Boys Night In

Iris really didn’t need an excuse. Having men within sight was usually enough, but a few drinks always helped. The way she danced so carefree to the music held her male audience spellbound. It really didn’t matter that they were the husbands of her closest friends, leggy blonde Cindy and tall, sultry Maria, and the fiancé of busty brunette Beth, a perky second grade teacher. The three girls were having their own night out at the male strip clubs. At least that’s what Cindy had told her. The guys would have to make due with some boring basketball game on TV. Iris wasn’t interested in watching guys strip, she told Cindy, even though she did enjoy the sight of naked men. Iris had something else in mind for that Saturday evening. She would just stop by Cindy’s house, where the guys were hanging out, and invite herself in, maybe have a few drinks, get the guys horny, and leave them hard as she walked out the door. No, she could never do that. She couldn’t leave a hard cock unrelieved.

It was February, but Iris arrived wearing a black skirt that just covered her tight little ass, with white, lacey, see-through panties beneath and no bra under her filled-out purple tube top. She was surprised to find there was no basketball game on TV as she had expected. Instead, the guys had planned their own party, a kind of Boys’ Night In. Her ring was answered by Charlie, Cindy’s big, muscular hunk of a husband, who welcomed Iris and showed her inside. Iris pretended she was there to meet Cindy to go to the club but obviously had missed them. “Well, you came to the right club, anyway,” Charlie laughed, leading the way down the stairs. They were all in the large rec room. There she found Mark, with a fresh crewcut, who was Maria’s husband. He was about 45, too old for the 22 year old Hispanic girl, but he was fit and tanned from their recent trip to the Caribbean. Iris also knew Tommy, Beth’s fiancé for almost a year now. He was in his thirties, but kept his hair long. She knew all of them from many gatherings in and around Cindy and Charlie’s hot tub.

Then she saw Randy, a buddy of Charlie, who had brought his Chinese girlfriend over to entertain them. He evidently wanted to show her off to his friends. When Iris arrived, she found the other lady there and was momentarily disappointed that she would not have the guys all to herself. Iris was also surprised to find Randy there because Iris had been dating him for a few months almost a year before. He would never press her for any kind of sex and she thought either he was a naïve geek who was too shy for her sexy body or he was gay. Now he was at this party with the sexy Chinese-American girl.

The party was in its early stage when she arrived, she saw, so Iris took the first drink offered to her and began to mingle as the stereo played. Soon she came to the Chinese girl, and they had some things in common, they discovered. One thing was that Randy was previously Iris’s boyfriend. They talked about him and laughed together, and as the music got louder, they began to groove to the beat and soon were actually dancing together as a couple. The men’s eyes were on them. Both girls were fully aware of the effect their routine was having on the four men watching them with hungry intensity.

Iris, the tall, slim redhead, and Mei-Wai, the petite, buxom Chinese girl, had already drunk more than they probably should have. They were feeling good as they danced together, aware of the appreciative glances from the men. The girls seemed to understand each other, had decided without uttering a word, what was going to happen next.

“Go, ladies, go,” called Charlie, and the other men responded with more encouragement. “Let’s make this a real show,” cried Randy. “These two gals are already putting on a great show,” shouted Mark. Charlie asked Iris and Mei-Wai if they wanted the shades lowered on the large picture windows that formed the three sides of the large recreation room, so things would be more private. “No reason to let the neighbors have a show,” he said.

Iris agreed readily. Intrigued, Mei-Wai was happy to follow her lead. The room was an extension of the hallway and was decked with a long bar and a big screen TV, a pool table and an awesome stereo system. Against the walls were wrap around sofa and loungers with ottomans. As the room darkened, Charlie turned on the party lights and then flicked the switch for the glitter ball hanging from the ceiling to begin turning, sending swirls of light everywhere as the girls stopped their dancing.

“Now, we’re talking show,” said Tommy.

Iris and Mei-Wai looked around, briefly taking in their surroundings. The room was dimly lit but the music was still quite loud. Iris was already aroused by the situation. Alone with four of the sexiest hunks she had seen. Too bad she’d have to share them with Mei-Wai. She began to dance again, slowly. Her sensuous movements gained approval from her male onlookers. With a moment’s hesitation, Mei-Wai joined in as Iris barely noticed the arrival of a new guy to the party.

“Steve’s here,” called Charlie. He shook hands with his friend. “The show’s just started.”

