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Threesome In The Pool

I was lying on my bed alone in my flat watching television one evening, when the phone rang. It was Rina, a girl I had been dating a few times.

“Hi, Rina! What’s up?” I asked.

“Estelle and I are bored and we were wondering whether you would like to come over for a drink or two?”

“Sounds great to me! I’ll be over in a few secs!” I replied.

“Oh, and bring you swimming gear, OK?” she said before she hung up.

I had a quick shower and drove over to Rina’s place.

Rina was quite a looker – a brunette with shortish hair, great boobs, long legs and a personality to go with it. We’ve been out together on a number of occasions and as far as Rina was concerned, we were having a relationship. As for me, being a student at the time, I was reluctant to tie myself down to just one woman. I was playing the field. Rina and I had had great sex in the time that I’d known her, but other than that, I had done nothing from my side to make her believe that our relationship was a serious one. I was merely enjoying the ride! (pardon the pun!)

Rina was living with her parents at the time, but they were out of town, so she had the whole mansion to herself. Her family was financially quite well-off. They had this beautiful house with a lovely pool.

Estelle, her friend, was a stunning girl, with long pitch black hair, great boobs and legs that went on forever! I knew her well enough to know that she wasn’t seeing anyone at the time, but we never dated. I’ve always had an eye on her, but as we moved in different social circles, I hardly ever saw her. So I took this as an opportunity to get to know her.

When I got there, I found the two of them sitting on a three seater swing chair next to the pool. They looked absolutely stunning in their bikinis as they were sitting there, sipping wine. I could not believe my luck! I was having them both to myself for the whole evening! I began to have visions of a ménage de trois, but whether it would come to anything like that was highly doubtful at the time, as I did not know Estelle that well and did not think that Rina would be into anything like that. But that was certainly not going to stop me from trying!

“Hi there! Grab a glass of wine and come take a seat!” Rina shouted as I walked through the sliding door of the lounge that led out onto the pool area. Just the underwater light of the pool was on, so the lighting was nice and low. I poured a glass of wine and stripped down to my swimming trunks that I was wearing under my jeans. I looked around for a chair, and as the other chairs were on the other side of the pool, I boldly went and sat down between the two of them on the three seater swing.

Buying a Bikini

When I was in college during my Jr. year, I met two guys named John and Eddie. John and Eddie were freshman, new to the whole college scene. I met John first because he did a bit of copy editing for the school newspaper and I was one of the writers on staff. They both started sitting with me at lunch and I thought that they were both really funny and cute. They became my little tag-a-long buddies, and followed me around campus like hungry little puppy dogs. I thought they were adorable, and loved the attention they gave me.

They would inevitably show up at my dorm room on Friday nights, me being 21, so that we could go out for beer runs. We hung out and watched movies, or went to the Plaza and walked around acting like college kids do. There was, of course, unending flirting between the three of us, and the sexual tension was very high most of the time.

One late fall Friday afternoon, I came out of my 2:00 class to find them waiting for me. I announced to them that I had to run to the mall to buy a new swimsuit and they said they would tag along.

“Ohhh, no. I don’t think so boys.” I told them. I dreaded taking them out in public because they always embarrassed the hell out of me.

“Oh, come on Jen!” they said in unison.

“NO.” I firmly answered.

“The last time I took you guys to the mall, you were a mess, and I am going to do some serious shopping that DOES not require your being there.”

Well, after begging and pleading with me all the way back to my dorm, I finally caved and said they could come.

“But, you’re NOT going into the department store with me while I pick out my new bikini. You can go get something to eat or something.”

“Ok!” They were delighted to be able to tag along.

We got to the mall and I told them to meet me at the Orange Julius in an hour. I left them sitting on a bench staring at my ass as I stomped off in red platform shoes in search of my new swimsuit.

I was meandering around the store looking at different bikinis when I heard someone say, “OH MY GOD! Look, Eddie, it’s JEN!”

“Hi Jen!!”

Fuck. It was them. I should have known better.

They both came over and Eddie playfully smacked my ass saying, “Fancy meeting you here, Jen!”

“Leave…NOW!” I said trying to be stern and not crack up at his cute and naughty smile.

“Ohhh, don’t be mad, Jen.” John pouted.

I noticed the properly-dressed sales woman lookin in our direction.

“You guys promised to be good if I brought you with me.” I scolded them.

