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Soccer Moms

I have been a soccer referee for several years now, and have been involved in several unusual situations, but none of them come close to what happened to me this past weekend. I had been invited to referee at a soccer tournament several miles from where I live, and since the fields were reported to be in good shape, and the teams normally quite competitive, I accepted the offer.

The tournament began early Saturday morning and I had been assigned to two games that morning and two games that afternoon. The two morning games went well and I then took a quick lunch break. The tournament was very gracious in providing food and drinks for the referees, and a quiet place away from the parents to relax while we ate.

As I was sitting close to the referee changing room, a woman walked up and stood in front of me asking if I was going to be the center referee for her child’s game at 2:00 that afternoon. I told her that I was indeed the center referee for the field that she was asking about. The woman was of average build, dark hair, very pretty face, wearing a solid black coat that fell several inches below her knees, and was wearing black hose and flat soled shoes.

When I admitted that I had been assigned her child’s game, the woman reached in her coat pocket, then held her hand out to me offering what she had been keeping there. I reached out and offered my hand palm up and she quickly placed a pair of black lace panties in my hand. She then told me to keep an eye on her during the game, just to verify that they were hers, and to make sure to took her way every time their team scored. Having said that, she turned and quickly walked away, toward a group of mothers watching their children practice.

To say the least, I was stunned. I quickly stuffed the panties in my ref bag, rather than sit there with them in my hand. I again looked over at the small group of woman and noticed the one who had dropped her panties in my hand talking to two other mothers, a blond and a brunette; all three were quite attractive. I sat there and stared at my bag, wondering what in the world was going on. Just as I was about to get up, the woman with dark hair broke from the group and walked over and stood between me and the other two women.

Looking down at me with her beautiful blue eyes she said that she too would have a present for me, but only if their team won. Having said that, she opened the front of her rain coat wide enough for me to see that the only thing that she was wearing was the rain coat, black thigh high hose and black boots on her feet. As she closed the front of her coat, she apologized for not having something to leave with me, but promised to give me something very special after the match (if her team won); then turned and walked back over to the small group of women.

It was now fifteen minutes until game time, and I began my pre-game by gathering the two assistant refs and talking them through their duties. We went on the field together, checked both teams and conducted the coin toss to decide who kicked off. The game began on time, and about three minutes into the game there was a bump in the penalty box and I called for a Penalty Kick to be taken. The teams lined up outside the box and the kicker quickly drilled the kick into the back of the net. After writing the score in my book, I glanced over to the sideline and noticed that the three women who had been standing together before the game, were now seated on the front row of the bleachers. All three were cheering wildly, with their coats opened and legs spread far enough apart to allow me to see their three pretty pussies.

Hot Air Balloon Sex

The sound of the gas engine of the inflation fan broke the peaceful silence of the morning. The silky nylon fabric of the envelope began to fill with air as the balloon came to life. The morning air was cool but not cold. The summer heat would come later today, but for now it was just right. The grass had just a touch of dew and there was a slight haze in the air. The Sandia Mountains to the east were just getting touched by the first rays of the morning sun rising behind them. The sunrays streamed off the crest like a Japanese fan. The moment was picture perfect. This will be our first balloon ride and hopefully an experience we will cherish for life.

My girlfriend and I had to get up early to get to the launch site before sunrise. Don, the pilot, had told us that we have to start early because that is when the winds are calmer and the cooler air makes the balloon fly better. We hadn’t gotten much sleep at the hotel the night before. In anticipation of our great adventure, we had a long night of lovemaking. So, bleary-eyed and still a little fuzzy in the head, we headed out in the dark morning to have our first hot air balloon ride. A friend of ours had recommended Don when she heard we wanted to take a balloon ride during our stay in Albuquerque. We knew that Albuquerque, New Mexico was the “Ballooning Capital of the World” and we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to fly there. Our friend and her husband had flown with Don before so they knew he was a really fun person and, most importantly, a safe and experienced pilot. They also told us that for “special friends” he would offer an extra bit of excitement. If we wanted to, we could join the Mile High Club during the flight. Helen and I didn’t even have to think about it. Yeah …. Let’s do it!

