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Secret Slut Wife

The sun was rising over the sparkling waters of Echo Lake. The cries of the Loons could be heard welcoming another day.

It was to be my first day alone at our summer cottage in the Muskokas. My husband had returned to work in the city leaving me to enjoy the solitude of a summer escape away from the hectic pace of city life. 

We had recently purchased the cottage on the lake from its previous owner who worked with my husband. It was about a four hour drive from home if the traffic wasn’t too bad.

The Muskokas are like another world, in the heart of the Canadian Shield, a vast expanse for granite rock and forest sprinkled with small sparkling lakes. Holidaying was the main industry.

It was to be my first time alone at the cottage. I was well stocked with food and booze and Rick had setup the satellite television so I could watch my soaps. I had my trusty cellphone if I needed to call for help.

There were about half-a-dozen cottages circling the shore of the small lake, about half of them occupied by their vacationing owners. The Terrell’s farm was situated at the end of the lake where the county road led out to Bayville, the closest town.

The Terrell’s were an elderly couple who had owned the land surrounding Echo Lake. Over the years they had sold the land parcel by parcel to city folk looking to build summer cottages. They lived on their small farm with its market garden and some livestock with their bachelor sons, forty-year-old Stan and Jimmy, his thirty-two-year old brother.

The Terrell boys had never married but chose to live with Mom and Dad. They were a couple of lazy wastes of space who spend their lives drinking and cavorting. The Terrell’s farm was about a five minute walk down the road from our cottage.

It was going to be another hot day. It was the first week of July and already the temperatures were in the high eighties. Thankfully yht humidity in cottage country was not as high as in the city and there was always the refreshing water of the lake to cool off if it got too hot.

After coffee I decided to spend some time on the beach reading and starting on my tan. Our beach was quite private so I put on the bikini I had bought before coming up north. The bikini was much more risqué than I would normally wear but nobody would likely see me anyway.

I still felt naked after putting the tiny suit on. The two small triangles hardly contained my nipples and the bottoms barely cover the lips of my pussy while the b back was swallowed by my ass cheeks. Courageously I grabbed my book and a blanket and headed out to the beach.

The narrow roadway surrounding the lake bisected our lot slicing between the narrow sandy beach and the cottage backed by forest. I crossed the deserted roadway and spread my blanket close to the water’s edge. The warm sun felt good as I lay on my blanket and began to read my book.

About and hour of peaceful solitude past as I enjoyed my body soaking up the sun’s rays as I leafed through chapter after chapter of the novel. My peace was interrupted by the sounds of an approaching pedestrian. I looked down the roadway and saw Stan Terrell and his black and white mongrel Duke coming down the road.

I was trapped on the beach in my tiny bikini, trying to escape back into the cottage would put me right in Terrell’s path. I tried to look as inconspicuous as possible.

“Mornin Mrs. Greene.” Terrell said standing about twenty feet from where I lay. 

I acknowledged his greeting as Duke ran over to where I lay. Immediately the dog began sniffing my crotch through the thin bikini bottom. Mortified I pushed the dog’s head away from my body.

Duke emit6ted a low growl as Stan chastised him. 

“He loves pussy too!” Stan laughed.


Back Alley Cuckold

At the time of this story I had been in a committed relationship with Mimi for around two years. I guess you would have called her my girlfriend, however she had dropped the word ‘marriage’ a couple of times and it was obvious she wanted to take things further: Our relationship appeared rock solid. Perhaps I should have proposed, as it may have stopped the chain of events that subsequently unfolded.

Let me give you a little background. Mimi was a 24 year old Chinese girl who came to America from HK to study. She was 5 foot 8, she had a cute little bob of straight black hair, a slim athletic figure with the perkies little tits I had ever seen. She had the most adorable little butt and like most Asians, she had beautiful smooth milky skin. She was lively and outgoing. Our sex life had been fantastic.

One Friday night we had gone out drinking at the bar with some friends after classes. It had been a long night and everybody was generally wasted. Almost all of our friends had gone home and we had just called a taxi for Dave the last remaining survivor (aside from Mimi and myself). He mentioned he wanted to get some air while he waited and headed out the front. The bar was still in full swing, it was college town, but you had your regular mix of patrons. Mimi and I took a couple of stools at a small table trying to decide if we were ready to take make the trek home. She looked beautiful, in one of those tops that draped around her shoulders, covering her breasts at the front but leaving her whole back exposed. When she bent forward the cloth teased you by almost giving a direct line of site to her breasts. She was wearing a short tight skirt and no underwear. Having been dancing all night she had a fine sheen of sweat and a couple strands of her hair were plastered against her forehead and cheek – almost giving her a ‘just been fucked’ look. We had barely sat down a minute when a busty blonde waitress brought us over two shots: ‘from your admirer over there’ she added, giving us a quick smile before she quickly turned away. Both Mimi and I turned to see a guy, probably in his mid thirties raising his pint of beer as if to toast us, his eyes scanning my girlfriend’s body as he did.

I was a little infuriated, as if buying us a drink gave him the right to blatantly ogle my girlfriend in front of me. But we were both pretty drunk and Mimi turned back around to me, laughing and almost falling off her stool in the process. I smiled, we took the shots and our conversation moved on. It was clear however that Mimi had not forgotten her admirer as every now and then she took a quick look over his way. My heart was racing; did she actually have some sort of interest in this guy? For some reason beneath my irritation I was starting to get aroused by the fact my girlfriend seemed turned on by this random guy.

