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Jennifer Me and The Dancing Bears

Here I was in the middle of a Bachelorette Party dancing naked in front of and among dozens of young and middle aged women. All were trying to grab my erect cock or my bare ass. When they did they stroked me up and down or proceeded to slide their lips around it and suck on it or run their hands all over my body. Between the two Viagra I had taken and the manhandling I was sporting an enormous erection that curved to the left. The circumcised tip was a bright purple from being so engorged with blood for so long. Also the fact that my cock is 10 inches long and 2 inches thick was attracting a great deal of attention from the ladies.

Mind you, I wasn’t the only naked male among these wild women. I had three companions, but I was the only amateur. The other three, Jerry, Tronzell and Vince, were professionals. They belonged to a company known as the Dancing Bears and this is what they did for a living. They would show up at clubs, halls, or homes where women were having celebrations: a pending marriage, a successful divorce, or just plain fun. They wanted to include some sexually oriented entertainment in their celebration. The name was a play on words: Dancing Bears meaning really Dancing Bares. And naked they got… right away… despite whatever headpieces and costumes they started out with. The women wanted male nudity and nude entertainment. They especially wanted big naked male cocks and well-built bodies to play with.

So, how had I gotten this job? My wife, Jennifer, had signed me up. It was one of her best friends, Marie, who was putting this bachelorette party together for one of her other friends who was about to be married. The future bride, Morgan, had never had a wild day in her life, and she had been talked into having a wild bachelorette party as one last fling before she got married. A hall had been reserved for all of her female friends along with alcohol and other refreshments. A DJ had been hired to play dance party music. And a line of sexually oriented gifts had been purchased to embarrass the bachelorette.

Marie and my wife, Jennifer had discovered the Dancing Bears via the Internet. Seeing some video footage sealed the deal. They were out to show Morgan and their other friends an awesome bachelorette party. They hired four of the Dancing Bears and interested many of their friends in coughing up the bucks to make this happen. Two days before the Saturday night fling, however, one of the Bears got injured and couldn’t perform. The women had paid for four men and wanted four naked men.

Now you have to know that both Jennifer and I have entertained fantasies of participating in amateur stripping contests. I was finally able to talk Jen into going down to a local strip club and taking all of her clothes off in front of the wildly cheering male audience. She had told me that after she got into the music and the crowd wildly cheering her on she thoroughly enjoyed all the admiring attention as one by one pieces of her clothing dropped to the stage. And she was surprised at how much she got into the raucous attention and the excitement; she just stopped feeling anxious about her body. At the end of her performance she actually laid on her back and spread her legs wide so that every guy got a good look at her pink pussy. She had said it was a total rush. She even enjoyed the touches and grabs from the male audience as she stepped off the stage and headed through them to the dressing room nude.

I, on the other hand, hadn’t screwed up enough courage to go to a local strip club for women and participate in a similar amateur strip contest. So Jen just signed me up to take the place of the missing Dancing Bear. She contacted Jerry, the lead dancer, and he agreed to take me on for the night. He says they’ve had volunteers before, usually male friends of the women enjoying the show. The women and the guys liked the naughtiness of fooling around with someone they knew but normally didn’t play with. There’s no pay for the volunteers, but they would supply the costume, plenty of Viagra and a cock ring if needed (they don’t want to disappoint the ladies with a flaccid penis).

Because of the short two-day notice I was invited by Jerry to practice at a dance studio at which the guys practiced. The bachelorette party was going to be the next night so I had to get ready in a hurry. I asked what to bring and Jerry said nothing; after all I was going to dance nude. When I got there I discovered that Tronzell and Vince were there too. Jerry was a blond Nordic-looking guy, Tronzell was a muscular black guy, and Vince or Vinnie was a muscular dark Italian guy. To my surprise there were a bunch of college girls who had been using the dance studio for cheerleading exercises. Jerry had invited them to stay and watch. Jerry wanted me to get over being self-conscious quickly.

We all stripped and changed in front of these girls, who let out catcalls while we got naked. Jerry handed me a thin nylon g-string to slip on and a bear’s head and bear’s costume. I watched the three guys bump and grind their way over to the girls. The girls hooted and hollered as the guys gyrated up to them. One of the girls ran over to the studio door and locked it and pulled down the shades. With the proper confident attitude and a willingness to engage the women as if they wanted to fool around, Vince, Tronzell, Jerry and even I were soon naked with the college girls playing with our cocks, kissing us, rubbing their bodies against us and a few even volunteering to suck on our dicks. In a large group like that the women seemed to lose their normal inhibitions and were willing to play around sexually; they would egg each other on. I was pleasantly surprised that women in a group behaved like men did at a strip club.

