The Bachelorette Party Girls

The dresses were in and all the girls were fitted. The invite responses were coming back in the mail and there was a small pile of them on my desk every afternoon placed there by my secretary. The big day was quickly approaching and the pre-wedding festivities were beginning. My shower produced dozens of appliances and towels. Thank you cards were written. Then I get this phone call.

“We’re throwing you a bachelorette party.” My friend and fellow Senator announced to me one day a few weeks before the wedding. I begged Kate not to do it and she ganged up on me with a few of our friends. Soon Sarah and Kate had a whole night planned and I was going to be tossed into the back of a limo with my 2 best friends, my sister and a few other friends. They planned it for the same night that the love of my life was going to the strip club with his friends.

I had run out of excuses by the time the night arrived. We all met at Kate’s townhouse for drinks and a bite to eat before going on the town. Soon after we finished dinner, the doorbell rang and Kate made me go answer it. I felt funny since it was not my house but when I opened the door, the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on was standing at the door in fire fighting gear and asking for me. Standing behind him was friend Rich in his Police uniform.

He guys came in and told us all to have a seat in the living room. The firefighter handed Kate a CD and she put it in the stereo. Soon music filled the room and my friend Rich and the firefighter began to dance for us. The sight of Rich in a G string in my face made me laugh but he promised he’d strip for me at my bachelorette party if I ever decided to finally get married. Rich was hot. He kept in shape for his job as a metro cop. Him gyrating in my face was starting to turn me on. We had never slept together because timing was always wrong and now, two weeks before my marriage, I was regretting it to some extent. Pretty soon Sarah was sucking off the firefighter and Kate was making out with my secretary.

I mentioned to Rich that my overly Catholic, extremely virginal sister needed to be taught how to have a little fun so he went up to her and started kissing her. Within seconds she was naked and begging him to fuck her. He was to be her first. He laid her down on Kate’s couch and got down on the floor. He sucked on Allison’s nipples and she giggled uncontrollably until he started circling her clit with his thumb. There was a confused look on her face as he slid his fingers into her slightly damp hole and soon she learned to like it. Kate saw what was going on and wanted to get in on the action so she went over and told Rich to make her suck him while she taught my sweet little sister the joys of oral. Her stifled moans made Rich fuck her mouth harder as Kate sucked her clit and fingered her.

Meanwhile Sarah and the firefighter were having fun on the stairs. He had her bent over and was taking her from behind. Sarah was moaning like crazy as he slammed into her. He was huge and Sarah’s whole body moved every time he forced himself into her.

I just sat next to my friend Lorie, watching everything go on, while my secretary ate out a now naked Kate. I was amazed at what a few glasses of wine could do to them. Kate moaned as Beth sucked on her slit and the more Beth got into what she was doing to Kate, the more my sister moaned thanks to Kate. Soon Rich was covering my sister’s face in spurts of hot cum and making her lick him clean. Beth brought Kate to climax as Kate brought my sister to her first orgasm. My sister screamed as pleasure washed over her body then started to cry. She lay there unable to move as Kate moved on to Beth and Rich came over to me and started to kiss me. He pulled my skirt up around my waist and discovered I was already wet. He pulled me over to the love seat and sat me down on his lap. He played with my clit and I threw my head back to kiss him.

“I’m going to make your fantasies come true tonight Beautiful.” He said to me. He called to the firefighter, who’s name was Tim, we found out, but I’m hoping Sarah already knew that. Tim came over to the couch after getting a bottle of lube out of his gear jacket. He handed it to Rich, and he poured it over my awaiting pussy. The cold lube felt good on my red-hot slit. He rubbed it in and stroked some on himself. I took his shaft in my hand and stroked him until he was harder than steel. Tim stroked himself watching us. They both had amazing cocks and Rich knew it was always my fantasy to have two guys at the same time. I got up from Rich’s lap for a second so that I could reposition myself to take him in my ass. Pain followed intense pleasure as he entered me and began to slowly thrust. I instantly start to climax.

Tim stands in front of me and starts to suck on my clit while Rick slides in and out of my ass. I’m moaning like crazy and my pussy is exploding between Rich and Tim. They both stop and let me ride out my climax. I can see that Tim is hard and huge. Rich tells him to make my dreams come true. Tim rubs his huge cock along my slit to lube it up before entering me. He fills me completely and I don’t know how I take him all inside. Tim and Rich take turns pumping into me slowly and steadily. I felt like I was going to explode with two huge cocks pounding into me. I purred with pleasure as they each played with one of my nipples. The build up inside me was intense and I knew that when I finally came, it would be amazing. Rich said he was about to cum so they both started pumping me like crazy and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck me. Oh God. Harder. Oh God. YES!!!!” I screamed as explosions went off in my entire body. I blacked out for a few seconds as total pleasure took over my body.

When I came to, Kate was on the floor spread wide with Beth between her legs. Sarah and Lorie were in a similar position on the floor next to them except that Lorie was sucking on Sarah’s nipples and rubbing her clit. Lorie’s tongue flicking against Sarah’s huge nipples was turning me on and I was wishing someone would do that to me. Now that Sarah was soaking wet, Lorie moved down to make Sarah enjoy herself more. Lorie licked the length of Sarah’s extremely wet slit a few times before sucking on her clit to drive her wild. As Lorie continued to suck sensuously on Sarah’s clit, Sarah orgasmed in a violent earth shattering screams. As Lorie tongued Sarah’s clit, she fondled her own pierced nipples as she began to get wet herself.

Tim went up to Allison and pushed her legs apart so that he could rub her clit. She was still dazed from the last encounter. She let out a moan and he stopped. He made her get up and bend over the back of the couch. He fingered her from behind to get her wet enough to take his huge cock. He grabbed the lube from the couch and started to spread it on his raging hard on. He forced his rock hard cock into her and she cried out in pain and pleasure. Soon Allison was pushing her ass into his cock and taking him all in. They rocked together for a few minutes until Tim had other ideas. He lubed up his fingers and slowly stuck one into Allison’s ass. As he slid it in and out of her slowly and carefully, he started to stretch her ass out so he could fuck her but good. She responded to the fingering and soon she was begging him to ass fuck her. He took his cock out of her pussy and spread her ass cheeks with his hands so he had a clear shot. She screamed as he entered her and he stopped moving until she could get used having him in her ass. He grabbed her hips and started slowly sliding his whole shaft into her ass little by little. Soon she was riding his cock and going nuts as he banged her and she played with her clit. They climaxed together and fell onto a heap on the couch.

A little while later, after everyone caught their breath and got dressed again. Kate asked if anyone wanted to go out for drinks and everyone declined. I drove myself home after putting myself back together in Kate’s bathroom and the love of my life was laying on the couch watching CNN waiting up for me. I went over to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss as he asked me why I was home so early. I told him that everyone was tired and we decided not to go out after all after dinner. He said he was glad it wasn’t some wild party like I feared. He shut the TV off, got up and swept me off my feet and carried me off to our bedroom to make love until dawn. Thank goodness I didn’t have to go to work the next morning.