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Sara and The Frat Party

This was Sara’s first Frat Party and she was a little nervous. She had heard about how wild they sometimes got. She was alone and thought that if it got too out of hand, she could always leave and walk back to her apartment house. Her sister/roommate was on a date and probably was going to get fucked, so Sara was looking for a distraction. She really didn’t feel like sitting in her room alone.

When she arrived, she was greeted at once and shown downstairs to the “party room.” It was wall to wall people and the smoke almost gagged her. There was a pool table in the middle of the room covered with a sheet of plywood to make a table. Under it was a beer keg and what looked like a thousand beer glasses on the table, some full but mostly empty. Someone filled a glass for her and she settled back to watch.

Some couples were dancing to hard rock music so loud it hurt her ears. Others were trying to talk and needing to yell at the top of their lungs to be heard. Some were making out in the corners. She watched them and wondered how far they would go. Their hands were already roaming. She sipped on her beer and made small talk with a couple of girls nearby. She had to yell. She was not sure this was for her.

Soon, someone organized a drinking game involving whiskey and beer. Jugs were passed around and the game consisted of drinking as much as possible in as short a time as possible. She took part for a while and it was fun, until she felt a little woozy and dropped out.

In the corner watching her was a tall good looking guy. She noticed him and smiled and he came over and introduced himself. “Hi,” he said, “my name is Phil. You’re new here aren’t you? Freshman?” “Yeah,” she replied, “I’m Sara. There’s a first time for everything. I hope to have a good time.”

“Well, there is no way a hot girl like you could not have a good time here!” He said. She laughed and said, “Thanks, but as long as there are hot guys like you around, I’m sure I will enjoy myself.” She blushed and knew the drink was getting to her. He made a face and she playfully punched him. She was thinking that maybe this wasn’t so bad after all. She liked the way he laughed. She liked the way he looked at her.

“So, tell me Phil, what happens at these parties? I’ve heard they can get pretty wild?”

“They can get just as wild as you want them to, Sara, but now that I’ve adopted you, I will watch out for you.”

Confessions of a Teenage Cumslut

I am the hottest, sluttiest chick at Hubert H. Humphrey High School. Half the wrestling team has me on speed dial. Everyone in school calls me Blow-Job Betty. I have cantaloupe-size tits, a tiny waist and a tight, little ass. No guy can resist me.

Not even my history teacher, Mr. Wagner. He fucked me in a broom closet during study hall. The guy grunted like a hog the whole time, but he was hung like an elephant. Sound sick? I don’t think so. I kind of liked it. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I was sucking the starting quarterback’s dick at the same time. He jizzed on my face. Not enough for you? Well, the assistant principal, who happens to be Mr. Wagner’s wife, lapped the QB’s cum off my face.

So, I think you see what I’m all about.

Let me guess you’re thinking: Oh my gosh! This poor girl is getting molested.

Don’t worry. It’s all legal and consensual. I’m 18, and I don’t mess around with anyone younger than me.

I’ve fucked and sucked a lot of guys in the six months since my eighteenth birthday. But nothing compares to the night most of the football team gangbanged my friend, Jen, and me in the gym.

It was a Friday night after a football game. Everyone had gone home, except probably the school janitor, and he was on the other side of the school. Jen and I ended up in the gym, just sitting in the bottom row of the bleachers. We talked about everything: guys, make-up, homework. The usual. Neither of us had made it to the locker room to change out of our cheerleader uniforms. But it didn’t matter. It was a nice night, and I liked letting the cool air raise goose bumps on my bare legs.

Palm Springs Spring Break

Spring break is always the best time of the year, at least I think so. This year, it had worked out where my spring break was the same as the colleges. Usually, my high school doesn’t break at the same time. I took this to be an omen that I should go and have a little fun. When I told my parents I was going to spend the week with my friend Heather, they weren’t that happy. But, I reminded them, gently, that I was eighteen and, legally, I didn’t need their permission. My parents raised me to be independent. I guess they were starting to question their parenting decisions at this point. Either way, I packed up my things, drove to Heather’s and picked her up. Heather had told her parents she was staying me. Actually, we were going to Palm Springs for the week.

As I drove through the desert, Heather and I listened to music, ate junk food and fantasized about the trouble we were going to get into. I’d recently broken up with my boyfriend and Heather had been without a boyfriend for nearly a month. Who needed high school boys when we were in the hunt for college guys? As we entered Palm Springs, things were already starting to get wild. Stopped in traffic, three guys climbed into the back of my convertible and made themselves at home. They were cute so Heather and I didn’t mind. Chuck, Mikey and Jimmy were from Colorado and asked where we were staying. I had called ahead and booked a hotel. Luckily, Chuck knew exactly where it was and directed us to it. They’d been in town for three days and already had the lay of the land.

After Heather and I checked in, we changed into tank tops and shorts and headed back out to town. Mikey and Jimmy had taken off but Chuck had waited around for us. Chuck was sweet. I could tell Heather had already fallen for his tall good looks. For me, he was a little too jock. Anyways, the three of us climbed into my convertible and took off for greater adventures. The number of people in town was growing by leaps and bounds. It was such a rush. Everyone was having a good time. We ended up at a huge party at a private house. Someone had told us about it and it was amazing. A huge house, a band playing on the patio, drinks flowing. As we walked around, Chuck and Heather were getting more and more friendly with each other. Finally, they disappeared. Not sure where to, but I was pretty sure I knew what for.

