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Boys Night In

Iris really didn’t need an excuse. Having men within sight was usually enough, but a few drinks always helped. The way she danced so carefree to the music held her male audience spellbound. It really didn’t matter that they were the husbands of her closest friends, leggy blonde Cindy and tall, sultry Maria, and the fiancé of busty brunette Beth, a perky second grade teacher. The three girls were having their own night out at the male strip clubs. At least that’s what Cindy had told her. The guys would have to make due with some boring basketball game on TV. Iris wasn’t interested in watching guys strip, she told Cindy, even though she did enjoy the sight of naked men. Iris had something else in mind for that Saturday evening. She would just stop by Cindy’s house, where the guys were hanging out, and invite herself in, maybe have a few drinks, get the guys horny, and leave them hard as she walked out the door. No, she could never do that. She couldn’t leave a hard cock unrelieved.

It was February, but Iris arrived wearing a black skirt that just covered her tight little ass, with white, lacey, see-through panties beneath and no bra under her filled-out purple tube top. She was surprised to find there was no basketball game on TV as she had expected. Instead, the guys had planned their own party, a kind of Boys’ Night In. Her ring was answered by Charlie, Cindy’s big, muscular hunk of a husband, who welcomed Iris and showed her inside. Iris pretended she was there to meet Cindy to go to the club but obviously had missed them. “Well, you came to the right club, anyway,” Charlie laughed, leading the way down the stairs. They were all in the large rec room. There she found Mark, with a fresh crewcut, who was Maria’s husband. He was about 45, too old for the 22 year old Hispanic girl, but he was fit and tanned from their recent trip to the Caribbean. Iris also knew Tommy, Beth’s fiancé for almost a year now. He was in his thirties, but kept his hair long. She knew all of them from many gatherings in and around Cindy and Charlie’s hot tub.

Then she saw Randy, a buddy of Charlie, who had brought his Chinese girlfriend over to entertain them. He evidently wanted to show her off to his friends. When Iris arrived, she found the other lady there and was momentarily disappointed that she would not have the guys all to herself. Iris was also surprised to find Randy there because Iris had been dating him for a few months almost a year before. He would never press her for any kind of sex and she thought either he was a naïve geek who was too shy for her sexy body or he was gay. Now he was at this party with the sexy Chinese-American girl.

The party was in its early stage when she arrived, she saw, so Iris took the first drink offered to her and began to mingle as the stereo played. Soon she came to the Chinese girl, and they had some things in common, they discovered. One thing was that Randy was previously Iris’s boyfriend. They talked about him and laughed together, and as the music got louder, they began to groove to the beat and soon were actually dancing together as a couple. The men’s eyes were on them. Both girls were fully aware of the effect their routine was having on the four men watching them with hungry intensity.

Iris, the tall, slim redhead, and Mei-Wai, the petite, buxom Chinese girl, had already drunk more than they probably should have. They were feeling good as they danced together, aware of the appreciative glances from the men. The girls seemed to understand each other, had decided without uttering a word, what was going to happen next.

“Go, ladies, go,” called Charlie, and the other men responded with more encouragement. “Let’s make this a real show,” cried Randy. “These two gals are already putting on a great show,” shouted Mark. Charlie asked Iris and Mei-Wai if they wanted the shades lowered on the large picture windows that formed the three sides of the large recreation room, so things would be more private. “No reason to let the neighbors have a show,” he said.

Iris agreed readily. Intrigued, Mei-Wai was happy to follow her lead. The room was an extension of the hallway and was decked with a long bar and a big screen TV, a pool table and an awesome stereo system. Against the walls were wrap around sofa and loungers with ottomans. As the room darkened, Charlie turned on the party lights and then flicked the switch for the glitter ball hanging from the ceiling to begin turning, sending swirls of light everywhere as the girls stopped their dancing.

Happy Fucking Halloween

“Happy Halloween,” bubbled Cordelia Morgan.

“Fuck Halloween,” replied her sister Johanna.

“Happy Fucking Halloween, then. Just what is wrong with your attitude?”