Following a short pause in the conversation I asked her if she wanted to go over and thank him. She turned around, this time staring at him for a couple of seconds before turning back. ‘you think so?’ she asked, almost rhetorically, before answering her own question with a quick ‘OK’. She popped off her stool and started over to the guy. Again my heart rate jumped a notch, knowing of course that nothing would come of this. I watched her make her way across the crowded room towards the stranger. He was seated with a group of around 4 other guys seemingly engaged in their own conversation. It was at that time that a bunch of people blocked my line of sight. Being fairly drunk, my mind wandered and I scanned the room for the waitress with the hopes of ordering another beer.

After finally getting my beer, I managed to catch a glimpse of the table again. Somehow Mimi was now seated in the middle of the group of guys and they were all listening attentively as she seemed to be telling them some sort of story. The music thumping and I had no idea what she was saying, but her smile was beaming and she seemed not to have a care in the world.

Just then at that moment she turned to me and gave me a huge smile a cute little wave. Most of the guys turned to look my way but I quickly lowered my head and started tearing up the little cardboard coaster that came with my beer. What the hell was going on? – she was supposed to just go over there and thank them. I had not notice before but all the guys were well built, as if they were some sort of well dressed sports team. My mind was swimming with lust, rage and alcohol, I started to actually become erect: what if one of these guys made a move on her?

Fumbling with the now shredded coaster I dropped a couple of pieces to the floor. In bending down to retrieve them I looked across the room and under the table I saw that the two guys on either side of Mimi had a firm grip on each of her thighs. Her legs were spread and her skirt was riding up. It was too dark to see everything but I knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Hot Wife Office Christmas Party

My name is Simon, I am 32 and I have been married to Joanne for nearly 3 years.

Joanne is 26 and works part-time for a small company near where we live. She works with 3 men who are all in their early 50s – old enough to be her dad – but seems to enjoy it.

I have met them all and they all seem to poke a bit of fun at Joanne which she takes in good humour and tries to give as good as she gets.

Joanne has a great personality and a great figure but has always only ever had lowly paid jobs and as she is quite naïve I often worry that people take advantage of her good nature. I know when I have worked in a mixed environment, although there has never been any sexual harassment, the guys quite like embarrassing the ladies with sexual innuendo and often look them up and down and make comments amongst themselves.

I imagined Joanne’s workmates would often look her up and down and comment on her lovely body. She is 5’4 with shoulder length brown hair, a shapely figure with a fantastic pair of 38d tits and a pretty face that makes her look younger than she is.

I am about 5’9 and reckoned her workmates Martin and Brian were about the same or probably slightly taller, and Barry was about 5’7.

The Friday before Christmas I’d been to the pub at lunchtime and then left to go and pick Joanne up. Joanne was also having a lunchtime drink and food with her 3 colleagues.

I parked outside and walked round the back as the front door was locked. Going into the back I got tangled in the noisy chimes hanging from the door, and hearing laughter I then walked down the short corridor and into the room where they all were.

There were cans and wine bottles on one of the tables and by the looks of them they were all having a merry time. They all acknowledged me and asked if I’d got stuck in the ‘burglar trap’ and then Joanne said “look what they’ve bought me,” as she pointed a large box with what looked like some sort of vanity unit inside.

“That’s nice,” I said looking around and noticing all the guys smiling and looking at my wife.

She always looked smart for work but because it was the last working day before Christmas she had made a special effort and had put on a short-sleeved red blouse that was fairly low cut as well as being mostly see-through and you could see her red lacy bra underneath. She had a smart black and red patterned skirt that came to just below her knees, and red ankle-strap shoes with a small heel. I also knew she was wearing a black half-slip underskirt and red lacy briefs. She had also put a bit of extra makeup on that morning.

I had a drink with them as they continued chatting and laughing all seemingly with their eyes transfixed on Joanne. I began to think that wearing a see through top wasn’t such a good idea after all. Although they would have been used to seeing the great shape of her tits, and had probably caught the occasional glance of her cleavage now and then, this was almost a clear view of her upper body and even I was enjoying the view even though I had seen her naked almost every day.

I sensed the guys would stay there all day if they could so as I finished my drink said “shall we make a move?”

Joanne looked at her glass which was still more than half full and said “can I just finish this.”

“Sure, I’ll take this box to the car and just call at the supermarket to get some money, I’ll sound my horn when I get back shall I,” I offered.

“OK then,” she said, and the guys all shook my hand and wished me a merry Christmas.

Some time later I remembered I’d already drawn some money out the day before and left it at home so I started back, entering the building and negotiating the chimes without making a sound I then began to slow down as I approached the door to the room which was slightly ajar.

I heard the guys saying “come on, it is christmas,” and “ohhh, come on,” and “get into the Christmas spirit,” as Joanne was laughing.

Toris Frat House Gang Bang

Everyone at high school wanted to be friends with Tori, and why not. Tori was the setter on the volleyball team, a flier on the competitive cheer team, treasurer of the science club, homecoming queen, graduated second in class, and was voted best all-around by the senior class.

Tori was friendly to everyone she met, and was stunning to look at. Standing 5′-1″, and weighing a mere 98 pounds, Tori’s body was tight, with small breasts, and a nice firm ass. Tori had shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes, which gave her an innocent appearance, which was true, as she remained a virgin until her 18th birthday party in November of her senior year.