As I grabbed a beer, this gorgeous guy came up and stood in front of me. He was tall, probably around 25, dark hair. He was wearing khaki shorts and his shirt was hanging open. Amazing chest. He smiled and said his name was Linc and did I have any tattoos. Ok, that was a new line I hadn’t heard before. I told him I did and did it matter. He said it might and asked me to show it to him. Now, actually, I two small tattoos that I got when I turned eighteen four months ago. Pulling the neck of my tank top down a little, I showed him the small black rose I have on the upper inside of my left breast. As I did, I told him I had another one too. He wanted to see that one too. I told him to follow me.

Walking around the house, I came to a secluded spot surrounded by bushes. Slowly, I undid my shorts and pushed them down. Then I slid my panties down. Right above my pussy, I have another black rose interlinked with a heart. Linc smiled and knelt down in front of me. He was really close to me and I could feel his breath on my skin.

“I like it. Very subtle. What’s this little hoop right here?”

Sorority Party

Alexa couldn’t remember the first time she’d tasted cum.

She’d been with a few guys in high school. She had slept with a football player or two, not to mention Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher. Some of them had cum on her, and surely she had gotten a few drops in her mouth in her first attempts to suck cock. She’d learned quickly that once she felt the guy tense up, she had to take him out of her mouth right away or risk him forcing her head down and trying to pump his spunk into her.

She wasn’t the kind of girl to swallow cum. Only a real slut would do that, she told herself. And she wasn’t a slut. She just enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock inside her and cum was an afterthought for the guy to worry about.

But her first memorable experience with that sweet-salty taste had been in her freshman year of college. There was a party her future sorority sisters had arranged. It was a pledge rite all the girls went through … or so they’d told her.

She’d arrived at the house with Amber, one of the other pledges, unsure of what to expect, but sure that Lauren and Misty had planned something degrading. It had been like that all week long.

First Alexa had to walk to all of her classes dressed in fishnet stockings and a leather skirt that barely covered her ass, with a low-cut blouse and no bra carrying a sign saying “Ask about my low, low prices.” She had been forced to clean the sorority house’s bathrooms with her toothbrush (and was threatened with being forced to brush her teeth with it). And that was just the start of the humiliation.

The whole week she had been a servant to Sister L and M, getting their drinks, washing their cars, cleaning their rooms, the whole works.

But that was OK, because Alexa new that these things were necessary to get into a sorority and have the “full college experience” her parents and high school counselors had told her about.

Now she was at the door of a two-story suburban house well-away from campus and about to be confronted by who knew what. Misty had been a Cheshire cat when she had told Alexa and Amber about the party.

“This is it pledges,” she’d said. “Come to this party and perform well, and you will be the newest sisters of Alpha Beta Tau. Don’t be late. Have fun.”

Alexa wondered why she and Amber were the only ones told about the party, but didn’t worry about it. Lauren and Misty seemed like they had taken a liking to her. And Amber too, for that matter.

Amber was a nice girl, very flirty with long brown hair, hazel eyes and full lips. She looked like an Idaho beauty contest winner – in part because she was. She had won her local county fair twice, relying in part on the switch in her step as she strutted across the stage. The walk accentuated her rock-hard ass, tapering down to firm legs, which ended in soft-looking, perfectly manicured feet. She had shapely C-cup breasts and a tanned complexion of any man’s (or woman’s) farm girl dreams.

Toris Frat House Gang Bang

Everyone at high school wanted to be friends with Tori, and why not. Tori was the setter on the volleyball team, a flier on the competitive cheer team, treasurer of the science club, homecoming queen, graduated second in class, and was voted best all-around by the senior class.

Tori was friendly to everyone she met, and was stunning to look at. Standing 5′-1″, and weighing a mere 98 pounds, Tori’s body was tight, with small breasts, and a nice firm ass. Tori had shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes, which gave her an innocent appearance, which was true, as she remained a virgin until her 18th birthday party in November of her senior year.

The fall after graduation Tori headed to college, where she was immediately loved by all those who came in contact with her. She joined the cheer team, and was active with the programming board, and made lots of new friends.

One friend was a Bernie, a sophomore in her History 102 course. In mid-October, Bernie invited Tori to a PJ in PJs party at the PiKA house, where Bernie lived. Tori had been to several on-campus parties, but this was her first fraternity party, and she was excited to attend. Tori dressed in a pair of green and blue flannel pajamas when Bernie arrived 8:00.

When they arrived at the PiKA house, Tori was happy to see such a large crowd at the party. She recognized several people from her classes, and from her dorm. Being the friendly person she was, Tori struck up conversations with lots of different people. Tori also made her way to the PJ, and found it really tasted good.

There were lots of different kinds of pajamas being worn. Guys were in every thing from robes to boxers. There were some girls in flannel pajamas like Tori had worn, some in long robes, some in long t-shirts, and some in sexy teddies. Tori felt very comfortable around everyone in their PJs and was surprised at the number of girls at the party. She later found out many were PiKA little sisters.

As Tori continued drinking more and more PJ, she began to dance a little more. It seemed that everyone wanted to dance with her, and her glass of PJ always seemed to get refilled. Bernie of course would cut in frequently and danced with her quite a bit throughout the night.

By 11:00 pm Tori was drunk, and by 1:00 am, she was as loaded as she had ever been. She managed to stumble over to Bernie.