“Harley has this stupid Halloween party. He really insists that I go but I have study group early tomorrow. I guess I have to go, but I just won’t stay long.”

“But sis, Harley is your new boyfriend. I mean, the paint isn’t even dry on the relationship. You know he gets all excited every year about his stupid frat’s stupid party. It’s the biggest early campus social event. Remember how upset you were Mom wouldn’t let you go last year because you were underage? And you weren’t even dating Harley then.”

“Well, that was then, this is now. I’ve never been the sort of girl to play dress up and I think twenty is a bit old to learn how.”

“Never too late to learn. Or too early to learn about sex. You are fucking Harley, aren’t you?”

Johanna blushed, revealing the truth before she spoke. “We aren’t even officially going steady yet. It’s not like I’m the campus slut or anything.”

“And I suppose that you mean that I am?”

“I never said that. I just find it awkward waking up and finding a strange man in our bathroom. And one morning, I walked out to get coffee and saw you blowing some naked guy in the kitchen. I know we agreed when I moved here from home that visitors were allowed, but we need to find some way to warn me.”

“These things just happen without warning sis. They could happen to you too if you just loosened up a bit. College is supposed to be fun. Speaking of which, maybe I ought to dress up as a nun. Unless you have that role reserved.”

“Nope. No costume for this girl. Harley likes me how I am.”

“Suit yourself,” replied Cordelia, at 21 the older of the two Morgan sisters. “I plan to stay late, so I think I’ll have a little nap first.”

“I might as well head over; see if Harley needs set up help.”

It was just a short walk from the apartment which Johanna now shared with her sister across to the fraternity house where Harley and his frat brothers would host the biggest Halloween party in this campus town. The fact that the girls’ father, Dean Morgan was the college president made even attending the rule breaking bash awkward for Johanna. Cordelia had always been the wild child. Johanna ended up typecast as the good little girl. If Johanna followed Cordelia’s advice, she would be breaking free from all her upbringing. One little voice told her to go for it, virginity was no longer a prize and waiting for love was silly. The sensible voice, oddly, never denied this. Instead, it reminded Johanna of the need to make the 8 a.m. study group the next morning. Though school came easy to her, Johanna had an unreasonable fear of failure driven into her by years of her stern parents telling her she would end up being a no good tramp like her sister if she wasted her time on boys and parties.

Fun For The Gang

“Darling, do you remember Leroy?”

Of course I remembered him. He introduced us to married sex with a black man a few months after we were married.

“What about Leroy?”

“He called to ask whether we might spend next weekend together at a resort in the mountains.”

“That sounds like fun. What do you think? Can you get away?

Cindy worked as a fashion consultant and buyer for a large retail chain. The hours were long and it had been a while since she had time off.

“We haven’t seen Leroy in months and I’d love to have a whole weekend together. I think I could get away. Darling, we haven’t had a break for ever so long. It would be our special treat. Oh, and he said he would be with a few friends from his work. They plan to get in some hunting.”

Leroy had been a college chum of Cindy’s. Soon after graduating he married and became a fitness trainer for an NFL team. The team visited our area a couple of times a year and we almost always got together.

“What kind of friends?”

“He didn’t say, but I think he must have meant friends from work. Why don’t you call him and find out more?”

I decided to call that day. Leroy and I had developed a mutual liking over the past three years and I knew he would fill me in.

“Here’s the setup, Bill. Me and a few guys from the team are renting a condo at the resort for the weekend after next. We’ll be coming right from training camp. Two weeks of that place and we’ll be ready to relax. I haven’t seen you and Cindy for a while and thought we might take the opportunity.”

“Sounds great, Leroy. What about your friends? How do they fit in the picture?”

“I thought you and Cindy might enjoy something different. You know, the more the merrier. I can vouch for these guys, Bill. You know the team tests them regularly. Completely clean. They’re real nice, too. All married and well-behaved. I’ve told them about you and they’re dying to meet you both. As I said, these guys are first-class gents.”

Since graduation Cindy and I had become aware of STDs. We decided to see only men we knew, or came recommended by reliable friends. Never strangers.

“How many are we talking about?

