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Hot Wife Office Christmas Party

My name is Simon, I am 32 and I have been married to Joanne for nearly 3 years.

Joanne is 26 and works part-time for a small company near where we live. She works with 3 men who are all in their early 50s – old enough to be her dad – but seems to enjoy it.

I have met them all and they all seem to poke a bit of fun at Joanne which she takes in good humour and tries to give as good as she gets.

Joanne has a great personality and a great figure but has always only ever had lowly paid jobs and as she is quite naïve I often worry that people take advantage of her good nature. I know when I have worked in a mixed environment, although there has never been any sexual harassment, the guys quite like embarrassing the ladies with sexual innuendo and often look them up and down and make comments amongst themselves.

I imagined Joanne’s workmates would often look her up and down and comment on her lovely body. She is 5’4 with shoulder length brown hair, a shapely figure with a fantastic pair of 38d tits and a pretty face that makes her look younger than she is.

I am about 5’9 and reckoned her workmates Martin and Brian were about the same or probably slightly taller, and Barry was about 5’7.

The Friday before Christmas I’d been to the pub at lunchtime and then left to go and pick Joanne up. Joanne was also having a lunchtime drink and food with her 3 colleagues.

I parked outside and walked round the back as the front door was locked. Going into the back I got tangled in the noisy chimes hanging from the door, and hearing laughter I then walked down the short corridor and into the room where they all were.

There were cans and wine bottles on one of the tables and by the looks of them they were all having a merry time. They all acknowledged me and asked if I’d got stuck in the ‘burglar trap’ and then Joanne said “look what they’ve bought me,” as she pointed a large box with what looked like some sort of vanity unit inside.

“That’s nice,” I said looking around and noticing all the guys smiling and looking at my wife.

She always looked smart for work but because it was the last working day before Christmas she had made a special effort and had put on a short-sleeved red blouse that was fairly low cut as well as being mostly see-through and you could see her red lacy bra underneath. She had a smart black and red patterned skirt that came to just below her knees, and red ankle-strap shoes with a small heel. I also knew she was wearing a black half-slip underskirt and red lacy briefs. She had also put a bit of extra makeup on that morning.

I had a drink with them as they continued chatting and laughing all seemingly with their eyes transfixed on Joanne. I began to think that wearing a see through top wasn’t such a good idea after all. Although they would have been used to seeing the great shape of her tits, and had probably caught the occasional glance of her cleavage now and then, this was almost a clear view of her upper body and even I was enjoying the view even though I had seen her naked almost every day.

I sensed the guys would stay there all day if they could so as I finished my drink said “shall we make a move?”

Joanne looked at her glass which was still more than half full and said “can I just finish this.”

“Sure, I’ll take this box to the car and just call at the supermarket to get some money, I’ll sound my horn when I get back shall I,” I offered.

“OK then,” she said, and the guys all shook my hand and wished me a merry Christmas.

Some time later I remembered I’d already drawn some money out the day before and left it at home so I started back, entering the building and negotiating the chimes without making a sound I then began to slow down as I approached the door to the room which was slightly ajar.

I heard the guys saying “come on, it is christmas,” and “ohhh, come on,” and “get into the Christmas spirit,” as Joanne was laughing.

Working Girls

Jessie and Linda coolly eyed their latest catch with a practiced look as Tom made his way through the crowded bar to where they sat in a corner booth.

Tom was the cute new guy on the fifth floor of their company’s office that some of the girls had been talking about. One girl, in particular, had gone out with him a couple of times, and had reported that he was a quiet guy who carried a big stick. She had said this with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her face. That was all Jessie and Linda needed to know. As the well-known Tenth-Floor Tramps, they felt duty-bound to find out for themselves just how big a stick Tom carried.

Tom had been in the company’s Atlanta office for about six months. He was in his mid-30s, of average height and weight, with hair just beginning to go gray. He was originally from Florida and had been married once, but was now divorced with a child living with his ex-wife in Colorado. It had been an amiable divorce, but it had still left him hurt, so he had wanted to start off new in another state, somewhere closer to his aging parents and the rest of his family.

Thus, he had jumped at the opportunity to join this company and move to Atlanta. It meant he only saw his daughter once or twice a year, but that was something he’d have to live with. Maybe a few years down the road, after he’d mellowed a little bit, he could possibly move back and be more a part of his child’s life.