The girls danced together, putting on a show for those watching them. If Mei-Wai had any doubts left as to the outcome of their performance these were quickly dispelled when she saw Iris slowly and very deliberately began peel up her body-hugging tube top to the hoots of the guys. Iris turned towards Mei-Wai and smiled.

“Show’em what you got,” Randy called to his girlfriend.

Mei-Wai smiled, gave her shoulders a barely perceptible shrug, then began to undo her own blouse. Iris was not wearing a bra and her full breasts flopped free as her tube top was flipped off over her head. Her nipples perked up. Mei-Wai pulled off her blouse and tossed it to the side of the room, dancing in her bra. Wolf-whistles and shouts of encouragement accompanied the tops falling to the floor. Suddenly Iris was behind the Chinese girl, reaching around to the front to unzip the tight jeans she wore. Mei-Wai responded by turning in Iris’s arms and reaching behind to unzip Iris’s skirt, letting it fall to the carpet to more cheering. Iris grabbed her dance partner’s waistband and began jerking the jeans down over Mei-Wai’s meaty ass. They both stopped dancing a few seconds so that Iris could slide the jeans down to Mei-Wai’s ankles and she could step out of the jeans.

“Now this is a show!” cried Tommy.

“Keep going,” shouted Mark. “No bras allowed.”

Both girls were enjoying themselves as the danced in only their underwear. But as they danced, they began to focus on each other and forget about the men. The girls became more and more aroused. The same could be said for their audience as the men watched the show that was being put on for their benefit. Dancing close, face to face, Iris cupped Mei-Wai’s big breasts in her hands and Mei-Wai took the hint and removed her bra. Within moments, the girls were chest to chest, embraced, spinning around, their lips locked in a passionate kiss. The men hooted at the sight.

“What about the panties?” called Charlie.

The noise seemed to take the girls out of their trance and they noticed the men around them. Only a bit embarrassed, both girls quickly helped each other slip out of their panties, again to the cheering of the men. The two nude ladies resume their dancing, bumping and grinding against each other, caressing each other, meeting for occasional kisses.

“Way to go, girls!” Tommy shouted.

They loved dancing naked in front of their admirers, but dancing could last only so long. The men seemed to think so, too. Iris caught a glance of Tommy unzipping his trousers. He kicked off his shoes. Mark was rubbing his crotch and Charlie was visibly hard beneath his jeans.

“Are we just going to dance?” asked Tommy of the other men.

“We are overdressed,” laughed Mark, who began stripping.

Charlie and Randy pulled off their shirts and slid off their pants. Then, almost in unison, the five men lowered their briefs and boxers and the sight of the hardening cocks might have excited the two women. But they were focused on each other, not the men.

“Now it’s gonna be showtime,” Charlie sang out.

By then, Iris was turned on and ready for action. She wanted to go 69 with the Chinese girl right there on the carpet, no matter who was watching. But she offered no protest when a totally naked Mark approached her confidently, cupped her breast and kissed her nipple, then led her over to a sofa where Tommy was waiting, naked, with his hand stroking his cock to hardness. Iris looked back and saw Mei-Wai calmly sauntering over to where Charlie and Randy were sitting, watching her.

“Go ahead, buddy,” Randy offered, gesturing at the Chinese girl. “She can handle you.” Charlie was initially shy about fucking his buddy’s girl. After all, he once offered his wife, Cindy, before they were married, to his buddy, Randy, who had wasted no time fucking her. But Randy was always a long time coming; Charlie had to take hold of Randy’s cock and work it by hand while Cindy got under and tongued his balls, just to get him to shoot. In another threesome, Randy, his glasses off, had tried to enter his ass instead of Cindy’s. Hell, maybe it was time for payback, Charlie decided. Then Mei-Wai, at an approving glance from Randy, knelt before Charlie’s semi-soft cock and took it in her fingers.

The new guy, Steve, was quiet but he had pulled off his sweatshirt and his muscles glistened as he dropped his jeans.

“These ladies are out of fuel,” joked Randy. “We need to give them some juice!” Iris’s gentlemen were on her in a flash. She felt herself being lifted on to the pool table and she laid her head back expectantly. Her body was being caressed all over by two pairs of hands and she squirmed with pleasure. Without warning, her tits were being sucked, a mouth clamped on to each nipple. It was Mark and the shirtless Steve attending to her tits. She turned her head to one side when Tommy offered her his thick semi-hard cock. Iris winked at him and smiled hungrily, then licked the end of his swollen cock with her hot tongue. She was rewarded with a pleased gasp from her benefactor, She responded to his appreciation by parting her lips and drawing it into her mouth.