“Let us help you pick out your bikini. We’ll settle down and behave.” John smiled wickedly.

“This is not a good idea, guys.” I said under my breath.

“Oh, come on…let us help ya.” Eddie said in his most angelic voice.

“Fine. Go sit down over there.” I said pointing to a couple of chairs by the fitting rooms.

They ran over and sat down. They were quite pathetic! My little bitches…I giggled to myself.

I went into the dressing room with several different selected bikinis and shut the door on one of the back stalls.

I had just slipped on a cute yellow and pink flowery bikini when I heard a soft tap on the door.

“Um, someone is in here” I said.

“Quick, lemme in, Jen!”

It was John.

“Oh my GOD, get outta here!” I hissed through the door.

“I wanna see yer suit. Lemme in before someone sees me!”

My Roommate

My roommate Jessica was beginning to be a bit of a drag. Slightly frumpy and conservative, she had a problem with me bringing boyfriends home on a regular basis. She constantly left me notes requesting that if I wanted to have “absurdly loud intercourse on a bi-nightly basis” (as she put it), I should have it at my partners’ houses and not at our apartment. I began to do just that, simply to avoid listening to her complaints.

One day, my boyfriend Charlie and I were discussing having a threesome with another woman. We were both sexually adventurous, and I thoroughly enjoyed being with beautiful women. We decided the easiest and most discreet way to meet a woman was through the internet, so together, we began to cruise the online hookup sites.

You can imagine my shock when I came across the personal ad for “Jessi”, who was looking for a “clean yet dirrrty couple to share wild nights”. The woman in the picture was dolled up and dressed in black lace, but it was, without a doubt, my roommate Jessica. The ad also claimed that it would be her first time having a threesome.

Somewhat out of spite, somewhat out of curiousity, I replied to her ad, giving her a fake name, and sending a picture of another couple that we found on the same website. We set up a date for Friday night at (gasp!) MY apartment. I wondered how she was going to explain it to me!

On Friday morning as I was getting ready for work, she told me that her parents were coming over for dinner that night. It was a clever move, she obviously remembered how boring I thought her family was, having met them a few other times when she’d had them over for dinner. I told her I was sorry I couldn’t make it, but that Charlie and I had tickets for a new play that opened this weekend. She left for work, wearing a frumpy beige outfit and ugly beige flats. Her hair was limp, she looked much older than she really was.

That night, Charlie and I got ready for our “hot date”. I wasn’t sure what I was even going to do yet, whether I would attempt to go through with it even if I had the option, or whether I would just show up and laugh in her face, but despite my indecision, when the time rolled around, we headed over.

I knocked on the door to my apartment, and when it opened, I was absolutely in shock. My typically frumpy roommate looked a hundred times better than she had in the picture in her online ad, and a thousand times better than I’d ever seen her. She was wearing a simple long black satin nightgown and her hair was up. She looked elegant, beautiful and EXTREMELY sexy. She also, of course, looked shocked and humiliated to see me.

Not So Boring Business Trip

Another boring business trip. John was unpacking his bag in his hotel in Munich. This trip had been organized at the last minute to meet with a new prospective client that he knew he had little chance with. But the company had sent him anyway. Still, he had never been to Munich before so it was an opportunity to explore a new city, and one with quite a reputation.

It wasn’t long before John was sitting in a taxi asking the driver to take him somewhere exciting.

“You mean girls,” asked the driver. “We have several clubs in Munich.”

And with that he was off to the nearest club. Arriving there, John quickly discovered that it would be a $300 charge. This was not outside his budget but given that it was already late and he had an early start, he did not want to blow his cash until tomorrow when he would have more time to savor his $300. So John asked the driver to take him to a bar where he could just get a drink and enjoy the local ambience.

When John stepped out of the cab, he looked up and down the brightly lit street full of bars and set about deciding which one he would go in. He noticed an adult shop. It had been a while since he last visited one and John decided to go inside and look around. The shop was quite busy inside – mostly men browsing the various magazines and videos lined up against the side walls, but there were also a few women, with their boyfriend or husband, checking out the vibrators. John noticed one particular dark haired beauty floating around the shop with an older man accompanying her. They giggled at the various displays and moved quickly from one section to another, her knee high black dress swaying from her hips as she sashayed from one display to another. John started browsing the videos with the most explicit covers, mostly big cocks and gaping pussies.