But for now, he was enjoying the single life in a large Southern city. Frankly, he was more comfortable in the South, dealing with Southern women. They were so much less demanding and so much less naïve about the ways and means of life and love. He’d had a strong, Southern-to-the-core mother and two sisters, one older, so he knew instinctively how to live with a Southern girl.

And Jessie and Linda were both thoroughly Southern girls, as Tom was beginning to learn. It was just after the end of the workday on a Friday in early spring, absolutely the best time of year in Georgia. The air was filled with the sight and smells of the azaleas and all of the other blooms that make spring in the South such a kaleidoscope for the senses. And, of course, with spring flowers comes spring fever, when the urge to merge rises uncontrollably in lovers of whatever persuasion.

So Jessie hadn’t been too shy about approaching Tom in the cafeteria one afternoon the previous week. They had become acquainted, then Jessie had introduced him to Linda a few days later. They had invited him to join them for a few after-work drinks at their preferred watering hole just around the corner from their building. Tom wasn’t sure what to expect, but he knew only fools turned down date invitations from the likes of Jessie and/or Linda, and his mama hadn’t raised a fool.

Tom may have been a quiet guy on the surface, but he could be a real party animal when the mood hit him, and right now he was definitely in the mood. His department had just sweated out a deadline on a major account, that if they had missed would have meant either working overtime that night or coming in the next day, both of which would bust the project’s budget. Since nobody wanted that, they had plunged themselves into the project and had gotten it done. So the adrenalin was still rushing, and Tom was ready to cut loose as he plopped down next to these two lovely ladies.

Mickey Triple Ds

It was a hot and sweaty day for Josh and 3 of his friends. They were on the basketball court, outside of a local park, playing a game of 2 on 2. Josh and his close friend Mike were the shirtless team. Their other two friends, Kyle and David had to keep their shirts on.

The game was tied with 30 points each and they decided that, whoever made this last shot, would win because they were feeling very hungry at the moment.

Josh, for being a tall white dude, had some ups and he rebounded the ball after Mike, hit it away from Kyle. Josh proceeded to bounce the ball to their rival’s team of the count. Sweat glistering down his well-built and tanned chest and stomach. He jumped up high in the air and Kyle was on the other side of the rim but it was today last. Josh had dunked the ball and won the game for him and Mike.

“Damn. Lost again,” said David, very disappointed. “Next time, I want Josh as my partner. Kyle can’t play for shit.”

“Hey. Fuck you man. He got the ball from your stupid ass,” fired back Kyle.

“Hey guys. Let’s not act like a couple of bitches and fight about this. The white boy and me kicked you’re guys’ ass,” said Mike.

“Shut your black ass up. Josh basically carried your ass through the whole game,” shouted David.

“The rest of us short people need to dunk,” said Kyle.

“No Kyle. You need game period,” said David followed by laughter from Josh, Kyle, and himself.

“Whatever yo. Let’s go eat something to eat. I’m stravin Marvin,” said Kyle falling to the ground.

“Yo. I heard that there is this fine ass white girl that works at McDonalds now. My brother told me that she had a good-looking face but he wasn’t staring at her face if you know what I mean,” said David, winking at the guys.

“You gay?” Asked Mike who then started making an annoying laugh.

“Shut up bitch,” fired David.

“Guys. Lets go see this chick and eat all right,” said levelheaded Josh.

Mike and David grabbed Kyle by both of his arms and dragged the short, skinny basketball player to the car.

“Sit your fake-sleeping ass up,” said David to Kyle as they threw him into the back seat.

Mike was riding shotgun while Josh was driving to their local McDonalds.

They arrived in the parking lot and Josh parted the car.

“What you doing man?” Asked David.

“We’re going in to see this girl and order our food,” Josh said.

“The girl works drive-thru my brother told me. Let’s pull up there and see what she looks like. Besides, McDonalds is too white for me and McDonald used to be black. I hope he isn’t black anymore,” said David in a silly tone, cracking the other guys up.

Josh pulled over and drove up to the menu stand.

“This is Jessica. Can I take your order?” Said the pretty voice inside the booth.

“I think this is her,” said David curiously.

“Yeah. I’ll have a double quarterpounder meal with no pickles or tomatoes,” order Josh.