I soon learned you didn’t have to be a Baryshnikov to inspire these girls into doing things…just the right attitude and a big cock. The girls seemed to enjoy stroking my cock and the other guys’ cocks to see if they could get them hard. And when it got hard they seemed to find it hard to keep their hands, tongues, and lips off of my cock. One girl even tried to get me to cum by sucking on me and jacking me real fast. I almost did but resisted at the last minute before cumming into her mouth by doing my Kegel squeezes.

I found out later from Jerry that cumming is fine but it can spoil the show as your cock gets softer. The women want a show of large hard cocks. He said during shows he’s had women suck his cum down, have him spray it on their tits, spray it on their face, and even fuck their pussies. When I heard that last one I was surprised. He said, “You’ll be surprised how aroused and out of control women can get at our shows when they’re the majority and all riled up. It’s a rush as long as they don’t hurt you in the process, like biting your dick or grabbing it too hard. And the older women who have been married or in long term relationships are even wilder; they’re the ones who’ll get naked and fuck you. They get a look at the 10 “dick of yours, compare it to their old man’s, and they just got to try out yours and put it inside of ’em.”

Jennifer had told me that it could get kind of wild at the strip clubs that had male dancers to entertain women, but I never heard her say anything about the women themselves going that far. I was looking forward to Saturday night’s bachelorette party but a little leery since Jennifer would be there too and might have a problem with me fucking someone in front of her. But I figured, hey, she had signed me up for this job. In retrospect I didn’t have much to be concerned about. That night was a lesson for me in my wife’s own sexual needs and how she satisfied them away from me.

So it’s Saturday night. Vince, Jerry, Tronzell, and I are all getting suited up in the Dancing Bear outfits in a room off the main hall. Through the walls I can hear the music playing and the DJ entertaining the ladies. Every so often I hear wild screaming as the ladies either laugh or call out at something the DJ has said or done or something one of them has done or said. I’m finding it difficult to keep my dick in the nylon thong without causing myself pain. I’ve taken two Viagra; I don’t know what dosage that Jerry gave me and my dick has popped to attention. Jerry, seeing me having problems, just tells me to forget the thong. He hands me an elastic bow tie to put around my neck. He says that little bit of clothing turns the women on. He also hands me one to loop around the base of my cock and balls.

Jerry disappears for a second and we soon hear the DJ announcing the Dancing Bears. I run out with the other guys and most of the women go wild, cheering for us. I start working my way through the crowd. Within minutes a gorgeous, short, Jewish-looking brunette with very tan skin lifts her skirt up and grinds her ass into my groin. My cock gets stiffer and she can feel it through the bear costume as I poke her in the ass with it. She calls over another girl who looks similar to her and the both of them are rubbing themselves against me. Now I grab their hips and faux fuck them in the ass. My hands slid down into their panties in the front and I can feel pubic hair. Neither sister objects to this. Instead they invite a third girl over who proceeds to find the zipper on my costume and tug it down.

From the loud conversation I am able to glean that their names are Myra, Ruby, and Gwen. Gwen is a statuesque black woman with a short curly Afro, reddish brown skin, and hazel eyes. She is bitchin’ beautiful. She’s wearing a knit top and a short skirt and shaking her booty to the music. She soon has my chest exposed and is sucking one of my nipples. She also pushes the zipper down further and I soon feel her fingers snake around my hard cock.

“Oooh, girls, he’s naked under here.” Myra and Ruby move on either side of me and work the bear costume off of my shoulders while Gwen unzips the rest of it. And just like that it’s around my feet on the floor and I’m naked except for my little bow ties and my costume bear head.

Now Myra lifts her skirt up again, baring her ass, and backs up into my exposed cock and begins rubbing her thonged pussy up against it. She grabs the head of my now fully 10″ cock and begins to rock her ass back and forth on it. I have to crouch at the knees so she doesn’t rub me raw on the synthetic material of her thong panties and so she doesn’t yank my dick out of wack. She ain’t gentle; she’s just horny and rough.