The fall after graduation Tori headed to college, where she was immediately loved by all those who came in contact with her. She joined the cheer team, and was active with the programming board, and made lots of new friends.

One friend was a Bernie, a sophomore in her History 102 course. In mid-October, Bernie invited Tori to a PJ in PJs party at the PiKA house, where Bernie lived. Tori had been to several on-campus parties, but this was her first fraternity party, and she was excited to attend. Tori dressed in a pair of green and blue flannel pajamas when Bernie arrived 8:00.

When they arrived at the PiKA house, Tori was happy to see such a large crowd at the party. She recognized several people from her classes, and from her dorm. Being the friendly person she was, Tori struck up conversations with lots of different people. Tori also made her way to the PJ, and found it really tasted good.

There were lots of different kinds of pajamas being worn. Guys were in every thing from robes to boxers. There were some girls in flannel pajamas like Tori had worn, some in long robes, some in long t-shirts, and some in sexy teddies. Tori felt very comfortable around everyone in their PJs and was surprised at the number of girls at the party. She later found out many were PiKA little sisters.

As Tori continued drinking more and more PJ, she began to dance a little more. It seemed that everyone wanted to dance with her, and her glass of PJ always seemed to get refilled. Bernie of course would cut in frequently and danced with her quite a bit throughout the night.

By 11:00 pm Tori was drunk, and by 1:00 am, she was as loaded as she had ever been. She managed to stumble over to Bernie.

“I think I need to lay down Bernie. I’m really drunk.”

“I’ll take you up to my room, and you can sleep there.”

“That’s sweet of you Bernie. First I have to go potty.”

“I’ll help you there too.”

Bernie led Tori to the bathroom, “Do you need some help?”

“No I can go by myself, please wait for me outside.”

Bernie waited outside the bathroom for Tori. Tori’s peeing sounded like a torrent that seemed to hiss for at least three minutes. Finally Tori stumbled out into Bernie’s arms.

Bernie led her to his bedroom and laid her in his bed. “Good thing you came in your pajamas. You can sleep here until you feel better.”

“I feel great, I’m just too drunk to stand, and the room is spinning. You are so nice Bernie, will you sty with me for a while.”

“Sure. How about if I lie down beside you for a while?”

Bernie settled into the bed and Tori snuggled in beside him. Bernie began stroking Tori’s hair and she let out a little moan. Bernie leaned down and gave Tori a soft kiss on the cheek.

“That’s so sweet Bernie. You’re a great guy.”

Bernie continued to stroke Tori’s hair and began to lightly nibble on her neck and ears. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” he whispered in Tori’s ear.

“Thanks,” Tori said as she turned over and looked up at Bernie.

Bernie leaned down and gave Tori a deep kiss. In her drunken state, Tori was immediately aroused, and began kissing back. She felt Bernie’s hands move under her pajama top and find her breasts. She let out a gasp as Bernie pinched her nipple.

“Bernie, I get really horny when I’m drunk. Usually I’m a good girl, but I’d be happy to fuck you if you want.”

Supporting The College Team

My wife and I met in college, during the drunken party days of fraternity-sorority life. We are now in our late twenties, and we have been married for three blissful years. We have no children, as we live rather casually and are sort of putting it off. Even though we had a rather crazy and promiscuous lifestyle in college, at the time we had no idea that our real sexual adventures would really begin when we became married, full-time working adults. Now, we find this pretty ironic.

My wife Lisa is a total knockout. She’s quite a health nut, which is nice for me because she’s always tanning and working out to keep in good shape. Her breasts are not enormous, but 36C’s with a very round and natural feel, and very perky. She is 5’7″, and her abs, thighs and ass are made of steel. Some guys say they like her because she looks like she could kick their ass. One friend from college who had slept with her before we met said it was the best work-out he’s ever had. What first drew me to Lisa were her bright blue eyes which seem to just pop in comparison to her dark skin. Her dark brown hair is thin and straightened which she keeps parted and framed around her beautiful face.

I’m not exactly unattractive, I’m pretty average build-wise, and I’ve gained a few pounds since college, but I like to think I’m a good-looking guy. Deep down I know Lisa is physically attracted to more athletic types, but she loves me and only me, and I can still pleasure her better than any man, that’s for sure. In public she is the one turning heads obviously.

Although our first swinging experience was very hot, we wanted to save it for later and instead tell everyone about a really crazy night we had last weekend.

Our college football team had lost a pretty bad game, one of the first important ones of this season. We always go to home games in our normal college t-shirts and “team spirit” type clothes. Then, if we’re not too tired, we like to go home, shower and change before we hit the bars. Luckily we live near campus, so shortly after this travesty of a football game we were ready to get hammered and have some fun.

We picked the busiest and most packed bar out of the several on campus. The second we walked in, I already noticed a few of the young college boys staring at Lisa. She was wearing tight jean shorts and a sort of stylish black tank-top. She smelled absolutely amazing and I myself kept staring at her well exposed cleavage, building a rather sizeable erection I hoped to make use of later.

After two drinks sitting at the bar (which we hate), a table in the corner finally opened up and we made a dash for it. Just as we got there, a couple of guys sighed as if they were going to use the table. As we were sitting down and I noticed their disappointment, I realized who they were. All three of them were football players from our team; however they had been benched for this game. We generally don’t see football players out in public, so we were excited and told them they could join us if they like.