“And what would you like to drink sir?” Jessica replied back.

“Coke please,” Josh responded. “What do you jokers want?”

“I’ll have a whooper with cheese,” said Kyle.

“Dumbass. This isn’t Burger King. Get you’re shit straight,” cursed David.

“All right. As long as you get your teeth straight, then I will,” fired back Kyle.

Josh and Mike were laughing out of control and they heard Jessica laugh too.

“I’ll take a double cheeseburger meal please,” order Kyle.

“You have a very sexy laugh,” said Josh into the speaker.

“Thank you,” responded Jessica.

“I’ll have you sandwiched between the sheets, and me” said David being stupid.

“Excuse me!” Jessica said worried.

“He was only kidding Jess. He’ll take a cheeseburger kid’s meal,” order Josh, laughing.

Everyone started to laugh, including Jessica.

“What is this? Crack on my ass day,” responded David seriously.

“Then what do you want moron. We don’t have all day,” said Kyle.

“I’ll have the 20 piece mcnuggets and throw in some honey sauce while you’re at it. Ok baby girl,” order David. “And a large cock.”

“Aren’t you fat enough?” Said busted out Kyle joking.

“Your lips are about to join my ass by being fat with this boot in your face,” said David angrily.

“Chill guys,” said Josh. “Mike, you want anything man.”

“Nah. I’m straight. Don’t want to be like David’s teeth,” Mike said, busting into laughter.

Jessica let out another giggle and told them their total and to meet her in the drive-thru window.

Josh drove up to the window with anticipation to see who this girl is. She had her back towards them, talking to another female employee. She noted to the blond bombshell, that she had some customers. All the guys had their heads towards the window, including the two in the back, David and Kyle.

As she turned around, they saw the long deep slopes of her what seemed to be enormous breasts. Jutting out of her tight McDonalds work shirt. She turned fully around and they got their first view of her tight shirted melons. The shirt did nothing to hide their basketball shape size and them pointing straight at the guys.

Outback Pussy

At the age of 23, Laura secured a job in the Australian outback as a cook’s assistant. She quickly learned how to assist these lonely cattlemen with more than just cooking. “Man can not live on bread alone.”

The lure of earning very good money tempted me to apply to a small advertisement seeking a cook’s assistant on a cattle station in outback Queensland. Hell, all my life I had assisted Mom around the kitchen so I figured I was qualified for any sort of cooking tasks. I rang the number and a young sounding guy invited me for an interview that afternoon. I dressed for the occasion; mini skirt and low cut top so my little boobs could display themselves. If you are being interviewed by a guy this works.

It worked like a charm with this fellow, more interested in my physical qualifications than my work record. As we stood up at the conclusion of the interview, I leaned forward over his desk to pick up my paperwork and gave him a real eyeful. I could see the bulge in his pants and knew that the interview had been a success.

Sure enough in four days I received two hundred dollars, a bus ticket and instructions. I was to meet a guy called Reg from Sandy Station at the Birdsville Hotel in 5 days. Shit, that was quick, bloody Birdsville. Oh well, the money was good so I got myself ready for the journey.

Four days in the bus from hell and I stepped off it and walked into the legendary Hotel. It was divine, ice-cold beer and friendly locals. Outside the temperature was over 110 degrees and it was expected to get hotter during my stay.

Next day a battered pickup with Sandy Station barely visible painted on the door pulled up at the Hotel. I made myself known and Reg near had a heart attack.

“What the fuckin’ hell are you doing here, we was expecting a young guy. Don ‘t tell me that dickhead agent in Melbourne screwed up again,” he shouted.

“Well do you want a cook or a bloody weight lifter? If its a cook, then lets get to it Reg,” I remarked with a touch of sarcasm. He smiled and then said, “Girlie I didn’t drive all this way not to have a bloody beer, so lets be into it.”

Four hours later we crawled back to the truck, both pissed, and off we headed.

“How far Reg?”

“Three fuckin’ hours love,” he mumbled.

I fell asleep soon after and woke some time later in a lather of sweat. God it was hot and bumpy. My top was soaked with sweat and sticking to my boobs outlining every curve and as we bounced along, they just jiggled away much to Reggie’s delight.

“Nearly there now Laura,” he said with a grin. I looked around and thought, ‘nearly bloody where.’ At last a few scrubby buildings appeared and these were to be home for the next six weeks.

