Confessions of a Teenage Cumslut

I am the hottest, sluttiest chick at Hubert H. Humphrey High School. Half the wrestling team has me on speed dial. Everyone in school calls me Blow-Job Betty. I have cantaloupe-size tits, a tiny waist and a tight, little ass. No guy can resist me.

Not even my history teacher, Mr. Wagner. He fucked me in a broom closet during study hall. The guy grunted like a hog the whole time, but he was hung like an elephant. Sound sick? I don’t think so. I kind of liked it. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I was sucking the starting quarterback’s dick at the same time. He jizzed on my face. Not enough for you? Well, the assistant principal, who happens to be Mr. Wagner’s wife, lapped the QB’s cum off my face.

So, I think you see what I’m all about.

Let me guess you’re thinking: Oh my gosh! This poor girl is getting molested.

Don’t worry. It’s all legal and consensual. I’m 18, and I don’t mess around with anyone younger than me.

I’ve fucked and sucked a lot of guys in the six months since my eighteenth birthday. But nothing compares to the night most of the football team gangbanged my friend, Jen, and me in the gym.

It was a Friday night after a football game. Everyone had gone home, except probably the school janitor, and he was on the other side of the school. Jen and I ended up in the gym, just sitting in the bottom row of the bleachers. We talked about everything: guys, make-up, homework. The usual. Neither of us had made it to the locker room to change out of our cheerleader uniforms. But it didn’t matter. It was a nice night, and I liked letting the cool air raise goose bumps on my bare legs.

Jen and I are like sisters. We tell each other everything. So, I can say with confidence that she’s almost as big of a slut as I am. We even look alike. We once tricked a teacher into believing we were twins. The main difference is that I have long, blonde hair and she’s a brunette with a perm.

But for all of our similarities and secrets, there was one I wasn’t sure we shared: I wanted to kiss her. That’s right. I wanted to put my soft, wet lips on my best friend’s kisser. I wanted to taste her tongue. I wanted to smell her perfume.

In the three years, we’d been best friends I’d never worked up the courage to tell her. I just wasn’t sure how she’d respond.

Turns out, I didn’t have to say anything. She let me know without even trying.

Jen and I were deep into a conversation about who was the cutest guy in school when I noticed a twinkle in her eye. I smiled at her. She smiled back.

“What?” Jen asked, while playfully slapping my knee.

I brushed a strand of black hair off of her white cheek.

“You just look so pretty,” I said.

“Oh stop it,” Jen said.

I scooted closer.

“What is up with you?” Jen asked.

I gently traced her red lips with my fingertips. I could feel her warm breath on them.

“We’ve always shared everything,” I said. “And you know how many guys I’ve fucked. But there’s something else I wanted from you.”

“Anything for y–”

I pressed my lips onto Jen’s lips before she could finish. My tongue dove deep into her mouth. She tasted like spearmint gum and smelled like my favorite perfume. Jen kissed back, grabbing the sides of my head. Years of pent up lust flowed through our frolicking tongues. My hand squeezed Jen’s knee and then slowly slid up to her leg and stomach before landing on her tit. She moaned as I tweaked her nipple.

Our already advanced relationship was progressing even further quickly. I wanted to see how far we could go. I put my hand back on her knee and made my way up her thigh until I hit silk. I rubbed Jen’s clit over her panties. She kissed me harder.

Jen’s panties were getting wet. Without even thinking about it, I pushed aside the underwear and stuck a finger in Jen’s pussy. Her tongue shot into my mouth. A muffled shriek vibrated out of her throat. I worked her over, pumping my finger deep inside her. My own pussy drooled as her warm, wet cunt hugged my finger.

Jen pulled her lips away from mine. She kissed my neck and licked my earlobe.

“Lick my pussy,” she whispered.

I felt like melting into the gym floor.

Just as I was about to fall to my knees and spread Jen’s legs, I heard a loud bang and then laughter. I looked up, torn from my lust haze.

It was Bruce, the quarterback I told you about earlier, and his best friend, Earl, the linebacker.

“Holy shit!” Bruce said. “Are you fuckin’ dykes?”

“No!” I said, feeling a little irritated.

I looked at Jen. We giggled.

“Well,” I said. “Not all the way.”

A couple more guys emerged from the locker room: Terry, the punter, and Rick, an offensive lineman.

“What’s goin’ on?” Rick asked.

“Jen and Betty were dyking out!” Earl said.

“No way!” Terry said.

“Fuckin’ A, it’s true,” Earl said. “Me and Bruce saw it. They were kissing right there. Betty was finger-fuckin’ Jen.”

“Holy shit!” Rick said.

All four guys looked soooo hot with their wet hair and tight blue jeans. They all wore short-sleeved shirts and carried duffle bags. Their time in the weight room showed in his arms.

Bruce never took his eyes off me. He knew me. He’d seen me in action.

“The only question I have is ‘why did you stop?” he said.

Jen grabbed my chin and yanked my head sideways. Our lips were inches from each other.

“Yeah,” she said. “Why did we stop?”

Jen pressed her lips onto mine. The guys howled. They were drunk on lust, freedom and that evening’s victory over our rival, McGovern High.

Right away, I knew things were about to get interesting.

I fell to my knees and slid Jen’s panties to the floor. Her wet gash glistened in the gym lights. I kissed her left thigh, then the right. With my nose hovering above her clit, I inhaled deeply. The musty scent of teenage pussy mingled with her sweet perfume. I stuck my tongue as far inside her as I could.