“I think I need to lay down Bernie. I’m really drunk.”

“I’ll take you up to my room, and you can sleep there.”

“That’s sweet of you Bernie. First I have to go potty.”

“I’ll help you there too.”

Bernie led Tori to the bathroom, “Do you need some help?”

“No I can go by myself, please wait for me outside.”

Bernie waited outside the bathroom for Tori. Tori’s peeing sounded like a torrent that seemed to hiss for at least three minutes. Finally Tori stumbled out into Bernie’s arms.

Bernie led her to his bedroom and laid her in his bed. “Good thing you came in your pajamas. You can sleep here until you feel better.”

“I feel great, I’m just too drunk to stand, and the room is spinning. You are so nice Bernie, will you sty with me for a while.”

“Sure. How about if I lie down beside you for a while?”

Bernie settled into the bed and Tori snuggled in beside him. Bernie began stroking Tori’s hair and she let out a little moan. Bernie leaned down and gave Tori a soft kiss on the cheek.

“That’s so sweet Bernie. You’re a great guy.”

Bernie continued to stroke Tori’s hair and began to lightly nibble on her neck and ears. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” he whispered in Tori’s ear.

“Thanks,” Tori said as she turned over and looked up at Bernie.

Bernie leaned down and gave Tori a deep kiss. In her drunken state, Tori was immediately aroused, and began kissing back. She felt Bernie’s hands move under her pajama top and find her breasts. She let out a gasp as Bernie pinched her nipple.

“Bernie, I get really horny when I’m drunk. Usually I’m a good girl, but I’d be happy to fuck you if you want.”

Happy Fucking Halloween

“Happy Halloween,” bubbled Cordelia Morgan.

“Fuck Halloween,” replied her sister Johanna.

“Happy Fucking Halloween, then. Just what is wrong with your attitude?”

“Harley has this stupid Halloween party. He really insists that I go but I have study group early tomorrow. I guess I have to go, but I just won’t stay long.”

“But sis, Harley is your new boyfriend. I mean, the paint isn’t even dry on the relationship. You know he gets all excited every year about his stupid frat’s stupid party. It’s the biggest early campus social event. Remember how upset you were Mom wouldn’t let you go last year because you were underage? And you weren’t even dating Harley then.”

“Well, that was then, this is now. I’ve never been the sort of girl to play dress up and I think twenty is a bit old to learn how.”

“Never too late to learn. Or too early to learn about sex. You are fucking Harley, aren’t you?”

Johanna blushed, revealing the truth before she spoke. “We aren’t even officially going steady yet. It’s not like I’m the campus slut or anything.”

“And I suppose that you mean that I am?”

“I never said that. I just find it awkward waking up and finding a strange man in our bathroom. And one morning, I walked out to get coffee and saw you blowing some naked guy in the kitchen. I know we agreed when I moved here from home that visitors were allowed, but we need to find some way to warn me.”

“These things just happen without warning sis. They could happen to you too if you just loosened up a bit. College is supposed to be fun. Speaking of which, maybe I ought to dress up as a nun. Unless you have that role reserved.”

“Nope. No costume for this girl. Harley likes me how I am.”

“Suit yourself,” replied Cordelia, at 21 the older of the two Morgan sisters. “I plan to stay late, so I think I’ll have a little nap first.”

“I might as well head over; see if Harley needs set up help.”

It was just a short walk from the apartment which Johanna now shared with her sister across to the fraternity house where Harley and his frat brothers would host the biggest Halloween party in this campus town. The fact that the girls’ father, Dean Morgan was the college president made even attending the rule breaking bash awkward for Johanna. Cordelia had always been the wild child. Johanna ended up typecast as the good little girl. If Johanna followed Cordelia’s advice, she would be breaking free from all her upbringing. One little voice told her to go for it, virginity was no longer a prize and waiting for love was silly. The sensible voice, oddly, never denied this. Instead, it reminded Johanna of the need to make the 8 a.m. study group the next morning. Though school came easy to her, Johanna had an unreasonable fear of failure driven into her by years of her stern parents telling her she would end up being a no good tramp like her sister if she wasted her time on boys and parties.

Supporting The College Team

My wife and I met in college, during the drunken party days of fraternity-sorority life. We are now in our late twenties, and we have been married for three blissful years. We have no children, as we live rather casually and are sort of putting it off. Even though we had a rather crazy and promiscuous lifestyle in college, at the time we had no idea that our real sexual adventures would really begin when we became married, full-time working adults. Now, we find this pretty ironic.

My wife Lisa is a total knockout. She’s quite a health nut, which is nice for me because she’s always tanning and working out to keep in good shape. Her breasts are not enormous, but 36C’s with a very round and natural feel, and very perky. She is 5’7″, and her abs, thighs and ass are made of steel. Some guys say they like her because she looks like she could kick their ass. One friend from college who had slept with her before we met said it was the best work-out he’s ever had. What first drew me to Lisa were her bright blue eyes which seem to just pop in comparison to her dark skin. Her dark brown hair is thin and straightened which she keeps parted and framed around her beautiful face.

I’m not exactly unattractive, I’m pretty average build-wise, and I’ve gained a few pounds since college, but I like to think I’m a good-looking guy. Deep down I know Lisa is physically attracted to more athletic types, but she loves me and only me, and I can still pleasure her better than any man, that’s for sure. In public she is the one turning heads obviously.