In order to steady myself I grab Myra around the waist and lift her up in order to try and control the action. This just puts momentary space between our genitals. When my cock pushes back up between her legs she has pushed her panties aside and my cock slides against wet pussy lips and then slips inside of her vagina. Very quickly she cries out, “Oh, go-o—o-d!” and cums. I haven’t been inside of her but a few seconds and she’s already having an orgasm… and this in front of her friends. What a mental rush to do that to some stranger.

Myra recovers and hollers out to her table of friends, “I’ve been fucked by a bear.” She’s laughing and rubbing herself down there, not embarrassed at all.

Her sister, Ruby, follows suit, but in her case she actually removes her thong panties and tosses them to the floor. I aggressively grab her by the waist and by rubbing my hot, hard cock against her pussy lips and her clit in rhythm to the music, I soon have her pussy all soft and wet and before I know it I’m in. Once again I’m fucking a young woman in front of her friends with no protection and she’s fucking loving it. Ruby lasts a little longer, but no more than a minute of me sliding my big cock in and out of her. She’s soon crying, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, god, I’m cumming,” and I feel her pussy grab my cock hard in an orgasmic spasm and I have to steady her from falling to the floor.

As I steady Ruby and slide my cock out of her, I look over at the other guys. I seem to have chosen a wild bunch. The other guys are dancing in front of and with other women, but no one is naked like I am. I don’t see Jennifer. There are at least 40 women at this party and the lights are dimmed except for the flashing lights from the DJ.

My attention is drawn back to the women in front of me and by the feel of something cold on my cock. It’s whipped cream and Gwen, the black woman, is running a line of it the length of my cock. She sets the can down and telling her girlfriends, “I don’t want to taste pussy; I want cock and whipped cream!” She slides her lips over the head of my cock and begins sucking on it. Her mouth can’t go down the full 10″ but she tries as I feel my cock slide down her throat. Another blond girl comes up, Tricia, and she tandems me with Gwen. Gwen sucks on the head while Tricia’s tongue licks the whipped cream off of my cock, balls, and belly. Then they switch places and Tricia’s mouth slides up my cock while Gwen licks my cock like a Popsicle and actually sucks each of my shaved balls into her mouth.

What a rush!!! I didn’t think my cock could get harder or swell any further but it did. Tricia’s deep-throating me was about to cause me to blow my load in her mouth. I didn’t want to do that so early in the show and disappoint the other ladies. I pushed back on Tricia’s head and disengaged Gwen from my balls and waded into the tables. Some of the quieter women I taunted with my cock until they were encouraged by their table mates to either stroke my cock or take it in their mouths. My ass was tingling from all the contact with my cock and for a while there I was riding on the edge of spraying my load over some horny lady.

Among the tables were some older women, in their 30’s and 40’s. Some of the ladies dragged me over to someone they identified as Morgan’s mother. Morgan was the bride in whose honor this bachelorette party was taking place. I’m not sure what type of woman Nilda was, but her friends were putting a lot of pressure for her to touch my dick. She was resistant so I changed my tack. I took off my bear’s head so I just had my Zorro mask on, leaned down and kissed Nilda on her face, neck and ears and then on the mouth while running my hands over her body. You know…the more romantic approach. I then lifted her up in my arms and, cradling her, kissed her again. This time she responded with tongue. I carried her over to some couches along the wall which weren’t so lit up. Some of Nilda’s friends followed to see what would happen.

There while raining kisses over her face and down her neck I began to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t stop me and her mature but firm body slowly but surely became exposed. I spent a great deal of time kissing her chest, her breasts, and then suckling each nipple. She didn’t object when I began to unbuckle her slacks and actually assisted me by lifting her hips off the sofa as I pulled off her slacks and panties. Now I tongued her pussy and her clit until she was flowing and engorged and then running my lips back up her body and to her mouth, I fucked her right in front of her friends.

She fucking loved my 10″ cock sliding around inside of her. She may have loved her husband, but all the booze and the taunts from her girlfriends and my sexy treatment of her broke down any inhibitions she had. She fucked me good. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pressed herself tightly to my body and rode her pussy through two successive orgasms. Her older girlfriends were laughing their asses off to see modest Nilda fucking a stranger for all she was worth. Here this was her daughter’s bachelorette party and she was the one getting her pussy off, all butt naked and screaming like a little girl in heat.