After several more drinks, we got to that point where we were all best friends and everyone was laughing at everything going on. As expected, the guys were flirting rather shamelessly with my wife, and complimenting me on my taste whenever she wasn’t paying attention. I got used to this a long time ago, and I’ve always been proud of her. Plus, as we had a somewhat open relationship, I was curious about where this would go.

Lisa started rubbing my thigh under the table, and it was definitely about that time. We usually can’t keep our hands off each other if we get drunk enough. She slowly ran her hand along my crotch, teasingly brushing against my cock. I leaned over and started whispering in her ear.

“Why did you dress so slutty tonight?” I asked with a grin.

She giggled and replied, “Isn’t it obvious? So that guys would want to fuck my tits.”

It was at this point that we decided to expedite the process so we could both get our rocks off. We stood up to leave, and told the guys we were going take off. They said they were leaving too and that they’d walk with us to our car.

Walking through campus, I held my wife’s hand as three large football players walked along with us as if they were our body guards. One of the guys was black, named Marcus, and the other two were white guys named Trey and Brent. They were all very good-looking and I could tell that Lisa was attracted to them.

Sort of stumbling a bit, I stopped at an alley and told the guys that nature was calling, out of nowhere I needed to relieve myself. We all walked down the alley away from the busy campus atmosphere and I went behind a dumpster to do my business. Upon returning to my companions in the alley, my heart started pounding at what I saw.

Lisa was making out with Marcus, and the other two were starting to feel her up. She looked over and saw me, whispered something to the guys, and started giggling. Immediately they picked up the pace and started to grind up against her from the front and back, as if they were gangbanging her with their clothes on.

Watching The Suspected

Thursday night, 10 pm. The waiting queue were shuffling their feet in the cold out on the footpath, waiting for the doors of the Stroke Bar to open. Hot new band-of-the-month The Suspected were playing a gig there tonight, and all the regular patrons, plus more, had turned up. Rosemary jumped up and down on the spot, trying to warm herself up, wishing for a moment that she put some warmer clothes on, but quickly brushing that thought away with a private grin as she saw the looks she attracted from her fellow queuers, enjoying the subtle attention. She craned her neck, trying to see around the shifting bodies of the few people in front of her to see if the security had opened up the doors yet, and managed to catch the eye of Daniel, the main doorman of the club. He grinned, and waved her to the front of the line.

“Hey Rosie, got i.d. on you, love?” he teased.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, striking a pose on the steps, placing one knee-high boot clad leg up on a higher step as her short skirt rode a little up her thighs.

“You KNOW I’m over 18, you bastard, I work in the bar down the road! And besides, Dan, would an underage girl have these?”

She brought her hands up to cup her breasts, bringing them to the doorman’s attention. Dan grinned hugely, enjoying their little game, letting his gaze linger over her small pert breasts, ogling her nipples sticking out through the thin fabric of the Suspected t-shirt she wore.

“Forget your bra again Rosie?” he laughed.

She smirked.

“I never wear ‘em, Danny boy, you should know that. Can I go in now, I’m FREEZING!”

He glanced across to his partner, laughed again and opened up the door, ushering her in and lining up the rest of the crowd.

“In you get, love, enjoy the show, it should be a good one!”

She flounced past, into the dim light of the bar, but was called back.

“Wait, you forgot your pass-out stamp, Rosie!”

She sighed dramatically, tossed her short blonde hair and wriggled her ass at him and spun around, hands on hips as he approached her.

“Stamp my ass, Dan, I’m not planning on going out halfway through!”

“If you insist!”

He turned her around, lifted her squirt and tugged her panties down an inch as she squealed and laughed and pressed the stamp onto the soft pale flesh of her bare buttocks, marking her with a blurry inking of the word “stroke”.

“As the lady requested!” he grinned before returning to the door. “oh, and nice panties.”

“I’ll buy you a pair for Christmas if ya like ‘em that much.” Rosemary called back as she laughed again, mock-grumbling and readjusting her clothing and headed over to the main bar.

Summertime BBQ

My husband and I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. They were some fun years and some real fun times for both of us. He is the school jock type and being raised in Virginia Beach also quite the surfer type too. Myself, well, I was the typical shy academic study girl. Don’t get me wrong, I still had fun.

Here we are 30 or so years later in the typical All American lifestyle. Work all week and play on the weekends. We love the outdoors, boating and a good time. I work as an accountant and Bob is in Sales Management. His job requires long hours and a take-charge type personality. Mine on the other hand, requires patience and precision.

I guess it was last weekend, no two weekends ago, that we went to a BBQ at his best friends house north of town. Josh and his wife, Sally, have a nice secluded place with a pool and a big shady yard. The perfect place for a Saturday afternoon BBQ!

Josh is your normal nice guy, always joking and of course flirting. But, Sally, she’s gorgeous! Along with shapely legs, she has Auburn hair, cut short and perky, beautiful hazel eyes and a nice body. She is confident and lets Josh have his fun flirting!

I guess we were the last to arrive. Steve and Jennifer were already there along with Sam, Josh’s big brother. Sam greeted us! A hug for me and a slap on the back for my husband! Jennifer and Sally were messing with some corn in the kitchen and laughing about something. Steve was in the pool and Josh was headed our way with two frozen margaritas. It looked like a feast was about to be served but the margaritas were first. I could tell it was going to be a great afternoon.

