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Threesome In The Pool

I was lying on my bed alone in my flat watching television one evening, when the phone rang. It was Rina, a girl I had been dating a few times.

“Hi, Rina! What’s up?” I asked.

“Estelle and I are bored and we were wondering whether you would like to come over for a drink or two?”

“Sounds great to me! I’ll be over in a few secs!” I replied.

“Oh, and bring you swimming gear, OK?” she said before she hung up.

I had a quick shower and drove over to Rina’s place.

Rina was quite a looker – a brunette with shortish hair, great boobs, long legs and a personality to go with it. We’ve been out together on a number of occasions and as far as Rina was concerned, we were having a relationship. As for me, being a student at the time, I was reluctant to tie myself down to just one woman. I was playing the field. Rina and I had had great sex in the time that I’d known her, but other than that, I had done nothing from my side to make her believe that our relationship was a serious one. I was merely enjoying the ride! (pardon the pun!)

Rina was living with her parents at the time, but they were out of town, so she had the whole mansion to herself. Her family was financially quite well-off. They had this beautiful house with a lovely pool.

Estelle, her friend, was a stunning girl, with long pitch black hair, great boobs and legs that went on forever! I knew her well enough to know that she wasn’t seeing anyone at the time, but we never dated. I’ve always had an eye on her, but as we moved in different social circles, I hardly ever saw her. So I took this as an opportunity to get to know her.

When I got there, I found the two of them sitting on a three seater swing chair next to the pool. They looked absolutely stunning in their bikinis as they were sitting there, sipping wine. I could not believe my luck! I was having them both to myself for the whole evening! I began to have visions of a ménage de trois, but whether it would come to anything like that was highly doubtful at the time, as I did not know Estelle that well and did not think that Rina would be into anything like that. But that was certainly not going to stop me from trying!

“Hi there! Grab a glass of wine and come take a seat!” Rina shouted as I walked through the sliding door of the lounge that led out onto the pool area. Just the underwater light of the pool was on, so the lighting was nice and low. I poured a glass of wine and stripped down to my swimming trunks that I was wearing under my jeans. I looked around for a chair, and as the other chairs were on the other side of the pool, I boldly went and sat down between the two of them on the three seater swing.

Spring Break

It was my second spring break in college and one I would not forget. It finally arrived after the last two weeks of intense exams and projects.

I stayed in the student residence where many of my classmates stayed as well so there was always something happening. I decided to stay at the residence for spring break as I was broke and had a part time job that I could not leave. Some of my other friends from class also stayed back for the week, including Laura and Kim.

Laura is an attractive girl, has more than her share in breasts. Too bad she always wore these big sweaters that she filled out but nothing ever reveling. She is about 5’8″, long curly hair with some very nice legs.

Kim is very attractive and always gets looks from guys. She is the kind of girl you would want to fuck on the spot. About 5’10” long, straight blond hair, her breast were medium but nice and full, she had some great legs too but not as good as Laura’s. Can’t count the number of time I fantasized about these two girls.

It was the second day in the week and the residence felt deserted. My roommate ‘Greg’ took off in the afternoon with my other two friends Joe and Dave, they left to look at some cars. I stayed back played some games on the computer. 2 hours later I got board of that and I checked my e-mail and of course I got some good porn pictures from my bud’s. I started lookingthrough them and started getting a bit turned on. Most of the pictures were of threesomes, two girls and a guy. I remembered that it’s been like three weeks since I jerked off and got some release. Have not had sex since I broke up with girlfriend two months ago. So I figured what the fuck, ‘let’s surf some porn!’. I started surfing for some good sites and found one with some good group fucking and cumshots pictures.

Just about 5 minutes into the web site I heard a knock on my door so I hit the home page button on the web browser and minimized it. I opened the door and Laura was standing there in her tight blue jeans, dark blue sweater that I just wanted to rip off.

“Hey Rick! Do’in any thing tonight?” asked Laura

“Not much, did you want to come in and just hang out?” I asked. We were good friends and we often hanged out in each others place with friends.

“Sure” she said. She walked in and sat at the kitchen table for only two seconds before she ran over to my computer and said “I have to check my mail, if that’s ok?”

“Go ahead.” I replied, a bit nervously.