As Mark kissed his way down her body, Iris became aware that her position restricted her mouth’s movement so she invited Tommy to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of her eager mouth. Steve worked expertly on her breasts and circles of ecstasy radiated out from each tongued nipple as Mark slid his tongue down to her red-haired pussy. It was only Tommy’s mouth-filling cock that stopped her from crying out when she felt a tongue begin to lap at her wet pussy. She knew it was Mark who was eating her. But she didn’t care who it was, as the mystery tongue found its way in and out of her folds and knocked on the door to her clit. Her response to the intensifying cunnilingus was to suck even harder on Tommy’s cock as it slid between her lips with slow, powerful thrusts. A warm glow was beginning to spread over her as she savored the attentions she was receiving.

Mei-Wai wasted no time, either. She saw Iris being carried onto the pool table and walked over to where Charlie and Randy were. She quickly knelt in front of them and began stroking the growing tools in their laps. Pausing only to cast a quick glance at Iris, who was already happily being attended to–Mark was face-first between her thighs–she studied the two cocks in front of her. Her boyfriend’s was slightly longer. Charlie’s was a lot thicker; she imagined how it would stretch her cunt. She stroked them lightly as she made her decision. She turned her head and ran her tongue up the underside of Charlie’s cock. She flicked the tip with her tongue then took him into her mouth. Mei-Wai’s hand continued to stoke Randy’s cock as her lips slid up and down Charlie’s shaft. After a few minutes she took Charlie’s cock deep inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around it. Her other hand slid easily up and down Randy’s slick sausage. She soon had a rhythm, sucking one cock and stroking the other, then alternating back and forth, keeping both men at fever pitch.

Iris was already coming from Mark’s talented tongue action. His tongue lapping her clit and Tommy’s licking her tits as he pumped her mouth had driven her over the edge. She wanted to cry out but Tommy’s swollen cock prevented her. Her only response was to suck even harder. Suddenly, as Iris’s orgasm broke over her, she heard Tommy groan and his cock erupted into her mouth, filling it with successive spurts of hot, thick semen. Iris gulped it down hungrily but was unable to stop some from trickling from the corner of her mouth. Mark rose from between her legs, his face drenched in her lady juice. He grinned, then laughed.

Tommy withdrew his cock from her creamy lips and it was immediately replaced by Mark’s thick tool. As Iris happily accepted his cock, she felt herself being pulled down the table until her bottom was at the edge. Tommy’s hands were now caressing her tits. His long fingers squeezed them as his tongue licked both nipples alternately. The new guy had removed his mouth from Iris’s breast. “What’s your name?” she asked the stranger.

“Steve,” he said.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked, with Mark’s hard rod bobbing against her lips.

“Sure,” said Steve, “if it’s alright with your husband.”

Iris breathed heavily: “I’m not married, and I’m between lovers at the moment.”

Steve looked her over and chuckled: “You sure are, lady,” and seconds later Iris felt the fat tip of Steve’s cock pressing against her pussy. Then, with one powerful thrust, Steve entered her soaking cunt, pushing deep into her, to the hilt. Despite having Mark’s cock in her mouth, Iris still managed to gasp as Steve thrust into her. He began fucking her with long, hard strokes. Every thrust of his cock forced more of Mark’s cock into her mouth. As they worked on her, Tommy found himself a new role. He stood behind Steve and gathered up her dangling legs and laid them over Steve’s shoulders as he pumped. Then Tommy took her feet in his two hands and began nibbling on her tender toes.

By then, Mei-Wai squatted over Charlie’s face as he lay naked on the carpet, lowering her dripping cunt to his mouth. His tongue entered her and began painting the walls. She continued sucking on Randy’s cock. Her lips glided easily up and down his length while Charlie lapped at her pussy and tongue-fucked her. A familiar tingling sensation was already beginning to spread through her. She slowed her bobbing, hovered over Charlie’s face, then dropped her cunt and impaling herself on his tongue, his nose pushed against her clit. Mei-Wai fondled her tits, squeezing and caressing them as she rode Charlie’s face, sometimes grinding against it, sometimes swinging her cunt back and forth across it. Randy grabbed her short black hair, catching his balance, and forced his cock deeper into her mouth. Mei-Wai felt herself reaching the point of no return. The fire in her uterus spread through her. Randy’s cock slipped from her mouth, spilling its milk, as she climaxed, moaning and trembling all over, as her juice flooded out over Charlie’s face.