“So do you like that then?” asked a voice behind him.

It was the dark haired beauty who moved to stand beside him. John looked at her briefly, but blushing, he turned back to the video display.

Hung Yearnings

I’m writing this story for reasons only important to myself. Tomorrow I will be forty years old. My story, however, begins nine years ago when I was thirty one..

My name is Jessica. I’ve been happily married for nine years to a wonderful caring man I met in college. We have two lovely children, a boy six and a daughter eight. My 31st birthday was yesterday and, as usual, my husband treated me to a night of dinner and dancing. He so enjoys doing for me that my pleasures are equaled only by the delight he derives from making me happy.

We want for nothing really, nothing material that is. That’s not to say we’re filthy rich, we don’t have yachts and jets, but we live extremely comfortable in a clean, safe upscale neighborhood.

When I was a child my mother religiously made an entry in her daily diary. She always told me her personal history was important to her. She found real satisfaction in reading and recalling her past, especially her spirited youth, lovers won and lost and the blessings brought by the love of having children.

I guess I’m my mother’s daughter because I’ve been keeping a diary since I was ten years old. This is really where my story begins, with my diary.

Occasionally I enter thoughts that some people probably would think are best left unsaid. My husband knew I valued my privacy and, as far as I knew, had never violated that trust by reading my innermost thoughts.

To this day I don’t know if I left the diary out in the open consciously are I simply forgot to put it away. Maybe, I don’t know…maybe in my subconscious I wanted him to read it.

Anyway, his natural curiosity bettered him. He only read my most recent entry but it was enough to hurt him deeply. It took him several weeks before he admitted it too me but it disturbed him so much he had to talk about it.

Howl At The Moon

When I was a freshman in college, I had a crush on a guy at school named Dan. He was on the football team. Some of the guys on the team were going camping one weekend and Dan invited me to go along. Now, any girl should have known not to go camping with 5 guys, but I was not just any girl – and I was always ready for an adventure.

On the drive up to the mountains, Dan and I laid in the back of one of the other guy’s trucks, under several blankets, making out. Dan and I did nothing but kiss and snuggle on the way to the campsite – a little light petting. But, by the time we got up into the mountains, I was hot, wet, and throbbing.

The guy driving, Kevin, parked the truck and waved for Ricky and Marc to come on into the campsite. Kevin then uncovered Dan and me and grinned at our flushed appearance. Dan jumped out of the truck and helped Kevin unpack the food as Marc and Ricky rolled the keg out of the back of the other truck. Being the only girl, I felt it was my duty to supervise as the guys got the camp set up and started the fire. As the sun began to set, Dan came over to where I was sitting and handed me a hot dog and then joined me as I ate. We sat and flirted and giggled as the other guys joked around.

Kevin came and sat on the other side of me and dropped his arm around my shoulder, joining me and Dan in our conversation. Ricky said there was loud music coming from a campsite nearby and he was going to check it out. Glaring at me, he stalked off into the woods. (I found out years later that Ricky was gay and had a crush on Kevin at the time.)

Marc grinned at the three of us sitting on that fallen log and began to get a bunch of sleeping bags out of the back of the trucks. He unzipped them and made a large bed of them near the fire. Then he flopped down and slipped his shoes off. He propped his head up on his entwined hands and looked at the three of us. He asked if were cold sitting over there and wouldn’t we like to join him? I giggled (beer always makes me giggle) and said “what about it guys? you think we should?”

Kevin said something about Marc looking lonely and that maybe we should join him. Dan, who was a REALLY big guy picked me up and carried me over to the nest of sleeping bags. He laid me down next to Marc and then flopped down beside me. Kevin just grinned and sat down at my feet. I laughed and asked if we wouldn’t be cold without a sleeping bag covering us? Dan snuggled in closer to me and said they would keep me warm, letting his hand drift across my chest.

Chained Wife

“Yes, I know it’s an unusual request. It’s also its also a little embarrassing, so do you think we could hurry this along a bit?” Said Dale into the telephone.

“Yes, that’s right, handcuffs…well, what do you think we were doing with them? We are married you know. It is legal!…Yes…yes… the key broke off in the lock and now they won’t open…yes…police standard issue…I got them from a friend, if you must know!…what’s that got to do with – …yes, okay…yes, fine…fifteen minutes? Good!…yes, thank you…goodbye!”

