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Boys Night In

Iris really didn’t need an excuse. Having men within sight was usually enough, but a few drinks always helped. The way she danced so carefree to the music held her male audience spellbound. It really didn’t matter that they were the husbands of her closest friends, leggy blonde Cindy and tall, sultry Maria, and the fiancé of busty brunette Beth, a perky second grade teacher. The three girls were having their own night out at the male strip clubs. At least that’s what Cindy had told her. The guys would have to make due with some boring basketball game on TV. Iris wasn’t interested in watching guys strip, she told Cindy, even though she did enjoy the sight of naked men. Iris had something else in mind for that Saturday evening. She would just stop by Cindy’s house, where the guys were hanging out, and invite herself in, maybe have a few drinks, get the guys horny, and leave them hard as she walked out the door. No, she could never do that. She couldn’t leave a hard cock unrelieved.

It was February, but Iris arrived wearing a black skirt that just covered her tight little ass, with white, lacey, see-through panties beneath and no bra under her filled-out purple tube top. She was surprised to find there was no basketball game on TV as she had expected. Instead, the guys had planned their own party, a kind of Boys’ Night In. Her ring was answered by Charlie, Cindy’s big, muscular hunk of a husband, who welcomed Iris and showed her inside. Iris pretended she was there to meet Cindy to go to the club but obviously had missed them. “Well, you came to the right club, anyway,” Charlie laughed, leading the way down the stairs. They were all in the large rec room. There she found Mark, with a fresh crewcut, who was Maria’s husband. He was about 45, too old for the 22 year old Hispanic girl, but he was fit and tanned from their recent trip to the Caribbean. Iris also knew Tommy, Beth’s fiancé for almost a year now. He was in his thirties, but kept his hair long. She knew all of them from many gatherings in and around Cindy and Charlie’s hot tub.

Then she saw Randy, a buddy of Charlie, who had brought his Chinese girlfriend over to entertain them. He evidently wanted to show her off to his friends. When Iris arrived, she found the other lady there and was momentarily disappointed that she would not have the guys all to herself. Iris was also surprised to find Randy there because Iris had been dating him for a few months almost a year before. He would never press her for any kind of sex and she thought either he was a naïve geek who was too shy for her sexy body or he was gay. Now he was at this party with the sexy Chinese-American girl.

The party was in its early stage when she arrived, she saw, so Iris took the first drink offered to her and began to mingle as the stereo played. Soon she came to the Chinese girl, and they had some things in common, they discovered. One thing was that Randy was previously Iris’s boyfriend. They talked about him and laughed together, and as the music got louder, they began to groove to the beat and soon were actually dancing together as a couple. The men’s eyes were on them. Both girls were fully aware of the effect their routine was having on the four men watching them with hungry intensity.

Iris, the tall, slim redhead, and Mei-Wai, the petite, buxom Chinese girl, had already drunk more than they probably should have. They were feeling good as they danced together, aware of the appreciative glances from the men. The girls seemed to understand each other, had decided without uttering a word, what was going to happen next.

“Go, ladies, go,” called Charlie, and the other men responded with more encouragement. “Let’s make this a real show,” cried Randy. “These two gals are already putting on a great show,” shouted Mark. Charlie asked Iris and Mei-Wai if they wanted the shades lowered on the large picture windows that formed the three sides of the large recreation room, so things would be more private. “No reason to let the neighbors have a show,” he said.

Iris agreed readily. Intrigued, Mei-Wai was happy to follow her lead. The room was an extension of the hallway and was decked with a long bar and a big screen TV, a pool table and an awesome stereo system. Against the walls were wrap around sofa and loungers with ottomans. As the room darkened, Charlie turned on the party lights and then flicked the switch for the glitter ball hanging from the ceiling to begin turning, sending swirls of light everywhere as the girls stopped their dancing.

Fun For The Gang

“Darling, do you remember Leroy?”

Of course I remembered him. He introduced us to married sex with a black man a few months after we were married.

“What about Leroy?”

“He called to ask whether we might spend next weekend together at a resort in the mountains.”

“That sounds like fun. What do you think? Can you get away?

Cindy worked as a fashion consultant and buyer for a large retail chain. The hours were long and it had been a while since she had time off.

“We haven’t seen Leroy in months and I’d love to have a whole weekend together. I think I could get away. Darling, we haven’t had a break for ever so long. It would be our special treat. Oh, and he said he would be with a few friends from his work. They plan to get in some hunting.”