As her orgasm began to weaken, she slid herself down Charlie’s body until her pussy was pressing against the tip of his cock. Mei-Wai sighed with pleasure as, with one thrust of her hips, she slowly impaled herself on him. She quickly found a rhythm, her wet pussy moving up and down on his fat rod.

Next she waved Tommy over to her and took his cock into her mouth, enjoying it even more with its semen taste. Randy stood happily beside him, and she began to alternate sucks. Rocking back and forth on Charlie’s cock, she took each cock in turn. Forward, Tommy’s or Randy’s cock pressed deeper into her mouth, and back, Charlie’s cock buried itself in her pussy. Then Randy finally climaxed, letting his cream shoot into Mei-Wai’s mouth. He fell back on the carpet, spent, and watched his girlfriend in action. Mei-Wai gestured for him to move to the side so she could see what Iris was doing.

On the other side of the room things were getting hotter. Mark had deposited his load in Iris’s mouth and sat back on the carpet. As his cum dribbled down her chin she climbed off the pool table and lowered herself to the floor. Steve was already there, laying on his back, and his cock, like a flagpole, easily impaled her cunt as she squatted over him. Randy moved over to Iris.

“Now you want to fuck?” Iris teased Randy.

“I thought you were a good girl,” he said, pushing his cock into her mouth. “That’s why I didn’t try to fuck you.”

Iris wasted no time in copying Mei-Wai: two cocks, one in each end, slid in and out of her. Suddenly, there was a new man standing over her: Jason, one of Charlie’s coworkers, who must have arrived late. The tanned, muscular hunk unbuttoned his shirt, slipped out of his pants, and stroked himself to erection, a huge erection, maybe eleven inches of dipstick. Dropping to the carpet, Jason pressed up against Steve’s hard cock.

“Is there room for two?” laughed Jason, and wiggled the head of his cock just inside the fat, slick cunt lips. Iris only knew the guy from a party a few months ago, when she had sucked him off in the kitchen just because she thought he was Beth’s boyfriend. But she understood now and reached down to spread her cunt open more so that both men’s cocks could enter, Steve’s from beneath her and Jason’s from above, stretching her as wide as she could go–wider than the head of the softball bat Charlie and Mark had playfully used on her one crazy night before Charlie met Cindy.

Mark sat down, his eyes locked on the scene before him: his friends fucking and being sucked by Iris, his wife’s friend. He thought of the time Maria and Iris had almost had a lesbian episode, as he grabbed his cock and began stroking it back to erection. He had caught them naked in bed, Iris about to go down on Maria. His wife was so embarrassed she ran out of the room. Iris had stayed and silenced him with the best blowjob he had ever had. He wished she would teach Maria how to do that, but his wife was shy. Mark watched intently as Steve pulled out of Iris’s cunt and pushed inside the lower hole, leaving the cunt all to Jason’s long dong. As Steve’s cock entered her asshole, Iris felt a sudden empty sensation. This quickly vanished as she felt him push his cock inch by inch into her back passage. Once again Iris knew the sensation of being filled simultaneously by three cocks. It sent her over the threshold again. Her body shook violently as she came, and she clampedhard on Randy’s cock as, with alternating thrusts, Jason and Steve rammed theirs into her cunt and ass.

Mei-Wai was on all fours with Charlie behind her, his cock pumping like a piston into her cunt. In that position, Mei-Wai could bend down and orally caress Tommy’s cock easily. Charlie’s thrusts forced more of it into her mouth, her teeth grabbing Tommy’s pubic hair. She had learned how to take a deep throat cock from her previous boyfriend, a black sergeant major she had met when she was briefly in the army. He had a ten-inch dong that was thick as her wrist. After she had entertained his buddies off-post a few times, the busty but shy PFC got out with an honorable discharge. Still, thinking about the gang bangs made Mei-Wai’s pussy on fire. She stroked her throbbing clit with her free hand. The sensations overwhelmed her. Her heart pounded. Her uterus began to contract. Her body shook as her climax ravaged her once more. Mei-Wai thrust her hips back, her cunt swallowing Charlie’s cock as she met his thrust. The contractions in her pussy gripped Charlie like a vice. Sherelaxed her mouth and sucked Tommy’s cock deep into the back of her throat.