Replacing the receiver he made his way back up the stairs to the bedroom. He was certain that he had heard muffled laughter in the background before hanging up his call to the emergency services. He wasn’t surprised, if he had been on the other end of the phone as some poor bastard had informed him that they had locked their wife to the bed in handcuffs and had then broken the key, he would have roared with laughter!

As he entered the bedroom, he could not help a small smile himself as he looked at his wife, Wendy, securely manacled, hands and feet, naked to the bed.

“Well, what did they say?” she said as she saw him enter.

“Fire department will be here in about fifteen minutes” replied Dale

Wendy groaned in embarrassment. “Well at least put a sheet over me or something,” she said. “I may be a horny bitch, but I don’t really want the whole county fire department drooling over my body!”

Even as she said it, the words sent a tingle through her body. She couldn’t resist a giggle.

“You know, we’ll NEVER live this one down!” she said with a laugh.

As Dale picked up a sheet and draped it over his wife’s body, he saw how hot she still looked. Wendy saw his gaze.

“Yeah, I know,” she said. “I’m still horny! But we haven’t got time to finish what we started now. Wait until I’m out of these things, then you can fuck my brains out, okay?”

Dale eagerly nodded has agreement as he heard the tones of the front door bell. As he began to leave the room to answer the door, he called back over his shoulder with a laugh.

“Don’t go away now!”

The fire department had obviously decided that this particular job did not warrant a whole team and had sent only two burly looking firemen. As Dale showed them the way to the bedroom, he noticed that the taller one, who had introduced himself as Simon, was carrying a large pair of bolt cutters over his shoulder. The other, Marc, carried a hand held radio. Both were dressed in the standard fire department uniform; wind-breaker jacket, waterproof trousers and boots. Dale watched both men’s eyes widen as they entered the room. Although Wendy’s body was covered by a thin sheet, they were still able to see the soft curls of her strawberry, blonde hair as the tresses splayed out over the pillow. Her ample chest rose and fell with every breath outlining a pair of still hard nipples under the sheet and her red painted toes peeked out seductively at the foot of the bed.

“Evening, love!” chirped Marc cheekily as he looked towards her.

“Got a bit of a problem, have we?” Simon joined in with a grin.

“Yes, very funny!” laughed Wendy. “Just get me out of these things will you?” she continued, rattling the handcuffs against the ornate iron headboard.

Dale sat down to watch the men work as they both approached the prone figure of his wife. Obviously deciding to tackle the ankle restraints first, they moved to the foot of the bed.

“We’ll have to pull this sheet up a little,” said Marc. “So we can get a look…at the cuffs, I mean!”

Wendy giggled in anticipation of her legs being exposed to these two big men. She felt a cool draft on her feet and lower legs as Simon pulled the sheet back, first just a little, and then back to just above her knees.

Sally Lays The Brick Layers

The other night as I was relaxing over my favorite scotch at the neighborhood bar, I heard an interesting conversation. I was on my way from work and had stopped for a brief drink before I headed home to my wife Sally. We are a bit old-fashioned and have an old-fashioned marriage; I work for the money and Sally spends it. I do pretty well so she doesn’t have to work. Instead she stays home and takes care of the cooking and cleaning as well as being involved with the PTA and all of the other things a suburban housewife does during the day. This particular week she wasn’t going to any meetings because we had workmen at the house adding a brick patio to our backyard. So Sally stayed home to make sure the workmen were doing the brick work and not gold bricking.

I was thinking about work so I wasn’t paying much attention to the people around me. Then I heard someone say, “You know all of those stories about bored suburban housewives. I never really believed them until today.” I looked over and saw a rather muscular young man talking to his friends. One of the friends replied, “I tell you, I didn’t either, but I’m a believer now.”

The conversation was confined to four guys. They all looked to be in their late 20s and early 30s. As I listened, it became clear that they were all construction workers who were meeting after work. They had all worked in the area that day. Apparently two of them had just returned from a rather interesting job. I continued to eavesdrop while they described their adventure.

“Yeah,” said one of them, “we arrived at the job site at 8:00 this morning. The lady of the house met us at the door in a rather revealing negligee. I guess her husband had already left for work and she was just lounging around the house.”

“Well, didn’t she know you were arriving to do the work? Why wasn’t she dressed?” said one of the friends.