After her second orgasm and not wanting this to get boring for the others, I kissed her and told her I was going to slide out. She got a pouty look on her face and then an embarrassed grin as she realized after the excitement of her orgasms that she was butt naked and fucking a stranger in front of her friends and her daughter’s friends. I leaned in, kissed her face, and told her, “Nilda, you were incredible.” I lifted myself up from her so I could gaze at her body underneath me and added, “And you’re beautiful. Look at you!!” I then slowly slid my cock out and helped her get dressed, except for her panties; those I asked for as a souvenir of our moments together. She appreciated the request. I tacked her bikini cotton panties up on the wall with a tack and with a flourish told the other women, “Give Nilda a hand, ladies.” She got all red-faced and returned to her seat. The friends her age patted her on the back and inquired how it was and treated her like a hero. She beamed with joy.

Now I looked up and noticed that two of the other dancers were now naked except for their bear heads. Although the lights were dim it looked like Nordic-looking Jerry was porking a woman on the little stage in front of the DJ. He was doing a number on her from what I could see. I watched even though several of the women around me were sampling my cock with their mouths, working themselves up to do what Nilda had dared to do and what that girl on the stage was doing. Although the girl had gone up on the stage with her blouse and skirt on I guess the pleasure that Jerry was roundly giving her bottomside had prompted her to want to get naked and feel Jerry’s whole body. As the girl’s legs wrapped around Jerry’s hips Jerry helped her get out of her clothes and then he removed his bear head. That’s when I noticed that the woman on the stage was my wife Jennifer.

She told me later that in the light, my light brown pubic hair and Jerry’s dark blonde pubic hair looked the same. His own 10″ cock also looked the same. She figured it was me but with the noise she couldn’t ask if it was me. Once she got on the stage and got so aroused that she came once and was on her way to another orgasm she didn’t care when Jerry removed his bear head, and she saw it was another man fucking her…not me. Jerry told me later, not knowing who she was to me, that Jenny was a fucking tiger cat and got all creamy between the legs. He thoroughly enjoyed fucking her and they finished up doing it doggy style so he could finger her clit and make her cum that much more intensely. He also said he met her later on in the evening near the sofas and fucked her again, once with her on top which allowed him to sink deeper into her warm, wet pussy, and then at her begging, up the ass. He had never fucked a customer in the ass before. Jenny’s ass took his cock in fairly easily as if she had been fucked there before. I didn’t know it then but during the massages my wife gets paid for she was giving special happy endings to male and female customers. Some of the women liked to pretend and strap on a dildo and take Jenny from behind. The tips are great for our income. As Jerry fucked Jenny in the ass she asked him to blow his load up her ass and he complied. He said she came and came and came the whole time he was ejaculating inside my wife. She shuddered so violently and let out such a cry that he thought at first he had hurt her. Then he had to hang on for dear life as she almost bucked him off the couch with her own long quivering orgasm. She thanked him profusely and even cleaned some of his cum off of his cock with her tongue even though it had been up her own ass.

Tronzell knew who Jerry was talking about and piped up that that same girl, Jenny, the white girl with the slender body and the brown hair, had sucked his cock until he exploded with a huge load of jism. She swallowed all of it and kept sucking his cock until he was hard again. Then he saw her lean over to a short, brown haired, girl named Marie and kiss her. They had apparently made an agreement to share one of the guy’s jism if they got any. Tronzell said, “This was the wildest bunch of women I’ve ever danced for. What a great night!!”

Near the end of the show, Jennifer and Marie gathered us dancers together and said that Morgan, the bride-to-be, was ready to be fucked by all of us on the stage as the pinnacle to her wild evening. I was surprised. From what Jenny had told me Morgan didn’t seem to be the kind of girl who participated in random, wanton sex. Jenny later told me that Morgan began to lighten up at the party after a few drinks and seeing many of her friends sucking on strangers’ cocks, but what really surprised her and made her literally shed her clothes for the rest of the evening was seeing her own mother fucking one of the dancers with raw abandon. She had rarely ever seen her mother naked let alone humping away on a man’s cock. She had always secretly wanted to get naked in public so she did it at that point; she spent the rest of the evening totally naked. And then when she saw Jenny go for the gusto on the stage with Jerry she had to do the same. “Shit, I want to have fun too. But I want every guy here to take me,” she yelled out to Marie.