Of course the guys had to talk about the race last weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. So I jumped in to help with the corn and fixin’s for the meal. After the second margarita I found myself needing to pee. The powder room is on the first floor by the stairs. I opened the door just as Sam was coming out. Ooops! I laughed and said I hope I didn’t rush you. He winked and said, Naw, but if you need some help, Anne let me know. His eyes drilled me right then and there. I went in and locked the door. Sitting there peeing, I was thinking, that was a new sensation. I remembered some of the dirty talk my husband and I have when we are in bed, about other people in out sex lives. It has always been a turn on for him and fun to fantasize about.

Back in the kitchen I got drinks for Jennifer and myself, when Sam comes in for a refill. Of course I pour him one too. He reaches over and lifts my chin and says “thank you”. My lips are inches from his; he smiles and says ” see you in the pool?”

The tingling sensation in my nipples sends goose bumps down my arms. I look down and see that they are erect. I look up and Jennifer is standing there, smiling. She reaches for her margarita and brushes my nipple with her hand. My head jerks back and I just look at her, stunned. Was that on purpose I wonder. She says, “Come on lets hit the pool”.

My husband is talking to Josh when I ask if he needs another drink before I get in the pool. His hand cups my ass through my suit and says yes he’d love one, “Anne, can you get one for Josh too Honey?” “Sure, I’ll be right back” I say. His hand lingers a little longer then normal, but I pay no attention to it.

“Damn it”, I spilled the margaritas. As I am bending over cleaning up the mess on the floor, I feel someone close by. I turn and see Sam and Jennifer standing there. Jen says, ” Here let me help you” and Sam tosses a bar towel to us. As I get up, Sam offers a hand and I take it. He pulls me to him and brushes my lips with his! I don’t know why, but I kissed him back. Then I realized Jen was still there! She simply smiled and said “all clean now”. As Sam released me, I turned to get the drinks I had been sent for and Jen softly cupped my ass and said “nice”. The sensations in me were going crazy. Maybe it was the margaritas, but I knew better.

Trip Back to College

Theresa was back in her college town visiting with some friends at a local bar. It was getting a little late. As her friends were getting ready to leave, she decided that she wasn’t ready to call it a night. Little did she know how THAT decision would change her night!

Theresa was a little thing, standing just 5 feet tall, weighing about 100 pounds. She had a gorgeous body matched with blonde hair and blue eyes. She thought she looked better now, 15 years out of college, than she did when she was taking classes – and her friends said the same thing!

As she sat at the bar people watching, she noticed a group of college “kids” walk in laughing and joking around. They came up to the bar next to where she was sitting, and she was reminded of the fun times she had while she attended school. There were 4 guys and 1 girl in the group. Since there was only one seat available, the girl sat next to Theresa, as the guys stood around. The girl seemed to be the ringleader of the group.

They quickly finished a round of drinks, and ordered another. Theresa noticed that the group got into a quick huddle then dispersed, leaving the two girls sitting next to each other.

“Hi, sexy. My name’s Hannah, what’s yours?”

“Theresa. Very nice to meet you.”

” I noticed you sitting here when we first walked in. Are you waiting for someone?” Hannah asked.

“No. I met some friends up here earlier, and decided that I didn’t want to go yet.”

“Good idea!” Hannah replied with a wink, as she put her hand on Theresa’s thigh and gave a little squeeze.

They chatted for a while getting to know each other a little better. Hannah was a very striking redhead with long curly hair, and a body that just wouldn’t quit. She attributed that to her gymnastic career, which was cut short due to a knee injury. She couldn’t compete anymore, but she still practiced to keep her agility and flexibility.

They had downed 3 shots of Jagermeister in about 5 minutes. Theresa had already had a few drinks in her before hand. By this point, she was feeling really good. The guys had returned after a while telling Hannah they were ready to head to the party. As she got up from her seat, she turned to Theresa.

“Why don’t you come to the party with us?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t think that would be a good idea. Me going to a party with you kids,” she said laughing.

“Are you kidding me? You’re hot! No one would think twice if you were a couple years older than we were,” one of the guys said.

That caught Theresa by surprise, but she was very flattered and agreed to go with them. What the heck, she thought to herself. She was heading home the next day anyhow. And she wanted to have some fun that night. Little did she know what was going to come next.

She hopped into one of the cars with Hannah. They both rode in the back seat together. As they started driving, the shots finally hit the two girls, and they started laughing uncontrollably and anything. Hannah took the opportunity to start rubbing Theresa’s thigh again. Probably as a reflex, Theresa started to return the favor, following her lead. They were both in mini skirts, so there was plenty of leg for each of them to explore.

Wife Gets It

This actually happened about a year ago, while my wife and I were on vacation in Costa Rica.

First, let me tell you a bit about us… we are both attractive, and in our mid-30’s. We have a very healthy sexual relationship, and we enjoy sex on a very regular basis. As the years have gone by, we have tried many things, and explored new fantasies and scenarios. I have a healthy, normal cock, and my wife enjoys sucking it and fucking it.

However, I continued to have this fantasy about a group of well-endowed guys taking her pussy to new limits. Of course, this is a common fantasy with many guys, but I am not sure too many guys would actually want to have it happen.

