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Chubby Slut Misty

Misty sat in her dorm room on another lonely Saturday night. This was how she spent all of her Saturdays. A nineteen-year-old girl ending her freshman year in college, Misty’s life was an ongoing tale of sexual frustration. She had always had a pretty face, with full lips, large blue eyes, and long curly blonde hair. But Misty had also always been the chubby girl.

She had been burdened with extra weight all of her life and never seemed to lose it, no matter how hard she tried. Despite her large, full 38D breasts, Misty’s chubby body kept her from getting the attention she craved from men. She was constantly aching for sex, but could never find a willing participant.

Life was difficult for a chubby, horny girl on a college campus. Wherever Misty went, there was always a horde of skinny, pretty, young sorority girls to serve as competition. And they were the ones who ended up going home with the guys, not Misty. For Misty, the worst part was her roommate, Cynthia.

Cynthia was a nice enough girl, but she epitomized the “sorority slut” archetype. Cynthia rarely spent her nights in the dorm room on weekends, and was always eager to tell Misty about her experiences upon her return. Misty was so jealous of Cynthia and all the other girls like her. “Why can’t I find one guy?” she asked herself, sitting alone, “Just one guy who wants to fuck me?”

Misty’s sexual experiences were limited to self- stimulation with her trusty dildo. She often used it to play with her hairy young pussy while she was surfing the internet, looking at pornography. Misty would call up a nice, dirty picture and push the dildo deep into her wet vagina while stimulating her clit. Her favorite sites were the ones that showed glory holes. She loved the idea of sitting there sucking a constant stream of anonymous cock. Misty had even done some research on the web and found that there were glory holes at an adult bookstore about an hour from her campus.

Husband And Wife Enjoy A Glory Hole

My wife and I are in our mid-30’s and have a normal boring sex life. We decided to go away for the weekend to an area with a lot of small shops and left the kids with friends. We got into the hotel after the 3 hour drive, had dinner and sex that night and went to sleep. In the morning my wife was a little hornier than normal and we had sex that morning also.

We spent the day shopping and then drove to a restaurant in the next city. On the way there we noticed an adult book store. We decided to stop there on the way back to pick up some x-rated DVD’s and maybe s new vibrator for my wife. M wife would always send me into to those stores and she would wait in the car, this time she wanted to go in also since we were far from home and no one would know us.

We had a nice dinner and we headed to the store. It was a Saturday night and there were quite a few people in there. My wife noticed that there were booths in the back and she whispered in my ear that she wanted to give me a BJ in one of the booths.

First Gloryhole Gangbang

Carolyn didn’t really fit in at college. She’d been excited to go for weeks beforehand. She thought she was ready for a new adventure. High school had been so confining, so strange. College was where she would make some real friends, read some good books, really explore the world.

But, two weeks in, it was turning out to be a real dud. No friends really, except for her chatty roommate Rachel. No good books yet, just a bunch of freshman crap that one had to read. And all anyone wanted to do was to drink and do drugs and party, all of which was not her scene. Carolyn was a quiet girl. She wanted to have fun, but not to be so drunk that she couldn’t remember it the next day.

Carolyn had grown up in the country, in a conservative little town. She was cute as a button, with long blonde hair that went halfway down her back and soft features that made her look younger than she actually was. No one would mistake her body for a child’s though. She was only 18 but she had the curves of a woman, such that when she wore her favorite outfits, most of which were low cut cotton dresses that stopped just above the knee, she had heads turning.

But all she really wanted was someone to understand her. She didn’t want the attention of guys. She usually didn’t even notice. She’d had a boyfriend in high school who she’d fooled around with, even had sex once or twice, but it was short lived. It wasn’t her thing.

Sally Tries Out a Glory Hole

“I know this is a strange town but I’m sure you’ll be safe,” I told Sally, “I’ll be with you.” We were on vacation and I was trying to persuade her to go with me to an adult video shop I’d seen a few miles from our motel. “We can look for a new vibrator for you,” I continued.

“Well, okay, it might be interesting,” Sally finally replied. I then told her about some of the women I had seen in other shops. I remember one foxy blonde in particular who had dressed in a very revealing outfit and was all over her husband while they shopped for vibrators. I had gotten so turned on watching her. I knew if I dressed Sally up for a video shop visit, the other men in the place would be just as turned on.

Sally is my fifty-year old wife. She has taken such good care of herself that she looks ten years younger. She’s a bit plump and is self-conscious about her weight but I tell her that a lot of men prefer a woman with a fuller figure. And so many men have preferred Sally’s fuller figure over the past several years. that I have lost count.

I must confess that I enjoy sharing Sally with other men. She is such an incredibly sexy woman that I just couldn’t keep such a natural resource to myself. She has large 38C breasts, a fairly narrow waistline, belly that pooches out a little and full thighs. Her bottom is just the right size, it is particularly attractive when it’s up in the air while she’s on her knees giving head. She has a very pretty face, blonde hair and blue eyes.