Morgan had deep blue eyes, a round face, blond hair, small breasts, a big round butt that just lifted her pussy up into the air when she was on her back, and a fine down of light, straight pubic hair which framed her pussy lips but which didn’t extend over them. She had natural pubic hair that just covered her groin but not her pussy lips. Those pouty white lips and her clitoral hood were free of hair. It was a very erotic look like she had shaved.

So Jenny and Marie enlisted the DJ first. His cock was the smallest and Marie wanted Morgan to get fucked by ever larger dicks.

The DJ was forcibly stripped by several of Morgan’s friends and Marie teased him to hardness by sucking on his cock. Like most men he was game for what was being offered. He put a long song on, some techno dance mix number and headed out onto the stage. Several of Morgan’s friends had encouraged her to masturbate in public as a part of her fantasy so she was already warmed up and wet when Carlos stood over her. However when he saw how sweet her pussy looked he dove in between her legs and gave that little blond pussy a tongue lashing that had Morgan begging to be fucked. So Carlos obliged and started Morgan out with a rapid fuck that soon had her cumming again. He in turn let loose with a load which Morgan welcomed. She announced to everybody, “This is my last wild night. I want to be filled with cum. I want it running down my legs all week. I want my future husband to not know that his cock has got little sperm all swimming around his cock while we make love on our first wedding night. I’m getting’ creamy just thinking about it. Next!!!” She was really drunk and horny!!!

Jerry was next. He fucked Morgan three ways: with him on top, with her on top and doggie style. She enjoyed every minute. At the right moment Jerry quickened his pace and shot his load up her pussy. “Oh god that feels great,” she called out to the others around her. “I hope someone’s taking pictures.” They hadn’t to that point but since Morgan had asked, Marie began to film her with her digital camera… still shots and video shots.

Next were Vince and I. We had decided that a real treat for Morgan would be a double penetration…in the pussy and in the ass at the same time. Vinny got on the floor underneath Morgan and worked his cock up her anus. At first she grunted in pain but soon she had his whole erect cock up there. Next I leaned over her and slid my 10″ of meat between those engorged pink lips and into her vagina. Her lips were curled back from the hole of her vagina so it was an easy shot in. She felt hot and slippery as I pushed my cock in. Deep inside I could feel my cock awash in cum already in her vagina. It was like my cock was swimming in juices inside of Morgan. Vince and I coordinated our moves so as Vince was pulling out, I’d be thrusting in and as Vince would thrust into her butt I’d be sliding out of her vagina. Jerry knelt next to her face and hungrily she took his still slippery cock into her mouth. So now Morgan was naked, sharing a triple penetration with three strangers and being filmed acting like a complete whore to sex.

At least until she was about to explode in yet another shuddering orgasm. As she came once I quickened my pace so that the friction would cause me to cum, but it also caused Morgan to cum again. Then I pulled out while Vince fucked her ass rapidly and I rapidly diddled her clit until Vince shot a load up Morgan’s butt and Morgan came again. Her pussy actually made a sucking noise as she spasmed in and out and she actually ejaculated some of my semen.

Last was Tronzell. He carried Morgan’s body damp with perspiration over to the couches and fucked her for a good half hour while the rest of us danced for the ladies again. In the background we all could hear was Morgan crying out every so often, “Oh, god, Oh my god, Oh, I’m gonna cum, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh my god, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!” We’d all look at each other smile and give thumbs up for Tronzell’s size and expertise. As Tronzell continued to fuck Morgan but good, the gaps between her vocal orgasms shortened. Soon Morgan was crying out continuously, “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh lord, fuck me, oh god, oh god, oh my god, I can’t, I can’t , ohmigod, ohmigod, please, don’t, ohmigod, my…my…my…unhh…unh..god god god god…oh…shit…OH! OH!OH!OH!OH!YES!YES!YES! Now, now, yes, ohmigod, yes, there, there, there, yes there, faster, OHMIGOD…I”MMMMCUMMMMIIING!!!!” And a few minutes later it would start for Morgan all over again. Like I said this fantastic event went on for a half hour of Morgan getting a royal fucking by Tronzell, the meat master. Her future husband was gonna have a tough time satisfying her needs after this. I was certain that my Jennifer would be getting another “massage” customer who would want a happy ending on a regular basis.

