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Back Alley Cuckold

At the time of this story I had been in a committed relationship with Mimi for around two years. I guess you would have called her my girlfriend, however she had dropped the word ‘marriage’ a couple of times and it was obvious she wanted to take things further: Our relationship appeared rock solid. Perhaps I should have proposed, as it may have stopped the chain of events that subsequently unfolded.

Let me give you a little background. Mimi was a 24 year old Chinese girl who came to America from HK to study. She was 5 foot 8, she had a cute little bob of straight black hair, a slim athletic figure with the perkies little tits I had ever seen. She had the most adorable little butt and like most Asians, she had beautiful smooth milky skin. She was lively and outgoing. Our sex life had been fantastic.

One Friday night we had gone out drinking at the bar with some friends after classes. It had been a long night and everybody was generally wasted. Almost all of our friends had gone home and we had just called a taxi for Dave the last remaining survivor (aside from Mimi and myself). He mentioned he wanted to get some air while he waited and headed out the front. The bar was still in full swing, it was college town, but you had your regular mix of patrons. Mimi and I took a couple of stools at a small table trying to decide if we were ready to take make the trek home. She looked beautiful, in one of those tops that draped around her shoulders, covering her breasts at the front but leaving her whole back exposed. When she bent forward the cloth teased you by almost giving a direct line of site to her breasts. She was wearing a short tight skirt and no underwear. Having been dancing all night she had a fine sheen of sweat and a couple strands of her hair were plastered against her forehead and cheek – almost giving her a ‘just been fucked’ look. We had barely sat down a minute when a busty blonde waitress brought us over two shots: ‘from your admirer over there’ she added, giving us a quick smile before she quickly turned away. Both Mimi and I turned to see a guy, probably in his mid thirties raising his pint of beer as if to toast us, his eyes scanning my girlfriend’s body as he did.

I was a little infuriated, as if buying us a drink gave him the right to blatantly ogle my girlfriend in front of me. But we were both pretty drunk and Mimi turned back around to me, laughing and almost falling off her stool in the process. I smiled, we took the shots and our conversation moved on. It was clear however that Mimi had not forgotten her admirer as every now and then she took a quick look over his way. My heart was racing; did she actually have some sort of interest in this guy? For some reason beneath my irritation I was starting to get aroused by the fact my girlfriend seemed turned on by this random guy.

Following a short pause in the conversation I asked her if she wanted to go over and thank him. She turned around, this time staring at him for a couple of seconds before turning back. ‘you think so?’ she asked, almost rhetorically, before answering her own question with a quick ‘OK’. She popped off her stool and started over to the guy. Again my heart rate jumped a notch, knowing of course that nothing would come of this. I watched her make her way across the crowded room towards the stranger. He was seated with a group of around 4 other guys seemingly engaged in their own conversation. It was at that time that a bunch of people blocked my line of sight. Being fairly drunk, my mind wandered and I scanned the room for the waitress with the hopes of ordering another beer.

After finally getting my beer, I managed to catch a glimpse of the table again. Somehow Mimi was now seated in the middle of the group of guys and they were all listening attentively as she seemed to be telling them some sort of story. The music thumping and I had no idea what she was saying, but her smile was beaming and she seemed not to have a care in the world.

Just then at that moment she turned to me and gave me a huge smile a cute little wave. Most of the guys turned to look my way but I quickly lowered my head and started tearing up the little cardboard coaster that came with my beer. What the hell was going on? – she was supposed to just go over there and thank them. I had not notice before but all the guys were well built, as if they were some sort of well dressed sports team. My mind was swimming with lust, rage and alcohol, I started to actually become erect: what if one of these guys made a move on her?

Fumbling with the now shredded coaster I dropped a couple of pieces to the floor. In bending down to retrieve them I looked across the room and under the table I saw that the two guys on either side of Mimi had a firm grip on each of her thighs. Her legs were spread and her skirt was riding up. It was too dark to see everything but I knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Fun For The Gang

“Darling, do you remember Leroy?”

Of course I remembered him. He introduced us to married sex with a black man a few months after we were married.

“What about Leroy?”