Although our first swinging experience was very hot, we wanted to save it for later and instead tell everyone about a really crazy night we had last weekend.

Our college football team had lost a pretty bad game, one of the first important ones of this season. We always go to home games in our normal college t-shirts and “team spirit” type clothes. Then, if we’re not too tired, we like to go home, shower and change before we hit the bars. Luckily we live near campus, so shortly after this travesty of a football game we were ready to get hammered and have some fun.

We picked the busiest and most packed bar out of the several on campus. The second we walked in, I already noticed a few of the young college boys staring at Lisa. She was wearing tight jean shorts and a sort of stylish black tank-top. She smelled absolutely amazing and I myself kept staring at her well exposed cleavage, building a rather sizeable erection I hoped to make use of later.

After two drinks sitting at the bar (which we hate), a table in the corner finally opened up and we made a dash for it. Just as we got there, a couple of guys sighed as if they were going to use the table. As we were sitting down and I noticed their disappointment, I realized who they were. All three of them were football players from our team; however they had been benched for this game. We generally don’t see football players out in public, so we were excited and told them they could join us if they like.

After several more drinks, we got to that point where we were all best friends and everyone was laughing at everything going on. As expected, the guys were flirting rather shamelessly with my wife, and complimenting me on my taste whenever she wasn’t paying attention. I got used to this a long time ago, and I’ve always been proud of her. Plus, as we had a somewhat open relationship, I was curious about where this would go.

Lisa started rubbing my thigh under the table, and it was definitely about that time. We usually can’t keep our hands off each other if we get drunk enough. She slowly ran her hand along my crotch, teasingly brushing against my cock. I leaned over and started whispering in her ear.

“Why did you dress so slutty tonight?” I asked with a grin.

She giggled and replied, “Isn’t it obvious? So that guys would want to fuck my tits.”

It was at this point that we decided to expedite the process so we could both get our rocks off. We stood up to leave, and told the guys we were going take off. They said they were leaving too and that they’d walk with us to our car.

Walking through campus, I held my wife’s hand as three large football players walked along with us as if they were our body guards. One of the guys was black, named Marcus, and the other two were white guys named Trey and Brent. They were all very good-looking and I could tell that Lisa was attracted to them.

Sort of stumbling a bit, I stopped at an alley and told the guys that nature was calling, out of nowhere I needed to relieve myself. We all walked down the alley away from the busy campus atmosphere and I went behind a dumpster to do my business. Upon returning to my companions in the alley, my heart started pounding at what I saw.

Lisa was making out with Marcus, and the other two were starting to feel her up. She looked over and saw me, whispered something to the guys, and started giggling. Immediately they picked up the pace and started to grind up against her from the front and back, as if they were gangbanging her with their clothes on.

Baby Takes a Bow

I was always known as the party girl. My name is Lisa, but nobody ever called me by that name. A lot of people called me Mikey because I’d fuck anybody, you know like the old cereal commercial? I guess I just dated myself, referring to a commercial from the 1970’s. That was my decade I guess, when I came of age. I believe age is a matter of perception, and ironically the name most men call me is Baby, as in “Hey Baby” or “Oh, Baby”. I’m the girl your mother warned you about. This is my story.

I grew up in far northern Maine in a small logging town. The only things to do up there are either join 4-H or party. Let’s just say that I never did take a lamb to the county fair. In the summer of 1976, I turned eighteen years old and I was more than ready to move on from the frozen north country.

My best friend Amy was going off to college and she invited me to go to orientation week with her and help her move into her dorm room. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I packed a duffle bag I stole from my brother, left my parents a note and we were gone, headed for the city and what ever it held for us. I didn’t really have a plan, I just had to get out of town or I knew I might never leave it. I had no intention of waiting tables or marrying a log pusher, so I knew it was it was time to choose. I was never any good in school and I knew my only asset was my body. I decided to head south and figure it out as I went along.

Amy was busy with her orientation and I didn’t see much of her that week. We went to several mixers and I was very pleased to see that the college boys were just as interested in me as the log pushers had always been. With my long blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice pair of breasts on my five foot six inch body I could easily get their attention, and I just loved getting attention.

It never ceased to amaze me how much you can get by just showing off a little cleavage and inner thigh. I made a point of wearing loose fitting sun dresses. Remember those, that were cut low in the front and high on the side. I never wore anything under the dresses, and if I wanted to I could easily give a guy a nice clear shot of any part of my body. I just loved the thrill of flashing my breasts, but the most fun was to find ways to show the Full Monty, or as we said back then, the Beaver Shot. I became very good at the “accidental” peek. Bar stools were the best place, and after a few days I found a nice little pub were I could go and drink all night without spending a dime. It was the most fun I had had in years, and I was really enjoying the freedom of acting like an adult for the first time in my life.

Much to quickly, the week passed and I found myself packing my little bag. It was a Sunday morning and school was set to begin in the morning. I had about seventy five dollars to my name and I had to decide if I should spend it on a hotel or a bus ticket. Neither choice offered much hope. I said my good bye to Amy, wished her well and started my walk across campus to the bus station.

Spring Break

It was my second spring break in college and one I would not forget. It finally arrived after the last two weeks of intense exams and projects.

I stayed in the student residence where many of my classmates stayed as well so there was always something happening. I decided to stay at the residence for spring break as I was broke and had a part time job that I could not leave. Some of my other friends from class also stayed back for the week, including Laura and Kim.

