Beach Story

My wife and I recently got back from a holiday in the Bahamas, and since we returned our relationship has changed drastically. She ignores everything I say, openly flirts with other men in front of me and sometimes stays out all night without letting me know where she is.

We have been married for five years, and although at twenty-five, Sally is seven years younger than me, we have always got on brilliantly. When I started seeing her I couldn’t believe my luck. She is not stunningly beautiful, but has an amazing body and a really fun personality. I used to try to encourage her to show off her body more, but she always used to say that it was for my eyes only. Sometimes it’s better that you don’t get what you wish for.

It all began on the last day of the holiday. We had gone to a fabulous beach on the other side of the island from our hotel. We had been sunning ourselves for the last two weeks, so we were both well tanned. As we were lying on the beach Sally turned to me and said, “You know, my tan lines are really going to show up.”

It amazed me the way she wore the skimpiest bikini imaginable, which left nothing to the imagination, but wouldn’t take her top off to even out her tan.

“I know. I don’t see why you don’t go topless. Everyone else here is,” I said, pointing towards the many breasts on display.

“Well. I don’t know. Maybe I need a bit of Dutch courage.”

“Well. I fancy a beer. Shall I walk to that store and get some?”

“Okay, then. I’ll wait here for you.”

It might not seem like anything unusual. Going topless on a beach, but I was getting quite turned on at the thought of other men seeing her lovely breasts. It would have been a bit of a pain, going to the store, it was more than half an hour walk to get there, but luckily I found a man near the sidewalk, selling beers from a cooler he had. They were well over priced but a good timesaver. I bought six beers from him and made my way back to where Sally was lying down.

As I approached her from behind I saw that a couple of men were talking with her. They were both in their early twenties and had Australian accents. Sally was still lying on her belly as she turned her head to listen to them, so they had a good view of her firm ass cheeks, barely covered by the thong. Knowing this excited me and I stepped further back so they couldn’t see me. I could only catch bits and pieces of their conversation, but it seemed that they were selling some revolutionary kind of sun-tan oil, and offered her a sample.

I heard her say “okay” and expected her to take it and for them to leave. This wasn’t part of their sales technique however. As soon as she said yes, they both dropped to their knees either side of her and began applying the lotion up and down her body. It was obviously a con-trick for them to feel up women who were alone on the beach, and I was about to step in to stop them. I then noticed that Sally seemed to be enjoying the feeling of both these guys caressing her. I watched as my normally prim and proper wife spread her legs apart, so two men could rub oil into the insides of her thighs.

The blond one of the two guys suddenly undid Sally’s bikini bra straps. I expected her to protest, but she said nothing as he smoothed the oil into her back. Her breasts are very large and were clearly visible from the sides, especially as she lifted her head and rested on her two elbows. I am sure I could hear her moan, as their hands strayed towards her tits and began to gently caress them.

This was too much for me. I was turned on, I admit it, but I never expected anything like this. I liked the idea of men looking at my wife’s tits and wanting to fuck her, but I never wanted anyone to actually touch her. I heard the dark haired one say to her “turn around”, and I knew I had better do something quickly. I deliberately made a lot of noise as I came towards them. I could faintly hear Sally whisper “it’s my husband” and they stood up sharp. They were almost standing at attention as I came up to them.

“I’ve got the beers,” I said.

“Great,” said Sally. She was obviously flustered, but trying to hide it. She fiddled with her bra strap and tied it back on, ignoring my pointed looks. “This is Ivan and Jamie. They’re from Australia. Guys, this is my husband, Tom.”

We each said hello to each other, although I wanted to hit them.

“They’re selling this new kind of sun-tan oil. It’s highly protective and good for the environment.”

I knew Sally was into Green issues, but I didn’t see how this was relevant.

“They let me try before I buy, like. So could you buy a bottle for me.”

“Sorry, I spent all the change I had on the beers, ” I said. I wasn’t going to pay them for feeling up my wife.

“Well. You can at least give them each a beer.”