“Four, plus me. All nice black gentlemen. I’m sure she’ll like them.”

“Jeez, that’s six of us with me. Do you expect Cindy to take us all on?”

Country Girl at Heart

I live in a rural area, where there are mountains, rivers, ranches and farms. My house is an old ranch house on 20 acres. I live alone now, but at the time of my story, I had a boyfriend who lived with me. One day (about three years ago) when I was working in my garden, and Patrick (my boyfriend) was working on his truck, a couple came by on horseback. It is common for people to pass through on horses around here. But this time they passed close to the house, and the wife stopped to ask about the vegetables I was growing, saying she wasn’t having much success with her garden. They live on a ranch that is about 12 miles away. She introduced herself and her husband as Linda and Chuck. They were both around 30 at that time, but looked looked much closer to my age of 24. Chuck is tall, nice looking, and quite muscular from working on his ranch. Linda is very pretty, with long blond hair, and a very trim figure. They both looked very sensual, sitting astride their large, powerful horses.

After talking for a couple minutes, I offered them something cool to drink. Patrick had come over from his truck and was deep in conversation with Chuck about motors, or whatever guys talk about when around their pickups. They dismounted, and Linda followed me into the house, while the guys headed for the the truck. I suggested a cold beer, and Linda said that was good for both of them.

Linda led the way as we carried the bottles out to the men, and I had the opportunity to watch her from behind. She has the most exquisite bottom, and long legs, squeezed tightly into her jeans. I’ve always considered my butt to be nearly perfect, but her’s is better yet. I felt like I wanted to touch it as she walked. When we got to the truck, Pat said that Chuck had suggested that we visit them at their ranch sometime. Just then Linda said that was a wonderful idea, and asked if we were busy the next afternoon. We all agreed.

When we arrived at Linda & Chuck’s ranch, I was surprised at how big and beautiful it was. It’s probably a mile from their gate to the house. The gate was electrically controlled. We announced ourselves into an intercom, and the gate opened, then closed behind us. There are a lot of large ranches around here, but they mostly are working ranches, with very few amenities.

This ranch is over 1400 acres, with cattle and horses. But it was the ranch house that impressed me most. It was huge, built in the shape of a horseshoe, surrounding a large courtyard with a pool and gardens. The inside of the house was decorated in the western style, with a fireplace so large that I could walk into it standing up. Linda gave the guys each a beer, and poured a glass of white wine for me, then herself.

Trip Back to College

Theresa was back in her college town visiting with some friends at a local bar. It was getting a little late. As her friends were getting ready to leave, she decided that she wasn’t ready to call it a night. Little did she know how THAT decision would change her night!

Theresa was a little thing, standing just 5 feet tall, weighing about 100 pounds. She had a gorgeous body matched with blonde hair and blue eyes. She thought she looked better now, 15 years out of college, than she did when she was taking classes – and her friends said the same thing!

As she sat at the bar people watching, she noticed a group of college “kids” walk in laughing and joking around. They came up to the bar next to where she was sitting, and she was reminded of the fun times she had while she attended school. There were 4 guys and 1 girl in the group. Since there was only one seat available, the girl sat next to Theresa, as the guys stood around. The girl seemed to be the ringleader of the group.

They quickly finished a round of drinks, and ordered another. Theresa noticed that the group got into a quick huddle then dispersed, leaving the two girls sitting next to each other.

“Hi, sexy. My name’s Hannah, what’s yours?”

“Theresa. Very nice to meet you.”

” I noticed you sitting here when we first walked in. Are you waiting for someone?” Hannah asked.

“No. I met some friends up here earlier, and decided that I didn’t want to go yet.”

“Good idea!” Hannah replied with a wink, as she put her hand on Theresa’s thigh and gave a little squeeze.

They chatted for a while getting to know each other a little better. Hannah was a very striking redhead with long curly hair, and a body that just wouldn’t quit. She attributed that to her gymnastic career, which was cut short due to a knee injury. She couldn’t compete anymore, but she still practiced to keep her agility and flexibility.