Mei-Wai’s orgasm continued to shake her. She felt Tommy’s cock twitch in her mouth. His breathing was hoarse. His balls swelled, held tightly against his crotch. Tommy pulled his cock back until the very tip was barely touching Mei-Wai’s lips. She looked up at him as her fingers pumped his shaft. Her only warning was a low groan as Tommy’s cock blasted its load onto her face. She caught some and swallowed it greedily, but most of his cream splattered across her cheeks and ran down to her chin. Then Tommy pushed his cock inside her mouth so she could expertly suck the last few drops.

She became aware of Charlie again. His pumping had slowed almost to a stop and his breathing was heavy, his balls slapping against her as he drove his cock in and out of her. He grabbed her hips, pulling her onto him and with that one final thrust he released his semen deep inside his best friend’s new girlfriend’s hot cunt. Payback time. There had been too many Sunday afternoon football parties where Randy had sneaked off to fuck Cindy while the boys watched the games. He knew what was going on and jerked his cock out of Mei-Wai’s cunt as she sighed contentedly. She turned and sucked Charlie clean, savoring the mix of her juices and his cum. Then, without a heartbeat’s pause, Charlie leaned down and gave Mei-Wai a full French kiss on the mouth, despite the mess of semen in and around her orifice. He was crazy, he laughed to himself, but he didn’t care.

Iris sucked eagerly on Randy’s cock, waiting for him to blow, her lips sliding up and down his slick shaft. She couldn’t cry out as Steve and Jason continued their relentless pounding in her tight ass and slippery cunt. She gripped their cocks inside with her sex muscles and tried to move with them. Her fingers sought out her clit and she began to stoke it, reaching back occasionally to feel Jason’s cock as it slid into her pussy. In seconds Iris was coming again. The sensations from her throbbing clit engulfed her, draining her of any but the most primal ability to respond to the fucking.

Steve came first. Without warning his cock unleashed its load deep inside her ass. Iris, her body still shaking, was only able to murmur roughly in response. As Steve slid out of her asshole, she felt suddenly empty. Then Jason’s cock slipped out of her wet cunt at just the wrong moment: his semen spilled down her cunt lips, forming a delicious cream pie. The cream ran down her thighs as Randy, his cock stuffed in Iris’s mouth, pulled her up onto her hands and knees, still face-fucking her. Steve and Jason had fucked her thoroughly from behind and shot their wads. She had ridden their pulverizing thrusts but now they were spent and became part of the audience.

“I’ll teach you to fuck with me for three months,” Randy sneered, grabbing Iris’s head and beginning to fuck her mouth in earnest.

His cock disappeared completely between her lips as he thrust into her mouth. Steadying herself with one hand, Iris squeezed his balls with the other. They were heavy and full of cum. She thought of the times she had offered herself to him but he refused, acting shy, or uninterested. Now he was bullying her? She wanted to end the charade but Randy’s mouth-humping was too hard and fast. His hands held her head in place as she remained on her hands and knees and he rammed his cock down her throat, knocking her head back with each pounding. The spotlight was now on only these two as the others sat around, watching as they rested.

Delirious as she was she heard Randy groan. He drew his cock out until only the fat tip of his cock was against her lips. One hand kept hold of her hair while the other pumped his shaft. Randy’s cock twitched and Iris heard him cry out a wail of release as suddenly his cock was geysering its big load all over her face. Randy came in a flood and Iris, blow-job maestro that she was, couldn’t prevent his hot cream from going into her eyes and nostrils. She tore herself away and shook her head, trying to knock away the blinding juice. Her hand wiped it away form her eyes and she snorted it out of her nose, causing most of it to fall onto her breasts. She fell back on the carpet and heard the men applauding.

“There you go, bitch,” Randy growled, pinching his dick to fling off the last drops of semen onto her face.

Suddenly all eyes shifted from the cum-soaked, exhausted Iris panting on the carpet to the bright-eyed busty Mei-Wai. Breathing heavily, Iris could only watch as the men stood and gathered around the Chinese girl. Randy sat on the sofa and watched his girlfriend being lifted and carried to the pool table, laid on her back with her ass at the edge and her legs dangling off the side. Mark spread her knees and stepped inside her thighs, hard and ready to go again.