Despite my better judgement I did as she asked. It was the last day of what had been a great holiday, and I didn’t want to spoil things. What I didn’t expect was that they would open the beer cans there and then and sit down beside us drinking them.

“Shouldn’t you be trying to sell more of that stuff?” I asked Ivan, the blond one.

“Nah, mate. We always finish around this time. Don’t want to get worn out for the evening, you know what I mean?”

So, for the next fifteen minutes I sat down, while the two guys drank my beer and chatted up my wife. They were making her laugh a lot, but I figured that was partly down to the beer. She’s not used to drinking in the afternoon. All through this time she practically ignored me and gave all her attention to the two younger guys. We had all just about finished the beers when suddenly my wife sat up straight, like she was about to make an announcement.

“My husband’s been telling me for ages that I should sunbathe topless, and I said today I would as soon as I had a beer, so…”

Without another word, she put her hands behind her back, untied the bra and pulled it away from her, showing all of us her luscious firm tits. This was what I had been wanting all day, but I never expected her to be so blatant about it. Ivan and Jamie were obviously enjoying the sight. Both their shorts were covering a prominent bulge, as was mine at this point. Her nipples began to harden under their lustful gaze, and I could not imagine what she would do next. I was half expecting her to pull off her thong and ask them to fuck her there and then.

To my surprise she suddenly said, “that beer’s gone straight to my head. I think I’ll take a nap,” and with that she closed her eyes and lay down on her back, her lovely tits still exposed to us all. I thought the two guys would take this as a hint to leave, but instead Jamie said to Ivan, “it look like her tits have never seen daylight before. We’d better put some of our oil on them.”

I snatched the bottle from his hands, saying “I can manage that, thanks.”

“What? Oh, sure. No worries, mate. I guess we’d better leave now anyway. See you later.”

“Yeah, right, ” I said. Not if I see you first, I thought.

As they left, I faced Sally, who actually seemed to be asleep already. I gently massaged the oil into her tits, while she moaned softly and wriggled around a little. Now the two guys had gone, part of me wished I had let them do it while I watched. Imagining the sight had my cock hard instantly. I wanted to fuck her right away, I wanted them to fuck her , but it was too late. I whispered her name a few times but she ignored me so I lay down beside her and thought about what had just happened.

I must have dozed off myself at some point and when I woke up I found myself surrounded by half a dozen people. Jamie and Ivan were back, with two girls and another guy, and they were all talking with Sally, and drinking beers.

“Hey, sleepy head. Ivan and Jamie brought us some more beers to share and some food as well. These are friends of theirs.”

Sally began introducing me to all of them but I wasn’t really listening. My head was feeling a bit cloudy still from the nap I’d just had. I was a bit disappointed to see that my wife was now wearing her top again, although both of the girls in the group were topless. I wasn’t happy about the whole situation at first, but these people, a lot younger than me, were a lot of fun. Sally was obviously enjoying herself and I began to as well.

The girl next to me, who was called Jenny, was about twenty years old, very slim with small breasts, but still pretty sexy for all that. I found myself flirting with her a little, especially when I noticed how all the guys were complimenting my wife on her looks. I wasn’t seriously interested in the girl, but I guess there was a bit of pride at stake. It felt good that this young woman seemed to find me attractive.

They had a plentiful supply of beers, and we were all pretty much the worse for wear by the time it was getting dark. Then, one of the guys, whose parents rented a beach house a few miles away suggested we all go back there for a party. I could tell Sally really wanted to go and I was in a good mood myself at this point so I agreed.

Sally wrapped a sarong around her waist and I put on my T-shirt. These were the only other items of clothing we had, but the evenings there were always very warm, so it wasn’t a problem. The seven of us walked to where they had their two vehicles parked. Sally and myself had come by taxi. Unfortunately, one of the girls, Sam, had a sports car which only seated two people, and Jenny got in beside her. The other vehicle was a jeep, owned by the guy with the beach house.

“Shall Tom and I sit in the back?” Sally asked.

There was one long seat in the jeep, which could fit three people and then an open trailer at the back, which didn’t look too safe.