They had downed 3 shots of Jagermeister in about 5 minutes. Theresa had already had a few drinks in her before hand. By this point, she was feeling really good. The guys had returned after a while telling Hannah they were ready to head to the party. As she got up from her seat, she turned to Theresa.

“Why don’t you come to the party with us?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t think that would be a good idea. Me going to a party with you kids,” she said laughing.

“Are you kidding me? You’re hot! No one would think twice if you were a couple years older than we were,” one of the guys said.

That caught Theresa by surprise, but she was very flattered and agreed to go with them. What the heck, she thought to herself. She was heading home the next day anyhow. And she wanted to have some fun that night. Little did she know what was going to come next.

She hopped into one of the cars with Hannah. They both rode in the back seat together. As they started driving, the shots finally hit the two girls, and they started laughing uncontrollably and anything. Hannah took the opportunity to start rubbing Theresa’s thigh again. Probably as a reflex, Theresa started to return the favor, following her lead. They were both in mini skirts, so there was plenty of leg for each of them to explore.

Cherry Popping Co Worker

As a virgin at the age of 23 I had a lot of sexual imagination, and a lot of time to enact the things I imagined while I was masturbating. Now you can only do so much, but I found that by not holding back, I could always make masturbation a very rewarding experience.

One of my favorite subjects of fantasy was a woman from work. Her name was Laura. She’s about 5’9″ tall, medium but heavy looking breasts, somewhat wide hips from childbearing, a beautiful face, and neck length black hair. But the thing I really found appealing about her was that she was an older woman at age 42, and she had a very sexual foxy aura. In fact I had noticed her looking at me more and more on the sparse occasions I was around her.

So things began to heat up one day when I had to help her out at work. We had a small project that we had to collaborate on. On the third day she took me out to lunch and started asking a lot of personal questions, and by the time we were finishing eating she had questioned me on having a girlfriend, have I been intimate, and a few other things. I knew at this point I was at a crossroads with her. I could either say that I wasn’t comfortable talking about this, or I could dive in and ride this out to see what happened.

I decided to dive in. By the end of the day she had asked me to join her at her house the coming weekend on Friday night. Man was I nervous. All I could think about at work the next 2 day was what was going to happen. I ended up getting in a bit of trouble with my boss. By the time Friday arrived I was a nervous wreck. I also had a heck of a time not masturbating as Laura had told me to do.

Friday evening came and I arrived at Laura’s house. She answered the door in jeans and a tight white tee shirt. I had never really found her breasts to be great, but this shirt really made look good. She picked up on me seeing that and grinned.

After a great dinner we headed for her bedroom and I found myself dumb with nervousness. Laura coaxed me to relax and started to strip in front of me. Regardless of her older body and wide hips, she looked wonderful. I loved her heavy breasts, and she had some of the sweetest legs I can remember. She helped me undress and we lay next to each other on her bed, petting, kissing, and groping.

The Beach Life

Jack and Sheila had been enjoying a day on a secluded beach when a minibus drew up near them. They cursed at the idea that their privacy was about to be invaded. They quickly scrambled back into their swimming costumes, but just then the vehicles pulled off again and parked a good thirty yards away from them.

As Jack and Sheila watched a group of fifteen young men climbed out of the vehicle. They were all dressed only in flimsy baggy shorts and Sheila cast an appreciative eye over their firm torsos. They were all in the prime of their youth and at the peak of their fitness. Jack caught his wife’s eye and smiled. He knew exactly what she was thinking. To hell with privacy, another, more basic, need had kicked in.

The young men frolicked about in the water for a while and then flopped down on the warm sand. One of their party took a cooler box out of the vehicle and started to hand out beers. The sound of beer bottles clinking filled the air as the group toasted each other.

‘I have to find a way to speak to them.’ Sheila sighed. ‘I know just the thing.’ Jack replied as he got up from his towel. He fished around in the car and came back with two bottles of warm beer. ‘Here, ask them if they’ll trade these for cold ones.’

‘You’re a star!’ cried Sheila, before giving her husband a kiss.