Leroy had been a college chum of Cindy’s. Soon after graduating he married and became a fitness trainer for an NFL team. The team visited our area a couple of times a year and we almost always got together.

“What kind of friends?”

“He didn’t say, but I think he must have meant friends from work. Why don’t you call him and find out more?”

I decided to call that day. Leroy and I had developed a mutual liking over the past three years and I knew he would fill me in.

“Here’s the setup, Bill. Me and a few guys from the team are renting a condo at the resort for the weekend after next. We’ll be coming right from training camp. Two weeks of that place and we’ll be ready to relax. I haven’t seen you and Cindy for a while and thought we might take the opportunity.”

“Sounds great, Leroy. What about your friends? How do they fit in the picture?”

“I thought you and Cindy might enjoy something different. You know, the more the merrier. I can vouch for these guys, Bill. You know the team tests them regularly. Completely clean. They’re real nice, too. All married and well-behaved. I’ve told them about you and they’re dying to meet you both. As I said, these guys are first-class gents.”

Since graduation Cindy and I had become aware of STDs. We decided to see only men we knew, or came recommended by reliable friends. Never strangers.

“How many are we talking about?

“Four, plus me. All nice black gentlemen. I’m sure she’ll like them.”

“Jeez, that’s six of us with me. Do you expect Cindy to take us all on?”

Strip Poker Creampie

My wife and I have a regular poker game with two other couples every Friday night. It had started out innocently enough, but you know what can happen when liquor is flowing and a joint gets passed around.

The other couples, Jackie and Steve, Mary and John were both about the same age as Joanne and myself – 30. Jackie has dark hair and a very hot body that she likes to show off, and Mary is petite with long blonde hair. My wife Joanne is an aerobics instructor who has well defined muscles and just about the best ass on the planet. Her tits are medium sized, but all natural which is just how I like them.

Steve is about 6 feet tall with brown hair and broad shoulders, and John stands a couple inches shorter and has been working out since high school. I’m in about the same shape, as John got me started on the gym a couple years ago.

One night we were playing and after a few drinks and a couple hours Jackie suggested strip poker. Well, that night ended up with my Joanne stark naked and giggling, and Mary in just a thong. I still had my pants on when the party broke up, but Joanne treated me to just about the best fucking of my life when we got home.

She told me how hot she got when she stripped off her panties in front of everyone, and how she couldn’t wait to ride my cock all night. Needless to say, strip poker became the norm and within a month we had all seen everything everybody had.

Steve and John both told me about how hot their wives got after our weekly games. Seems that Joanne isn’t the only one who gets off on a little exhibitionism.

Anyway, at our last game Joanne was the big loser and had just stripped off her panties. She said, “I’m out of clothes again, guess we’ll be calling it a night soon,” as she waved her underpants to us all.

“Let’s play a few more hands,” said Jackie. “Maybe we should have the loser do a truth or dare challenge.”

We all looked at Jackie, who was still wearing her skirt and underwear, but was topless. I was down to my underwear (which were starting to show a wet spot thanks to Joanne’s naked ass) and Steve & John both had their pants on. Mary was the winner and so far had only lost her blouse.

Joanne spoke up and said, “I’m game, let’s have some fun.”

No one had any objections, so I grabbed the cards and dealt another hand. Joanne lost again, and since I dealt that hand I got to put the question to her. “Truth or dare honey, what’s it going to be?”

She smiled at me and said, “Dare.”

I thought about it for a couple of seconds and then said, “Ok, I want you to bend over John’s lap and let him give you a spanking.” John had always admired her ass, I figured it was the least I could do after all the free workout advice he’s given me over the years.

Country Girl at Heart

I live in a rural area, where there are mountains, rivers, ranches and farms. My house is an old ranch house on 20 acres. I live alone now, but at the time of my story, I had a boyfriend who lived with me. One day (about three years ago) when I was working in my garden, and Patrick (my boyfriend) was working on his truck, a couple came by on horseback. It is common for people to pass through on horses around here. But this time they passed close to the house, and the wife stopped to ask about the vegetables I was growing, saying she wasn’t having much success with her garden. They live on a ranch that is about 12 miles away. She introduced herself and her husband as Linda and Chuck. They were both around 30 at that time, but looked looked much closer to my age of 24. Chuck is tall, nice looking, and quite muscular from working on his ranch. Linda is very pretty, with long blond hair, and a very trim figure. They both looked very sensual, sitting astride their large, powerful horses.