I sat at the kitchen and turned on the TV. She checked her mail as I watched the news. I turned too see if she was done yet and saw her surfing the web site I was just on. ‘Shit’ I thought to myself.

“Hey Rick, you like this kind of stuff?” she asked.

The Library

“Brit, wait up!” Hannah shouted from half a block down the street. Hannah stopped in her tracks and waited a little impatiently for her best friend. “I’m sorry I was late!” Hannah puffed while pulling along side Brittany. “But if you saw what I just saw you’d be late too!” “Okay,” Brit replied with a shake of her head. “I’ll bite, what did you just see!?!” With her breathing returning to normal Hannah answered in a whispered tone, “I just saw Ben Sutherland in the raw!” Brit actually stopped in her tracks as that set in before asking, “How, how in the heck did you do that?!?” “Welllllll,” Hannah replied slowly. “You know how I’ve been helping Mrs. Freeman with her last period gym class?” Brit nodded while answering, “Yeah, you told me something about, so what?” “Well, in last week’s game Ben sprained his ankle and was in the training room sitting in the whirlpool,” she went on. “The boy’s locker room was supposed to be empty and Mrs. Freeman sent me over to get some extra basketballs!” “It was dark except for the light in the training room, and I thought someone had just left it on by mistake so I went down to shut it off!” “Then just as I stepped into the doorway Ben stood up and I saw everything!”

“Jesus, did he see you?!?” Brit asked. “Nope, I ducked back around the corner,” she replied quickly. “So tell me, how did he look?!?” Brit asked. “Whattya mean?!? Hannah asked slyly. “You know what I mean!” Brit giggled. “Was is it as big as they say it was?!?” “Ohhhhh, that,” Hannah replied, “I didn’t even notice.” “Didn’t notice!” Brittany practically shouted. “Welllllll, maybe I did get a little peek!” Hannah giggled. Aaaaaand!?!” Brit asked. “It looked like a black snake hanging down from his crotch!” Hannah whispered hoarsely. “Wow!” Brittany replied in awe. “I wish I could have been there, you get all the luck!” “Do you really wanna see it?!?” Hannah asked huskily. “And how!” her friend shot back. “Okay, meet me tonight at the library!” she ordered. “I’ve got a plan!”

Delivery Man

Jeremy rang the front bell and waited several seconds until the door swung open and a middle aged man invited him in! “That will be fifteen fifty,” Jeremy said as he pulled the large pepperoni pizza out of the “hot bag”! The man was ready with a twenty dollar bill and as he traded it for the piping hot pie he asked softly, “Do you have time for my usual!?!” Jeremy looked at his watch and replied, “I’m kinda in a hurry, but if we make if a quickie, I guess it would be all right!” “Oh thank you,” the man fairly gushed as he shoved an extra fifty into Jeremy’s hand, “I really appreciate it, I really do!”

As he dropped to his knees in front of the young stud, he fumbled while trying to undo Jeremy’s belt and zipper, and was a little surprised when the young man slapped his hands away and said, “We have a new deal here, Mr. Lester, it’s a minimum of a hundred bucks!” “W-why that’s outrageous,” the man sputtered as he knelt on the carpeted floor, “it’s always been fifty, why the change!?!” “Mr. Lester,” the nineteen year old blonde Adonis said smoothly, “I think that after I get my pants off you will be more than happy to pay me the difference!” “Really,” Mr. Lester asked doubtfully, “one hundred dollars is a lot of money, even for a hung young stud like you!” “May I show you,” Jeremy asked softly, “I’m sure you won’t be disappointed?!?” “Okay,” came the reply, “but this had better be good!” With a half smirk on his face, Jeremy smoothly undid his belt and very slowly slid down his zipper and with a little push, sent his blue jeans sliding to his ankles! Mr. Lester made and audible gasp at the sight before his eyes, the young man wasn’t wearing his usual pair of white cotton briefs, instead he had on a very feminine pair of light blue frilly panties that did nothing to hide the outline of his huge hard cock! “Y-you’re wearing panties,” he stammered while softly running his hand over the front of the young man’s crotch! “For the extra fifty, you can rub your face on them and make me cum in them if you like,” Jeremy whispered, “and when I leave, you can keep them and suck on them after I’m gone, just think of how nice it will be to masturbate with my cummy panties in your mouth!?