Laura is an attractive girl, has more than her share in breasts. Too bad she always wore these big sweaters that she filled out but nothing ever reveling. She is about 5’8″, long curly hair with some very nice legs.

Kim is very attractive and always gets looks from guys. She is the kind of girl you would want to fuck on the spot. About 5’10” long, straight blond hair, her breast were medium but nice and full, she had some great legs too but not as good as Laura’s. Can’t count the number of time I fantasized about these two girls.

It was the second day in the week and the residence felt deserted. My roommate ‘Greg’ took off in the afternoon with my other two friends Joe and Dave, they left to look at some cars. I stayed back played some games on the computer. 2 hours later I got board of that and I checked my e-mail and of course I got some good porn pictures from my bud’s. I started lookingthrough them and started getting a bit turned on. Most of the pictures were of threesomes, two girls and a guy. I remembered that it’s been like three weeks since I jerked off and got some release. Have not had sex since I broke up with girlfriend two months ago. So I figured what the fuck, ‘let’s surf some porn!’. I started surfing for some good sites and found one with some good group fucking and cumshots pictures.

Just about 5 minutes into the web site I heard a knock on my door so I hit the home page button on the web browser and minimized it. I opened the door and Laura was standing there in her tight blue jeans, dark blue sweater that I just wanted to rip off.

“Hey Rick! Do’in any thing tonight?” asked Laura

“Not much, did you want to come in and just hang out?” I asked. We were good friends and we often hanged out in each others place with friends.

“Sure” she said. She walked in and sat at the kitchen table for only two seconds before she ran over to my computer and said “I have to check my mail, if that’s ok?”

“Go ahead.” I replied, a bit nervously.

I sat at the kitchen and turned on the TV. She checked her mail as I watched the news. I turned too see if she was done yet and saw her surfing the web site I was just on. ‘Shit’ I thought to myself.

“Hey Rick, you like this kind of stuff?” she asked.

Trip Back to College

Theresa was back in her college town visiting with some friends at a local bar. It was getting a little late. As her friends were getting ready to leave, she decided that she wasn’t ready to call it a night. Little did she know how THAT decision would change her night!

Theresa was a little thing, standing just 5 feet tall, weighing about 100 pounds. She had a gorgeous body matched with blonde hair and blue eyes. She thought she looked better now, 15 years out of college, than she did when she was taking classes – and her friends said the same thing!

As she sat at the bar people watching, she noticed a group of college “kids” walk in laughing and joking around. They came up to the bar next to where she was sitting, and she was reminded of the fun times she had while she attended school. There were 4 guys and 1 girl in the group. Since there was only one seat available, the girl sat next to Theresa, as the guys stood around. The girl seemed to be the ringleader of the group.

They quickly finished a round of drinks, and ordered another. Theresa noticed that the group got into a quick huddle then dispersed, leaving the two girls sitting next to each other.

“Hi, sexy. My name’s Hannah, what’s yours?”

“Theresa. Very nice to meet you.”

” I noticed you sitting here when we first walked in. Are you waiting for someone?” Hannah asked.

“No. I met some friends up here earlier, and decided that I didn’t want to go yet.”

“Good idea!” Hannah replied with a wink, as she put her hand on Theresa’s thigh and gave a little squeeze.

They chatted for a while getting to know each other a little better. Hannah was a very striking redhead with long curly hair, and a body that just wouldn’t quit. She attributed that to her gymnastic career, which was cut short due to a knee injury. She couldn’t compete anymore, but she still practiced to keep her agility and flexibility.

They had downed 3 shots of Jagermeister in about 5 minutes. Theresa had already had a few drinks in her before hand. By this point, she was feeling really good. The guys had returned after a while telling Hannah they were ready to head to the party. As she got up from her seat, she turned to Theresa.

“Why don’t you come to the party with us?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t think that would be a good idea. Me going to a party with you kids,” she said laughing.

“Are you kidding me? You’re hot! No one would think twice if you were a couple years older than we were,” one of the guys said.

That caught Theresa by surprise, but she was very flattered and agreed to go with them. What the heck, she thought to herself. She was heading home the next day anyhow. And she wanted to have some fun that night. Little did she know what was going to come next.

She hopped into one of the cars with Hannah. They both rode in the back seat together. As they started driving, the shots finally hit the two girls, and they started laughing uncontrollably and anything. Hannah took the opportunity to start rubbing Theresa’s thigh again. Probably as a reflex, Theresa started to return the favor, following her lead. They were both in mini skirts, so there was plenty of leg for each of them to explore.

My Roommate

My roommate Jessica was beginning to be a bit of a drag. Slightly frumpy and conservative, she had a problem with me bringing boyfriends home on a regular basis. She constantly left me notes requesting that if I wanted to have “absurdly loud intercourse on a bi-nightly basis” (as she put it), I should have it at my partners’ houses and not at our apartment. I began to do just that, simply to avoid listening to her complaints.

One day, my boyfriend Charlie and I were discussing having a threesome with another woman. We were both sexually adventurous, and I thoroughly enjoyed being with beautiful women. We decided the easiest and most discreet way to meet a woman was through the internet, so together, we began to cruise the online hookup sites.