After talking for a couple minutes, I offered them something cool to drink. Patrick had come over from his truck and was deep in conversation with Chuck about motors, or whatever guys talk about when around their pickups. They dismounted, and Linda followed me into the house, while the guys headed for the the truck. I suggested a cold beer, and Linda said that was good for both of them.

Linda led the way as we carried the bottles out to the men, and I had the opportunity to watch her from behind. She has the most exquisite bottom, and long legs, squeezed tightly into her jeans. I’ve always considered my butt to be nearly perfect, but her’s is better yet. I felt like I wanted to touch it as she walked. When we got to the truck, Pat said that Chuck had suggested that we visit them at their ranch sometime. Just then Linda said that was a wonderful idea, and asked if we were busy the next afternoon. We all agreed.

When we arrived at Linda & Chuck’s ranch, I was surprised at how big and beautiful it was. It’s probably a mile from their gate to the house. The gate was electrically controlled. We announced ourselves into an intercom, and the gate opened, then closed behind us. There are a lot of large ranches around here, but they mostly are working ranches, with very few amenities.

This ranch is over 1400 acres, with cattle and horses. But it was the ranch house that impressed me most. It was huge, built in the shape of a horseshoe, surrounding a large courtyard with a pool and gardens. The inside of the house was decorated in the western style, with a fireplace so large that I could walk into it standing up. Linda gave the guys each a beer, and poured a glass of white wine for me, then herself.

First Adventure

We’ve only just started on this adventure, we’ve discussed it from time to time, but never had the courage or opportunity to take it further, until recently, when we had our first three way, with a guy, which led to a further exp. with my other girl friend.

Now we have had “one of each” our horizons have widened, and we look forward to further play times, and a couple is definitely one of our favored options.

Our first with the guy (Rob) was spontaneous, we had to pick up some goods from a friend of a friend, got on OK, went out for dinner, and had copious amounts of wine and smoke, which loosened the inhibitions.

Strangely, think I was the first to realize “more” than a chat could eventuate, and set the scene by complaining of a tired back.. This ruse always gets someone interested in helping out with a massage, , Allyn & I had discussed possibilities and I was ready to play and Rob came in on cue, asked me to lie on the lounge, and pressed a few pressure points on my back. I suggested we might as well have a full massage, as I had two willing masseurs, so cushions were placed on the floor, my clothes came off, and the show began, quite innocently at first, as the guys had remained fully clothed, even the massage was more therapeutic than erotic.

Then, it was time to roll over, which made me a little nervous, all my womanly bits were now on show, my hairless pussy on full show. Anyway, the massage began again, still business like, I think the guys were waiting on each other to make the first move. I discreetly opened my legs a little more when they took a leg each, stroking from my toes to my groin, occasionally allowing fingertip access to my private parts., then the hands became more intense, four sets of fingers roamed closer to heaven, internal investigations began.

You must remember that tho this was my first time with two guys, my inhibitions were lowered, I was becoming incredibly turned on, and my pussy was just dripping, which seemed to spur my gallant knights on.

The Beach Life

Jack and Sheila had been enjoying a day on a secluded beach when a minibus drew up near them. They cursed at the idea that their privacy was about to be invaded. They quickly scrambled back into their swimming costumes, but just then the vehicles pulled off again and parked a good thirty yards away from them.

As Jack and Sheila watched a group of fifteen young men climbed out of the vehicle. They were all dressed only in flimsy baggy shorts and Sheila cast an appreciative eye over their firm torsos. They were all in the prime of their youth and at the peak of their fitness. Jack caught his wife’s eye and smiled. He knew exactly what she was thinking. To hell with privacy, another, more basic, need had kicked in.

The young men frolicked about in the water for a while and then flopped down on the warm sand. One of their party took a cooler box out of the vehicle and started to hand out beers. The sound of beer bottles clinking filled the air as the group toasted each other.

‘I have to find a way to speak to them.’ Sheila sighed. ‘I know just the thing.’ Jack replied as he got up from his towel. He fished around in the car and came back with two bottles of warm beer. ‘Here, ask them if they’ll trade these for cold ones.’

‘You’re a star!’ cried Sheila, before giving her husband a kiss.