As Sheila sauntered over to the group of lads she was alive to the possibilities of her quest. She could feel many pairs of eyes drinking in her curves. She thrust out her full, firm tits and swayed her hips for extra effect. She tossed her head; let her long golden locks fly free around her beautiful face.

With her full lips, high cheekbones and smoky green eyes she was one hot looker. But the passing years had made her a little insecure of her looks. She need not have been. One of the lads brushed his hand across his chest, past the nub of his raised nipples and she knew they were hers for the taking.

They greeted her warmly. They would be glad to exchange her warm beers for cold ones. In fact, they suggested, why didn’t she and her husband join them. Jack and Sheila were happy to. There were introductions all round. The lads were members of an agricultural college rugby team, out celebrating a win. They looked like sons of the earth. In a few years time they would all be massively solid, perhaps overweight, but right now they were simply beautiful. And Sheila was happy to drink in their beauty.

As Jack watched his wife flirting with the young men he grew excited. So excited that he had to lie down to hide his growing bulge. Fifteen men, and young men at that, would amount to a whole lot of spunk. And if there was one thing that Jack loved, as much as his wife, it was the taste of freshly deposited man cream. Eating his wife’s pussy when it was full of tasty cock juice was his ultimate satisfaction. And if they played their cards right this could be their ultimate experience.

Wife Fucked By Two Black Cocks

A vacation in Jamaica seemed a good solution to our recent marital problems. Cathy and I had not been getting on that well recently. To put it bluntly, I’d been caught with my pants down. Actually, she’d caught me with my pants and underwear down with my little blonde secretary kneeling in front of me, stark naked, and my hard dick in her mouth! Cathy had blown a fuse; calling me every name under the sun and throwing young Pippa out onto the street wearing nothing but her smeared lipstick. Cathy hadn’t spoken to me for ages and, to be honest, it was becoming a major drag – the vacation was by way of an apology. I really hoped it worked. Cathy was a beautiful woman and I didn’t want to lose her over a brief flirtation with Pippa. Mind you, if we could get things back on track, it would have been worth it – Pippa was a horny little bitch – just nineteen years old – and I’d been taking her back to my house during our lunchtime at least three times a week for the last month or so. She would do just about anything I asked – and I asked quite a lot! When Cathy came home unexpectedly and caught us, we’d been at it for nearly an hour. I can remember thinking at the time that it was a good job she hadn’t been twenty minutes earlier; then she would have seen me with my dick so far up Pippa’s young butt, I thought I’d split her in half!

The vacation started well. The sun shone brightly and tanned our skin. We relaxed and Cathy even started talking to me a little. Not much, but just enough to make me think she had mellowed a little. The boat trip was my idea and I thought Cathy would appreciate it.

“What the fuck do I want with a boat trip?” she almost yelled at me when I told her it was all planned.

I tried my best to describe the wonderful sunbathing she would be able to do. I talked my butt off for half an hour telling her that we would be the only tourists on the yacht and that we could enjoy a romantic lunch and then swim in the clear blue ocean in the late afternoon sun. Cathy listened to my rambling’s with a sneer on her face, but I knew her well, knew what she liked. She was definitely coming round to the idea.

I had known Alan Cooper – or “Capt’n Coop” as he liked to be called – for about two years. My business dealings had brought me to this area on several occasions. Coop owned and skippered a forty foot yacht and hired it for charters to tourists. It was early in the season and I’d had no problem getting him to agree to a private charter for the day. We’d haggled a bit over the lunch menu, but when I thrust another few large bills into his calloused hand, he’d smiled and told me that I would not be disappointed.

Cathy and I arrived on the quay side at nine sharp. Coop was already aboard and quickly introduced us to his two man crew, James’s and Fin. Coop explained that both of these college boys were his son’s and that they would help sail the boat and look after us. They were both good looking lads with the dark, swarthy complexion of long term local residents. I briefly wondered how Coop had managed to sire two boys so late in life – I’d always had his age at no less than sixty – but when you saw all three together, the family likeness was unmistakable.