We met Don and the chase crew at a park in the west side of town and Don gave us a safety briefing telling us what to expect, what to do and what not to do or touch. Ballooning is a very safe form of flying but it does have its dangers and risks. Don made sure we were informed of those and fully understood how to stay safe. He blended serious instructions with corny jokes. His style really put us at ease about the flight and the sly grin on his face told us that he was looking forward to our extra special flight.

Waterfront Picnic

“I’ve got the cooler all packed,” said Sally. “We have chicken salad sandwiches, potato chips, and plenty of beer. I think we’re ready to go.”

I grabbed Sally by both ass cheeks and pulled her to me. “I’ve got the buns.” She laughed and pushed me way.

“Angela will arrive any minute so cool your jets and load the car.”

I grabbed the cooler and put it in the trunk of the minivan with the rest of the picnic supplies. We were going to the lake with Angela, Sally’s best friend. Angela had gotten divorced two years earlier. Her ex had her son for the Fourth of July weekend so she was joining us for the picnic

Angela arrived and we jumped into the minivan. After around a half hour of driving, we arrived at the lake. It was a big lake, with a marina, a swimming area and lots of picnic sites. We got a picnic site near the swimming area. As we set up for the day I watched the two ladies. Sally had on a pair of black capri pants with a white knit top. The tight pants hugged my forty-five year old wife’s round ass and the top snugly fit her large breasts. Her blonde hair framed a pretty face with dancing blue eyes. Angela was wearing pair of tight white capri pants and a black swimsuit top that nicely showed off her breasts. She’d thrown a loose white cotton shirt over the top. Unlike my conservatively dressed Sally, she looked like a woman on the prowl. She’d had trouble meeting anyone since her divorce, primarily because most single men weren’t interested in a forty-something woman with a child. Certainly it wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive. Angela was a cute little package, with shoulder-length brown hair, nice legs and a compact little ass. Her breasts weren’t as large as Sally’s but they were ample enough.

The Workmen and My Boss

My names Chris, im 23 years old and this is a story of what happened about a month ago. I work in a local Record shop, iv’e been there for a couple of years it’s not a ideal job but I enjoy it and it pays my bills. As it’s a small shop it never gets very busy so I work there fulltime with my boss and a guy that works there at weekends.

My boss is 42 years old and for the sake of this story i’m going call her Pam. Me and Pam get on really well, we have worked together for a good few years. Shes married with two sons. She been happily married now for 20 years and told me that her Husband was the only man she had been with all her life.

Let me explain Pam in abit more detail. She’s 5ft 3ish and still has a good figure for her age with good size boobs and shapley legs. We have a very open friendship and often talk about anything and everything, mainly our conversations end up on the subject of Sex, she has said in the past that she wished that she had tried sex with over people other than her husband and once she hinted that she had a fantasy of having Groupsex with a bunch of men at the same time.

Sally Tries Out a Glory Hole

“I know this is a strange town but I’m sure you’ll be safe,” I told Sally, “I’ll be with you.” We were on vacation and I was trying to persuade her to go with me to an adult video shop I’d seen a few miles from our motel. “We can look for a new vibrator for you,” I continued.

“Well, okay, it might be interesting,” Sally finally replied. I then told her about some of the women I had seen in other shops. I remember one foxy blonde in particular who had dressed in a very revealing outfit and was all over her husband while they shopped for vibrators. I had gotten so turned on watching her. I knew if I dressed Sally up for a video shop visit, the other men in the place would be just as turned on.

Sally is my fifty-year old wife. She has taken such good care of herself that she looks ten years younger. She’s a bit plump and is self-conscious about her weight but I tell her that a lot of men prefer a woman with a fuller figure. And so many men have preferred Sally’s fuller figure over the past several years. that I have lost count.