As Sheila sauntered over to the group of lads she was alive to the possibilities of her quest. She could feel many pairs of eyes drinking in her curves. She thrust out her full, firm tits and swayed her hips for extra effect. She tossed her head; let her long golden locks fly free around her beautiful face.

With her full lips, high cheekbones and smoky green eyes she was one hot looker. But the passing years had made her a little insecure of her looks. She need not have been. One of the lads brushed his hand across his chest, past the nub of his raised nipples and she knew they were hers for the taking.

They greeted her warmly. They would be glad to exchange her warm beers for cold ones. In fact, they suggested, why didn’t she and her husband join them. Jack and Sheila were happy to. There were introductions all round. The lads were members of an agricultural college rugby team, out celebrating a win. They looked like sons of the earth. In a few years time they would all be massively solid, perhaps overweight, but right now they were simply beautiful. And Sheila was happy to drink in their beauty.

As Jack watched his wife flirting with the young men he grew excited. So excited that he had to lie down to hide his growing bulge. Fifteen men, and young men at that, would amount to a whole lot of spunk. And if there was one thing that Jack loved, as much as his wife, it was the taste of freshly deposited man cream. Eating his wife’s pussy when it was full of tasty cock juice was his ultimate satisfaction. And if they played their cards right this could be their ultimate experience.

New Experience For Janet

My wife, Janet and I have been married almost ten years, the second marriage for both of us. Janet is about five foot 3 and 120 pounds, has hazel eyes, blond (only on the top though) 36c-27-37. Her nipples are the size of a dime when they get hard and they are sensitive and she loves to have them licked on, sucked on and played with and she keeps her pussy hair neatly trimmed. For years, our sex life has bee almost none, existent, maybe a Fuck once every six months. Janet did not care for sex and didn’t even care to talk or hear about it.

Up until about six months ago, Janet had never had my cock in her mouth. She loves to have her pussy eaten though and that’s what I would usually do to her, eat her delicious cunt to bring her to orgasm. One time after eating her pussy and bringing her to an orgasm, she unexpectedly took my cock and started jacking me off and ask me if I liked it and before I could answer, she moved down, took my cock, engulfed it in her mouth and started sucking it.

I didn’t pop a nut though, I was ready and she must have sensed it, because she took it out of her mouth and finished by jacking me off until I blew a nut and then we just laid there in each others arms before drifting of to sleep. I used to tease Janet too about a threesome and she would always give me a dirty look and tell me to shut up. But the last time I teased her about it, she ask me if I meant her with two men or me with two women. Naturally, I told her it would be her and two men as I would love to see another man fucking her and his cock in her pussy and see another mans cock in her mouth, her sucking his cock. She smiled and said that might be interesting.

The following Friday night, Janet and I were getting ready to go out and just for kicks I looked at Janet and said to her, “Why don’t you go without a bra and panties?” And to my surprise, Janet took them off. We got to Club 21 and it was packed as usual. About 10 o’clock, Janet was a little tipsy when some guy came up and ask her to dance. she looked at me and I told her to go ahead. I watched them dancing and I could see the guy pull Janet to him, it wasn’t long before his hand was rubbing her ass cheeks and they were grinding their hips together, as if they were dry Fucking. Then I noticed his hand slip under Janet’s skirt and his hand went right to her pussy. He must have started finger fucking Janet right there on the dance floor. Janets eyes were closed and she looked wobbly and weak kneed.

My Wife My Slut Her Gangbang

For those of you that have enjoyed the exploits on my beautiful wife Angela it will come as no surprise that she requested her first gangbang for her 35th birthday gift. For those who are not familiar with her let me explain, my wife of 17 years is a beautiful and faithful wife.

I love her with all that I am, she is however a total slut. She never does anything without me being involved in her decision, so for her birthday she requested that we do things a little out of the norm, we usually play with couples, but this time she wanted me to set up a gangbang with a twist, that I will explain later.

The three guys that I had contacted on her behalf arrived promptly at eight. The guy’s had been selected from the swing lifestyle web site. They were chosen on three main points, young, handsome and a large cock, for those of you who don’t knows I am well endowed and she wants nothing less.

I introduced all the guys to her and served the first round of drinks. By ten we were all very comfortable between the wine and steaks; it was time for desert, Angela. Per her instruction I took her to our play room which has a sex swing and a harness for a little BDSM!

She began by unzipping each mans pants with her teeth and sucking them to a full hard-on, I had instructed them to wear no underwear and shave there cock and balls. After she had each one nice and hard, she was ready to have her pussy eat, it was dripping. I watched as strand after strand on liquid ran out of her pussy as she sucked those massive cocks, she had on a very short school girl skirt.

