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Bukkake Dee

It was a set up. My lovely wife Dee had always stirred me that she wanted to be gang banged. She is 39, almost 40 actually- her birthday being in June 15th. She stands 5’10’ tall and is a stunning long-legged blonde with nice perky breasts and the most amazing blue cock sucking eyes I have ever had the pleasure of gazing into.

Our sex life was speckled with multi-partner adventures. She loved cock…what can I say?

I told her to meet me at the Bouncing Balls pool parlour. We loved to play pool and had our own table. I told her some friends were meeting us there. I told her to dress sexy – short skirt and heels. I knew she would, as she loved to tease other guys and make their wives shitty with her flirting. The name of the pub was a strange coincidence…because before long balls would be bouncing all over my hot wife’s chin.

Without letting her know, I had booked the back room of the Bouncing Ball. It was famous for wild parties and buck’s night celebrations. The owner pretty much turned a blind eye to what went on in there, as it was separated from the rest of the place by two security doors, and as long as he got paid, what the hell.

When Dee arrived, she as shown through to the back room by the bouncer, Tony. I’d paid him an extra $50 cash to look after things on the night.

For three weeks I’d been organising the men. I didn’t want anyone that either Dee or I knew. I’d posted a few ads on the internet and managed to find twenty blokes that met the criteria. Without going into it in too much detail, they had to be young, well muscled and clean of disease. Dee has a thing for muscled guys, and I was insistent that they were proven disease free before letting them loose on the wife!

Walking through the door and into the back room, Dee stopped and looked very surprised and shy. She also looked fucking hot. She didn’t know a soul, because I was hidden behind the video camera panel next to the DJ area. She was dressed just as I suspected she would be. Black mini, red crop top and boots. She looked horny as! A young guy walked up and offered his hand. Warily, Dee shook it and was lead to the bar. Three other guys joined the group and she was given a drink. Before too long, she was asked for a game of pool, and proceeded to play with most of the guys watching. As she bent over the table, many of the guys started cat calling and whistling.

I could see Dee was getting horny, because she was winking and smiling at each of the guys as they watched. She’d had three drinks by this time, and I knew she would be feeling very hot. It doesn’t take many to get her fired up. As she bent to play her next shot, the ball was a fair distance up the table. Her short skirt hiked itself up and over her thigh, exposing the cheek of her magnificent tight butt. A young stud on the stool nearby stood up and rubbed her cheek with his hand. Dee did not flinch. She nailed the 7 ball in the corner pocket, before removing his hand and continuing her turn. Her next shot she potted the 3 but the white went in off. The fella she was playing with said,

“I tell you what baby, take off your top and I’ll forfeit my two shots.”

Without a comment, my horny hot wife put down her cue, and with a maximum of tease, peeled off the skintight red top she was wearing. Braless and with nipples erect on her 34C breasts, she picked up her cue and waited for him to have his shot.

Her next turn she committed the cardinal sin…potted the black.

“Damn honey…you lose…looks like I get to choose which item you take off next. I pick your skirt baby! Now get it off..”

Stephanie and the Poker Game

Stephanie, my girlfriend has heard for a while now about my buddies and the poker games I hold, she has always wanted to meet them and I told her the next game she was invited but she had to behave because Stephanie has quite a wild streak, she told me she would and sounded almost giddy looking forward to the game. I told her okay baby we will have the game on Saturday night.

Saturday night is here and steph is ready to play hostess, she is wearing a nice outfit, not to revealing but definitely accentuates her big beautiful round butt. The blouse shows just enough cleavage to get noticed but not so much so that seems slutty. Her skirt goes down to her knees but is very tight fitting. Steph has long dark hair that accentuates her beautiful blue eyes and porcelain skin.

Steph hears the doorbell and asks me if she can get the door, I said sure baby go welcome out guests. As she opens the door, my friend Andres arrives, he is always the first to arrive and tonight is no different.