“Wait a minute,” Mei-Wai started to say but her mouth was immediately filled with Tommy’s big cock.

“Is this the second round or the third?” asked Charlie, grabbing Mei-Wai’s tit as Jason grabbed the other.

“I think it’s the forth,” Mark replied, brushing her hair with his hand, assuring her that she was doing it right.

“Man, this is so bogus,” said Steve, grabbing his clothes off the floor. “Enough of this shit. The women are willing to do us for free, and do us good. Now you dudes have to get rough? What for? I’m out of here.”

“Let him go,” said Tommy. “The best is yet to cum, right?”

Mei-Wai squirmed uncomfortably on the table as Mark humped her cunt, Tommy fucked her mouth, and Charlie and Jason took her tits. Steve dressed and disappeared.

“Leave her alone,” Iris called out from the floor.

“Shut up,” Randy barked, rising from the sofa and striding to the pool table. He regarded the guys at work. “Isn’t she everything you love in a woman?”

Charlie released her breast and stood back from the table. Seeing his retreat, Jason also stepped back.

“He’s right, you know,” said Charlie. “It is bogus. And this is my house.”

“Let her catch her breath, at least,” said Jason.

“You ass wipes!” Randy snapped. Then he leaned down to where Mark was fucking Mei-Wai’s mouth. “Give it some effort, babe,” he said to her. “Don’t make him do all the work.”

Immediately Mei-Wai began to work on Mark’s cock with her tongue and lips instead of him pumping his hips against her face.

“Good girl,” Randy cooed, “make me proud.” He turned to the guys. “Ain’t she the best?”

“No, I am!”

It was Iris, standing, cum-stained but angry and sexy at the same time.

“Who hasn’t fucked me yet?” she demanded, hands on her hips.

Jason raised his hand. Then Charlie also raised his hand.

“Then you’d better get your turn,” she snapped, strutting over to the pool table.

She gave Tommy a shove, knocking him away so that his cock fell out of Mei-Wai’s stuffed mouth. He protested but stayed where he had been pushed. Iris leaned down and gave Mei-Wai a kiss, and whispered, “It’s okay, now. Just relax, babe.”

Then Iris took hold of Mark’s arms, which were bracing himself against Mei-Wai’s hips and the edge of the table, and pulled him back, drawing his hard rod straight out of Mei-Wai’s dripping cunt. Mark, too, protested, continued stroking his cock to keep it from softening. As the men watched, Iris positioned herself between the Chinese girl’s thighs, aligned her tongue with her cum-stained cunt and pressed forward, simultaneously pushing her ass back and up so that the target was provided.

Jason started to move into position to fuck Iris’s cunt from behind but Mark, his cock about to explode, shoved him aside and stabbed into the bull’s eye, shooting his load as the top of his cock met her cervix. Iris shuttered, paused a moment from her cunnilingus work, then resumed it as Mark withdrew, sighing in satisfaction. Then Jason took his position, pumping his hard rod into Iris’s cunt as the others watched, their own cocks in their hands, keeping them primed. Mei-Wai’s moaning grew louder than Jason’s as both seemed to climax at the same time, sending each spurt of juice into opposite orifices of Iris, the middlewoman. Mei-Wai grabbed Iris’s head and held it against her clit until her spasms faded. Meanwhile, Charlie took his turn fucking Iris’s cunt, already too slurpy to get much friction going. Breathing heavily, Mei-Wai rose on her bent elbows to watch the men fucking Iris. Mei-Wai watched in fascination. Noticing she was now ‘back in action,’ Randy moved over to her and she absently stroked his cock as they both watched Iris being expertly fucked from behind by the line of men.

The effect of Mei-Wai’s handiwork and the hot scene in front of them was already bringing Randy’s organ back to life. When his girlfriend threw her head back in renewed ecstasy, he took the opportunity to scoop Iris’ face up from Mei-Wai’s pussy and nudge the end of his tool between her lips just as he shot another, smaller load. Iris grinned at Randy with apparent defiance. She had been in this situation before, with another circle of men, in another city. Iris would do anything, so long as she was in charge, directing the orgy, calling the shots of the gang bang, deciding who shot where. That was what Randy hated about her, she decided: she was too aggressive, too ready to take charge and he wanted to be the one to attack. Randy wanted to fuck her, not let her fuck him.