I’ve got to say listening to her made many of us horny. So Jenny snuck off with Jerry who fucked her soundly again. I fucked Morgan’s mom, Nilda again, on the sofa next to her daughter, and this time left her full of cum. Some girls began to masturbate. And some of the girls learned that they had no problems with tasting pussy and being pleasured by a woman. There just weren’t enough of us guys to go around and Morgan’s vocal pleasuring was making us all horny.

What a night. Jerry and the Dancing Bears still use me occasionally. But there is one catch. If I go, Jenny goes. I can fuck a woman to make her happy but Jenny wants a little creamy action from Jerry and the other guys. I must have a little voyeur in me because I gotta say watching my wife arch her belly up to take in another man’s cock just makes me that much harder. And I’m sure the woman I’m pleasuring doesn’t mind that.

The Bachelorette Party Girls

The dresses were in and all the girls were fitted. The invite responses were coming back in the mail and there was a small pile of them on my desk every afternoon placed there by my secretary. The big day was quickly approaching and the pre-wedding festivities were beginning. My shower produced dozens of appliances and towels. Thank you cards were written. Then I get this phone call.

“We’re throwing you a bachelorette party.” My friend and fellow Senator announced to me one day a few weeks before the wedding. I begged Kate not to do it and she ganged up on me with a few of our friends. Soon Sarah and Kate had a whole night planned and I was going to be tossed into the back of a limo with my 2 best friends, my sister and a few other friends. They planned it for the same night that the love of my life was going to the strip club with his friends.

I had run out of excuses by the time the night arrived. We all met at Kate’s townhouse for drinks and a bite to eat before going on the town. Soon after we finished dinner, the doorbell rang and Kate made me go answer it. I felt funny since it was not my house but when I opened the door, the most gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on was standing at the door in fire fighting gear and asking for me. Standing behind him was friend Rich in his Police uniform.

He guys came in and told us all to have a seat in the living room. The firefighter handed Kate a CD and she put it in the stereo. Soon music filled the room and my friend Rich and the firefighter began to dance for us. The sight of Rich in a G string in my face made me laugh but he promised he’d strip for me at my bachelorette party if I ever decided to finally get married. Rich was hot. He kept in shape for his job as a metro cop. Him gyrating in my face was starting to turn me on. We had never slept together because timing was always wrong and now, two weeks before my marriage, I was regretting it to some extent. Pretty soon Sarah was sucking off the firefighter and Kate was making out with my secretary.

The Golfers and The Bachelorette Party

My brothers invited me to go golfing on their annual golf outing to NC with their college buddies. I’m a hack golfer, the trip sounded like fun and it gave me a chance to get away from my normal routine of life. When the time came I traveled south, met up with my brothers and we headed to North Carolina. Once there we hooked 17 other guys who were all my brothers college buddies. Most of us are in a early to mid forties. The first two days there were just filled with golf, eating and drinking. The 2nd night the 13 of us hit a local restaurant for dinner. We had just finished our meals when one guy came back from the rest room and said the bar was full of girls having a bachelorette party. One of my brothers and a couple other guys proceeded to get up and head to the bar. I was a couple of minutes behind them.

When I entered the bar my eyes grew wide. There before us were 15 beautiful women in the middle of the party. I’m guessing they ranged in age around 25 to 30. The drinks were flowing and a new game was starting where the girls had a piece of paper and pencil in hand. They had to hold the paper on the top of their head and draw a picture of a cock. They were all dying laughing, so were we as we enjoyed their activity. One girl came over to my brother and ask him to draw his cock on her paper. He wanted to know if he could use both sides of the paper because it was too short. She turned around and gave him a look, then licked her lips with the longest tongue I had ever seen on any woman. She then walked over to another girl and proceeded to grope and kiss her. Damn this was a turn on, we knew this party was going to be a good one. Then we noticed some of the other girls were pretty touchy feely kind of girls with each other too. This was one party we were going to stay close to.

The girls finished their party at the restaurant, then walked across the street to the bar / nite club. Our group proceeded directly to the bar. Once inside things really heated up. The girls grabbed all the space by the dance floor stage. They danced with each other sliding their hands under each others clothing and feeling each other up. They definitely had the attention of everyone in the bar. We found a couple of empty tables on the other side of the dance floor, grabbed some chairs and had the best seats in the house for this show.