He was shocked to see Stephanie because we have a motto at our poker games, no girls allowed, this is suppose to be boys night out where we can get together and talk and b.s. with each other without worrying what our wives think, by the way all the guys but me are married, so they really like coming to the games to get away from their wives.

So when Steph open the door he had not only a surprised look but slightly disgusted when he saw a woman was going to be there, that disgust quickly melted away when Steph turned around in reaction to me welcoming Andres in, as she turned to look at me, Andres couldn’t keep his eyes of her shapely ass, he noticed he was staring too long, looked up at me, realized he was caught and blushed, I gave him a knowing smile with a shrug off my shoulders.

Tale of Two Titties

As I walked in the door, coming home from the office, I saw my wife Carolyn standing by the cabinet preparing dinner. Carolyn has a body built like a brick shit house with all the fixtures in the right place. Today she looked especially good wearing a skimpy halter top with a pair of low cut shorts that fit snugly around her ass with the outline of her bikini panties showing through.

Crossing the room and walking up behind her I reached around and cupped one of her tits with my hand while caressing her ass with the other and gave her a little nibble on the earlobe. “Whats for dinner?” I asked while dropping my hand from her tit to rub her cunt suggestively.

“Company” she replied.

I heard a voice from the den calling “Come on in, we have the fire going.” As I entered the room, Ron, a friend of the family rose from a recliner with a drink in his hand and a bulge in the front of his pants. “You horny old bastard” I said, “What the hell are you doing over here?”

“His wife is out of town and he was lonely so I asked him over for dinner and drinks.” Carolyn said as she came into the room bringing me a drink.

Kicking off my shoes I sat on the couch, sipped my drink and watched Carolyn walk back into the kitchen, her ass moving like two pigs caught in a gunny sack. As I thought of what could have been, my dick started to swell and I realized what Ron probably was thinking when I came home.

At dinner Ron could not keep his eyes off Carolyn, everytime she leaned over the table her tits bulged against the halter top with the nipples pressing against the cloth. I noticed that as she moved around the table she found several excuses to bump both Ron and myself with her ass, one time rubbing her cunt on Ron’s shoulder.

After dinner we all got fresh drinks and moved back into the den. Sitting on the floor in front of the fire Carolyn stretched her legs out and ran her hand slowly up and down the inside of her thigh.

Ron and I sat on either side of her sipped our drinks and watched the fire burn, while I was thinking of the fun we could be having if only he wasn’t here.

As the alcohol and warmth from the fire took effect I draped my arm over Carolyn’s shoulder and let my hand drop into the top of her halter. Slowly rubbing and kneading the nipple of her titty I looked over to find Ron staring at her mound and rubbing the bulge in his pants. I caught his eye and nodded at Carolyn’s halter top and my hand.

As Carolyn leaned her head back and closed her eyes, Ron put his hand under her halter and began to caress her other tit. After a few minutes she began to moan softly under her breath and move her ass back and forth over the carpet.

I unsnapped the halter top from the back and letting it fall leaned over and began sucking and licking the nipple on my titty while Ron started to suck on the nipple he was working on. As I sucked on Carolyn’s tit my dick got larger and harder until I thought that it would break the zipper on my pants. Looking up I saw that Carolyn was rubbing the bulge in Rons pants and as I watched she slowly unzipped him and pulled out 8 inches of the hardest dick I have ever seen.

“Lets see what you have in here.” Carolyn whispered as she turned to me and began to open my trousers. Reaching in she pulled out my throbbing prick.

Leaning back on the couch Carolyn took Ron’s dick with her other hand and clasping both shafts she began to slowly squeeze and massage them while running her thumbs around and over the heads of our dicks. As our pricks got harder and larger Carolyn rotated her cute little ass seductively and said in a low sultry voice “What a pair of joy sticks. I can’t wait to see what you boys are going to do with them.”