Pool Players

For everything there is a first time. This story is about the first time my husband, Patrick, and I ever partied with another man. Patrick and I talked about opening our marriage, but until that night, it was just talk. But we knew it was only a matter of time before we went all the way, before we invited another man into our bed, into my pussy!

It happened kind of suddenly. We were out at a club, shooting pool on a Tuesday night. The club was quiet, with a total of about twenty people in the entire place. We played leisurely games of eight ball. I enjoyed teasing Patrick with both my words and my actions. I guess I should explain how I was dressed.

Whenever we go out, I always let him pick out what I’ll wear. I started that for a good reason. If I got a man too interested in me, Patrick couldn’t say it was because of how I dressed, because he picked out what I wore. That night, he selected a black leather skirt, with seven buttons up the back, hose, garters, four inch spikes, (which he always called my fuck-me pumps, and a red satin blouse. No bra, no panties.

I must admit, I did look hot! My 38DD breasts pushed against the satin blouse; my nips were clearly visible. Knowing they were so prominent got me hotter, which made them stick out even more. I started the night with five of the seven skirt buttons fastened, and the blouse was buttoned completely except for the collar. I intended to reveal more skin as the night wore on, but for starters, I wanted to leave a lot to the imagination. This club has three tables, and we were playing at the far end, nearest the rest rooms. The only other game was on the opposite end. As the night wore on, I made trips to the restroom, mostly to adjust my clothing. Each time I came back, there was one less button on my skirt and one less on my blouse still buttoned. By ten that night, I was down to two buttons on my skirt, and three on the blouse.

It Got Out Of Control

My wife Beth confided in me one of her favourite fantasies. To be held down and ravished, preferably by a big black man. She emphasised that it was only a fantasy as she wouldn’t want to have intercourse with anyone other than myself under any circumstances.

‘Maybe you would like to act out something along those lines.’

‘If it was acting it wouldn’t work,’ she replied.

I went on to suggest. ‘Why not have a real scenario where you would be really forced but it would be prearranged that the limits were feeling and sucking your breasts and maybe finger fucking you.’

She brightened up at that suggestion; I could see that I made a good suggestion.

‘But how could we guarantee that the man would stop at that?’ she asked.

‘You did say you wanted it to be a black man.’

BBW Wife Cuckold Husband and Me

“I’ll be there at 8, be ready,” and I hung up, that’s all that needed to be said with Wendy. It started as a way for her to pay her husband’s gambling debts but after one month we all knew they where hooked. Her husband was such a wimpy man that before I came along the poor woman had no sex life, then after seeing me fuck her, their sex life was revived.

The sex between Wendy and I just got nastier and nastier with her insisting that John her husband be there to witness it, at first because it was his debts she was paying with her body but later because she got off humiliating him. The thing was that he got off on it too as did I, which is why 6 months later I still see them both at least once a month.

At first it was a simple affair with me calling around and taking her in front of him but later we started going out and making him watch me feel her up in public or watch her flash her giant tits or ass to strangers. It seemed the more we abused him the more he got off and Wendy was worse than him, she would play at being shocked or trying to say no but she would come in seconds as soon as I touched her.

Conservative Wife Goes Wild

My name is Randy, my wife is Jill. This story is how we made our lives exciting and probably saved our marriage. We had been married almost 8 yrs now and our sex life was dull at best. Jill was not very open about sex and sometimes she even acted as if it were dirty and disgusting. When I tried to talk about it and give her ideas, to get her to open up a bit, she would get mad and accuse me of not loving her the way she was.

One day she was shopping at the mall and she saw a young woman being followed be several young men. She noticed that every now and then, the girl would stop and bend over or raise a leg or stretch across something. When she did this it would expose the slit between her legs.

My wife, being just a little naive, confronted the young lady and said, “every time you bend over, your female parts are being exposed to all.” The young girl replied, “That is the whole idea.”

Jill was astonished and asked, “What do you mean, you are doing that on purpose.”

The girl responded, “It makes me hot to know other men are looking at me.”

Julie Gets Ganged Black

It began as any ordinary day. Julie was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast for me and our lodger student James and listening to the radio. As I came down for breakfast, I notice Julie was a little nervous. I could tell that there was something else bothering her. Maybe the prospect of her date with James at the end of term dance at the university that evening.