New Experience For Janet

My wife, Janet and I have been married almost ten years, the second marriage for both of us. Janet is about five foot 3 and 120 pounds, has hazel eyes, blond (only on the top though) 36c-27-37. Her nipples are the size of a dime when they get hard and they are sensitive and she loves to have them licked on, sucked on and played with and she keeps her pussy hair neatly trimmed. For years, our sex life has bee almost none, existent, maybe a Fuck once every six months. Janet did not care for sex and didn’t even care to talk or hear about it.

Up until about six months ago, Janet had never had my cock in her mouth. She loves to have her pussy eaten though and that’s what I would usually do to her, eat her delicious cunt to bring her to orgasm. One time after eating her pussy and bringing her to an orgasm, she unexpectedly took my cock and started jacking me off and ask me if I liked it and before I could answer, she moved down, took my cock, engulfed it in her mouth and started sucking it.

I didn’t pop a nut though, I was ready and she must have sensed it, because she took it out of her mouth and finished by jacking me off until I blew a nut and then we just laid there in each others arms before drifting of to sleep. I used to tease Janet too about a threesome and she would always give me a dirty look and tell me to shut up. But the last time I teased her about it, she ask me if I meant her with two men or me with two women. Naturally, I told her it would be her and two men as I would love to see another man fucking her and his cock in her pussy and see another mans cock in her mouth, her sucking his cock. She smiled and said that might be interesting.

The following Friday night, Janet and I were getting ready to go out and just for kicks I looked at Janet and said to her, “Why don’t you go without a bra and panties?” And to my surprise, Janet took them off. We got to Club 21 and it was packed as usual. About 10 o’clock, Janet was a little tipsy when some guy came up and ask her to dance. she looked at me and I told her to go ahead. I watched them dancing and I could see the guy pull Janet to him, it wasn’t long before his hand was rubbing her ass cheeks and they were grinding their hips together, as if they were dry Fucking. Then I noticed his hand slip under Janet’s skirt and his hand went right to her pussy. He must have started finger fucking Janet right there on the dance floor. Janets eyes were closed and she looked wobbly and weak kneed.

My Wife My Slut Her Gangbang

For those of you that have enjoyed the exploits on my beautiful wife Angela it will come as no surprise that she requested her first gangbang for her 35th birthday gift. For those who are not familiar with her let me explain, my wife of 17 years is a beautiful and faithful wife.

I love her with all that I am, she is however a total slut. She never does anything without me being involved in her decision, so for her birthday she requested that we do things a little out of the norm, we usually play with couples, but this time she wanted me to set up a gangbang with a twist, that I will explain later.

The three guys that I had contacted on her behalf arrived promptly at eight. The guy’s had been selected from the swing lifestyle web site. They were chosen on three main points, young, handsome and a large cock, for those of you who don’t knows I am well endowed and she wants nothing less.

I introduced all the guys to her and served the first round of drinks. By ten we were all very comfortable between the wine and steaks; it was time for desert, Angela. Per her instruction I took her to our play room which has a sex swing and a harness for a little BDSM!

She began by unzipping each mans pants with her teeth and sucking them to a full hard-on, I had instructed them to wear no underwear and shave there cock and balls. After she had each one nice and hard, she was ready to have her pussy eat, it was dripping. I watched as strand after strand on liquid ran out of her pussy as she sucked those massive cocks, she had on a very short school girl skirt.

A Day At the (Bisexual) Beach

It was a hot late July day. I was working out of the house as usual. My wife, Anne who works in town had taken the day off to go to the beach with friends. Around 10 as she was getting ready to leave her friend Mary called to say that she couldn’t make it, her son had come down with the flu and she had better stay home with him. Anne was a little disappointed but said she understood and perhaps they could do it another time.

I was not getting a lot accomplished myself. Seems like July and August people are in vacation mode and if you can reach anyone they’re really not focused. “What the hell,” I thought, “I’ll take Anne to the beach, it’ll be a nice little get a way.”

I thought I’d take her to this little nude beach I learned about while chatting on the net. Anne didn’t know about it and I thought the shock might do her good.