You can imagine my shock when I came across the personal ad for “Jessi”, who was looking for a “clean yet dirrrty couple to share wild nights”. The woman in the picture was dolled up and dressed in black lace, but it was, without a doubt, my roommate Jessica. The ad also claimed that it would be her first time having a threesome.

Somewhat out of spite, somewhat out of curiousity, I replied to her ad, giving her a fake name, and sending a picture of another couple that we found on the same website. We set up a date for Friday night at (gasp!) MY apartment. I wondered how she was going to explain it to me!

On Friday morning as I was getting ready for work, she told me that her parents were coming over for dinner that night. It was a clever move, she obviously remembered how boring I thought her family was, having met them a few other times when she’d had them over for dinner. I told her I was sorry I couldn’t make it, but that Charlie and I had tickets for a new play that opened this weekend. She left for work, wearing a frumpy beige outfit and ugly beige flats. Her hair was limp, she looked much older than she really was.

That night, Charlie and I got ready for our “hot date”. I wasn’t sure what I was even going to do yet, whether I would attempt to go through with it even if I had the option, or whether I would just show up and laugh in her face, but despite my indecision, when the time rolled around, we headed over.

I knocked on the door to my apartment, and when it opened, I was absolutely in shock. My typically frumpy roommate looked a hundred times better than she had in the picture in her online ad, and a thousand times better than I’d ever seen her. She was wearing a simple long black satin nightgown and her hair was up. She looked elegant, beautiful and EXTREMELY sexy. She also, of course, looked shocked and humiliated to see me.

Baby Takes a Bow

I was always known as the party girl. My name is Lisa, but nobody ever called me by that name. A lot of people called me Mikey because I’d fuck anybody, you know like the old cereal commercial? I guess I just dated myself, referring to a commercial from the 1970’s. That was my decade I guess, when I came of age. I believe age is a matter of perception, and ironically the name most men call me is Baby, as in “Hey Baby” or “Oh, Baby”. I’m the girl your mother warned you about. This is my story.

I grew up in far northern Maine in a small logging town. The only things to do up there are either join 4-H or party. Let’s just say that I never did take a lamb to the county fair. In the summer of 1976, I turned eighteen years old and I was more than ready to move on from the frozen north country.

My best friend Amy was going off to college and she invited me to go to orientation week with her and help her move into her dorm room. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I packed a duffle bag I stole from my brother, left my parents a note and we were gone, headed for the city and what ever it held for us. I didn’t really have a plan, I just had to get out of town or I knew I might never leave it. I had no intention of waiting tables or marrying a log pusher, so I knew it was it was time to choose. I was never any good in school and I knew my only asset was my body. I decided to head south and figure it out as I went along.

Amy was busy with her orientation and I didn’t see much of her that week. We went to several mixers and I was very pleased to see that the college boys were just as interested in me as the log pushers had always been. With my long blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice pair of breasts on my five foot six inch body I could easily get their attention, and I just loved getting attention.

It never ceased to amaze me how much you can get by just showing off a little cleavage and inner thigh. I made a point of wearing loose fitting sun dresses. Remember those, that were cut low in the front and high on the side. I never wore anything under the dresses, and if I wanted to I could easily give a guy a nice clear shot of any part of my body. I just loved the thrill of flashing my breasts, but the most fun was to find ways to show the Full Monty, or as we said back then, the Beaver Shot. I became very good at the “accidental” peek. Bar stools were the best place, and after a few days I found a nice little pub were I could go and drink all night without spending a dime. It was the most fun I had had in years, and I was really enjoying the freedom of acting like an adult for the first time in my life.

Riding The Sammie Train

I sure had some wild times in college. Some people say that being in a fraternity is just buying a social life, but fuck them!

One particular time and one particular girl come to mind tonight. Her name was Samantha. She wasn’t quite pretty enough to make it into a sorority, but she became a little sister to my frat. She was a big time wannabe.

Like I said, she wasn’t the prettiest girl, and she didn’t have a killer body but she hung around us hoping to get popular. And she sure became popular on the night of our big party.

All night long she had been dancing with various guys, suggestively rubbing herself against her partner. I saw my roommate Rick whisper in her ear and then take her by the hand and lead her upstairs. Two or three other guys followed, so I decided to do the same.

When I got to my room, four guys were gathered outside looking in. It didn’t take much imagination to figure out what was going on, but I peeked anyway.

Gangbang Girl

It was the night of my fraternity’s first party of the year, it was a a themed party called professors/ naughty schoolgirls. It was a coincidence that it was a party with my girlfriend’s sorority. She was so excited the week before to inform me that she would be a delta alpha. I couldn’t help but admit that I wouldn’t mind being able to spend time in her sorority house, they were definitely some of the hottest girls on campus.

My girlfriend Sarah fit that role. She had just turned 18 the previous summer and had an amazing body from being a cheerleader throughout high school. She was half Latin, half white 5’10” , 120 pounds with an amazingly phat ass and even phatter pussy. Her thick thighs begged to be licked. And her thick thighs were exactly what she was showing when I picked her and a few of her pledge sisters up for the party.

It was a warm night in August and these girls were wearing as little clothes as it seemed was legal.When we got to my frat house there were already a lot of people there and I took her to my room so she could put her purse there. I lived on the top floor, It’s a nice room with a view over looking my college town. Before we walked out i made sure to grab her and slide a couple fingers up her cunt, she had already been drinking and this made her jump on my bed and beg for me to fuck her.