Continuing to slowly suck on Carol’s nipple I eased my hand into her shorts and down to her slit, rubbing and caressing her mound and clit as I went. Slipping my fuck finger into her hot slippery cunt I began to run it in and out sliding it over her clit.

“Oh shit, that feels good.” Carolyn moaned as she began to jack off both Ron and I while humping her slit on my finger.

Taking Carol’s hand from his prick, Ron clasped her head with both hands and gave her a long deep tongue kiss, probing deep into her mouth, then slowly lowered her head to his swollen, throbbing dick.

“Come on, Baby. Give me a blow job.” Ron breathed. “Lets get those lips working on old Ron’s dick.” he pleaded.

As I watched, Carolyn turned over onto her knees, ran her tongue around the head of his dick licking every inch of it and slowly took that enlarged prod into her mouth and began to suck it while moaning and humping her ass back and forth.

Getting on my knees behind Carolyn I watched her suck Rons dick while he lay back with eyes closed, running his hands through her long black hair and pumping that rod in and out of her mouth I slowly began to masturbate with one hand while with the other I pulled her shorts and panties down around her knees.

Knowing what was coming Carolyn began to suck faster and faster on Rons dick while twisting her ass in the air and moaning. Rubbing the head of my dick up and down the crack of her ass I reached between her legs with my other hand and began to massage her hot slippery little cunt, slowly running a finger up into it and pulling it out then lightly running the tip of my finger around her clit, pushing it back and forth until it stood out like a miniature prick.

Moaning and groaning she pumped her ass faster in the air, and attacked Ron’s dick with a vengeance. The faster she sucked on his dick the more I rubbed her ass with mine and the harder I rubbed her clit. As Ron began to gyrate his hips he grabbed Carolyn’s head with both hands and crying “GODDAMN THATS GOOD” he began to fuck her in the mouth while I stroked her cunt faster and faster.

By this time my prick was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it and was throbbing with desire. Grabbing her ass with both hands, spreading it wide and opening her little pussy I shoved 10 inches of swollen dick so deep in her cunt that my balls were banging her ass. Raising her head from Ron’s dick she begged “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, GODDAMNIT GIVE ME SOME DICK” before Ron grabbed her by the hair and stuck his prick back into her mouth.

“Suck me!” Ron pleaded. “SUCK MY DICK, BITCH.”

As I began stroking my 10 inch dick in and out of Carolyns tight little cunt, she was working on the head of Ron’s dick like it was an all day sucker. Sliding it in and out of her mouth while slowly running her fingers over Ron’s balls, moaning “Give me some more dick” and pushing her tight ass back against my stomach.

Ron began frantically to move his hips, thrusting his rock hard prick faster and faster into Carolyns mouth while grunting “uuhhh uuhhh I’m cuming, oh shit I’m cuming”.

Jerking his throbbing cock out of Carolyn’s mouth Ron grabbed it with his hand, gave it one pump and erupted. Squirting cum over Carolyn’s face, Ron jerked his hips back and forth rubbing his prick over Carolyn’s lips and cheeks while she licked the side of his shaft sucking up every last drop of golden cum.

As I watched Ron shoot his cum into my wife’s face I was steadily running my 10 inches of meat into her cunt, driving it in so deep that my balls were slapping on her ass every stroke I made. Carolyn suddenly buried her face in Ron’s pubic hair, tensed her body and while wildly gyrating her ass cried “SHIT, I’M CUMING. OH SHIT, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME, PUT IT TO ME HARD, OHHH SSHHITT!”

As she shook her ass, her little pussy began to contract around the shaft of my cock, contracting and loosening it felt like she was trying to eat my dick with her cunt. Faster and faster I poured the dick to her until with a great spasm my back stiffened and I put it in all the way to the root while my dick jerked and bucked squirting cum into her belly. After several spasms cum was running around my prick, trickling down the lips of her pussy and running down her thighs. With a final sigh I fell to the floor while Carolyn, her face still buried in Ron’s crotch dropped off her knees, her cum smeared pussy falling across my face.