“I didn’t know why at the time.” the storyteller answered. “Anyway, she was an older woman in her early 40s. A Mrs. Robinson type. Older and a bit plump, but still a knockout. Maybe her husband likes to have her lounge around the house in negligees. I don’t know. At any rate, the negligee was one of those black babydoll types. Her tits were really large and her nipples were pretty obvious through the top.”

“Yeah, we just figured we caught her unexpectedly,” his companion piped in, “she introduced herself as Sally, I think it was, and she pointed out the area where she wanted the patio.”

The Hot Day

I walk into my house with my guy friends Antonio and my friend Kristian. We just came back from the mall cause they wanted to check out chicks…and it was really hot, so I was wearing a little sundress…

The two of them decided to sit on the couch while I got something to drink. I went into the kitchen and got some ice water. As a joke, Kristian decided to put some ice down my back… and of course since it was so cold, I kinda went “eep!” and it fell out the bottom of my dress. The two of them found it hilarious of course and put more and more ice down my back. Eventually, the 3 of us were all wet…my nipples were hard and it showed through the dress… so I told them I was going upstairs to change my clothes, and that I’d bring them some clothes to put on. As I went upstairs, I noticed Antonio watching me. But I thought nothing of it, so I continued on.

As I walked into my bedroom, I was contemplating what to wear. I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was all stringy from being wet. So I took it down and started to brush it. After brushing it, I took off the wet dress and began to look for another one. I opened my dresser drawers and looked around for something…then I felt someone touching my neck. It was Antonio, and he was obviously aroused. He moved his hands down my back and then to my ass…he softly touched me, which made me shiver. I turned around, giving him an up close view of my naked body. I ran my hands up and down his body, first his chest, and then to his cock… he seemed to enjoy it, so I pulled off his shirt and rubbed my breasts against him. He responded by kissing on my neck, occasionally biting it.

One Summer Night

My name is Alissa, I am 22 years old and I am a college student in Southern California. I am blonde, green eyed, 5’5″ and 115 pounds with average size measurements.

Since my teenage years I have had exhibitionist tendencies and have indulged them as much as possible for a number of years. This is the story of one of those indulgences.

Last summer I took a job at a local elderly care center to help pay for the coming semester of college. It was mainly an evening and night job attending to the needs of the elderly residents, making sure they went to bed by a certain hour, getting them glasses of water, reading to them, etc. On this particular evening four older gentlemen were in a room playing their usual game of cards. Their game usually went on until late at night so I came in the room and told them not to stay too late or I’d have to “spank” them. They laughed and told me to come by later to make sure none of them had “passed out”. I told them I would, and left them to their game.

At about midnight I decided to check in on the group and sure enough, they were still at it. They invited me to join in if I was done with my tasks, and being rather bored and having completed my tasks, I decided to join in. I should have known better. I was winning most of my hands, but I only later realized that I was the one “being played”. They started making jokes and comments and as they got more used to me their jokes and comments got bolder and bolder as well. I could smell alcohol in the room and knew that they’d been drinking earlier in the night.

Wifes Poker Night

Nathalie my wife has spent 1 year and 4 months away from me in the past 2 1/2 years. I am in the military and have had a remote assignment and now a deployment to Kuwait in this time frame. She is an extremely attractive French woman, who is 5’3″ with a 35-24-36 figure and mid-back length, curly brunette hair. She is extremely sexual in her nature, which is one of the things that have always attracted me to her.

I have been in Kuwait for 2 months now, protecting America’s oil and gas investment over here. Nathalie has done very well on her own, she’s strong and independent. She works really hard in the investment field. She got an invite from a bunch of coworkers to play poker one night. She hadn’t played cards or even been out of the house for 2 months, so I urged her to go and have as much fun as possible. She accepted the invitation and showed up for poker night at Derek’s house. When she walked in all the guys stopped playing cards and looked Nathalie over. She was the only girl to show up and was looking extraordinarily beautiful. She wore tight, black leather pants with a white sweater accentuating her breasts perfectly.

Nathalie brought her coat to the bedroom, taking her $40 in poker money out of her coat pocket. Derek gave her a quick five and dime tour of the apartment. As she was getting the tour she flirted with Derek and accidentally bumped his crotch with her curvaceous ass. She said she felt him stiffen almost immediately, and then she apologized for bumping into him. It got her juices flowing as well; she was in need of a stiff dick inside of her! They walked back out to the poker table and Derek offered her a drink. He had made a batch of margaritas, which is Nathalie’s favorite. She knew a couple of the guys from work, Eric, Steve, Scott, and Derek. She was introduced to 2 other guys Jim and Darren, who were just friends of Derek’s.