“He called to ask whether we might spend next weekend together at a resort in the mountains.”

“That sounds like fun. What do you think? Can you get away?

Cindy worked as a fashion consultant and buyer for a large retail chain. The hours were long and it had been a while since she had time off.

“We haven’t seen Leroy in months and I’d love to have a whole weekend together. I think I could get away. Darling, we haven’t had a break for ever so long. It would be our special treat. Oh, and he said he would be with a few friends from his work. They plan to get in some hunting.”

Leroy had been a college chum of Cindy’s. Soon after graduating he married and became a fitness trainer for an NFL team. The team visited our area a couple of times a year and we almost always got together.

“What kind of friends?”

“He didn’t say, but I think he must have meant friends from work. Why don’t you call him and find out more?”

I decided to call that day. Leroy and I had developed a mutual liking over the past three years and I knew he would fill me in.

“Here’s the setup, Bill. Me and a few guys from the team are renting a condo at the resort for the weekend after next. We’ll be coming right from training camp. Two weeks of that place and we’ll be ready to relax. I haven’t seen you and Cindy for a while and thought we might take the opportunity.”

“Sounds great, Leroy. What about your friends? How do they fit in the picture?”

“I thought you and Cindy might enjoy something different. You know, the more the merrier. I can vouch for these guys, Bill. You know the team tests them regularly. Completely clean. They’re real nice, too. All married and well-behaved. I’ve told them about you and they’re dying to meet you both. As I said, these guys are first-class gents.”

Since graduation Cindy and I had become aware of STDs. We decided to see only men we knew, or came recommended by reliable friends. Never strangers.

“How many are we talking about?

“Four, plus me. All nice black gentlemen. I’m sure she’ll like them.”

“Jeez, that’s six of us with me. Do you expect Cindy to take us all on?”

Wife Fucked By Two Black Cocks

A vacation in Jamaica seemed a good solution to our recent marital problems. Cathy and I had not been getting on that well recently. To put it bluntly, I’d been caught with my pants down. Actually, she’d caught me with my pants and underwear down with my little blonde secretary kneeling in front of me, stark naked, and my hard dick in her mouth! Cathy had blown a fuse; calling me every name under the sun and throwing young Pippa out onto the street wearing nothing but her smeared lipstick. Cathy hadn’t spoken to me for ages and, to be honest, it was becoming a major drag – the vacation was by way of an apology. I really hoped it worked. Cathy was a beautiful woman and I didn’t want to lose her over a brief flirtation with Pippa. Mind you, if we could get things back on track, it would have been worth it – Pippa was a horny little bitch – just nineteen years old – and I’d been taking her back to my house during our lunchtime at least three times a week for the last month or so. She would do just about anything I asked – and I asked quite a lot! When Cathy came home unexpectedly and caught us, we’d been at it for nearly an hour. I can remember thinking at the time that it was a good job she hadn’t been twenty minutes earlier; then she would have seen me with my dick so far up Pippa’s young butt, I thought I’d split her in half!

The vacation started well. The sun shone brightly and tanned our skin. We relaxed and Cathy even started talking to me a little. Not much, but just enough to make me think she had mellowed a little. The boat trip was my idea and I thought Cathy would appreciate it.

“What the fuck do I want with a boat trip?” she almost yelled at me when I told her it was all planned.

I tried my best to describe the wonderful sunbathing she would be able to do. I talked my butt off for half an hour telling her that we would be the only tourists on the yacht and that we could enjoy a romantic lunch and then swim in the clear blue ocean in the late afternoon sun. Cathy listened to my rambling’s with a sneer on her face, but I knew her well, knew what she liked. She was definitely coming round to the idea.

I had known Alan Cooper – or “Capt’n Coop” as he liked to be called – for about two years. My business dealings had brought me to this area on several occasions. Coop owned and skippered a forty foot yacht and hired it for charters to tourists. It was early in the season and I’d had no problem getting him to agree to a private charter for the day. We’d haggled a bit over the lunch menu, but when I thrust another few large bills into his calloused hand, he’d smiled and told me that I would not be disappointed.

