angle.

The three men went up the stairs and went in to the first bedroom, Angie’s brother’s, and grabbed the first mattress off the boxsprings and carried it down the stairs. Just then, there was a crack outside. Common for the area, an afternoon thunder boomer was on it’s way through. “Do you mind if we lay these mattresses here in the living room so we can carry them all out at once. We don’t want to trample the rain back in the house if we don’t have to,” one of them said.

Great looking and thoughtful Angie thought as she said, “Ok!” in her perkiest voice.

The studs put the first mattress down and went back up stairs. Angie looked at the mattress laying on the floor and started thinking about old times. She had given her brother’s best friend a great 16th Birthday blow job on that mattress. The studs were now bringing down her parent’s mattress. Angie started thinking about fucking her boyfriend and his best friend on a dare on that mattress. It was one after the other, but it was the first night she had been naked in front of more than one person. She was now starting to get a little glassy eyed with a wave of wetness coming over her clit. She had to do something.

Angie looked up and here, coming down the stairs was her mattress. This brought back more memories than she could handle. CRACK! went the thunder. “Do you mind if we wait for a few minutes till it settles down outside?” Paul asked.

“You know, I was just thinking,” Angie said as she walked toward the three mattresses laying on top of each other. “I had made plans for this weekend and it looks like they might work out after all.” She climbed up on top and looked at the three men who at this point, looked like deer in the headlights. Angie proceeded to tell them about her morning. How her boyfriend came on her pretty face and ran out the door, but that was ok because she met a new friend named Dan who made her come several times. But here she is. She can’t go outside and tan and she has all these old memories, these lovely mattress that were just yelling out for a send off and three nice looking studs whose khakis were becoming tents.

“Now after hearing my story, do you think you three could help my weekend fantasy come true?” Angie asked, batting her eyes while she untied her top. Her tits were barely exposed when it seemed all at once she had six hands running all over her.

These three gentlemen needed no more prodding. They were on Angie like green on the grass. As she fell back on the mattresses, one went to her mouth with his lips, thrusting his tongue deep inside. Within seconds another guy had her bottoms off and her legs spread. The third was working on her already hard nipples. Angie was in heaven and heading for the orgasm of her life.

Angie instinctively reach out and grabbed a huge bulge in both of her hands. Both guys helped by releasing their already hard cocks. As if she could get more excited, Angie was feeling cocks equal to Dan’s from earlier and maybe even larger. The one kissing her stopped and replaced his tongue with his cock. Angie tried to take as much as she could in to her mouth, but two thirds of it was about all she could handle. Her hips were moving in rhythm to the mouth on her pussy and as she stopped sucking on the one cock, another took it’s place. The phrase “Be careful what you ask for it might come true” was now ringing true throughout her whole body.

Angie quit counting how may times she had cum. She had lost count after the first tongue hit her clit. Now she was trading back and forth with two cocks in her mouth, while a third cock was rubbing up and down her very wet pussy. In one easy stroke, that cock went deep inside her. Angie let out a very loud, long moan that was quickly muffled by another cock sliding in to her mouth.

Over the next twenty minutes, all three took turns switching places from Angie’s mouth to pussy. Angie stopped them for a second and asked to get on top. She had an extra burst of energy and wanted to really work a cock. As she climbed on top of one of the 6’3” guys, it was almost like she wanted to put on a show for the other two. Angie looked like she belonged in a rodeo the way she was bucking and whaling.

She hadn’t realize that one of the studs had positioned himself behind her, but she did see the other off to the side. Still riding the one cock, she fell to the side to get the other in her mouth again. Seconds later she felt something pushing against her very tight anus. Angie wasn’t quite an anal virgin, but only because she had to use two dildos on herself for her sorority initiation. Once again, that is another story.

With a little push, Angie was full of cocks. She let out a muffled squeal, but it changed to low growl as the one pushed farther in to her ass. A minute later, all four were in unison. Angie was in a constant state of cumming and each guy was trying to bury his cock in as deep as they could. She was even finding the energy to push back to help them get deeper.

All three guys were getting close. Angie literally fell from between them on to the edge of the mattresses. With barely enough energy to speak, Angie blurted out, “Cum on my face! I want all of your come right here!”

The first came up and slid his Angie flavored cock in to her mouth. His first spurt went down her throat with the next few falling over her chin and chest. The next came up right after the first and unloaded all over her face. Angie had cum everywhere on her face and her tongue was lapping up anything it could get. The third, who had been in her ass, stood over her and let his cum fly all over her body. Angie just started to rub the cum in to her body. Once again, putting on a show.

Even though the guys could barely walk, they helped Angie to the couch, got dressed and finished their work. Angie slept for about an hour and got up, washed and went to bed, very satisfied. Just as she was drifting off, dreaming of the day’s events, the phone rang. It was Tommy. He had driven back and did not go to the concert. “I’m sorry,” said Angie. “I’m very tired. It’s been a very long and satisfying day.”

“What did you do?” Tommy asked.

“Make my dreams come true!”

Click went the phone and Angie drifted back off to sleep.