My wife’s pussy is extremely tight, and even better, she has the ability to contract her pussy while I am fucking her, almost creating the feeling of getting a blow-job while you are fucking her. It is an incredible feeling. The odd thing is that no matter how much we fuck, her pussy always seems just as tight as it was before. In fact, I often look at it, and feel it, just to see if I am having any effect on it.

Well, one night while we were in Costa Rica, we asked the taxi cab drive to take us to a fun place for “adults only”. He obliged, and dropped us off at a hotel on the outside of Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s most northwestern province. This particular place had some great food, bars, and swimming pools. Best yet, it seemed to be filled with attractive couples, from all parts of the world.

As we walked around, we also noticed that everyone was dressed in clothing that did not leave much to the imagination. Conveniently for us, I had told my wife to wear something provocative, so she obliged by wearing a miniskirt with no panties underneath, and a top that made her tits look incredible.

Now, keep in mind that my wife had no intention of doing anything other than watching. I had told her that we would just have some drinks, hang out, and watch people getting it on. Then, we figured we would get a room and fuck our brains out.

Night Out For Debbie

Debbie was a tall Beautiful woman, who has one hell of a body. She is 5’10 long blonde hair with 38 DD boobs. Debbie loved to go out dancing and often did it on her own. She worked as a Para legal at a big law office and made pretty good money. On Friday night after work she went home and made something to eat. Then showered and got ready to go out. She heard about this new dance club that she was going to check out. Debbie was excited to be going to this new place and not have to put up with the same old boring men she sees every weekend. She was thinking maybe she might meet a real nice guy and start a nice relationship. So she finished dressing and doing her makeup. Made sure her hair was the way she liked it and headed out the door.

As she was driving to the club, she noticed the neighborhood was run down a bit and wondered what this club will be like in this part of town.

When she pulled up in front of the place there was a line waiting to get into the place. She stopped in front and a valet came over and asked her if she needed her car parked. She said oh yes thank you and stepped out of her car. Another Valet took her right to the front door ahead of the waiting line. She was escorted right inside the door by this valet person and she wondered why she is being giving this special treatment.I guess the Valet saw the puzzled look on her face and told her that when you use the valet service, you don’t have to wait in line. Debbie thought oh that is so cool.

Debbie was impressed with the inside of the club and the size of this place. She eased over to the bar and ordered her wine. She was looking around and checking out the place and people when the bartender brought her the wine. She saw a small table with two seats that was open and moved over to it. She set her glass on the table and sat down. Looking around checking out the guys in this place and the dancers. She was sizing up who she might accept an offer from to dance with.

She was sitting there for maybe two minutes, when she had her first offer to dance. She told the Guy no thank you, and thought what a geek. Then about five minutes later another guy dressed like someone from the 70’s disco era. He asked her to dance and she again declined.

Debbie sat there for over a half hour, before someone she thought was nice asked her to dance. She accepted and he followed her to the dance floor.

Debbie danced several dances before the guy told her he needed a break. He walked her back to her table and told her thank you for the dances. Several minutes later the waitress brought her two glasses of wine and told her it was from the gentleman over at a table on the other side. She looked up and seen him waving at her. She smiled and waved back at the guy she had just danced with. So she sat there for about 15 more minutes before he came back and asked her to dance again.

She was on the dance floor and he was asking her questions and answering hers too. They danced and talked for several more songs before taking a break. On their way back to her table, Tommy asked Debbie if she would like to sit at his table with him and all his friends. Debbie seen that he was at a big table with about 20 other people. She thought for only a second then told him she would love to. That sitting there by herself she is pray to all the losers that keep coming up to her. At least this way they won’t bother her at all.

She sat beside Tommy and he introduced her to everyone at the table. They all seemed very nice and friendly. She felt very comfortable there with them and started to really enjoy herself more.

She was thinking that she is drinking way too much wine and she feels it in her head and bladder. She excuses herself to make a trip to the bathroom and stands up feeling a bit light headed. She headed to the bathroom and when she was done splashed water on her face to snap out of it.

As Debbie returned to the table, she noticed that Tommy had two more glasses of wine in her spot. She told him he shouldn’t have, that she has a three glass limit. He assured her that he’d make sure she got home safe, even if he has to call the taxi himself. He told her to relax and let her hair down and has fun.

She continues to dance a lot with Tommy and others from the table, even several of the other women. Each time she would find her glass full of the wine she was drinking.

By the end of the night Debbie seemed not to care anymore and was downing her wine like water. She was drunk as hell and feeling like she doesn’t want to end the evening. She was in fact real drunk.

Tommy told her the whole gang was going back to his house to party more and asked her if she would like to go with them. He told her to leave her car and she could get it tomorrow. She agreed and was having the time of her life.

When they arrived at Tommy’s place, she was impressed at his house and the setup. This was a big beautiful house and they all went downstairs to the Basement where she was amazed even more. It looked like a night club, with a dance floor. She walked up to the bar and Tommy poured her another glass of wine. As she sipped it she noticed one of the other guys putting some white stuff on a mirror and sniffing it up his nose. So she asked Tommy if it was drugs. Tommy told her that it was coke and some of them like to do it and party all night. Tommy asked her if she has ever done any, she said no. Then he asked her if she might want to try a little of it. She was scared be excited too.