Cathy and I arrived on the quay side at nine sharp. Coop was already aboard and quickly introduced us to his two man crew, James’s and Fin. Coop explained that both of these college boys were his son’s and that they would help sail the boat and look after us. They were both good looking lads with the dark, swarthy complexion of long term local residents. I briefly wondered how Coop had managed to sire two boys so late in life – I’d always had his age at no less than sixty – but when you saw all three together, the family likeness was unmistakable.

Poker Game Loss

It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed. Three friends were over at my house playing poker, and I was down about $300. It was a string of bad luck, really. My hands had been good all night, but someone else always had something a little better. Now, I am sitting here with a ace-high flush, the other three guys have gone in, but I do not have enough money to match them.

“I am short, guys. Can I put in my watch? Its worth $200.” “I don’t know,” said my friend Lenny. “I already have a watch?” “Well what can I do? I have to play this hand.” The guys all smirked, and Lenny said something I never though I would hear. “Bet your wife. If you lose, whoever wins gets to fuck your wife in front of the rest of us.”

The room suddenly was dead silent as the guys awaited my response. I was stunned, but was confident my hand would win. “Let me ask her,” I said. I called Danielle into the room and privately explained the situation to her. Her eyes widened in fear and anger. “We don’t have $300 to lose, you moron!” “I know, babe, that’s why I need to play this hand and win it back. And then some. If I win we get $1000 tonight!” I showed her my hand, and she was confident enough to agree to the wager. “It better not be Lenny, though. I hate that asshole,” she said as I went back to the table.

“OK guys,” said Lenny. “Just to confirm. If any of us win, we get to fuck Danielle in front of the other three. She will be our sex slave and do as ordered.” “It doesn’t matter, because my husband is going to win,” said Danielle confidently. “Well we’ll see about that. Lay them down, boys.”

John, across from me, laid down two pair, a pretty weak hand given all the money that was on the table. Eric, to my right, put down three kings, better than John but not what I had. I put down my flush, and John and Eric groaned, they would not be fucking my wife. I looked over with confidence at Lenny, but my heart stopped when I saw him smiling. He put down three eights and two sixes. A full house. Beat me by one hand.

Danielle screamed “Noooooo!” And Lenny screamed “Hell yes!” He collected his money and put it in his bag, and moved his chair into the corner. He pushed the table against the wall and told me, Eric and John to sit on the opposite side of the room. We all moved over next to Danielle, who was on the verge of tears but was trying to stay strong.

Jenny Gang Bang

Hi, we are a group of lads living in Redditch England the following story is true.

We first met Jenny a few months ago where she works for a housing organisation, I had two places to let and as apart of Jenny’s job she has to check them out and agree to us renting them out through her employer.

She came along one afternoon to the flats above a row of shops and I brought my two mates who buy up these places locally with me. We were surprised when she arrived as she was quite attractive smallish and we guessed about late thirties. We showed her up to the flat and she seemed a little nervous with three guys, but it was all above board… first.

The flats had yet to be cleared out and decorated to which we were after a grant, needless to say we got to the bedroom in one of the flats and some jokes were made, most of all Jenny herself saying “I bet that beds seen some action” as the mattress was bowed in the middle and a bit grimy.

Aidan one of my mates said, “yeah looks like someone’s had a party in it”, she laughed it all off and I just added ” I bet your husband doesn’t know your in bedroom with 3 lads” as we walked out on to the stairs she replied by saying ” he’s too busy playing with his trains or looking at his porno”.

We finished off by asking her to come for a drink but she said she had other appointments and would ring me to let me know the result. Two weeks past and I heard nothing then one afternoon I got a phone call and she said it was all ok. I asked her if she would like that drink now and she amazingly agreed.

My Wife My Slut Her Gangbang

For those of you that have enjoyed the exploits on my beautiful wife Angela it will come as no surprise that she requested her first gangbang for her 35th birthday gift. For those who are not familiar with her let me explain, my wife of 17 years is a beautiful and faithful wife.