I looked at her and sucked it all in. This thick, tan brunette wearing a tiny plaid skirt, white thigh highs, a small top rolled up to expose her stomach and glasses, with her dark brown hair in pigtails. I wanted to fuck her right then but her roommate ran in to drag her to the party. She said this would have to wait and said, “I’ll meet you here later baby” and grabbed my cock.

I followed the girls down to the party and began drinking. I was having such a great time flirting with all her sisters I lost track of Sarah. Last time I saw her she was talking to a few girls on the porch. I walked up the stairs to see if she had gone back to my room. As I walked down the hallway I realized my door was open, I walked in to see a few brothers and a couple of her sisters watching something in my room. To my surprise a girl was getting her pussy licked and sucking a dick at the same time. My excitement turned to shock when I focused my not entirely sober eyes and saw that it was Sarah with a dick in her mouth!

Frat House Gang Bang

It was a Friday night in spring, prime time for frat parties around campus. My roommate, Shauna, and I were freshmen and often attended one of these parties to have something to do. But we almost always left early out of boredom with the drunken antics of the younger frat brothers. This Friday started and ended differently.

When we arrived at the Frat house we found a good party under way, with mostly upperclassmen in attendance. It was still a romping party, but without the usual obnoxious behavior of the younger boys. Shauna and I circulated and danced. We drank beer and ate the snacks provided. And we drank beer. And we danced. And we drank beer. Most of the men were good looking and so much cooler than the frosh we had gotten used to.

I slow danced with a couple of Junior’s and one Senior. They each let me know they liked me; their erections spoke for them. During a rest period I necked with one of the Junior’s on a corner sofa, and he made good progress at getting me worked up. My panties were wet when we got up to dance again.

Soon, too soon I thought, the party began to break up, and I realized that it was already two AM. The music was on low volume and the overall noise level was way down. My “date,” I think his name was Paul, asked if I would like to see his room upstairs. I knew what he was really asking and I wanted it too, so I said yes. He led me up the stairs to the third floor, and along the way I saw several other brothers give him the V sign.

In his room we moved to his bed and began necking again. He was a great kisser and my temperature kept rising. Soon we had moved from necking to petting. His hands worked their way up under my top to massage my breasts, naked under my shirt. In no time at all my top was off and he was kissing and sucking my tits, my nipples. It felt wonderful, but I realized the beer had gotten to me. Here I was in a stranger’s bedroom with my shirt off, and his mouth and hands all over my tits. What in the world am I doing here, I thought. And the answer became irrelevant as his hand moved to my groin and began to rub me from the outside of my shorts.

Summer Job

This happened two years ago. My favorite cousin and I graduated from high school and managed to get summer lifeguard (pool, not open ocean) jobs together at a ritzy beach resort on the Oregon coast. The resort provided us with a shared room, and two meals a day, so we were thrilled with the idea of being able to save a lot of money while working at a fun place. Since we both wanted to have cars to drive while we were at the resort, we agreed to drive separately from our home town in Southern Washington and meetup down at the resort. In addition to earning summer money, our goals were to get tanned and get laid a lot. Neither of us were virgins, but we hadn’t done a lot of exploration yet. I had had 5 different partners, she had had 4. We decided we would both get to at least 10 additional partners by the end of the summer. We figured we could misbehave sexually because we were away from home. Neither of us had ever had a one night stand – our partners were either boyfriends or at least close friends – but we decided that a series of one night stands were definitely on our lists of goals for that summer.

On the way, my water pump went out and I had to stay over night in a college town called Corvallis while my car was being fixed. I called my parents and cousin to let them know where I was, and checked into a mid priced motel. It was hot, so I decided to go swimming in the motel’s pool. I am considered to be quite pretty: people say I look like a Denise Richards. I’m just barely 5 feet tall, but nicely proportioned: I’m 103 lbs, with relatively long and very pretty legs, and a nice 33A-23-32 figure. I wish I had bigger breasts, but what I have are cute – nice shape and delicate brownish pink nipples. I swam for a while then laid out on one of the lounge chairs when I noticed a cute guy checking me out. I smiled and he took that as an invitation come talk to me. He went by TJ, initials for his name which I have forgotten over the past two years. He was a college junior, a member of a local fraternity, and he worked part time at the motel. I told him I was stranded overnight so he invited me to his frat party. I figured it was better than sitting in my room alone all night.

I went to the party in a cute crop top and a denim mini skirt which got me a lot of admiring looks. TJ was sweet and attentive. Eventually TJ and I ended up in one of the rooms upstairs. I thought “cool”, I was going to get an early jump on my summer sex quest. We made out for a while, got undressed, performed oral sex on each other, then fucked. What made this special was that TJ was the most well endowed guy I had met to that point. His penis was just over 9 inches, and so big around that my hand barely enclosed it. I was nervous about being penetrated by it since none of my previous partners was more than 6 inches in length. We really had to work at it just to get the head into my vagina. He took it slow and gently, and got about 2/3rds of the way in without much discomfort for me.

Cheerleaders Treat

Ally sat in the back of the bus, tiny body bouncing with each bump on the road. Her short, shapely legs were crossed, the skirt of her cheerleading uniform riding up slightly over her thighs. She was exhausted; the game had seemed like it would never end! Now she sat on the bus behind all of the victorious football players, a few of the other girls off to her right, giggling and gossiping about God knows what. Her bright emerald green eyes swept over each football player, then settled on her favorite: Nick.