“Well. It’s okay at the back if you hang on tight. But we can squeeze four in the front anyway.”

“And who gets to sit in the back? ” I asked.

“Well, ” Ivan said. “I don’t think the lady should have to do that. So it’ll have to be one of the rest of us. Neil, have you still got a pack of cards in the jeep?”

Well he did have and we cut cards to see who lost and it was me. I thought they had cheated but couldn’t really say anything.

Neil, the driver got in the jeep, followed by Ivan. Then I saw as Jamie helped Sally get in, his hand grabbing her ass at the same time. I was beginning to lose my good mood of earlier, and didn’t like the idea of my wife up front with the three guys. Jamie then got in and squeezed beside Sally.

“Hey Tom, ” said Ivan. “You better get on board, else we’ll have to leave you here.”

I quickly jumped in the back and hung on near the front so I was beside the window. I could see into the front seat, where there was a very tight squeeze and they didn’t look too comfortable. Suddenly the jeep lurched forward and I fell backwards. For some reason Neil was driving very fast. He was a little drunk and I started to worry. It took me a while to get back into position beside the window.

In just those few moments they had changed position and now Sally was sitting on Ivan’s lap, in the middle of the seat. I guessed it was more comfortable for all of them that way, but I didn’t like knowing that Sally was sitting on some guy’s lap wearing only a thin sarong and a tiny thong. She would have had to be able to feel his cock through the material. The roads were pretty bumpy as we travelled along and Sally began to bounce up and down. She was giggling, but I was imagining that Ivan must have been getting even more pleasure out of this ride. I looked closer and could see Jamie place his hand on one of her bare legs. The sarong had risen up high on her thighs. Then I saw Neil put his free hand on her other leg. I thought this was to steady her, but as we kept driving along she was still bouncing up and down on Ivan’s lap.

I watched as Ivan’s hands went in front of him and seemed to be about to untie Sally’s bikini top, when the jeep suddenly turned a corner, and I was thrown back. We were travelling fast through an open stretch of road and it took a few minutes for me to make my way towards the window. Just as I was nearly there, I was suddenly blinded when something flew out of the window and wrapped itself around my face. Again I was thrown back, as I struggled to get the thing off me. As I regained my balance I realised that it was her sarong that had come out of the front of the jeep. I was well away from the window but could see Sally, still bouncing up and down, and now she must have been practically naked. Her back seemed to be bare, so Ivan must have taken off her bikini top. For all I knew, maybe they had ripped off her thong as well.

I couldn’t see what the guys were doing, but I imagined their hands all over her, playing with her tits, stroking her legs. Maybe, by now Ivan had his cock out and she was actually fucking him, riding his cock as the movement of the jeep motioned her up and down, while he was inside her. I could see all this with my mind’s eye as I tried to get closer to really see what was going on.

Suddenly the jeep braked hard and I was knocked back to the floor again. When I got up I saw we were now parked. I stayed on my feet until I saw Neil and Jamie get out from each side.

“What the hell’s going on?” I shouted at them. “Were you trying to kill me?”

“Sorry, man. I just love driving fast.”

I then saw Sally and Ivan get out of the jeep. Sally was still wearing her bikini, and I couldn’t be sure if she had just put it on, or whether she had kept it on throughout and it was just my imagination. I looked daggers at her and asked, “What the hell happened to the sarong?”

“Did you catch it? It came loose and then flew out the window as we turned a corner. ”

“No, I didn’t catch it.”

“Oh, you idiot. Now I’ll have to stay like this the rest of the night,” she said, turning around to show me her thong clad behind.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. So, it was all my fault now.

“Come on guys, let’s get a drink. I think we all need one after that journey,” said Ivan, and I’m sure he was smirking.

Now I was in two minds about everything. I didn’t know exactly what had gone on in the front seat. I didn’t like the idea of these guys thinking they were getting away with something, but I also felt really horny at the thought of what they might have done. I was slightly pissed off about the situation, but the fact remained that we were stuck God knows where. I decided that we should hang around for a while then I’d call a taxi to take us back to the hotel.