I must confess that I enjoy sharing Sally with other men. She is such an incredibly sexy woman that I just couldn’t keep such a natural resource to myself. She has large 38C breasts, a fairly narrow waistline, belly that pooches out a little and full thighs. Her bottom is just the right size, it is particularly attractive when it’s up in the air while she’s on her knees giving head. She has a very pretty face, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Slut For My Fathers Bachelor Party

[ Story by Bhuralund () ]

My father was getting remarried after being a widower for nearly 15 years. Both my brother and I were very happy for him as he had finally found someone to spend his time with. We had always been worried about him – both of us being married and busy with our own families and all – as we could not spend as much time with him as we would have liked. Anyway, we wanted to make his marriage an exciting affair for him and decided to throw a bachelor’s party for him and his five close friends.

Of course, both of us were involved as well. A stripper or a dancer has been the show piece of any and we really wanted to surprise our father so we hired a stripper and arranged for a large motel room to have the party away from home. As luck would have it, the stripper really fell sick on the day of the party and called me to apologize.

The Library

“Brit, wait up!” Hannah shouted from half a block down the street. Hannah stopped in her tracks and waited a little impatiently for her best friend. “I’m sorry I was late!” Hannah puffed while pulling along side Brittany. “But if you saw what I just saw you’d be late too!” “Okay,” Brit replied with a shake of her head. “I’ll bite, what did you just see!?!” With her breathing returning to normal Hannah answered in a whispered tone, “I just saw Ben Sutherland in the raw!” Brit actually stopped in her tracks as that set in before asking, “How, how in the heck did you do that?!?” “Welllllll,” Hannah replied slowly. “You know how I’ve been helping Mrs. Freeman with her last period gym class?” Brit nodded while answering, “Yeah, you told me something about, so what?” “Well, in last week’s game Ben sprained his ankle and was in the training room sitting in the whirlpool,” she went on. “The boy’s locker room was supposed to be empty and Mrs. Freeman sent me over to get some extra basketballs!” “It was dark except for the light in the training room, and I thought someone had just left it on by mistake so I went down to shut it off!” “Then just as I stepped into the doorway Ben stood up and I saw everything!”

“Jesus, did he see you?!?” Brit asked. “Nope, I ducked back around the corner,” she replied quickly. “So tell me, how did he look?!?” Brit asked. “Whattya mean?!? Hannah asked slyly. “You know what I mean!” Brit giggled. “Was is it as big as they say it was?!?” “Ohhhhh, that,” Hannah replied, “I didn’t even notice.” “Didn’t notice!” Brittany practically shouted. “Welllllll, maybe I did get a little peek!” Hannah giggled. Aaaaaand!?!” Brit asked. “It looked like a black snake hanging down from his crotch!” Hannah whispered hoarsely. “Wow!” Brittany replied in awe. “I wish I could have been there, you get all the luck!” “Do you really wanna see it?!?” Hannah asked huskily. “And how!” her friend shot back. “Okay, meet me tonight at the library!” she ordered. “I’ve got a plan!”

The Plumber

The message on Armondo’s answering machine sounded urgent, but when he realized it was just from Velma Ford, he plopped down on the sofa and started going through his mail. The usual junk mingled in with a few bills, “Nothing interesting,” he said to himself, as the phone started ringing. “Hello,” he answered, “Armondo here.” “Oh, god, I’m so glad I finally got a hold of you, this is Velma, and I really need to see you right away.” “Velma, it’s late and I’m very tired,” he sighed, “can’t this wait until another time.?.” “Oh, please,” she moaned balefully, “I’ll pay you extra if you can come over tonight, please, I really need to see you.” He thought about it for a moment or two and replied, “Just for an hour, and it will be five hundred, in cash.” “Oh, thank you,” she gushed, “five hundred will be just fine, I’ll be waiting.”

Armondo slipped into the driver’s seat of his new BMW and headed out on the Pacific Coast highway to Velma Ford’s place. Normally he would have been excited at prospect of earning five big ones for and hours work, but in this case he actually dreaded it. In Armondo’s line of work you always tried to keep your mind and body separate, but in reality that was usually impossible to do when you spent half of your day satisfying the sexual desires of a wide range of women, which wasn’t easy to do in the first place, and with older out of shape people like Velma it was definitely a challenge. Before he could even ring the bell, the large heavy wooden door swung open and he was quickly ushered in by Velma Ford. “Hi, love,” she gushed, as she led him by the arm into the living room, “I have a surprise for you.”