The Bride, Suzanne, is a tall blonde with killer tits. Dressed in a tight scooping top and a mini skirt and a pink lace G-string. She wore a vest the girls had made her that had lifesavers sown on it, for $5 you could bite a life saver off the vest. The bride had a friend, Anne, who seem to be the chosen mother and protector of the girls, and I bet her pussy was wet all night in this role. She was very hot, dark hair, slender with long skin tight black pants and matching top. The girl with the long tongue, Rachel, wore a black mini dress and black G-string. There were 2 black girls, one tall and slender, Naomi, the other shorter, Jeanette, with a healthy statue. Both very sexy, but Jeanette was a real party girl and a turn on. Another girl, Roxy, was the hottest and most sensual of all of them. Roxy was tall with dark hair, slender and moved her body in ways to knock down armies.

Pre Wedding Party

One of the best times I have had in my life sexually was over a two-day period where at the end of it I found myself married once again. The woman I was to marry turned out to be a , and I was very happy to find out that she would do anything and everything, my kinda woman!

It all started the day that our friends came up from where I lived to where my fiancee lived, and where we were set to have our wedding in just a few short hours. The couple, Rod and Bobbie, had been friends of mine for a very long time. There was always sexual tension when I was around Bobbie, and she had made it clear on more than one occasion that . Rod also wanted me to fuck her as well, but until that weekend it was always just talked around and they never made any serious moves to make it happen. I loved the teasing, and I loved the both of them, so I decided to wait until they were ready for it to happen, and if it never did then so be it. Little did I know just how exciting it was going to be when it finally did happen.

So they came up to the Quad Cities to join my fiancee, Jennifer, and me for a night out on the town before we tied the knot. We were all pretty poor at that time, and didn’t have the money, or the time, for anything else, but we were determined to have as much fun as possible. We had all spent time together before, and we had even fucked in front of each other and watched porn movies, but as yet had never had any more fun than that. It was all about to change.

The Dancer

“Okay now,” Bonnie asked for the last time, “you got everything under control!?!” “Uh, yeah,” he replied, “I’ve got the boom box, the CD’s, my wardrobe, and the address, I think that’s it!” “Good,” she answered, “make sure you give them a good show, now the deal is they give you five hundred up front, and you get to keep two, any tips you make are all yours!” What if they pay me by check,” he questioned?!? “It doesn’t matter how they pay you, you bring back either the check or cash to me and I’ll cut you a check,” she replied, “the tips are almost always in cash so you just pocket that!” “What time do you have to be there,” she continued on!?! “Seven o’clock,” he replied, “but I’m gonna get there about and hour early to get changed and set up!” “Good lad,” she added, “and by the way, Brian, good luck on your first gig!” “Thanks, boss,” he replied, and then he headed out the door!

A week ago he was working in a bar for four bucks and hour and tips, and now he was on his way to a bachelorette party as the main attraction for a two hundred dollar minimum! Was he nervous, you bet, since he had never taken his clothes off in front of more than one female at a time, this was definitely going to be a new experience for him! He found the address and before he knew it, he was knocking on the front door and wondering exactly what the hell he’d gotten himself into! A flash of panic swept through him, and for a second he considered turning tail and running back to his car, but before he could move, the door swung open and a cute redhead invited him inside! “You must be Brian,” she said with smile, “I’m Cori, glad you could make it!” “You’re early,” she said while leading him into the large great room that was already laid out and ready to go with food and a bar, “would you like something to eat or drink, we have plenty!?!” “A soft drink would be nice,” he replied while looking the place over, “this is a good room for a party, lots of room to move around in!” “You should know,” she said with a chuckle, “I mean about room to move around, you being a dancer and all!” “Oh yeah, right,” he replied, “there’s plenty of room in here, by the way, how many are you expecting!?!” Just ten of us, plus the bride to be,” she replied, “oh, and by the way, I’ll give you the check right now, five hundred, is that right!?!” “Exactly,” he said gratefully, just glad he didn’t have to bring the money thing up himself! She handed him the check and at the same time stared hard into his eyes and said softly, “You wouldn’t mind letting me get a preview of the merchandise before my guests arrive would you?!?”