I love her with all that I am, she is however a total slut. She never does anything without me being involved in her decision, so for her birthday she requested that we do things a little out of the norm, we usually play with couples, but this time she wanted me to set up a gangbang with a twist, that I will explain later.

The three guys that I had contacted on her behalf arrived promptly at eight. The guy’s had been selected from the swing lifestyle web site. They were chosen on three main points, young, handsome and a large cock, for those of you who don’t knows I am well endowed and she wants nothing less.

I introduced all the guys to her and served the first round of drinks. By ten we were all very comfortable between the wine and steaks; it was time for desert, Angela. Per her instruction I took her to our play room which has a sex swing and a harness for a little BDSM!

She began by unzipping each mans pants with her teeth and sucking them to a full hard-on, I had instructed them to wear no underwear and shave there cock and balls. After she had each one nice and hard, she was ready to have her pussy eat, it was dripping. I watched as strand after strand on liquid ran out of her pussy as she sucked those massive cocks, she had on a very short school girl skirt.

Restaurant Fun

In the restaurant business people, including the managers, come and go all the time. One time when I’d just turned 21, we got this young female manager named Kathy, who was straight out of training.

She was cute as hell with a good body. Not a knockout, but one of those women that fit together nicely. Very sweet.

We worked together well, but there was always a bit of tension between us… sexual tension that is. We were always catching each other’s eye, making vague sexual references to each other, things like that. I never tried anything, though, because she was trying to be on her best behavior while on her 60 day probation period. I could tell that she wanted me, though.

Two weeks before she was to come off her probation, she was given the Friday late shift to run on her own. This was also the late shift I worked on. I knew that being so close together so late at night would be too much for me. And as it turned out, I was right.

The first night we were together, when most of the other employees were done with their jobs. As they were leaving, I was purposely taking a few extra minutes getting ready, trying to be the last one out. I succeeded leaving just Kathy and I in the store.

It was about 2am when I went to the manager’s office where Kathy was and told her that I was done. She was hunched over the desk, looking at paperwork and absent- mindedly rubbing her neck. I moved up behind her and put my big hands on her tense neck. She was really stressing, knowing that the big boss was not too nice a guy and would scrupulously check her work.

I suggested that she take a break as I started to rub her neck. Gently at first, then going deeper.

Varsity Letter

Debbie Garafolo was a high school tennis star and head cheerleader, the object of every classmate’s lust and a girl destined for stardom.

But a funny thing happened to Debbie on that not so heavenly road. She attended Fairview State University, and there she found hundreds of girls just like her. Each was also a high school star, each was a prom queen, each had hordes of boys following them around.

“It’s just not fair,” she once confided in me. “I work hard, I try my best, yet I just never seem to make it to the top here in college.”

I was a friend. A guy, but first and foremost a friend. Debbie had been the object of my affections for more than two years. We shared a few sodas at the Silver Diner, a couple beers at the local pub, and even went to a couple matinees. We talked of failed romances, insensitive members of the opposite sex, teachers who would be better off retired and various and sundry problems of the world.

Most of the time we merely studied together or hung out. Heck, I had never even gotten to first base with her. A peck on the cheeks but never the lips.

Not that she was a virgin. She had been with guys and a few men in college. A couple relationships, a couple one-night stands. More recently she dated a few different guys, sashaying her five-foot, four-inch frame around town. She had a great figure, complete with luscious breasts that filled out her tops well, and a view of her backside encased in tight-fitting jeans was guaranteed to create hard ons as she came into view.

Her grades were good, she was going to graduate on schedule, but there was still something missing.

“I can’t believe I have never earned a varsity letter,” she pouted. “I’ve only played on the junior varsity tennis team, and I don’t think I will get my letter this spring either. And four years of junior varsity cheerleading doesn’t get me a big “F” either.”

I commiserated with her, stroked her ego by telling her she was beautiful and a fine athlete to boot. I told her the coach was a jerk for not using her in varsity matches, and that she was better than at least half of the girls on the varsity cheerleading team. But I could tell it had really gotten under her skin.

There was nothing I could do, but I still felt for her as that varsity letter was very important to her. Once I offered to steal one for her use, but she told me that if it wasn’t earned, it wasn’t hers.