“So this is what goes on while I am away!” a voice said.

Looking up we saw Joyce, Ron’s wife standing in the doorway with her hand on her hip.

“I should have known that you dirty bastards were having a party balling each other.” she said.

“Well I caught you at it and now you are just going to have to do it again, with me included this time.” Joyce said as she slipped her dress down over her hips and stepped out of it. Unsnapping her bra and dropping it to the floor Joyce stepped toward us.

Chapter Two

As Joyce pulled into the drive she noticed the house was dark although Ron’s car was in the garage.

“Ron must be next door visiting with Odell and Carolyn” she thought as she turned off the engine and opened the door. Crossing the yard, she walked to Odell’s front door and started to ring the bell when she noticed the door was slightly ajar.

Pushing the door open she started to call out for someone when she heard someone cry “SUCK MY DICK, BITCH.”

“That sounds like Ron” she thought and quietly entered the house and walked down the hall to the den door. Stopping in the doorway she saw her husband, Ron lying on his back with Carolyn kneeling beside him, working on his dick with her lips and tongue, while Carolyn’s husband Odell was on his knees behind her grunting with passion and slamming his 10 inch cock into Carolyn’s cunt.

Breathlessly Joyce leaned in the doorway watching Carolyn grunt and moan, humping her ass on Odell’s prick and getting balled from both ends.

Joyce felt her pussy warming as the nipples under her dress hardened and erected. Opening the buttons on her dress Joyce let it slide from her shoulders and drop to the floor.

Pantiless and wearing nothing under her dress but a black lace garter belt fastened to her black hose, Joyce reached for her cunt and began to run her fingertip over her clit while with her other hand she rubbed and caressed her titty.

As Joyce’s clit got harder, her pussy became swollen with passion and hot slippery love juice flowed across her cunt lips and down her thigh. Joyce, moaning with pleasure, slipped her finger into her slit and began slowly fucking herself as she watched the action. As her finger became covered with her love juice, Joyce would raise it to her mouth and run her tongue around it licking off her juices before returning it to her cunt continuing to fuck herself.

Her pussy got hotter and hotter, swelling with the love juices flowing as she watched the three on the floor. Suddenly Ron pulled his dick from Carolyn’s mouth and shot cum all over her face as Carolyn cried “Oh shit I”m cuming. Give it to me” and began banging her ass harder and faster back on Odell’s prong.

While Odell kept stroking his hot, throbbing cock into Carolyn’s pussy, Joyce, gasping for breath was pumping her finger in and out of her slit and as Odell spasmed, cried out and started pumping cum into Carolyn’s twat Joyce gasped. Her cunt contracted, twitched and a tremendous shudder ran over her body as she had a violent orgasm.

The three people on the floor collapsed into a mass of tangled bodies as Joyce slid her finger from her twat, running the tip over her quivering little clit, and leaned weakly against the doorjamb.

After a moment Joyce stood up and said “So this is what goes on while I am away!. I should have known that you dirty bastards were having a party balling each other.” she said. “Well I caught you at it and now you are just going to have to do it again, with me included this time.” Joyce said as she began to walk across the room toward us.

Joyce was a tall slim woman with long blonde hair that fell to her waist. As she walked toward us she pulled her hair over her shoulders so it fell across her breasts and partially covered them, leaving just the hardened nipples protruding through. Wearing no panties, her blonde pubic bush stood out in the black frame of her garter belt and hose. Her little twat glistened with moisture and desire as she approached Odell.

While doing a seductive bump and grind with her hips Joyce approached Odell, who was sitting on the floor, and putting her legs over his shoulders placed her hot little slippery cunt in front of his face.

Taking her long blond hair and wrapping it around Odell’s head she slowly pulled his mouth to her slit.

“Odell, honey” she whispered, “I watched while Carolyn gave my husband a tremendous blow job. Wouldn’t you like to repay the favor with my hot little ass?”

