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More Party Games

I like getting laid as much as the next girl, but I’m not always prepared to be fucked by just any cock that happens to be brought to a party. I like to be a bit choosey. So I don’t go much for those party games where you draw for a partner and head for the nearest bedroom.

But I played a game last month that really got to me. I was wondering why our hostess Melanie had said we had to wear dresses not jeans, and weren’t allowed to bring a partner. It turned out there were twelve of us, including Melanie, six of each sex. None of us girls had met any of the men before. This was important, Melanie said, because the game we were going to play required that we didn’t know anything about each other.

There were two real bedworthy hunks, and the other four weren’t bad looking, either. Circulating, getting to know each other, I suddenly realized how well Melanie had chosen. I could have fucked any one of them. Or any six. They all had bulges in their jeans I could hardly take my eyes off, and I caught one guy stroking his once or twice.

Well, after a few drinks Melanie said it was time for the special game. The girls all had to go into one of the bedrooms, all except for Melanie. You can bet there was some guessing about the size of the fucking gear inside those bulges. Melanie came back after a while and explained the game. She gave us each a pencil and a notepad. The pad had the numbers one to six down the left side. When you go in there, she said, the guys will all have numbers but their faces will be hidden, and you’re going to have to guess who each one is. Just write down the name against the number.

So we went into the other room. and I’d never imagined such a scene in my wildest dreams. Melanie had rigged a large sheet across the room. The men were ll standing behind it, with six rampant pricks poking through holes in the sheet, and six pairs of balls hanging below them. I’d never seen a sight like it—six fabulous fucking organs in a row, all standing to attention. The game was we had to guess which guy each set of genitalia belonged to.

“No cheating,” Melanie said. “No feeling around to see what the men are wearing behind the curtain. You can look at these beauties, feel them, taste them, jerk them off, anything you like. Except don’t hurt them.”

“Do you know who they are?” I asked Melanie.

“No way. I left them to decide where they’d stand. And don’t be greedy. No more than half a minute with each one. We don’t want them cumming before the game’s finished.”

“Why not?” I asked facetiously. “I’d just love to make them cum all in a row. Just imagine, six ejaculating pricks all shooting their load at once.”

Prudish Wife Vacation Adventure

After 21 years of marriage and three children sex had settled down to be pretty routine and hum drum.

My wife Terri forgot how attractive and pretty she really was. At 40 she still had a fantastic figure standing at 5’4” weighing 115lbs she had her hair dyed a light blonde. Her breasts were still firm and pert 34C with large nipples that stuck out when she got excited. After 3 children she still had firm abs and a great looking ass. Her pussy was still tight and she let her hair grow. She kept her legs and arm pits shaved but her cunt hair was long and bushy dark black. I guess being around her all the time I too had forgotten just how attractive she really was.

Most of our time at home was spent between work and the kid’s activities at school and in sports. We had both become known as Susie’s Mom or Jason’s Dad. Our own identities had seemed to have been lost.

In July we took a week long vacation to a State Park and stayed at the Lodge. During the day we would take the kids fishing, hiking to play sports. Several times we went to the park pool. Terri still wore a bikini that really accented her body but she thought nobody would be looking at her with all the young women prancing around. I admired Teri as she played around with the kids.

On our third day we were at the pool as the temperature had reached the 100 degree mark and the humidity was in the 90’s also. The pool was packed with people and we spent most of the day in the water.

Technically the pool and the park were alcohol free. However, as the temperature was hot and the pool allowed drink containers to be brought in most of the adults had water bottles that they kept filled with cold beer through the day. I had met two men at the pool that day and we spent most of the day talking and just relaxing in the water sipping on our cold beer.

As the evening approached the crowd had thinned out and there were about 25 kids and several couples still in the water. My new friends John and Mark were still in the water as their families continued to play around in the water.

We were all looking at the younger women in the pool and making comments about their looks. John surprised me when he suddenly remarked on how hot Terri looked for a woman of her age. He said her ass was great and commented on what he could do with it.

The Slut I Married

When I married Jane, I knew she was no virgin. She was easy to get in the sack and had no inhibitions. But little did I know she was as experienced as I later found out she was. We were both in college and fell madly in love and married after our junior year. When we returned to school after our marriage, everything seemed normal as we got to know each other better. It turned us both on to talk about our prior sex adventures as foreplay to love making.

Jane gradually began to open up and I learned that she had been quite a party girl. She told me that her panties had become trophies for many horny guys. I imagined her panties hanging on the wall of more than one dorm room. She hinted at being the center attraction at a gang bang, but I could not tell if it was fantasy or reality. I found that the thought of her fucking a room full of guys excited me immensely. Jane had a great ass — one of those that was soft and round and made for fucking. Her tits had enormous nipples that stuck out when she got horny. She kept her blond bush well trimmed.

Sometimes when we would go to the bars she would point somebody out and tell me that he had fucked her before we got married. Sometimes this irritated me and sometimes it turned me on, but it was always the prelude to a wild night of fucking. One night we found ourselves in a bar in a nearby town. We were about to graduate and we were in a party mood. We got separated from the friends we came with. I did not recognize anyone, but Jane seemed to know several guys. The music was loud and it was hard to hear what they said to her or what she said to them. It was spring time and it was hot and muggy. Jane was wearing a sun dress with just a pair of white string bikini panties on underneath.