Sir Georges Rules

Peggy and I met in our Sophomore year at a small Pennsylvania College. She was a cheerleader, blond, athletic, dimples, pleated skirt, tight sweater over great looking tits, I watched her more than the game. Later that week, I saw her at the school library, and got up the nerve to go up and talk to her.

We had a lot in common, both from small Pennsylvania towns, both Christian, both conservative, and both with goals in life. We started to date and have been together ever since.

We married a year after College, and moved to Cleveland Ohio. I had a job for a Market Research company, and Peggy taught Art at a Jr. High School. After two years of marriage we had a son, and Peggy stopped work to be a stay at home mom. Over the years, I’ve progressed at work and have become an Assistant Vice President of one of our sales divisions. Peggy started to work part time at a local community center after our son, Josh entered elementary school.

Our sex life has always been great for me. Peggy has never lost her cheerleader body, or her athletic ways. She has always been willing to be experimental in bed, and we’ve tried many things we saw in various porno movies we’ve occasionally rented. As we approached our seventh year of marriage however, I noticed we had fallen into a routine. We’d have sex about two or three times each week, always at night, usually after the late night news. We’d kiss for a while, then I’d work my way down and eat her pussy until she was wet and moaning, I’d put my dick in, and we’d fuck until I came. It usually seemed like she also came, I worked at lasting long enough for her to get off. About every 10 times, she’d start on me, and give me a blow job. Almost never to completion, usually once I was hard, she’d slow down, and we’d fuck instead. We’d done anal a few times, but Peggy felt it hurt and was not that sanitary. I’d stick my finger up her ass during sex sometimes, but she never did that to me.

As we neared our seventh anniversary, I asked her if she was ever bored with our sex life, and did she ever fantasize about another guy. She admitted that sometimes she thought of movie or TV guys, or visualized a person she saw on the street. I felt that was normal, I thought of other women also. The more we talked about these fantasies, the more excited we both would get. Just the mention of another person, and we’d head for bed. Our sex life was actually getting better. Somehow we decided that we’d pick one night and really do the deed. The deal was we’d both find another lover for one night. It could be a co-worker, or a bar pick up, but we’d each do another person, so we’d have a story to bring back to our marriage bed. We also agreed that we’d do it at the other person’s place or a hotel, but not at home. We picked August 14th, the week before our seventh anniversary as the day. We also agreed that we wouldn’t tell each other who we’d be with until after the fact. That way there would be no influence on who we might choose.

Everyone Fucks Susan

I run a small I.T company with about 15 full time staff and two part timers. It had been a good week for the company so I decided to shout everyone some drinks at the end of the day. We went to a local bar that was not far from the office and relaxed with a round of cocktails.

I knew most of the staff quite well except for Susan who was one of the part timers.

Since she was quite new and only worked a few hours per week I didn’t know that much about her except that she was married. She was quite attractive, about 30 years old with shoulder length dark hair, pert breasts and a fairly large round ass. Even though she usually dressed quite conservatively, she was confident with her body and flirted with the other guys in the office.

BBW Wife Cuckold Husband and Me

“I’ll be there at 8, be ready,” and I hung up, that’s all that needed to be said with Wendy. It started as a way for her to pay her husband’s gambling debts but after one month we all knew they where hooked. Her husband was such a wimpy man that before I came along the poor woman had no sex life, then after seeing me fuck her, their sex life was revived.

The sex between Wendy and I just got nastier and nastier with her insisting that John her husband be there to witness it, at first because it was his debts she was paying with her body but later because she got off humiliating him. The thing was that he got off on it too as did I, which is why 6 months later I still see them both at least once a month.

At first it was a simple affair with me calling around and taking her in front of him but later we started going out and making him watch me feel her up in public or watch her flash her giant tits or ass to strangers. It seemed the more we abused him the more he got off and Wendy was worse than him, she would play at being shocked or trying to say no but she would come in seconds as soon as I touched her.

Julie Gets Ganged Black

It began as any ordinary day. Julie was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast for me and our lodger student James and listening to the radio. As I came down for breakfast, I notice Julie was a little nervous. I could tell that there was something else bothering her. Maybe the prospect of her date with James at the end of term dance at the university that evening.