When Neil started offering us some drinks I opted for whiskey. Sally suggested I drank something else. It’s never a good idea for me to drink spirits. I tend to get really drunk, have blackouts, etc. but at this stage I needed something stronger than beer. We all sat around on the balcony looking on to the beach, waiting for Jenny and Sam to turn up.

Every now and then Sally would find some excuse for standing up and walking around, giving everyone a look at her ass. As I relaxed with the glass of whiskey I thought about what I’d seen in the jeep and at the beach and it was obvious that she was really enjoying turning them on. The question was, how far would she go?

After a while we heard the noise of a car horn outside. The three guys went out to investigate, guessing it was Jenny and Sam. As we were left alone, my wife spoke directly to me for the first time since we’d got there.

“Nothing went on in the jeep you know, Tom.”


“I suppose you think I let them take liberties with me.”

“And you’re saying nothing happened at all?”

“Well, you know, they tried to get a bit saucy, but I wouldn’t let them.”

“And what about the sarong?”

“That was an accident. I think they were a bit disappointed I didn’t let them do anything. Jamie called me a pricktease. Don’t look so worried. He was only joking.”

“That’s some joke.”

“Hey, Sam’s his girlfriend, and she’ll be here in a minute anyway, so he’ll be wanting to get into her panties, not mine.”

“I hope so,” I said, although I was really excited by what she said. I couldn’t work out whether she was telling the truth about not letting them do anything, but what was definite was that they would do given the chance.

When the two girls came in, Neil put on some music, and they began dancing in the front room. I’ve never been much of a dancer, so I sat on the sofa in front of them and watched while I drank my whiskey. The two girls were now wearing little summer dresses which they must have had in their car. While they danced I often saw their panties, but while I enjoyed this, it was even better watching my wife dance around in a tiny bikini. After an hour or so of energetic dancing, Neil put on some slower music, and instead of dancing as a group, they now paired off into couples.

Ivan danced with Jenny, Jamie with Sam, leaving Neil with Sally. By this time I was pretty much in a drunken stupor, but I soon snapped out of my alcoholic daze when I saw Neil reach around and cup my wife’s buttocks in his hand. Sally gently raised his hands up around her waist, but he quickly dropped them back again. I saw Sally turn her head towards me, and for some reason I pretended to be asleep. Through slitted eyes I watched as she tried to control his wandering hands. At one point she held both his hands tightly at her waist so he couldn’t move them down further. This worked for a while until Jamie reached out his hand from against Sam’s back and pushed it up between Sally’s legs. She immediately took her hands from Neil’s and tried to force away Jamie’s probing fingers. This meant that Neil could reach around and grab her ass once more. All the time this was going on, her main concern seemed to be whether I could see anything or not. I began to pretend to snore a little to make it obvious I was asleep, and after that Sally stopped trying to push the guys’ hands away.

It didn’t take long for Sam to see what Jamie was doing and she stormed out of the house. Jamie ran after her, followed by Jenny.

“Hey, Jenny, we’re you going?” asked Ivan.

“If she’s leaving, I’ve got to go too.”

Ivan followed after her, leaving Neil and Sally alone. His arms were still around her, but now he took his hands from her ass and untied her bikini top.

“Hey. What do you think you’re doing? My husband’s right there.”

“He’s out for the count, baby. Come on. I’ve already seen your tits on the way here, but you only let Ivan get a really good feel of them.”

So she did let them do things in the jeep after all.

He pulled my wife’s bikini top away from her chest, leaving her to cover her tits with her hands.

“There’s no point playing hard to get. You already let Ivan fuck you.”

“No, he didn’t.”

“I saw he had his cock out when Jamie pulled down your panties.”

“It was just rubbing against me. It never went in all the way.”

“Don’t worry. Mine will.”