The Perfect Whore

So, that was it, after 20 years loyal service I was getting the chop. On Monday morning I was called into the MD’s office. Davies had taken control of the company two months ago. He was a large fat man who showed little or no concern for other peoples feelings and was hated amongst the workforce. We had already had words on several occasions and it was hate at first sight for both of us. “Sorry old man,” he said beaming, “but we have to shed some weight, and, well, our American parents have decided to close the whole R & D department and move it to the States.” To this day I don’t know why I did it, but without thinking I hit the old bastard right in the mouth knocking him over the desk and onto the floor.

“You’ll pay for that,” he said scrambling to his feet.

I half expected a visit from the police but nothing happened. My next concern was for my wife Helen. She also worked for the company and ran the large secretarial pool. As we were now dependent on her salary I could only hope that she would keep her job.

Over the next few months I wrote away for hundreds of jobs and even had a few interviews. Either I was over qualified or at 45, too old. The strain started to tell and Helen and I started to argue on a daily basis. It really came to head when she came home to tell me that she had been promoted to Davies’s PA. “Look Hon, I know he’s a mean old bastard, but it’s nearly twice my old salary and with you, well you know, we can sure use the money.”

“Yeah, an just what else do you have to do for it.” Helen just stared at me. “OK, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, but if that old git so much as lays a finger on you I’ll kill him.”

The weeks turned to months and I turned to the bottle. Our sex life was now non existent along with any hope of finding another job. Helen became distant and withdrawn and it got to the point where we started sleeping in different rooms.

Then it happened, call it a miracle, luck, justice whatever, I won £2.7 million on the mid week lottery. I was so excited, this meant a new life for both of us and just maybe we could get our lives back on track. Helen was working late, she did that a lot these days so I decided to drive to the office and break the news.

I arrived after most people had left and made my way up to the seventh floor without being challenged. Helen’s new office was adjacent to Davies’s at the end of the corridor. I was a bit weary of bumping into Davies again, but hey, what the hell, I was a millionaire, I’ll just tell him to get stuffed, grab my wife and go. Boy was I feeling good.

I let myself in to Helen’s office but she wasn’t there. I could hear noises coming from Davies’s room and assumed they were busy. I waited by her desk. Ten minutes later and the sound of voices had turned to groans. I inched open the adjoining door and nearly died on the spot. My darling wife was bent over the desk, her skirt up round her waist as Davies rammed his cock up her from behind. She was shouting obscenities at him and he was calling her his whore as he exploded in her cunt. Before I could rush in I was grabbed from behind and put into a powerful arm lock.

On The Job Training

One Saturday morning I went to work as usual, I was working for a local moving and storage company. I lived in the middle to lower class section of town. I had finished High School about ten years ago and was going to night school. The jobs that we moved seemed to me always to be high-class areas and there weren’t to many black men in that area. Well we got our work order for the day a 5-man job, wow this really must be a hum dingier of a job!

So I rounded up the crew first there was Ray he was the body builder type always trying to show off in front of the women. Then there was Jake a middle aged African American man that would screw a snake if it would hold still! Jerome was the quiet type he had been seeing a woman that worked for the moving company and they had been engaged for quite some time! And the other guy was from Africa and was working on his citizenship we could hardly understand him have the time! His name was Jubalo we just called him Jube for short!

We arrive on the job at 9:00 am and we were a little early, and Ray said “man Big D that’s what they called me these people are going to be pissed at us for being here so early” we weren’t suppose to be there until 10:30. I looked at the name on my work order and it said Cynthia Hartley! And I said ” I guess we will just have to wake Ms. Hartley up” I laughed, as I rang the door bell some maid answered the door and she said that Ms. Hartley was still in bed but we could go ahead and get started with the job!

So we started working and a few hours passed and we took a break and I went in to use the bathroom and the maid had informed me that the one downstairs was out of order! And she said I could use the upstairs facilities. So I went up stairs and as I was walking in the bathroom there was a door that was adjacent to the Master Bedroom, and to my surprise I took my first look at Ms. Hartley and wow was she hot she was standing at the window watching the men on the first floor, I thought for a minute that she was crying, but I listened closer and I disguised a sigh and she wasn’t crying at all she was moaning in ecstasy!