Julie went out shopping to find something to wear that evening, she arrived home and with barely a wave to me took off her clothes and jumped into the shower. To my delight Julie asked me into the shower and told me I could help wash her for her “date”. It was a sexy high to sponge down my gorgeous wife’s body knowing tonight her lily white flesh would be entangled with a black man.

Julie rebuffed my attempts to kiss her or overly fondle her and she seemed to enjoy watching me suffer cleaning her body. Finally she instructed me to sit on the toilet and watch her rinse her body. Julie allowed me to towel dry her sexy body off and then go to the bedroom where she had me rub scented cream on her. I couldn’t imagine anything sexier then watching Anna looking in the mirror as she put on her earrings.

I lay back on the bed and watched as my wife picked through her dresser drawer and pulled out a very sexy white, see through g string. She slipped them on and it was easy to see her blonde pubic bush through the sheer material. My cock was straining in my pants as it stiffened into an erect state. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting.

She turned to me and said, “What do you think so far? Do you think this might cause a stir?”

Just Being a Good Sport

I married my high school sweetheart and moved to the big city three years ago. Pam has grown more beautiful each year. We met in the pre-schooler’s Sunday school and married in that same church fourteen years later. I learned a good trade in the heating and air business. I landed a great job with a company that stays busy and pays well. After a year with AAA Heating and Air, Pam and I decided to start a family.

Unlike many of our peers, we remained virgins until our wedding night. That first night was awkward. We were both uptight, and I was clumsy and over-excited. Gradually, we’ve become less inhibited and sex is much better. At least now I can usually last long enough to get Pam off.

Sex was still a topic we couldn’t discuss easily. We knew one position, the missionary, and the subject of oral sex was never broached. We both blush easily, so company get-togethers were always trying times for us. I work in a shop of fifteen men. I’m the youngest, the new kid. Most of those men have been with Jake Barnes from the day he opened shop six years ago. They are a tight-knit group and rather rowdy at parties.

Our work shop is not open to the public, so pictures of naked women are everywhere. It has a men’s locker room atmosphere. Pam has, on occasion, brought my lunch to me. She creates quite a stir when she walks through. She acts like she has blinders on and stays red-faced the whole time.

Wife Has a Surprise Gang Bang

Stephanie and I were working in the yard on Saturday afternoon. “What time are the guys coming over hon?” I had told her that morning three of the guys were coming over to drink a few beers and hang out. “I told them around 5:00pm… we’re just going to hang out.”

Fred… Pete… and Bill all arrived a little after 5:00pm. We each opened a beer and sat in the back yard. About twenty minutes later Stephanie came outside with some snacks. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked in her tank top and shorts. I could see the guys couldn’t help but notice either. We all hung out together and had a few drinks. “Mark I’m going to run in and grab another bag of chips… who’s ready for another round?”

“Stephanie let me go inside and help you.” I walked in behind her and we went to the kitchen. “Your tits look awesome in that tank top hon.” She blushed a little and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks… I’m glad you like.” I couldn’t help but stare at her ass as she bent over and took out four beers. “Hey hon… you should really take off your bra before you come back out… then you’d look even better in that tank top.”

She looked at me strangely and I could tell she couldn’t believe what just came out of my mouth. “I can’t do that!” I looked at her for a moment and replied… “I told you to take off your bra now be a good girl and do it for me.” She looked into my eyes and paused for a second. Then she slipped the tank top over her head and removed her black bra. I was starring at her breasts as she stood in the kitchen topless. I could see how hard and excited her nipples were. She put her tank top back on and we both grabbed the beers and walked back outside.

Stephanie leaned over and handed Pete his beer… I could see his eyes wander down her shirt and knew what he was thinking. Her nipples were trying to break through the front of her shirt. None of the guys could help but notice the view.

Sloppy Cuckold

I have been married to the woman of most men’s fantasies for nearly ten years now. Those ten years have been punctuated by some love adventures that make others pale by comparison. Joy has always been a free spirit, but given her heavenly body, that was easy to overlook. For the first five years of marriage, we explored each other in every sexual way imaginable. I could not see how our love life could be any richer.