Well, this was going to come up sooner or later, and after all, this was the reason he was here, to make money, so boldly he replied, “Sure, but all private peeks cost money!” She broke into a grin and responded, “How much for the peek, sugar!?!” “Twenty five for a peek,” he rejoined, “and fifty on up for a little more intimate look!” Out of nowhere she produced a fifty dollar bill and asked softly, “What’ll this get me, honey?!?” He plucked the bill from between her fingers and replied, “That will give you the privilege of removing my shorts, and spending the next ten minutes getting orally acquainted with me!” Without saying a word, she led him over to a small connecting room and for the next ten minutes gave him one of the best blowjobs he had ever experienced, and he was about to tell her that he was gonna shoot, but he decided to keep quiet and surprise her! Some surprise, she gobbled down his cum like it was the nectar from the gods and did a yeomen job of not spilling even a drop! She quickly go to her feet and excused herself to get ready for the arrival of her guests, leaving him to clean up his cock and to get ready to “go on stage”!

Brian sat in the small room drinking his soda and watching television while waiting for Cori to bring him out! He was nervous to be sure, but he figured most of them would be pretty smashed by the time he hit the floor, and besides, he had a pretty nice build and all these broads wanted to see was some male skin, the dancing was just a necessary excuse for his being there! He was wearing a tear away tee shirt and shorts, and of course a g-string, nothing too elaborate, as he relied on the old KISS system, keep it simple stupid! There was knock on the door and Cori stuck her head in and said with grin, “Okay, stud boy, you’re on!” For the next twenty minutes or so, Brian gyrated to the beat of a compilation of dance hits that kept him bouncing around the floor from woman to woman! When he was down to his g-string, the woman went crazy as they touched and poked at his private parts through the thin gauzy material! Several shout of take it off rang out, and without warning, one of the woman grabbed his covering and tore it from his crotch leaving him totally naked in front of eleven screaming females, and as he moved slowly through the crowd of clapping and screaming women, the touching became more intimate and he immediately became erect, which was like waving a red flag in front of a mad bull!

The bride to be was smashed out of her gourd, and on most occasions she would never have done what she was about to do, but with the alcohol and encouragement of her friends, she grabbed Brian by the cock and took him into her mouth and began sucking like a baby on a bottle! Another woman took off her top and began pressing her naked breasts into his back, while another one started licking and sucking on his nipples! He caught Cori’s eye and mouthed the words, “Another two hundred,” and she just laughed and held up two c-notes and encouraged him on with a cheer or two of her own! When he thought he was about to cum, one of the women yelled out, “Fuck him, Patty, he’s got a big cock and this might be the last strange dick you ever get!” Several of Patty’s “friends” pulled her off his cock and lay her down on the couch and pulled off her slacks and panties leaving her open wet pussy ready to be taken! Her eyes were a bit glassy, so as he mounted her he asked, “Are you sure, Patty, just say the word and I’m outta here!?!” Instead, however, she grabbed him by his cock and pulled it towards her hairy muffy and begged, “Give it to me hard and fast, I need it really bad!” Another round of cheers rose up from the peanut gallery, and since she really wanted it, Brian rammed his meat in with brutal force, inducing an orgasm out of the helpless woman on the first stroke! He pounded away at her for another five minutes or so, thinking to himself that on her honeymoon she’d probably still be thinking about this fuck and wishing her husband could do it like the guy at the party!

She must have cum three or four times, Brian had completely lost count as his own orgasm was building like a tsunami deep inside of his groin! When it became evident he was about ready to shoot, one of the women screamed out, “Pull out and let us see you cum,” and even though he was in the throes of his own climax, the idea of not shooting it inside of her really had a lot of merit, so just before he exploded, he jerked out of her pussy and blew load after load of hot spunk all over her bare belly, accompanied by the clapping of every other woman in the room! One of the dumb bitches was so drunk, that she leaned down and licked up all of the leftover cum that was splattered all over Patty’s soft belly, and just for laughs, Brian encouraged another one to clean up Patty’s pussy with her mouth, and after a moments hesitation, that is exactly what she did!

Half of the women were passed out when Brian was leaving, but Cori slipped the extra two bills into his hand along with a note which he read when he got out to his car, and it read, “Brian, loved your show, both before and after, my number is 555-2345, call me, I want you to do an encore, Cori”! He stuck the cash and the note into his pocket, and with a chuckle, headed for home!