Julie went out shopping to find something to wear that evening, she arrived home and with barely a wave to me took off her clothes and jumped into the shower. To my delight Julie asked me into the shower and told me I could help wash her for her “date”. It was a sexy high to sponge down my gorgeous wife’s body knowing tonight her lily white flesh would be entangled with a black man.

Julie rebuffed my attempts to kiss her or overly fondle her and she seemed to enjoy watching me suffer cleaning her body. Finally she instructed me to sit on the toilet and watch her rinse her body. Julie allowed me to towel dry her sexy body off and then go to the bedroom where she had me rub scented cream on her. I couldn’t imagine anything sexier then watching Anna looking in the mirror as she put on her earrings.

I lay back on the bed and watched as my wife picked through her dresser drawer and pulled out a very sexy white, see through g string. She slipped them on and it was easy to see her blonde pubic bush through the sheer material. My cock was straining in my pants as it stiffened into an erect state. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting.

She turned to me and said, “What do you think so far? Do you think this might cause a stir?”

Kitchen Gang Bang

I was recently married to the loveliest 18 year old girl you could ever wish to meet. Our Honeymoon was one weeks cruise and one weeks stay at a holiday resort. On the cruise we had become friendly with a middle-aged couple. The wife was very friendly (they both were) but I suspected that the guy was lusting after my bride.

My wife would hear nothing said against them and readily accepted their invite to visit them as their home was only a couple of miles from our holiday hotel. We enjoyed a few days alone at the hotel and then it was time for the proposed visit. The couple phoned us at the hotel and said that they where sorry that they had got their dates mixed up and where going to a party, so wouldn’t be at home but we where quite welcome to go with them to the party and they knew that their friends would love to meet us. My wife was as pleased as punch, to be going to a party and to meet new people.

We met up with the couple and they drove us to the lovely big house of their friends. We were made very welcome and introduced to lots of people. It did seem a bit odd that most of the guests were male. I mentioned this and was told that it was because they were mostly business associates.

We got separated and after a while I went in search of my wife. I went from room to room, I eventually found her in the kitchen. I stood at the kitchen door and saw her surrounded by six guys who were all trying to get a feel of her lovely body. She was a bit drunk and either didn’t realise or didn’t care what was happening to her. She had hands all over her as the men all tried to get a grope of my lovely young bride.

Nikki Enjoys Their Vacation

After a year of saving up, months of planning and several weeks of getting my business affairs in order, Nikki and I were finally off on our first vacation since we got married four years ago. I breathed a big sigh of relief as I backed the van out of the driveway and headed down the street.

“We’re off…finally. I thought we’d never make it the way things have been these last couple of weeks,” I said to my wife.

“I’m glad for you, honey,” Nikki replied. “You really need to get away. You’ve been working far too hard. Besides it’ll be nice to get off by ourselves for a while too.”

It’s hard to take vacations when you’re starting a small business. Two years ago, after selling and installing computer systems for someone else for five years, I took the big step and started my own computer repair business. I had been doing this sort of work on the side for two of my employer’s large corporate accounts to earn some extra cash and because my employer’s own service department couldn’t handle the complex systems these accounts were using.

The repair work load finally expanded to a point where I was having a hard time handling it by myself and our basement was full of machines being repaired, machines I’d scrounged for parts and equipment to do the repairs. I was faced with a big decision when a friend who controlled another large account called to say he was very displeased with the service he’d been getting from his current repair service. He would give me the account if I’d hire an additional repairman to back me up.

Sloppy Cuckold

I have been married to the woman of most men’s fantasies for nearly ten years now. Those ten years have been punctuated by some love adventures that make others pale by comparison. Joy has always been a free spirit, but given her heavenly body, that was easy to overlook. For the first five years of marriage, we explored each other in every sexual way imaginable. I could not see how our love life could be any richer.

I guess I’d begun to badger her about fucking other men. When we fucked I kept telling her how much I wanted to suck another guys come out of her. Just saying it could often push me over the edge. Still, you can imagine my amazement when I came home one day and she told me in vivid about having it off with the neighbors!

She had locked herself out of the apartment when she stepped out to get the mail. At the time, all she had on was her panties and a beach wrap. Darren, the guy next door seized the opportunity and invited her to wait in his apartment for the super to open the our door. One thing led to another, and suddenly he was pounding his eight-inch monster inside her.