I guess I’d begun to badger her about fucking other men. When we fucked I kept telling her how much I wanted to suck another guys come out of her. Just saying it could often push me over the edge. Still, you can imagine my amazement when I came home one day and she told me in vivid about having it off with the neighbors!

She had locked herself out of the apartment when she stepped out to get the mail. At the time, all she had on was her panties and a beach wrap. Darren, the guy next door seized the opportunity and invited her to wait in his apartment for the super to open the our door. One thing led to another, and suddenly he was pounding his eight-inch monster inside her.

Okay Just One Drink

I’d had my new job for about 5 weeks, so I was familiar with most of the guys at the office, but I was still trying to fit in. As an office manager for an accounting firm I was both in-charge of the office and yet still subordinate to the accountants. It’s a rather difficult line to walk and it’s always easier if everyone likes you. Most of the guys in the office are under 35 and unmarried, so it is no surprise that they like to party at the end of the day.

Being 42 and married for a little over a year to a cute 32 year old brunette…I preferred to go home in the evening.

We had just finished an office wide meeting and I was anxious to head out the door. It was my wife’s birthday and she was picking me up from the office. When my co-workers and I reached the lobby, a few of them whistled. My wife was standing there blushing, in a very short, sexy red dress that I had never seen before. She obviously had plans for dinner at a nice restaurant. Marcus, a young partner at the firm, said, “We always have a drink at the ‘Poison Apple’ after work…why don’t you two join us before heading off to dinner?”

Fool that I was, I said “How ’bout it, Linda?” In a way that made it clear she should say yes.

“OK…But just one drink, we have reservations in a little over an hour.” She was a trooper. She knew that I wanted to be ‘one of the guys’. Besides, one drink couldn’t hurt.

Watching My Wife On Dates

I guess it really was all my fault. At the age of 30 I found myself running a five man insurance office in a town that I had just moved to. Six months in the secretary gave her notice and quit. My 25 year old wife, Ginger, happened to be a graduate of secretarial school so it seemed a natural fit, except for the company wide policy of not hiring relatives.

From the day I mentioned it to my wife until the day the old secretary left Ginger kept begging me to hire her. She too was in a new town, and with no friends her days were really long and boring, I at least, had some place to go. Her arguments made sense, and the extra money would be nice, so against my better judgment I hired her and told the men she was a single girl who had just moved to town.

Within two weeks each of the five men in my employ hit on her, and I could hardly blame them. Ginger was a who kept her shape, petite, nice tits and lean tapered legs. After dinner one night I finally asked her if she wanted me to intercede on her behalf and ask the men to stop it.

She looked at her feet for a few moments, cleared her throat, and whispered no. Then she looked me in the eyes and said actually she would like to go out with them, she was running out of excuses, I was either at work, or working at home, or sleeping, so we never went out, she wouldn’t go out alone, and hadn’t been to a restaurant or nightclub since we moved, and maybe once she went out with one or two of them, and they didn’t even get to first base, they would leave her alone. I was shocked, obviously it was something she had thought about, but once again her arguments made sense, and once again I bowed to her wishes.

My Wife Goes Wild

The very first time I fucked Debra, when we were both 19, I assumed she was a virgin. She screamed when I inserted my cock into her and she screamed more as we continued with our love making. Of course, I wasn’t in any position to fully understand whether she was a virgin or not. I had never had actual sex with a girl before. I had certainly petted quite a few girls and had many of them blow me, but never had real sex! I had read all sorts of stories about virgins bleeding profusely and screaming when their hymen is broken, but although Debra certainly screamed a lot, particularly when I first entered her, I just guessed I was the first.

Debra and I met whilst in our last year at school and, as we both found jobs not terribly far apart, we managed to keep in contact – even if it was rather infrequently. We went out to the pictures and sometimes bowling, and although we did a bit of kissing after these dates it never amounted to very much. After a couple of years, when we both turned 18 we began to get a little more serious and we started to tell everyone who was interested that we were going steady.