As she whispered Joyce began to move her hips sliding her pussy over Odell’s face, smearing love juice over his lips. Hungrily Odell’s tongue darted out tickling Joyce’s erect clit and entered her slit, lapping and sucking at her lips.

As Odell sucked at Joyce’s honey box, his dick, swollen and erect, was throbbing with desire. Placing one arm around Joyce’s ass, pulling her cunt even closer to his questing tongue, Odell began to rub and massage his prick with the other.

While watching his wife being eaten by Carolyn’s husband, Ron slid across the floor and sitting behind Carolyn, pulled her back between his legs. Reaching around her body, Ron began to rub and caress Carolyn’s swollen breasts with one hand while gently probing in her cunt with the fingers of the other.

As he fondled Carolyn and watched Odell eat Joyce, Ron’s cock began hardening and growing, running up Carolyn’s back. As it began throbbing with passion, Ron started hunching his hips and sliding his rock hard prong on Carolyn’s spine.

Pressing back against the red hot poker on her back, Carolyn lifted her hips so Ron could slide his greedy fingers further into her honey box.

“Oh God, that feels good” she crooned as she twitched her pussy muscles around Ron’s fingers.

“Sonofabitch!” Joyce exclaimed thrusting her golden cunt on the stiff tongue that was working in it. Pulling Odell’s face even closer to her crotch, she twisted and wiggled her ass to get all the tongue he had.

As Joyce was humping his face with her twat, Odell began to run his hand over his stiff prod. Unable to constrain himself he started jacking off as he licked and sucked all the goodies from Joyce’s slit, with a huge eruption Odell shot his wad of cum into the air splattering it across Joyce’s ass.

When Odell shot his wad, his wife Carolyn groaned, turned over on her back and pulled Ron up between her quivering thighs. Raising her legs over Ron’s shoulders she reached between her legs, got Ron’s rock hard pecker and ran the swollen head through her cunt hair and around her clit. Easing the head of Ron’s dick into her hot slippery cunt, Carolyn grabbed his ass and pulled him into her.

As Ron’s cock slid to the bottom of her hot little box Carolyn groaned “Oh shit, I love that dick. God, I love to fuck. Please give it to me, PLEASE.”

As Joyce felt Odell’s gob of cum splatter her ass, she slowly removed her pussy from his mouth and pushing him onto his back, slid down his body until she could take his still jerking meat into her mouth. As she licked and sucked on his prick it began to grow larger in her mouth, swelling until it reached it’s full 10 inches in length. Sliding her lips down the shaft of Odell’s dick Joyce licked his swollen balls and gently took them into her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue while running her fingers around the head of his dick.

As Odell moaned and twisted his hips, his swollen prick jerking in the air, Joyce raised up and straddling his rock hard member, lowered her burning cunt over it.

As he entered Joyce’s slit. Odell pulled her down to him and taking a titty in his mouth began to suck and nibble on her stiff nipple while pouring his meat to her cunt.

While his wife was getting the meat put to her by Odell, Ron still had Carolyn’s ass in the air, with her legs over his shoulders and one of her tits in each hand. As he squeezed her tits, rolling her nipples around, he was slamming his dick into her pussy so hard Carolyn would grunt with passion and slide on the carpet every time he stroked her.

“Give me more, give me some more dick!” Carolyn pleaded as she bucked and rolled her ass. “OH FUCK!” Ron shouted as he ran his prick to the bottom of Carolyn’s box stiffened, squeezed her tits with both hands and shot a load of cum into Carolyn’s cunt from his jerking prick.

As Ron shot his wad, with his quivering prick in her pussy, Carolyn with a long groan, began to wildly shake her ass and contract her pussy around his stiff prick.

“Oh shit, I’m cuming, I’m cuming!” she exclaimed as she pulled Ron down to her mouth. Running her tongue into Ron’s mouth she passionately kissed him as her orgasm roared to a climax.