Suddenly Neil grabbed Sally’s hands and forced them behind her back, then he leaned down and began sucking her tits. Her mouth opened slightly and she began to moan. He let go of her arms but instead of pushing him away she just grabbed his head and pulled him against her, while he sucked and licked her gorgeous tits. When his mouth came away I could see her nipples were fully erect. He knelt on the floor and began kissing his way up her inner thighs until he reached the flimsy material of her thong. In one quick motion he pulled it down to her knees.

Without warning, the door suddenly opened and in walked Ivan and Jamie. I saw them feast their eyes on my wife’s naked body, then they looked over at me.

“The girls gone?” asked Neil.

“Yeah,” said Jamie. “Just as well this little slut’s here. She’ll take us all on. Won’t you? You know, you shouldn’t have made us wait this long. We should have fucked you on the beach, or in the car. I’m sure Tom wouldn’t have done anything to stop us”

Suddenly all three had their hands all over my naked wife. They pushed her roughly against a chair so she was bent over, ass in the air. They quickly took off their shorts, all three of them with massive hard-ons, pointing towards her.

“Wait, ” she said. “My husband could wake up at any minute.”

“Don’t kid yourself. He’s been awake from the beginning. Ain’t that right, Tom?”

I opened my eyes fully with a start, and looked directly into Sally’s eyes as Jamie shoved his cock roughly into her from behind. There was a look of profound shock on her face and she opened her mouth. Before she could say anything Neil stuck his cock in there and began to vigorously fuck her face. While she was being entered from both sides, Ivan played with her tits, and she looked at me as I watched it all, my cock grown hard with the thrill of it all.

Neil was pummeling in to her mouth so fast that within seconds he shot his load. The sight of another man’s come dribbling out of my wife’s lips made me pull out my own cock and start jerking off. After a while Jamie started to speed up his thrusting from behind, causing my wife to scream out as she had a terrific orgasm. I’d never seen her with such a look of intense pleasure on her face. Jamie continued thrusting, fast and hard and deep, until he grabbed her hair and began bucking wildly against her as he came inside her.

Ivan now took Jamie’s place. His cock was even bigger than Jamie’s, both were much bigger than my own, which is about 5 inches, and Sally certainly noticed the difference. She looked into my eyes as she began to moan.

“Ooooh! Yes. Ooooh, fuck me. Go on fuck me harder.”

Jamie looked at me fisting away at my little cock and said to Sally:

“It must make a change having a proper cock inside you. I bet you’re going to need to keep looking elsewhere when you go back to London.”

“Yes, yes. I need more. Ooooh. Please. Ooooooh. Fuck me with your big cock. Stick it in my mouth.”

Jamie and Neil’s pricks may have been bigger than mine, but mine was hard and theirs weren’t. As Ivan shafted her from behind I lined up my cock with her mouth.

“Oooh. No. I want his cock. Yours is too small. Neil, Jamie. Oooooh.”

Suddenly her mouth opened wide as Ivan began to quicken the pace and I took the opportunity to stick my cock in there, whether she wanted it or not. I took hold of her head and thrust myself against her face, thrust backwards and forwards as I looked into her eyes.

“You love it you dirty slut. Don’t you? You love being fucked. You’d fuck anyone. Well I’m fucking you now. I’m fucking your face you filthy whore.”

I could feel myself coming. I kept hold of her head and watched her eyes bulge as I made her swallow every drop of my come. As soon as she swallowed it all I pulled out of her mouth, leaving her to scream out another orgasm as Ivan came inside her. By this time Neil was hard again.

“Out of the way. I want to try her pussy.”

“Yes,” said Sally. “Fuck my pussy. I want you all to fuck me again. But not you,” she pointed at me. “I only want big massive cocks from now on.”

For the rest of the night I watched as they all had her in a variety of ways, while I was forced to play with myself. At about 4am the guys were all satisfied and asked us to leave. I called a taxi to take us back to our hotel.

Since that experience I’ve found I love her even more, but now she’s lost all respect for me, and won’t let me have sex with her at all. If I complain, she says my cock’s too small, so it’s my own fault. She tells me if I’m a good boy she might let me watch the next time she lets a real man fuck her, so I’m on my best behavior all the time, hoping she’ll keep her promise.