But Iris couldn’t do much more in defiance because she knew Charlie was getting close to climax, feeling his balls slamming against her thighs with ever faster strokes. Everyone was taking longer to blow with each climax they mounted. Except Randy, whose time was shortening even as his load was decreasing. The amount of semen was soon to run dry, she calculated. She raised her head form Mei-Wai’s cunt and told Charlie to shoot his in her mouth. Reluctantly, he pulled out and moved to insert his swollen bulb inside Iris’s mouth. He was one to do what he was told!

Mei-Wai looked on in fascination as Charlie’s cock exploded in Iris’s mouth. She saw his cum dribble down her friend’s chin and felt her own arousal growing again. The effect on Mark and Tommy was equally pronounced, both were now fully erect. Iris extended her cum-soaked tongue and drew it up between the thick cunt lips to Mei-Wai’s clit, then returned down to her anus, being sure to wipe off all the cum she could onto Mei-Wai. She was hot, and she wanted more man juice. When Iris called Tommy to offer her his half-hard cock, Mei-Wai demanded he give it to her.

Iris, her chin against Mei-Wai’s asshole, laughed. “It does taste good, doesn’t it?”

Mei-Wai turned her head to Tommy, who was already playing with her tits, kissed the tip of his prick and licked all up and down his shaft before opening her lips and engulfing his cock with her mouth. She cupped his balls in one hand and ran her other hand up the crack of his butt until she found his asshole. Tommy grew inside her mouth, filling the cavity as Mei-Wai’s finger danced around his anus. At the same time, Iris dropped to Mei-Wai’s asshole and began slickening it for something else she had in mind.

“Isn’t it my turn again?” asked Mark.

Instead of stepping aside after he had shot his wad in Iris’s mouth, he moved back to her cunt and dived in face first into the thick, creamy mound between her thighs.

“What are you doing?” asked Randy, surprised. “Everybody’s been fucking that hole. You want to eat our cum, or what?”

“I can’t help it,” mumbled Charlie, his lips pressed between Iris’s lips, “I just love cum.”

“Man, you are so perverse!” Randy snorted.

“If you dig cum so much, here,” said Mark, holding out his semi-hard cock. “Drink this!”

And Charlie did, accepting Mark’s cock into his mouth and doing a fair job of bringing him off, much to everyone’s amazement-especially to his wife Cindy, who came home early and, hearing the noise, sneaked down the stairs just enough to peer around the corner at the hot, sweaty cum-reeking spectacle she never imagined happening in her own house among her own family and friends. Cindy returned quietly upstairs and told Maria and Beth what was going on. They had to see it for themselves.

What they saw when they returned carefully down the stairs was a textbook orgy: Mei-Wai was on her back on the pool table and Iris was on top of her, the two of them going at each other’s creamy cunts in the sixty-nine position as Randy fucked Iris’s cunt from behind and Tommy was humping Mei-Wai’s cunt also from behind. Beside the pool table, Charlie leaned over to run his cum-soaked tongue up and down Iris’s back as Mark worked his hands between the two ladies to squeeze Mei-Wai’s big breasts and pique her nipples.

Cindy waved them back upstairs. “That pool table is two thousand dollars and they’ve ruined it with all that mess!”

“What are we going to do?” asked Maria, shyly. “I believed Mark would always be true to me. Now I find him having sex with two other women.”

“And Tommy!” Beth sneered. “He’s in big trouble now.”

“We could just forget them,” said Cindy, “and have our own fun adventure.”

“You mean…?” pondered Beth, thinking of a repeat of the lesbian outing she and Cindy had had last summer on the camping trip when they chose to sleep in the same tent together because of being angry with the guys over their all-too-natural reaction to seeing two sexy co-eds sunbathing nude at the nearby lake. Boys will be boys, she thought.

“What are you thinking of?” asked Maria, who was a virgin on her wedding night with Mark.

“Maria, it’s not cheating if you have sex with your own kind,” Cindy explained.

Then, as realization came over Maria’s face, Cindy and Beth escorted her up to the master bedroom where they began to gently undress the shy brown girl. She was far more scrumptious than either of these suburban ladies had ever imagined. Taking their cue from the scene in the rec room, Cindy and Beth showed Maria how pleasurable woman-to-woman sex could be, finally moving onto her and giving her the exciting adventure they had promised.