Coworkers Fuck My Wife

Two of my workmates and I have established a “Get Drunk” policy for Fridays after work. The local cops and courts have cracked down on drunken driving (rightly so, IMO) making it too risky and too expensive to drive after drinking. We’ve started taking turns hosting drunken sleep-overs. The host holds all car keys until the next morning. We drink beers, shoot some tequila, smoke a joint or several, then claim a couch or recliner until Sat. morning.

I was hosting one night, but didn’t notice we were low on tequila until we were too drunk to drive. I asked my wife, Ann, to go to the party store for supplies.

“OK, what do you need?”

“A fifth of Cuervo Gold, and a dozen condoms!”

Ann laughed, “You don’t use condoms.”

They’re not for ME,” I said.


Restaurant Fun

In the restaurant business people, including the managers, come and go all the time. One time when I’d just turned 21, we got this young female manager named Kathy, who was straight out of training.

She was cute as hell with a good body. Not a knockout, but one of those women that fit together nicely. Very sweet.

We worked together well, but there was always a bit of tension between us… sexual tension that is. We were always catching each other’s eye, making vague sexual references to each other, things like that. I never tried anything, though, because she was trying to be on her best behavior while on her 60 day probation period. I could tell that she wanted me, though.

Two weeks before she was to come off her probation, she was given the Friday late shift to run on her own. This was also the late shift I worked on. I knew that being so close together so late at night would be too much for me. And as it turned out, I was right.

The first night we were together, when most of the other employees were done with their jobs. As they were leaving, I was purposely taking a few extra minutes getting ready, trying to be the last one out. I succeeded leaving just Kathy and I in the store.

It was about 2am when I went to the manager’s office where Kathy was and told her that I was done. She was hunched over the desk, looking at paperwork and absent- mindedly rubbing her neck. I moved up behind her and put my big hands on her tense neck. She was really stressing, knowing that the big boss was not too nice a guy and would scrupulously check her work.

I suggested that she take a break as I started to rub her neck. Gently at first, then going deeper.

Undie Factory

My name’s Tom, I am a manager at my Uncles factory, he is called George, aged 56. We make ladies underwear, lingerie, fun wear etc. My Uncle is basically – not a nice man, he takes great delight imposing his power upon others under him; he treats his work force (me included) like shit. Why stay working for him you might ask? I used to have my own business until things went bad, he bailed me out financially and now he holds the mortgage on my house, he owns the car I drive, and I am paying off money I borrowed from him. I dream that one day I will be able to break away, start my own business again but for now I need this job.

Late one Wednesday afternoon he called me into his office. He told me that he had two important buyers coming to see him on Friday, he was going to take them out for a ‘softening up’ dinner, then he intended to show them some of the new range we were currently working on. These guys represented the largest wholesalers in the country, they already dealt with us but if they liked the new range it would be worth a lot of money.

He said he wanted someone to model the range, someone who, as he put it would ‘try their hardest to achieve a big order’, someone who he could trust, and someone who had a lot to lose if the order didn’t happen. He had lost me, why was he telling me all this, what did he want me to do, model the range myself? He must have seen the puzzled look on my face, “I want Julie to model the range,” he said.

Julie is my wife; we have been married for 6 years. She is 28, tall, blonde and up until we got married she used to be a fashion / photographic model, she has still got her gorgeous figure and her sexy looks. When we first met she told me of her past, there was a time when she was short of money and briefly turned to glamour work to earn a living, sometimes posing with other girls and men for hardcore photos, I have some of the XXX magazines she appeared in and although I have never told her, I find them to be a big turn on.

I tried to tell him that Julie does not do modelling work anymore and would not be keen to start again, he looked at me with anger in his eyes, “let me put it this way Tom, if Julie does not do what I want you’re finished here, on the other hand, if she does and we get that order you can forget about the debt you owe me”. He knew I had no option, if I left now I would be ruined, bankrupt. “I will ask her tonight, it will be her decision”, I said.

He was taking great pleasure out of this, “I need to know first thing tomorrow, oh, and one other thing Tom, I almost forgot to say, tell Julie the order will rest with her”. “What are you saying” I asked, “look Tom, if we treat those buyers right the order will be as good as ours and we all benefit, just tell Julie to be nice to them, pamper them a little, indulge in their whims”. I should have hit him there and then but he knew how far to push me, how much I would take, he was expecting me to ask my wife to model lingerie and underwear for a couple of guys and then if need be to offer herself to secure the order, “there is no way Julie will go for it” I said, “why can’t you get a regular agency model?”