Hearing Carolyn as she was cuming, Joyce worked her twat on Odell’s big pole in ever faster circles until with a loud gasp she jerked her burning ass down, burying Odell’s dick to the root as her hot slippery cunt contracted, spasmed and began to violently twitch.

Deep in the throes of an orgasm Joyce was slowly grinding her hips on Odell’s groin when with a loud “AAAHHH SSSHHIT” Odell began to frantically pump his pulsating prick into her slit.

With a huge eruption Odell’s dick jerked, spouted and shot his load of cum up into Joyce’s tight pulsating twat. As her cunt contracted and squeezed the last drop of cum from his dick Joyce dropped onto Odell’s chest and rolling to his side took his dick into her mouth and began to suck the cum from it. As Joyce cleaned Odell’s prick both Ron and Carolyn moved into place with Ron sliding is head between Joyce’s thighs and tonguing her slit sucking up Odell’s cum . Carolyn slid her cunt into Odell’s face and then took Ron’s prick and running her tongue around the shaft and over the head lovingly sucked the juice from it.

Raising her head from Odell’s dick and temporarily breaking the daisy chain, Joyce said “See, Assholes, it would be much better if you wait for me next time.”

Black Cock School For Girls

Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder’s large imposing desk. “Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you’re saying, Mz. Elder,” Carla said sternly, “you’re guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?” “That is exactly what I’m saying,” the headmistress replied smoothly, “in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!” “And oral sex?!?” Carla Scott asked. “Of course,” Marion Elder shot back, “that goes without saying.” “I just want to make sure that we understand each other,” Carla replied, “Meredith is my only daughter, and well, you understand that I only want what’s best for her!” “Of course I do, Mrs. Scott,” Carla replied gently, “we’ve been in the business of training young women in art of fucking huge black cocks for over seventy years.” “Of course your reputation is impeccable,” Marion answered quickly, “I just wanted to make sure for myself, that’s all.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Carla Elder replied. “How about a demonstration of how we operate!?!”

Harem Girl Part 1

She paddled slowly across the large pool and slid silently next to a beautiful Japanese girl and introduced herself, “Hello, my name’s Delilah, but everyone calls me Dee, I’m pretty new here, and just wondered if you could tell me exactly where we are!?!” The pretty young Asian turned to her and with incredibly sad eyes replied softly, “I’m not sure of the country, but I think we’re in the Middle East, and by the way, my name is Midori, it’s nice to meet you!” “Why are we here,” Dee asked urgently, “the last thing that I remember was walking down a bazaar in Lagos, and then nothing, until I woke up in a little room with no windows, I don’t even know what day it is, and why is everyone naked, where are our clothes!?!” Midori put her arm around the shoulder of the young American and said, “It’s a long story, but I guess we both have the time!

“I’ve been here about two years now,” the young woman related, “I was taken right off of a street in Paris where I was vacationing with some college chums from back home, it was the same for me as it was for you, all at once you are here and don’t remember anything about it!” “Why is everyone naked,” Dee asked again!?! “I’ll get to that in a moment,” Midori replied, “but the why we are here is the most important thing, and it begins with the fact that we are young and pretty, and not of Middle Eastern descent!” “Why would anyone care about that,” Dee asked softly?!? “Because men of the Middle East favor western women as their concubines,” she went on, “and while some of us may well perform those duties willingly, it is easier for someone of great means to just take us and keep us as his own!” “Y-you mean were sex slaves,” Dee replied in an unsteady voice, “my god, this is almost the twenty first century, they can’t do that to us!” “I know it is hard to comprehend,” she continued, “but no one knows where we are and would have no idea where to start looking, so we try to make the best of it!” “I’ll kill myself before I let someone rape me,” Dee said defiantly, “if they want to do me when I’m dead, well then be my guest!” The young Asian shook her head from side to side and exclaimed, “I felt the same as you when I first arrived here, but they put things in your food and give you shots to make you not care anymore,” and then with her head hung low she whispered, “and to make sure that you are always sexually aroused and ready to perform at a moments notice!”