Husband And Wife Enjoy A Glory Hole

My wife and I are in our mid-30’s and have a normal boring sex life. We decided to go away for the weekend to an area with a lot of small shops and left the kids with friends. We got into the hotel after the 3 hour drive, had dinner and sex that night and went to sleep. In the morning my wife was a little hornier than normal and we had sex that morning also.

We spent the day shopping and then drove to a restaurant in the next city. On the way there we noticed an adult book store. We decided to stop there on the way back to pick up some x-rated DVD’s and maybe s new vibrator for my wife. M wife would always send me into to those stores and she would wait in the car, this time she wanted to go in also since we were far from home and no one would know us.

We had a nice dinner and we headed to the store. It was a Saturday night and there were quite a few people in there. My wife noticed that there were booths in the back and she whispered in my ear that she wanted to give me a BJ in one of the booths.

Delivery Man

Jeremy rang the front bell and waited several seconds until the door swung open and a middle aged man invited him in! “That will be fifteen fifty,” Jeremy said as he pulled the large pepperoni pizza out of the “hot bag”! The man was ready with a twenty dollar bill and as he traded it for the piping hot pie he asked softly, “Do you have time for my usual!?!” Jeremy looked at his watch and replied, “I’m kinda in a hurry, but if we make if a quickie, I guess it would be all right!” “Oh thank you,” the man fairly gushed as he shoved an extra fifty into Jeremy’s hand, “I really appreciate it, I really do!”

As he dropped to his knees in front of the young stud, he fumbled while trying to undo Jeremy’s belt and zipper, and was a little surprised when the young man slapped his hands away and said, “We have a new deal here, Mr. Lester, it’s a minimum of a hundred bucks!” “W-why that’s outrageous,” the man sputtered as he knelt on the carpeted floor, “it’s always been fifty, why the change!?!” “Mr. Lester,” the nineteen year old blonde Adonis said smoothly, “I think that after I get my pants off you will be more than happy to pay me the difference!” “Really,” Mr. Lester asked doubtfully, “one hundred dollars is a lot of money, even for a hung young stud like you!” “May I show you,” Jeremy asked softly, “I’m sure you won’t be disappointed?!?” “Okay,” came the reply, “but this had better be good!” With a half smirk on his face, Jeremy smoothly undid his belt and very slowly slid down his zipper and with a little push, sent his blue jeans sliding to his ankles! Mr. Lester made and audible gasp at the sight before his eyes, the young man wasn’t wearing his usual pair of white cotton briefs, instead he had on a very feminine pair of light blue frilly panties that did nothing to hide the outline of his huge hard cock! “Y-you’re wearing panties,” he stammered while softly running his hand over the front of the young man’s crotch! “For the extra fifty, you can rub your face on them and make me cum in them if you like,” Jeremy whispered, “and when I leave, you can keep them and suck on them after I’m gone, just think of how nice it will be to masturbate with my cummy panties in your mouth!?

Wrong Turn

“Frank, you nitwit,” his exasperated wife Millie exclaimed, “you took the wrong turn, now we’re hopelessly lost.” Frank slowed the big Caddy to a crawl as he tried to make out a street number, but was having no luck staring into the pitch dark. “Now what,” Millie groaned, “well, you’ve done it again, now we’re never going to make it to the reception on time, I told you to get directions, but no, you had to try it on your own, now look where we are.” “Oh, shut up, Millie,” Frank retorted, “don’t worry, once I get turned around and back on the main road I’ll stop at a service station and get some directions.” He pulled the nose of the big car into a dark alley and was just about to put it into reverse, when both doors were flung open and both of them were jerked out of the car and thrown to the ground. The two car jackers hopped into the Caddy and calmly drove off, leaving Frank and Millie stunned and dazed in the middle of the dark alley. “Are you all right, Mil,” Frank asked. “Oh, god” she moaned, “it feels like they ripped my arm out of its socket.” After helping her to her feet, Frank offered, “We gotta find a phone and call the police, let’s go.” Just as they were turning to head down the street, a sinister voice from the darkness said, “I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere for a while,” and seconds later, the middle aged white couple was surrounded by a group of young black toughs. “Ya know what,” one of them stated, “you’re in a lot of fucking trouble.”