Extra Special Birthday

As a celebration for her husband Tony’s birthday, Karen had booked them in to a local high class hotel where they could enjoy a meal and drink before retiring to a large bed without worrying about driving home afterwards. She promised him a night to remember, and he was looking forward to getting back to their penthouse suite after the meal as Karen was wearing an outstanding outfit. Tony was very lucky as Karen was always good fun and very sexy. She was sometimes quite reserved with people until she got to know them well enough.

They were sitting enjoying a drink when their waitress came over to introduce herself and tell them what was available on the menu. Vikki was a stunning girl, her large pendulous breasts filled her white silk blouse. Although she was wearing a bra, her nipples could be clearly standing to attention through the thin material of her blouse. Her breasts looked larger than they were due to the narrowness of her waist in her black skirt. Tony noticed that her skirt had a discreet slit in the side of it that showed off even more of her legs. The dark band of the top of her stockings was just showing at the top of the slit. Karen knew he loved stockings and she was wearing some this evening a well. Vikki’s hair was held in a bun on top of her head. After running through the dishes available on the menu tonight, she left them to choose from the menu,

Karen commented ‘such a pleasant young lady’.

‘And very attractive too’ added Tony.

Multi Cum Slut

My wife and I had a housemate that lived with us for more than three years. This narrative is the true story about how our housemate and I enabled the way for my wife to blossom onto becomes this incredibly horny, multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac. This was not something we planned or tried to do. It just sorta went along on its own momentum after we got her to try a threesome. From then on the housemate would join us in bed whenever we all got the urge. Which was four or five times a week! This worked out really great cuz the three of us had such amazingly fun times. The threesome was the catalyst for the wife’s transmutation into this unbelievably hot and nasty cum-slut. This describes how it all began and how the dynamics played together.

We had partied with the housemate a couple of times prior to the nite these events first took place. He was around 6-5, 240 lbs, might have been an all-pro defensive end had he stayed in college football. My wife and I were opening a new business, a retail lingerie store. During the day the three of us worked on getting the place ready to open and at nite we were going thru the new inventory that was arriving daily. I mentioned to my spouse that the housemate would enjoy seeing her pose in some of our new merchandise and she thought about it and said “OK, but nothing too revealing..” While she was upstairs I told our housemate what my wife was going to do and we agreed that we’d should see how far we could get her to go.. The first outfit she modeled a nice lace red bra and thong set. My spouse loved seeing both our reactions to the outfits she wore After a few nights of ever more daring outfits and teasing both us guys, my wife asked me if we should invite him up to the bedroom. Of course, I said, “Yes!” I love it when a plan comes together!

New Years Eve Deceit

My wife and I had talked about her fucking another guy, him joining us for a threesome. She said “No Way Jose, End of Story!” and was mad at me for even suggesting it! Ok ok I got the picture but didn’t think it was so unreasonable or “repulsive” as she termed it. This was a couple of months ago ok? So now on New Years Eve ’97 and we are out to dinner at Traxx in a nearby town. Nice place good food and booze. We dine alone, pleasant conversation. On our way out we run into a couple of guys my wife knows from her education classes at the state university. Oh I forgot, my wife is just 50 and still pretty but is developing a small spare tire, but has great tits and a nice ass and great legs.

We stop to chat and soon we are at a table having a couple of drinks with these two guys who are about 25 years junior to my wife and I. Good looking sorta. One white, one Black. After about 30 minutes I excuse myself to go to the john. When I return to the table it is empty. The waitress saw the perplexed look on my face and said they had just left a minute or so ago. I scooted out the door and just got a glimpse of a car go by with what looked to be my wife in the middle front seat. Lucky for me our car was close and I was just able to catch up to them without speeding too badly.

Ball Game Balling

“Oh, c’mon honey. We can’t see the screen with you standing there!”

Janice gave myself and my two friends a petulant, sulky look and stomped off to the kitchen.

“Oh well,” I said to Frank, sitting next to me, “I guess we better not ask her to bring us a beer!”

Frank and my other friend, Joey laughed as I got up from my seat to get the beers myself. “Tell me if I miss anything.”