Lost Panties

Tom and his wife Sharon were shopping and Tom was wishing he could die. He was the only man in the lingerie department of the department store. Sharon was buying panties to replenish her dwindling supply. She mumbled to herself as she browsed rack after rack, dropping the names of various men at the warehouse where she was a shipping clerk. Such-and-such a guy liked yellow, such-and-such liked lacy panties. Tom noticed other women looking at Sharon and at him. He sidled over and murmured, “Honey, do you have to talk? People can hear!”

Sharon glanced at him in disgust. “Oh, just go and wait by the cashier, will you? Honestly! What a fuss you make every time I buy some panties!” Tom opened his mouth to argue, but thought better of it, and did as he was told. Sharon would not hesitate to take the paddle to his bottom at home if she was angry enough. It had been a year since the last time but the memory was fresh in Tom’s mind.

As he drove home, Tom wondered if he should try to convince her to change her ways. He knew he had to approach the subject diplomatically, as she tended to get defensive. He decided he would try and present it as a financial topic, rather than as an attempt to salvage the shreds of his manhood. “Honey,” he said, “those panties came to over $300.” She looked over at him. “Yes, so what?”

Party With the Office Divorcee

After I graduated from college, I landed a job as a salesman for a plumbing supply company. It was a great job with a lot of traveling and a great bunch of co-workers. I made a lot of friends. The receptionist was a hot 25 year old. Cindy was tall at 5’8″ and very athletic. She had a great rack, a firm round ass and a great face to go with it. She wore short tight skirts to work and showed some cleavage. Generally speaking, it was not that hard to see some tit or get a beaver shot or see the outline of her panties beneath her skirts. She was a real turn on. A lot of guys would have given anything for a quick go with Cindy. She knew it and enjoyed teasing the guys. However, she was married so the rest of the guys and I could only drool.

Once when I called in from a business trip, Cindy was crying when she answered the phone. I asked her if she was okay, but she refused to talk about it. When I returned home, I learned that Cindy and her husband were divorcing. I had met her husband a few times and he was a complete idiot. I could tell he had no idea how hot his wife was. Some guys just do not have a clue. At least they did not have any kids. We all tried to console Cindy as best we could, but I could tell she was broken hearted.

A few weeks later, on a Friday afternoon, Cindy came back from lunch late and announced that she had just appeared in Court and her divorce was final. She asked if anybody wanted to party with her to celebrate. The whole office volunteered.

Happy New Year

On New Year’s eve of 1997 I experienced the most exciting sexual event of my life and I have never been the same since. A dull, boring lifestyle has been replaced with one of unceasing erotic pleasures. But I get ahead of myself, let me go back six months to tell you how this all unfolded.

It started last year with an invitation to a New Year’s party hosted by my wife’s boss. My wife, Joslyn, is a paralegal at a prestigious law firm here in Miami. Joslyn is a tall redhead, 5′ 9″, and has retained her shapely figure even after 15 years of marriage and two kids. Joslyn’s boss is a gorgeous but icy beauty named Eleanor who has a reputation as one of the toughest divorce attorneys in town. She must be tough because she has gone through three husbands and gotten rich in the process. I’ve often wondered what kind of woman really was underneath her ice queen demeanor, store-bought but spectacular breasts and long legs.

I even began to visualize myself seducing her, breaking down her coldness in the process. In fact, I had begun to fantasize more and more about other women as Joslyn and I seemed to have sex only once in a blue moon. Lately, Joslyn seemed to need to work late almost every night of the week, leaving little time for intimacy. She would come in at 11 or 12 at night, hair mussed, wearing smeared make-up and go immediately to sleep with no explanation for her late hours other than “working on a case”. As the party date approached I felt less and less enthusiastic about spending New Year’s eve with a frigid wife and a bunch of stuffed-shirt attorneys. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The party went along as expected, full of dull, repetitive legal talk, until many of the guests began to leave at about one a.m.