“Are you sure you want to go,” Jeff asked Gail, “I hear it gets pretty wild, and you’re never really sure how far things are going to go!” Gail took a sip of her soda, leaned back in her chair, and replied, “Oh, come on, how wild could it be, it should be fun, I’m game if you are!” Jeff stared down at the beautiful young attorney, while all the while thinking that it was only their second date and a night at an under ground sex club might not be exactly the right thing to do! “Well,” she said, “is it yes or no!?!” “Uh, sure, Gail,” he replied, “yeah, we’ll grab a pizza and after work and then, well, you know, we’ll do it!” “Good,” she replied, “now get outa here, I’ve got a ton of work to do and if you’re smart,” she said wickedly, “you’ll get going on yours!”

“Mmmm, good pizza,” Gail offered while climbing into Jeff’s new car, “so, where is this place of wonder you’re taking me to!?!” “It’s down by the docks,” he replied while pulling smoothly into traffic, “inside of an old abandon warehouse, they change the location from time to time in case the cops get too suspicious!” “Sounds more exciting by the minute,” she replied flippantly, “I hope it lives up to its billing!” “Gail,” he said softly, “are you sure you wanna go through with this, I heard it gets pretty rough in there, and well, I don’t want anything to happen to you!” “Why Jeffery,” she said in a mocking tone, “if I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were worried about me!” “Okay,” he replied, “don’t say I didn’t warn you,” and they made the rest of the trip in silence!

Jeff turned onto Port St. and said to Gail, “We’re looking for number 318, see anything like that on any of those buildings?!?” “Uh, it’s so dark I can barely see, wait a minute, that one said 511, it’s a good two blocks more,” she replied, “it’s up there, I can see some cars parked under that street lamp!” Jeff found a spot about a half a block from the club and the two of them walked arm in arm the rest of the way! There was a bouncer standing by the front door with a flash light, checking id’s, and seeing as how Jeff and Gail were in their late twenties, he just nodded his head and let them pass! Once inside, there was makeshift ticket booth set up, and a sign over the top that read, “Men $100.00-Couples $150.00-Single Women Free”! “Wow,” Gail said, “not cheap, I’ll split it with you, I didn’t realize it was this much!” “Forget it,” he replied, “let’s go inside!”

The Hostess

“Julia, I must say that the table looks absolutely divine,” gushed her good friend Minerva. “I second that motion,” Abra rejoined enthusiastically, “I don’t know how you do it, but every time I eat here it’s like dining at The Rainbow Room.” Julia took her seat at the head of the table as her three dinner companions took theirs, that being Abra, Minerva, and last but certainly not least, Rhonda, who of course every one called Roni. As was their usual custom, they were all dressed up for their once a month dinner party. “So, Julia,” Abra asked, “what’s on the menu for this evening?.?” “Are you referring to the dinner menu or dessert,” Julia replied with a laugh.?. “Either one or both,” Abra retorted. “Well then,” Julia responded, “I guess I’ll answer both of your questions, for dinner it’s poached salmon with almonds, and for dessert, it’s, well let me show you, Mia darling, you may start bringing in the dinner.”

All of the eyes at the table turned to see who was coming through the kitchen door. “Oh, my,” Roni gasped, “s-she’s beautiful, where on earth did you find her.?.” The object of Roni’s question pushed a serving cart to the edge of the table and began placing tossed salads in front of each of the diners. Mia continued around the table until everyone was served and then asked, “Do you need anything else, Miss Julia?.?” “Not until the main course, dear,” Julia replied, “you can go into the kitchen and get everything set up.” “Very good, ma’am,” the young girl replied, “just call if you need me.” After she had left the room, the three ladies all turned to Julia and began asking all sorts of questions all at once, until finally Julia raised her hand and said, “Hold it, one at a time, we have all evening, take it easy.” Minerva was the first to speak and asked, “Good lord, how old is she, she looks so young.?.” “Eighteen,” she just graduated from high school,” Julia shot back. “Where did you ever find her,” asked Roni, “girls like her don’t grow on trees.?.” “Actually, I met her at the bank, she was applying for a job and I offered her a better one,” Julia replied. Then finally, Abra asked the evenings most pertinent question, “Is she as tasty as she looks.?.” All Julia said was, “Better.