The ball game had been an exciting one so far; the lead switching from team to team as the game progressed. I was reluctant to tear myself away from the TV, but we all needed that liquid refreshment essential to watching any sporting event!

“How long is this stupid game going on?” asked my wife as I opened the fridge, “I’m bored!”

She smiled that impish little grin at me. The one she knows I find hard to resist. “I’m also feeling a little horny, baby. C’mon, get rid of these guys and forget the game, I got something hot just for you!”

I thought about it. My wife can be a hot little bitch when she wants. But I stood firm. “Sorry honey, It’ll have to wait a while, the game’s just getting interesting, and the guys want their beer!”

I could almost feel her icy stare on my back as I returned to the lounge to resume watching the game. Frank, Joey and myself watched, drank and cheered as our team increased their lead. At one point I heard Janice stomping up the stairs and assumed that she was going to watch a soap or something on the TV in our bedroom. I paid no more attention to her until, several minutes later I heard her returning. Joey was sitting by the door and was the first to see her as she entered the room. His eyes stood out on stalks as he looked at my wife. Whilst she was upstairs, she had changed her clothes and now appeared before us barefoot and wearing only the briefest pair of shorts and a thin cotton t-shirt. It was obvious that she had not worn a bra under the shirt and her large breasts bobbed and jiggled under the thin material as she walked. Her attitude had changed as well. She stood in front of us smiling sweetly.

“Can I get you more drinks, boys?”

Waterfront Picnic

“I’ve got the cooler all packed,” said Sally. “We have chicken salad sandwiches, potato chips, and plenty of beer. I think we’re ready to go.”

I grabbed Sally by both ass cheeks and pulled her to me. “I’ve got the buns.” She laughed and pushed me way.

“Angela will arrive any minute so cool your jets and load the car.”

I grabbed the cooler and put it in the trunk of the minivan with the rest of the picnic supplies. We were going to the lake with Angela, Sally’s best friend. Angela had gotten divorced two years earlier. Her ex had her son for the Fourth of July weekend so she was joining us for the picnic

Angela arrived and we jumped into the minivan. After around a half hour of driving, we arrived at the lake. It was a big lake, with a marina, a swimming area and lots of picnic sites. We got a picnic site near the swimming area. As we set up for the day I watched the two ladies. Sally had on a pair of black capri pants with a white knit top. The tight pants hugged my forty-five year old wife’s round ass and the top snugly fit her large breasts. Her blonde hair framed a pretty face with dancing blue eyes. Angela was wearing pair of tight white capri pants and a black swimsuit top that nicely showed off her breasts. She’d thrown a loose white cotton shirt over the top. Unlike my conservatively dressed Sally, she looked like a woman on the prowl. She’d had trouble meeting anyone since her divorce, primarily because most single men weren’t interested in a forty-something woman with a child. Certainly it wasn’t because she wasn’t attractive. Angela was a cute little package, with shoulder-length brown hair, nice legs and a compact little ass. Her breasts weren’t as large as Sally’s but they were ample enough.

Sharing Wife With Best Friend

My wife Karen and I were both in our mid-twenties when we met and soon after got married. She knew that I had fucked a lot of women before we were married, and I knew that she had fucked a lot of guys before we met.

But that was all behind us now. We were married, we loved each other, we didn’t talk about past romances…and we were both bored. Karen is lovely. She has a nice bod that’s dominated by her big tits. She’s good in bed and tells me that I am too, but there was just something missing from our sex life. Two years ago, we found what we were missing. One Sunday afternoon in July there wasn’t much going on around the house and we were just sitting and watching a baseball game on TV and having a few beers.

We were both bored to death and we were drinking more than we usually do. We talked about maybe walking over to one of the forest preserves near our house to see what was going on. We liked to do that to watch the other people who go there to get a quick fuck or some head. I guess it’s the voyeuristic side of us. Karen was packing a cooler with some beer when I heard a car pull up in our driveway. It was my best friend, Joe. Joe comes over quite a bit to get away from his wife…I guess she’s a real cunt.When he came inside I told him where we were going and asked him to come along. The three of us walked down the street a few blocks to a forest preserve and picked out a secluded spot so that we wouldn’t be spotted by the others while we watched cars pull in and people fuck right in their cars. Karen popped open three cans of beer for us and we talked about the way other people fuck in cars. Joe didn’t seem embarassed by what we were doing, and I know that he’s a pervert at heart.