Ralphs Slut

I have worked for the same company for almost ten years. With the exception of the first year and a half when I was hit on by everyone, including the seventeen-year kid in the mailroom, I have been pretty much left alone. Once the office Don Juan’s figured out that I was a married woman who didn’t play around the serious passes stopped and things around the office settled into harmless flirting and some kidding around. I did get a tad carried away at a couple of office Christmas parties, but it never went past some french kissing and a quick feel or two so it came as a big surprise to me when all of a sudden the office wolves were back in force. They were not only after me hot and heavy, but they seemed to think that I would be receptive.

Receptive I was not. I was flattered by all the attention I was getting, what forty-year-old woman with four kids wouldn’t be, but it wasn’t attention that I sought or wanted. One night after a couple of weeks of fighting off the heavy passes, I stopped at a local lounge with some people from work. I had a couple of drinks and I danced with a few of the guys. I was on the dance floor with Herb when he suddenly cupped my breast and whispered, “What say you and me go out into the parking lot for some backseat action?”

I pulled away from him and slapped him across the face as hard as I could. He gave me an angry look, “What the fuck is wrong with you Mickey?”

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you is the question. Where do you get off grabbing feels of me and trying to hustle me into the parking lot like some tramp?”

Rich Folk Party

This is a story about my wife, Leanne, and her best friend, Anna. Leanne, I should add, is a very well preserved 38 years of age, about 165 cms tall & 57 kilos. We have two children of school age. She exercises a lot, including weights, and has size 34b boobs with very responsive nipples on top of a perfect round bottom and a pussy that cums like a gusher when she is really turned on. She truly loves sex, but is surprisingly shy around people she does not know well until the alcohol has lubricated her inhibitions!

Her friend, Anna, is quite different. She is a divorced single mum in her mid?40s. She has bottle blonde hair to keep the grey and look fresh. She is quite buxomy (about size 38 tits), and a hot body – trim, taut tummy & tight bum. I had never fucked her, but geez if I could! She owns her own little place with no debt, working hard to pay it off and is quite independent. She has had several boyfriends in recent years, but in her words mostly likes to have “fun”.

Leanne & Anna go out together of a Friday night about once a month. They go to clubs, dancing and stuff. They regularly talk about sex, and Leanne often comes home with raunchy stories of what Anna has been up to. I do not think they have ever played up together of a Friday night, but they have got into some situations where they could have (like the time they went to the art show opening in a group of eight and were asked back to one of the guys’ apartment). Still, I can’t say I had ever felt Leanne’s pussy to be puffy and “used” on coming home – but she has sure as hell come home hot for a fuck at 11pm quite often!

Fun After Work

It had been a really rough day at work. Between the asshole customers and the equally jackass boss, I was ready to have a drink and forget the whole day.

Several of the guys from my department had decided to get together for a drink and unwind. We arrived around 6:30 pm and sat down at the bar to order a drink. We were talking about the days events and generally griping about what an asshole we worked for when I looked up to see two of the women from work walk in.

I nudged Mike and pointed out that Amanda and Jenny were there. These women were so beautiful they were enough to make the most faithful of men stray. Amanda had shoulder length blonde hair and an ass to die for. Her breasts were average size but were remarkably perky for a woman of 45. Jenny was the younger of the two at 28. She had brunette hair that flowed down her back. Her breasts were quite large, I would guess about a 38D cup. Jenny had a nice ass as well and a walk that was very deliberate. This made her doubly sexy.

Mike told Barry to go over and invite them to join us for a drink. Barry was the most suave of all of us and women usually thought he was adorable.


I couldn’t fucking believe my wife. Here was this proud outspoken black woman screwing and blowing a bunch of white guys for money. It was just fucking amazing to see.

Carlota crawled over to another one of my white bosses and dipped her face down over his crotch, I looked wide eyed as another one of the naked company executives snugged up to her raised rear-end and fumbled with his stiff dick, trying to shove it into her.

I was also naked — and if the truth be known I was just as hard as any of these rich white guys. I’d fucked my wife several times that night too and gotten an enthusiastic blowjob her. She was in her element with all the attention these eager white guys were giving her. I was amazed that she hadn’t wanted to stop after the first hour.

I couldn’t really remember how many time’s she’d been fucked or how many times these guys as cum in her, but Carlota seemed to want more and wasn’t slowing down in the least bit.