Just before Debra’s 19th birthday, I asked her if she was really serious about our relationship and, when she told me she certainly was, we told everyone we were engaged to be married. We even bought an engagement ring. It was just after this that our first sex took place. We were pashing really heavily when Debra stopped me and said, “I guess we have reached the stage where we are really serious about this relationship and if you are sure, it seems to me that this is about the time we prove our love for each other.” Of course, I understood what she was saying – she meant we could go further that we had ever been before. We discussed protection and she asked if I had a condom. Every young lad had a supply of condoms. They were always kept in the vain hope that the occasion to use them would arise sooner or later.

Tonight was the night. We were in my car and so we climbed into the back seat, Debra slowly removed what was left of her clothes as I removed mine. She then spread herself out beautifully on the seat, spread her legs wide and told me to show her how much I loved her!

Wife Become Big Cock Slut

My wife, Susan, is five feet, one inch tall, under a hundred pounds — a tiny lady. She is a beautiful, red-haired, green-eyed, sexy, young woman. She has great legs, a tight, round ass, and the biggest tits imaginable on such a petite frame. They don’t sag and look positively mouthwatering without a bra.

I love Susan very much and respect her as a person, but I have to admit that what first caught my eye were these huge, firm 34-D’s on such a tiny girl. We’ve been married a little over five years, and have had a great marriage — until now. Susan has a much older sister, Linda, who looks completely different from Susan.

Linda is tall and skinny (not thin — skinny), probably 5’10” or 5’11”, with no ass or tits. Anyway, Linda is a very successful realtor living in San Diego, and we hadn’t seen her since our wedding day. We exchanged Christmas cards and photos, and the sisters called each other, but that was it, until last month. I don’t get to travel as often as I used to (damned FAX machines!), so when I was assigned a trip to San Diego, I called Susan right away and suggested she join me so she could visit her sister.

Susan wanted to surprise Linda so we didn’t announce our arrival, and instead, we just drove to her house, walked up to the front door, and rang the bell. There was no answer. Susan suggested we look around back in case Linda was in the pool or gardening. As we approached the high privacy fence around the pool area, we heard voices.

Both Susan and I pushed our faces close to the fence and peeked between the redwood slats. I had never seen anything like it in my life! Linda was face down on several towels, on her knees with her ass high in the air, while this tan, young guy was ramming in and out of her cunt with the biggest cock I have ever seen on a man — and it wasn’t just long, it was thick, too. And that’s when all my troubles began! Watching Susan’s reaction to the sight before us, I could see that she was completely turned-on. A virgin when we married, she had often told me that my normal six-inch cock was perfect and that even it stretched her tight cunt at times.

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“Wow, sweetheart! You look incredible!”

David’s jaw had almost dropped to the floor once he saw his beautiful young wife emerge from the bedroom. David had never seen Cindy dressed in something so tight and skimpy before – except before or during their lovemaking sessions. But this time it was different, because David knew that his 25-year-old wife would soon go out into public in that very provocative and sexy outfit.

“Thanks,” Cindy smiled in return. She did a pirouette and added, “I’m glad you like it.” “Like it?” David gushed. “I LOVE IT!” Cindy’s outfit consisted mostly of an aqua-colored top and matching short-skirt, both of which were made of a very thin, stretchy material.

Needless to say, the aqua-colored outfit displayed the considerable and luscious curves of her 38d-24-35 figure. Since the top was cut low, it displayed a generous amount of Cindy’s ample cleavage. Her breasts were very large and firm, without any sag or give in them. Just like the top, the short-skirt fit Cindy’s body like a tight glove. It went down to the mid-point between her hips and knees, and offered a wonderful view of her richly-tanned long legs.

To complete the outfit, the beautiful young lady wore a pair of white high-heeled shoes which accentuated her firm, long legs even more. Cindy had long, stylish blonde hair which went down to the center of her back. Even without smiling, there was no argument that Cindy had a beautiful face. But she looked even more appealing when she smiled. Since Cindy was a warm and pleasant person, the 25-year-old woman usually had a happy expression upon her lovely face.