The Librarian

Ryan pushed the heavy cart containing at least on hundred books down the narrow library aisles, stopping occasionally to return the volumes to their proper place. To most people rummaging around a bunch of dusty books and periodicals would be a chore to be avoided at all costs, but Ryan was different, he loved feel of the books in his hands and the aroma of old manuscripts filling his nose, but especially the wealth of information found like buried treasure between the sometimes frayed covers. He was only eighteen, but already he knew what he wanted to do with his life, go to college, major in library science, and become a curator for some large research library. He wasn’t interested in checking books in and out, or sending out past due notices to tardy borrowers, no, he wanted to get into old manuscripts, first editions, and rare writings from days gone by. For now, though, just being able to work at something he truly loved was enough for him. He glanced at his watch, and said to himself, “Five minutes to closing, I better get hustling, it’s gonna take at least an hour to get all these put away!” Working at a quick pace, Ryan was almost finished restacking, when it happened, standing on the short step stool needed to reach the upper shelf, his foot slipped and he came tumbling to the floor, landing with a loud thud. The force with which he had hit the floor had been noisy enough that the head librarian, Miss Vance had heard it and brought her running. When she got to him, what she found was and unconscious Ryan, with blood trickling down his forehead.

Bare Bottom

Mrs. Larson glanced at her assignment book and announced to the class, “Everyone open up your texts to page 135 and read chapter six, I have to go to the office for a few minutes, but I shouldn’t be too long!” She entered the Principal Solon’s office and said to his secretary, “Hi Georgia, I just received a note form Mr. Solon and he wants to see me right away, is he available!?!” A slight smirk spread over the secretary’s face as she replied, “Just a second, Mrs. Larson, and I’ll find out!” “Go on in, he’s expecting you,” Georgia said, “and have a good time!” At that last remark, Krista Larson glanced back over her shoulder and gave the secretary a dark look before entering the principal’s office! Once inside she asked, “You wanted to see me Mr. Solon, I really have to hurry because I’m right in the middle of a class!?!” Ben Solon eyed the pretty thirty five year old social studies teacher and evenly, “Come over here and lift you skirt, I’m afraid you’ve been a bad girl again!”

Delivery Man

Jeremy rang the front bell and waited several seconds until the door swung open and a middle aged man invited him in! “That will be fifteen fifty,” Jeremy said as he pulled the large pepperoni pizza out of the “hot bag”! The man was ready with a twenty dollar bill and as he traded it for the piping hot pie he asked softly, “Do you have time for my usual!?!” Jeremy looked at his watch and replied, “I’m kinda in a hurry, but if we make if a quickie, I guess it would be all right!” “Oh thank you,” the man fairly gushed as he shoved an extra fifty into Jeremy’s hand, “I really appreciate it, I really do!”

As he dropped to his knees in front of the young stud, he fumbled while trying to undo Jeremy’s belt and zipper, and was a little surprised when the young man slapped his hands away and said, “We have a new deal here, Mr. Lester, it’s a minimum of a hundred bucks!” “W-why that’s outrageous,” the man sputtered as he knelt on the carpeted floor, “it’s always been fifty, why the change!?!” “Mr. Lester,” the nineteen year old blonde Adonis said smoothly, “I think that after I get my pants off you will be more than happy to pay me the difference!” “Really,” Mr. Lester asked doubtfully, “one hundred dollars is a lot of money, even for a hung young stud like you!” “May I show you,” Jeremy asked softly, “I’m sure you won’t be disappointed?!?” “Okay,” came the reply, “but this had better be good!” With a half smirk on his face, Jeremy smoothly undid his belt and very slowly slid down his zipper and with a little push, sent his blue jeans sliding to his ankles! Mr. Lester made and audible gasp at the sight before his eyes, the young man wasn’t wearing his usual pair of white cotton briefs, instead he had on a very feminine pair of light blue frilly panties that did nothing to hide the outline of his huge hard cock! “Y-you’re wearing panties,” he stammered while softly running his hand over the front of the young man’s crotch! “For the extra fifty, you can rub your face on them and make me cum in them if you like,” Jeremy whispered, “and when I leave, you can keep them and suck on them after I’m gone, just think of how nice it will be to masturbate with my cummy panties in your mouth!?