As I watched my boss humping Carlota’s rump I thought back to the other day when he’d asked about my wife. We had attended our first company party and met all the executive staff from the company along with everybody else and I was surprised just how popular my wife had been.

Black Co-Workers

This is a true story.

Yes, I know that one should practice safe sex and I’ll never do anything like this crazy again, but it was a spur of the moment thing and alcohol clouded my judgment. What can I say?

I am 27 years of age and I was married at 18. I’d never been with another man, until several months ago.

I am often teased about my red hair and a slight sprinkling of freckles and my 38-D tits.

At my place of employment we work different shifts. There are a lot of blacks working the swing shift, and I’ve become friends with some of them over the past couple of years.

One is an especially good friend. Jeff and I often joked and talked about sex. We’d kid each other about interracial sex and what our baby might look like. He was so black and I was so white neither of us could quite imagine what our child would look like. Yeah, I know this was a strange relationship, but I was attracted to Jeff and we kidded all the time like that.

The Price Of Flirting

The Christmas season was fast approaching and that meant another Christmas work party. I had been looking forward to this for weeks as I wanted to show off my new husband, Tom. Tom and I had been married eight months ago, and while it was my second marriage, it was his first. My name is Jenny and I’m 39 years old, 5′ 7″ tall and I weigh 125 lbs give or take a few. I’ve never had children and have worked real hard to keep my body in shape. The five days a week at the gym had kept my 36-25-33 body very firm and I took great pride in the stares I received from men wherever I went.

I get along really well with the guys at work. I work as the Marketing Manager for a small firm and report to the VP of Marketing named Jeff. Jeff was a pretty nice guy who left me pretty much to my own devices when it came to getting my job done, and I really appreciated that. For the past few months, I had gotten quite friendly with a number of guys who like to flirt around. I’m getting quite good at the flirting game and didn’t see anything wrong with it since they all knew that it would never go anywhere. This week, however, the guys were getting a little bolder with their comments, asking me what color underwear I was wearing, or how much they wanted to see my tits and how they couldn’t wait to get me alone at the party. Of course, I just played along and told them there was only one way to find out about my panties and how much fun that would be, but unfortunately my husband would be coming to the party too. We all laughed and went on about our business.

Anyway, Tom had been in Europe on business for the last two weeks and was arriving home today, Saturday, the day of the big party. It was around 4 pm and I was lying in the tub surrounded by bubbles. I began thinking about being with my husband again and quite innocently let my hand trail down my body, over my full breasts, along my flat stomach and eventually between my legs. I wasn’t thinking about anything when my fingers found their way to my clit. I let out a little yelp as my fingers touched it and was more than a little embarrassed when I realized what I was doing. I quickly got out of the tub and toweled off. I wrapped my towel around my body and set to work with my make up. I knew I looked good and wanted to look my best for Tom.

Everyone Fucks Susan

I run a small I.T company with about 15 full time staff and two part timers. It had been a good week for the company so I decided to shout everyone some drinks at the end of the day. We went to a local bar that was not far from the office and relaxed with a round of cocktails.

I knew most of the staff quite well except for Susan who was one of the part timers.

Since she was quite new and only worked a few hours per week I didn’t know that much about her except that she was married. She was quite attractive, about 30 years old with shoulder length dark hair, pert breasts and a fairly large round ass. Even though she usually dressed quite conservatively, she was confident with her body and flirted with the other guys in the office.

The Workmen and My Boss

My names Chris, im 23 years old and this is a story of what happened about a month ago. I work in a local Record shop, iv’e been there for a couple of years it’s not a ideal job but I enjoy it and it pays my bills. As it’s a small shop it never gets very busy so I work there fulltime with my boss and a guy that works there at weekends.

My boss is 42 years old and for the sake of this story i’m going call her Pam. Me and Pam get on really well, we have worked together for a good few years. Shes married with two sons. She been happily married now for 20 years and told me that her Husband was the only man she had been with all her life.

Let me explain Pam in abit more detail. She’s 5ft 3ish and still has a good figure for her age with good size boobs and shapley legs. We have a very open friendship and often talk about anything and everything, mainly our conversations end up on the subject of Sex, she has said in the past that she wished that she had tried sex with over people other than her husband and once she hinted that she had a fantasy of having Groupsex with a bunch of men at the same time.