The Treatment

The intercom buzzed on Miss Watkins’ desk, and a the soft voice of Dr. Winters nurse, Andrea Hartman, requested that the next patient be sent to the examining room. “Okay, Miss Mitchell, follow me please,” Miss Watkins ordered, as she held the open the door to the hall way leading to the examining rooms. “Sit right here,” the receptionist said, “and Nurse Hartman will be with you in a minute!” Sarah Mitchell nervously scanned the stark white walls and involuntarily shivered and said to herself, “What in the name of god am I doing here, I must have been crazy to even have dreamt of trying this!” She was quickly jarred back to reality when the door swung open and Andrea Hartman entered the room! “Hi, Sarah,” Andrea said brightly, while extending her hand, “I’m Andrea Hartman, but you can just call me Andrea, okay!?!” Taking Andrea’s hand and shaking it, Sarah merely smile weakly and nodded. “All right,” Andrea said as she sat down while reading Sarah’s history, “let’s see what we have here!” After flipping through several pages of Sarah’s medical history, Andrea intoned, “I see that the reason for your appointment is the inability to achieve orgasm, is that correct?!?” “Uh, yes, ma’am,” Sarah stammered! “Well,” Andrea replied, “that’s unusual for a woman of twenty seven, but I’m sure the doctor can help you, he has almost a ninety percent success rate with young women!” “Now,” she continued, “before the doctor comes in, remove all of your clothing and put on this gown, he’ll with you shortly!”

Debt Consolidation

“Please don’t cry, Mrs. Moore,” consoled loan officer Jackson Tydman, “this is strictly business, but unless you can come up with $400.00 by this Friday, we’re going to have to repossess your car, and that’s all there is to it!” Sitting in a chair across from Jack’s desk, Nancy Moore was fighting to control her emotions, and unfortunately was failing miserably. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to explain to Mr. Tydman that without a car, her husband Joe would lose his job as a traveling salesman. “Believe me when I tell you that I’m sympathetic to your position,” Jack went on, “but you’re two months behind already, and the bank feels that it would be unfair to our other customers if we let this thing go any longer!” Thinking fast on her feet, Nancy gave it one last shot, “Well, is there someone else I can talk to about this, like your supervisor or something!?!” Jackson Tydman gave her a long steady gaze and then replied slowly, “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to let you speak with Miss Winters, but I don’t think it will do any good, she generally agrees with my judgment!” Getting up from behind his desk, Jack excused himself and said he would be right back. He quickly made his way to Blair Winters’ office and stuck his head inside and said, “We got us a real hot one, babe, I’m going to send her down in a few minutes, she owes eight C’s on their car and her old man needs it for his job as a salesman, I think she would do just about anything to keep from losing that car!” “I’ve got her good and softened up,” he said with wink, “and I think it will only take a little shove to put her over the edge!” Blair Winters nodded to Jack and replied, “Good, give me a few minutes to review her file and then send her in!” Jack turned heal and headed back to his office where he found a more composed Nancy waiting patiently for his return. He slid around to his chair, sat down and offered, “I’ve talked to Miss “Winters and she will see you in a few minutes, she’s very busy but can spare you a minute or two.” “Oh thank you, Mr. Tydman,” Nancy fairly gushed, “I just know she will give me a little more time!” Jackson Tydman merely nodded his head and leaned back in his chair and waited for Blair to buzz him.

The Classifieds

Blair Hutton wiped the sweat from her shaking hands and gingerly reached for the doorbell. She knew that what she was about to do was risky at best, and dangerous at the worst. Only yesterday morning she had been looking at the classifieds in the local under ground newspaper when her eye caught an intriguing ad, “Wanted, attractive woman to service me orally while my wife watches and maybe participates. All the oral sex you can handle. If interested, contact Eric at 555-3999.” Immediately upon reading the ad, Blair’s began creaming her tight lace panties, her clit quickly coming to full throb! After a fast masturbation session, she dialed the number and made arrangements with a man named Eric to meet him the following afternoon at his home on the north side of town. Eric had given her only one requirement, that being that she was to wear a skirt and blouse with no panties. She had started to ask why, but thought better of it, and agreed to meet Eric sans her panties.