So Tommy told the guy to bring it over for her. They told her how to use it and all. She took a big snort of the powder and man it burnt her nose. Tommy told her it’s normal to feel it burn your nose like that, but in a few minutes she would be feeling great. Tommy grabbed her hand and went to the dance floor and started dancing with her. After about 5 songs she started feeling funny and guessed it was the coke. Man she thought this is nice. She could feel the coke working on her and it made her feel good. Debbie asked Tommy if she could have more or something else that would make her feel good like this did.

Tommy walked over to behind the bar and came back with a pill. He told her to open up her mouth and he had a surprise for her. She tried to ask what it was, but Tommy just put his fingers to her lips and said take this. It will make you feel better than the coke did. She opened her mouth and he put it in. He handed her his drink and she took a drink to wash the pill down.

After about a half hour she was feeling really good and hot. She took off her outer shirt, with her light blue halter showing off her big beautiful breast. She was dancing with two other women and they were staring at her. They in turn took off their shirts to be only in their bras. Debbie thought that this was cool and followed suit.

The three women were dancing up a storm while the rest of the guests were watching these women. After a few more minutes the other two women were grinding in front and back of Debbie, She was getting really hot and excited.

The women behind her reached around Debbie and unsnapped her jeans. At first it startled her, but then it excited her even more. The women in front of her pulled her zipper down. Then they both at the same time started pulling her jeans down her legs.

Debbie just followed their lead and stepped out of the jeans after kicking her shoes off. The two other women were grinding hard into Debbie and she was getting down right horny. When the one behind her pulled down her panties to the floor. By this point Debbie was drunk and high and didn’t care, she was enjoying these two other women making her feel good. Then the one in front reached around her and unhooked her bra, pulling it forwards off her arms.

The women behind her started feeling her ass cheeks, and the one in front was licking and sucking on her breasts. This made Debbie feel like she would explode any minute. She just closed her eyes and was enjoying this with great pleasure. Then she felt something or someone between her legs. Peeking down to see what was going on, she seen the one behind her now down between her legs licking at her pussy.

The woman spread her lips and began flicking her tongue out at Debbie’s clit. Debbie just rolled her head back and was feeling like never before. When the women put her lips on Debbie’s clit and started sucking it and flicking it with her tongue. Debbie couldn’t hold back anymore, she let out a moan that drowned out the music.

The two women took her by the hand and led her off the dance floor to a big blue mat. They laid her on it and began going to work on her again. This time the women switched places and one went down on her pussy while her fingers went inside of Debbie. And the other women was licking, sucking on one breast then the other.

Tommy was watching this with great excitement and decided to join in on the fun. He took off his clothes and lay down by Debbie’s head. He began kissing her softly at first and then more passionate. Tommy then slides himself around to place his cock at her face.

Debbie saw the cock near her face and reached with one hand to grab a hold of it. She began to lick it with her tongue for awhile. After a few minutes of this she wrapped her lips around it and began sucking this cock. She was getting so much pleasure from the two women and it was making her want sex really bad.

Debbie was sucking really hard on Tommy’s cock when he started pumping it further into her mouth. He tells her to deep throat it for him. And as she tried to put it down her throat she started gagging. So Tommy grabbed her head and pushed it hard down onto his cock. He pushed her face all the way down to his hair and she could feel the hairs tickling her nose.

Tommy began pumping his cock down her throat with hard thrusts as he felt the tingling growing in his balls. Tommy knew that soon he was going to blow his load in her mouth. So he pulled her head back so only the head was in her mouth. He told her to suck really hard on it and just quickly swallow it.

Debbie felt the cock in her mouth growing and starting to pulse. When she felt the juices eject out into her mouth with a strong force. She did as she was told and quickly swallowed it as fast as she could. Debbie herself started coming with the biggest orgasm she has ever felt.

Tommy offered her his hand to pull her up to take a break. When she looked there were 10 or 12 bodies laying there licking and sucking on each other. Tommy told her she needed a drink and maybe more.

At the bar she drank the entire glass of wine straight down and Tommy poured her another one. He also pulled the mirror out and told her to do a line up each side of her nose this time. Debbie was feeling really good and wanted to feel even better. So she did two lines, one up each side. Then drank half her wine down. And Tommy told her to open her mouth again.

Tommy put another pill in Debbie’s mouth and she drank the rest of her wine to wash it down. Then Tommy took her hand and took her back to the mat. He began kissing her and kissing up and down her neck. His Hands were felling her breasts, and then his mouth lowered to them where he began licking and sucking on the nipples.

Tommy then lowered Debbie down onto the mat where he pulled her over on top of him. She reached back and took a hold of his cock and lowered her pussy onto it. She was riding Tommy’s cock when she felt something at her face again. She opened her eyes to see one of the other guys standing there with his cock in her face.

Tommy told her go ahead and suck on it. It will make you come harder, so she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking it. She thought Tommy was right cause this is making me even more hornier then ever. After a few minutes of this, she felt something else behind her. Then she felt something going into her ass. At first it hurt a lot, but after a little while it was beginning to feel really great.

Debbie was rocking her body in every direction trying to get the most pleasure from the three cocks inside of her. When she felt the cocks explode one after another inside of her. But at the same time she began coming herself and she rocked even harder. The cock in her mouth came out and she pulled herself forward, and then fell over beside Tommy. She lowered her head to his cock and began sucking on it to get it hard for some more fun.