Watching them from between the horizontal slats of the closet doors was Steve, who had left the gang bang in the rec room but had not left the house. He scrambled into the closet when he heard the women approaching. He had planned to leave the house but decided at the doorstep to go check out his buddy, Charlie’s, fancy digs. He went room to room, admiring the size of the house, the décor, the expensive furniture they had, wishing he could have even half the life that his old college roommate had achieved. Then he stopped in the bathroom and while standing before the toilet and letting go a stream of golden nectar he spied what turned out to be a magazine tucked away on top of the medicine cabinet. He pulled it down and flipped through the pages: the threesome pictorial aroused him and he started to stroke himself, thinking of the sex he had just had downstairs. He moved to the bedroom to lay down, stretched out on the bedspread to give himself a thorough jerk. Then he heard the women’s voices, hushed as they were, coming closer and he had dashed into the closet-where he could see every moment of the three-way lesbian orgy, keeping his cock in hand and pumping until he spilled his milk down the sleeve of some full-length fur coat hanging there.

Steve was fantasizing as his cock fell limp, waiting for the ladies to leave the room so he could sneak out. Instead, only two left, Cindy and Beth, both nude and holding hands, by their conversation heading to the master bath to shower together. They left Maria on the bed, on her stomach, relaxed and limp from the episode. Steve thought he could get past her so he slipped out of the closet, tiptoed toward his clothes on the floor beside the bed, the side away from the door where they entered. Maria breathed deeply, with the sound of pleasure, as Steve crouched on the carpet and crawled around the foot of the bed to retrieve his clothing.

“Well, what have we here?” Cindy sang out as the two ladies returned without having taken a shower.

Steve halted, unsure if they saw him or not. But they did, and as he stood sheepishly to apologize and beg to be allowed to leave, the two women decided they had a better use for him. He told them what had happened downstairs when Cindy demanded and with each divulged bit of information they rewarded him with a kiss to his prick. It grew. They awoke Maria from her nap on the bed and showed her Steve’s erection, persuading her to get back at Mark by sampling another hunk. Cindy and Beth took turns on his cock, making it grow to its maximum dimensions as Maria watched. Then, to prepare the girl, Beth pressed her mouth once more to Maria’s cunt as Cindy kept Steve’s tall tool ready to fire. He was bigger than Charlie, she noticed, and she craved a cup of cream more than anything at that moment.

Instead, the ladies directed Steve to slide his big organ deep inside Maria’s tight little cunt, stretching her to the limit until she laid her head back and could barely breath for her ecstasy. He moved slowly, deliberately against her, pushing his cum forward with every thrust, cheered on by Cindy and Beth. Maria’s knees rose and her toes curled as Cindy and Beth each took a tit and set their mouths to work on them.

Then, as Steve tried hard not to speed up his fucking stroke, he heard Cindy whispering to Beth, something about a new plan, and as he concentrated on pushing his piston back and forth in Maria’s hot tunnel, he forgot about everything else. Until the cold cream splashed between his buttocks and Cindy’s hands forced him to bend over on top of Maria. He looked behind him and saw Beth, breasts bouncing seductively, wearing a strap-on penis. The rubber tool protruding from between her thighs was unnaturally large, but Beth had no pity and without hesitation stabbed the plastic prick through his innocent sphincter. Steve cried out–then immediately shot his gallon of cream up Maria’s tubes, and fell face-first into Cindy’s hot, wet cunt.

Down in the rec room, everyone was thoroughly exhausted and lay numb on the carpet and the sofas around the room, breathing deeply, panting, groaning in satisfaction. Charlie had turned off the music. Nobody felt like dancing. The room reeked of man cum and girl juice. It was quiet enough that they all heard the frantic, wild shriek of a wounded beast from somewhere. Mark, casually playing with his limp sausage, looked over at Charlie, who again licked off his cum-stained lips and glanced at Iris, who sat between Tommy and Randy with a leg resting on each lap to open her cunt to fresh air, regarded Tommy and his returning hard-on at the sight of Mei-Wai’s big tits covered with semen, who was eyeing Randy, whose hand was hidden beneath Iris’s asshole and even at that moment had the middle finger worked up through her asshole in anticipation of making her lick it off when she finally got up.

“Well, I guess there ARE wolves in the woods next door,” Charlie muttered, and only Iris chuckled, somehow knowing the true source of that painful noise.