Art Class

Mona Herron entered the studio and was glad to see that all six of her students were present and ready to begin class. During the day she taught advanced painting at the local college, but what she really enjoyed most, were these adult evening classes here at the high school. As with most of the evening sessions, this one only had six sign ups, so it was easy to give each student a lot of individual attention. Mona walked to the front of the room and addressed her students, “This is our seventh session, and tonight we have a real treat for you, we have hired one of the local college students to pose for the next hour!” “During that time you should do your best to paint him as you see him,” she continued, “and while this may seem a little too advanced for some of you, I think it will be instructive as well as an enjoyable experience for all of you, so without further or do, I’ll go get this evenings model and we can get started!”

The six ladies who made up the Wednesday evening art class at Central High, waited patiently while Mona went into an adjoining room to bring in the subject. “Class,” she said upon her return, “I would like you to meet Michael, he has been kind enough to pose for us tonight, so if you will take your place, Michael, we can get started!” David hopped up on a small raised platform that Mona had situated in middle of the room, and much to the complete surprise of everyone there, he dropped the robe he was wearing, and stood stark naked in front of everyone!


Sister Mary Francis hurried down the dark corridor while silently cursing herself, “Damn, I’m late again, I hope Mother Superior isn’t there yet!!!” Opening the large creaking door at the rear of the sanctuary, twenty sets of eyes turned to see who was late, and unfortunately, one pair belonged to Mother Superior Margaret!!! After Sister Mary Fran took her place in the fourth pew, the daily midnight vespers service continued uninterrupted for the next hour. Mary thought that she was out of the woods, until a hard rap on her door awakened her a three AM! “Sister Mary Francis,” a voice called through her door, “the Mother Superior wishes to see you in her chambers at once!!!” A cold sweat broke out over Mary’s body as she heard steps walking away from her door and on down the hall. Quickly donning her habit, she slipped on her shoes and began making the long walk to Mother Superior’s office. She could see a light shining under the office door, and with a great deal of trepidation she gave the giant oak door a hard knock, which resulted in a reverberation that filled the entire room! A voice from inside called out, “Come in, Mary Francis, it’s unlocked!”

Hidden Trail Ranch

“Oh, I don’t know,” Angie replied into the phone, “I’ve got all this house work to do, and I have to pick the kids up after school and take them to soccer practice!” “Come on,” Petra shot back, “you haven’t been out of that house in over a week, and besides, we pay membership fees, so we might as well use them!” Angie thought it over for a second or two and then responded, Okay, I’ll go, but only for and hour!!!” Afraid that her best friend might change her mind, Petra quickly said, “Good, I’ll pick you up in twenty minutes,” and then hung up! Angie shook her head while chuckling, and went off to finish up the breakfast dishes before Petra showed up!

Petra skillfully wove through traffic on their way to Hidden Trails Ranch, where both she and Angie stabled their horses. “Great day to ride, huh,” commented Petra?!? Angie rolled her eyes and replied, “It’s okay now Pete, you don’t hafta keep trying to sell me, I’m going with ya!” “Okay, okay,” Petra responded, trying her best to sound a little hurt, “I was just making conversation!!!” Before Angie could answer her friend’s little barb, Petra was pulling up to the main gate of the stable, and inserting her pass key into the automatic gate opener. Once inside and parked, the two women strolled over to the tack room, checked in, and had a stable boy start getting their horses ready. While they were waiting, they went into the locker room and changed into their riding clothes.