While she was sucking on Tommy another guy lay down behind her and began fucking her from behind. About the fourth thrust Debbie began coming again and she could feel wave after wave of cum flowing from her pussy. This drove her wild and she sucked harder on Tommy’s cock.

Tommy pulled his cock from her mouth and stood her upright. He had the other guy fucking her stand up too and fuck her in a standing position. While he shoved his cock up her ass. Tommy reached around her and was playing with one of her breasts, while the other guy was sucking on the other one.

Debbie felt several more orgasms before the two men came inside her. Then Tommy had her lay down again while three other guys fucked her holes. And this kept up for hours and at times other women would be at her. Sometimes she would have a pussy in her face and lick other women.

When she woke up in the afternoon, there were bodies laying naked everywhere. She even had one guy sleeping with his face between her legs. She thought what a night that was and looked to find Tommy laying there with two women laying on his chest. Debbie shook Tommy to wake him and he got up to take her in his arms. He began kissing her lips then neck then down to her breasts. Then on down to her pussy and had her sit down on a stool so he could get to her pussy easier.

Debbie leaned back against the bar while Tommy was licking and sucking her pussy. Every once in a while he would run his tongue down to her hole and dart his tongue inside her pussy hole, then run it on down to her ass and force his tongue inside her asshole. This drove her wild and she grabbed his head pulling it down closer to her love box. Then pull it back up to her clit and pushing his head hard as he sucked on the clit. This kept up for 15 minutes, until she started bucking wildly with a big orgasm.

They both showered together making love again, before Tommy drove her back to the club to get her car. He asked her if she liked everything and she told him hell yes. She wrote her phone number down for him and made plans to meet him back at the club later that night.

Tommy drove off, leaving her standing there with a big smile on her face. Thinking to herself that she can’t wait until tonight.

My Girl At The Frat Party

Sarah was a good friend of my girlfriend. They had been friends throughout high school, and were now good friends in college. Sarah came down to stay with Jeni (my girlfriend) for a weekend. They had planned to just do some shopping and a little bit of partying.

Jeni and I had been dating quite some time. We had a wonderful sex life together, in part because both of us enjoyed being kinky, though Jeni was shy. I had taken her virginity at 17 as far as I know she has only been with me since we dated since 15 and now we are 23. You name it, we did it. She had nice long brown hair and great tits with a perfect tan.

I decided to go with Jeni to a frat party they were going to. I know that Jeni was just going because Sarah wanted to go. Of course I was let in since I brought the chicks with me. Jeni wore a revealing v neck and short skirt, I loved her dressing. She wore high heels, with stockings up to her beautiful thighs. Sarah also dressed sexy tonight with a strapless shirt. Jeni caught me looking at Sarah a couple times during the night but didn’t say anything. It was to be expected with Sarah’s nipples poking out of her shirt, the girl had to want to be looked at.

Both of them were drinking quite a bit, Sarah especially. I hadn’t seen Jeni for awhile and was ready to leave. I went and told Sarah that I was looking for my girlfriend to leave. She got in close to me and rubbed herself against me. I was enjoying it but knew I shouldn’t do such a thing, I know Jeni is faithful and so am I. Sarah told me Jeni went up to use the bathroom I went upstairs and heard some moaning going on.

I quickened my pace because I did not want Jeni exposed to others doing these things. My curiosity got me though and I looked into the door. There was party music going on, and dim lights. Once my eyes adjusted I saw three guys and a girl. IT was my girlfriend jeni! I was so mad I didn’t know what to do. No one saw me standing there, and no one noticed. I then started to feel something I never thought would happen in this case, I got a hard on.

Coworkers Fuck My Wife

Two of my workmates and I have established a “Get Drunk” policy for Fridays after work. The local cops and courts have cracked down on drunken driving (rightly so, IMO) making it too risky and too expensive to drive after drinking. We’ve started taking turns hosting drunken sleep-overs. The host holds all car keys until the next morning. We drink beers, shoot some tequila, smoke a joint or several, then claim a couch or recliner until Sat. morning.

I was hosting one night, but didn’t notice we were low on tequila until we were too drunk to drive. I asked my wife, Ann, to go to the party store for supplies.

“OK, what do you need?”

“A fifth of Cuervo Gold, and a dozen condoms!”

Ann laughed, “You don’t use condoms.”

They’re not for ME,” I said.


Jessie Gets Sandwiched

Jessie was slowly becoming my girlfriend, rather than a whore that I fucked along with the rest of the house. She still fucked other guys from time to time, but she was no longer the drunk girl being passed around at every party. We spent time together, got to know each other, and began to fall in love.

This was nice for a while, but I had, after all, fallen in love with a fratslut, not the girl next door. So, I decided to set her up for her first double-fuck. She’d been trained a couple of times, but she’d never had more than one cock in her body at the same time. That was going to change. But I couldn’t narrow the lucky guy down to just one – I picked my three closest buds to share one of the few firsts Jessie had left. The plan was to get her drunk (never too hard), and while I fucked her, for them to sneak into my room and join in. The lucky threesome (Tony, Andy and Troy) had all fucked Jessie before, but they’d never had the chance to really enjoy themselves with her.

We picked a Tuesday night, since none of us had Wednesday classes. We nearly always drank on Tuesdays, with or without girls over. So, Jessie didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when I made sure she was there that particular Tuesday night. As usual, there were about a dozen guys hanging around, getting drunk and looking for a way to break up the monotony of the week.