It took here a few moments to check him out to her satisfaction. She twirled a few strands of golden hair around her finger, tongue slipping from between glossy lips to lick them. He had been in the shower already, so his dark hair was rustled cutely, eyes shut as he attempted to sleep. Nick was sitting alone just a few seats up from Ally, where she was sitting with her best friend Natalie.

“Natalie,” Ally whispered, nudging her sleeping friend with an elbow. Natalie stirred before her eyes popped open. “What is it? Are we home?”

Ally slid over so she could show Natalie what she wanted to talk about. Her friend, of course, had fantasized just as much as Ally had about Nick. Her lips curved into an “oh” of satisfaction as she leaned back, smiling and giggling. “He is so hot.” Ally nodded in agreement and continued to stare at him. “God, I have got to fuck him before he graduates.” Natalie just laughed, but Ally was quite serious.

Varsity Letter

Debbie Garafolo was a high school tennis star and head cheerleader, the object of every classmate’s lust and a girl destined for stardom.

But a funny thing happened to Debbie on that not so heavenly road. She attended Fairview State University, and there she found hundreds of girls just like her. Each was also a high school star, each was a prom queen, each had hordes of boys following them around.

“It’s just not fair,” she once confided in me. “I work hard, I try my best, yet I just never seem to make it to the top here in college.”

I was a friend. A guy, but first and foremost a friend. Debbie had been the object of my affections for more than two years. We shared a few sodas at the Silver Diner, a couple beers at the local pub, and even went to a couple matinees. We talked of failed romances, insensitive members of the opposite sex, teachers who would be better off retired and various and sundry problems of the world.

Most of the time we merely studied together or hung out. Heck, I had never even gotten to first base with her. A peck on the cheeks but never the lips.

Not that she was a virgin. She had been with guys and a few men in college. A couple relationships, a couple one-night stands. More recently she dated a few different guys, sashaying her five-foot, four-inch frame around town. She had a great figure, complete with luscious breasts that filled out her tops well, and a view of her backside encased in tight-fitting jeans was guaranteed to create hard ons as she came into view.

Her grades were good, she was going to graduate on schedule, but there was still something missing.

“I can’t believe I have never earned a varsity letter,” she pouted. “I’ve only played on the junior varsity tennis team, and I don’t think I will get my letter this spring either. And four years of junior varsity cheerleading doesn’t get me a big “F” either.”

I commiserated with her, stroked her ego by telling her she was beautiful and a fine athlete to boot. I told her the coach was a jerk for not using her in varsity matches, and that she was better than at least half of the girls on the varsity cheerleading team. But I could tell it had really gotten under her skin.

There was nothing I could do, but I still felt for her as that varsity letter was very important to her. Once I offered to steal one for her use, but she told me that if it wasn’t earned, it wasn’t hers.

LIttle Sisters Initiation

Ashley attended a large university, which was infamous for being a huge party school. She was passing with no problem, though she loved to party more than study.

Ashley partied all over the school, but there was one particular frat house that she liked to

party at the most. She loved to party there because she always seemed to be the center of attention. Everyone always focused on her, and wasn’t because she could drink as much as the guys. It was because she was so hot. She knew it herself, that is why she always dressed for the parties. Whether it was a tight shirt with a tight pair of jeans or if it was just a miniskirt she always had all the guys attention.

She always went to these parties with her girlfriends, Tara and Jenna. They were the ones that had brought to the frat house originally. They would spend most of their time partying and hanging around with all the brothers from the fraternity. The brothers would make passes at them and Ashley would note that her friends didn’t mind this, so she wouldn’t let it bother her as well. Ashley’s appetite for sex was equal to her appetite for partying, so she liked the attention she received when they made passes at her. She had actually taken one of the brothers up on a gesture he had made at one time. She thought that that was a wild night for her. Ashley had told Tara and Jenna about everything that they had done that night. When asked if she liked that she replied to them

“Of course I did!” They all just laughed about it.

The Gang Bang

I ran into a woman the other day that I had not seen since college, twenty eight years ago. I am sure she remembers the night ten of us fucked her, but she said nothing. Of course, she was with her husband who looked like he was not much fun. It was a little awkward talking to Jill, because all I could think of was watching her take on all comers that night. As I walked away, I had such a hard on I had to duck into the restroom to rearrange my package.

Jill was one of those innocent looking college girls who dressed carelessly. I always wondered if she wanted to look like a slut or if she was just naive. Her dresses were always just a bit too short such that it was fairly easy to get a look at her panties as she walked up the stairs in front of me or as she sat down in her seat. She usually wore panties that rode up the crack of her ass so I often got a good look at her soft round butt cheeks. She often wore white pants or shorts and I could usually make out the outline of her panties without much trouble. She liked panties that did not cover much area. I did not meet Jill until my senior year in college. We had a couple of classes together, but I noticed she had a pretty steady boyfriend who was always hanging around. I am sure it is the same guy that she is married to now. As I reminisced, I found myself wondering if she ever told him about the night she took on the house.

One spring day, I was walking to class and heard someone call my name. When I turned around, it was Jill. I waited for her to catch up and she asked me about some assignment for one of our classes. She was wearing a short skirt and a T-shirt. She was about 5’4″ tall and 120 pounds or so. She was athletic looking with melon sized tits and a round ass. I imagined she was probably a cheerleader in high school.