One of the guys came up behind me and pushed up my skirt. He grabbed my thong and yanked hard. A cool breeze blew over my naked ass. The guys hooted.

With my face dug into Jen’s muff, I couldn’t see who was doing what. All I had to go by were voices.

“Give ’em to me — I wanna sniff ’em.” It was Terry.

There was a pause and then the guys laughed. But Jen didn’t laugh. She was too busy moaning.

Someone’s fingers rubbed the outside of my pussy.

“She’s already wet!” It was Rick, the big offensive line man.

“Well, fuck the shit out of her,” Earl said.

They guys whooped. I gulped at the thought of how big Rick’s cock must be.

Bruce started a chant: “Fuck that bitch, Fuck that bitch.”

Earl joined him and pretty soon all of them were chanting. But there was something strange about their voices. It sounded like more had showed up while I was sucking Jen’s pussy.

Rick grabbed my hips and forced me into position. We were going to do this doggy-style. I had to invert the arch of my back to make my pussy available to Rick and keep my tongue in Jen’s snatch at the same time. It didn’t hurt, so I didn’t mind.

Rick slid himself inside of me. I think he stretched my cunt by three inches that day. His cock was enormous. And he fucked me with the same intensity that he used to knock defensive linemen around the field. The guys’ chant grew to a roar. Rick’s long thrusts grew shorter. He shook. And then…


He shot his load inside me. Good thing I’m on the pill.

Next up was Earl. He pulled me off of Jen and made me stand up. For the first time, I had a chance to look around. There were definitely more football players in the gym. I didn’t have a chance to count them, but I’d say the crowd had grown to nearly a dozen.

“Terry, get one of those mats!” Earl said.

Terry grabbed a blue gymnastics mat off of a pile stacked in the corner and dragged it over. At the same time, Earl slid my sweater over my head and tugged my skirt to the floor. I was naked.

Earl unlatched his belt and let his pants fall to the parquet.

“Lay down,” he said.

I lie on the mat and spread my legs. It seemed Earl was a missionary man. He shoved his cock inside me and grunted away. He scrunched up his face while he pumped.

Other guys formed a semi-circle around us. Bruce dropped his pants and started stroking off. The others followed.

Jen positioned herself over me. Somebody must’ve stripped her naked because her bare nipple brushed against my lips. We were in the 69, but instead of eating each other’s cunts we sucked each other’s tits. I could tell by the way she kept jerking forward that someone was fucking her from behind.

By now it was clear: we were pieces of meat. The football team could devour Jen and I however they chose, whether we liked it or not. Fortunately, both us loved it. The more humiliating, the better, as far as I was concerned.

Someone ripped Jen off of me. It was Terry. He positioned his cock over my tits and let his jizz fly. The first spurt left a line from my chin to my left nipple. The next formed a puddle in my cleavage.

The sight of Terry cumming on my tits put Earl over the edge. He pulled out of my pussy and shot his load all over me with an enormous grunt. By the time Earl and Terry finished, streaks and puddles of jizz filled my tits and stomach. I looked like a map of the coast by they time they emptied themselves.

The guys fell silent. The fun and games were over. They were focused on banging the shit out of Jen and I. They watched me like a pack of hungry lions while stroking themselves off. Lying on the floor next to me, Jen licked her lips sensuously. I was glad she was having fun, too.

Bruce stepped up and offered me a hand. He helped me to my knees and then put his hand on my head.

“Stay there,” he said.

Little streams of cum ran down my body, tickling everything from my chin to my thighs. Bruce poked my lips with the tip of his cock. I opened wide. He shoved the head of his cock in my warm, wet mouth and let me do the rest.

My lips slowly ran down his shaft. I took about half of his manhood inside me the first time I went down. When I pulled my head back, I let my tongue drag along the underside of his cock. I looked up at him. Our eyes locked. He wanted more. Much more.

My head bobbed. I took more of his cock in me every time I went down. Just when I thought I couldn’t swallow anymore, he gripped my head like a bowling ball and forced me to take all eight inches. I gagged the first time. But then I let myself relax and opened up my throat. Bruce took over. What started as a blow job turned into a face fuck. I just kept my teeth out of the way as Bruce humped away at my face. On each plunge, my nose dove into his pubic hair. He smelled like Irish Spring soap.

Bruce started to shake. He squeezed his eyes shut. And then the nut came gushing.

I couldn’t hold it all in my mouth. Cum ran out the corners of my lips and trickled down my chin.

Bruce backed off when he finished. I held his spunk in my mouth. It tasted salty and felt slimy. I went over to Jen and guided her to the mat, so that she was lying on her back. She knew what I was doing — call it best friend’s’ intutiion. She opened wide. I slowly drooled Bruce’s cum into her mouth.

The room exploded.

One of the guys — I think his name is Jim — jerked me to my knees and jammed his cock in my mouth. All it took was three pumps for him to shoot his load inside me. I crudely sprayed the jizz onto Jen’s face.

She repaid the favor. Jen sucked a load out of Donnie’s cock and let fly on my face.

Five more guys unleashed their juice on my face. It was funny how the did it. They just lined up like they were at the bank and took turns shooting their junk. Bruce took a few photos with his cell phone camera.

When the last load had been shot, the guys pulled up their pants and took a look at Jen and I. We were both on our knees covered in spunk. Bruce walked up to me and rubbed the jizz into my face.

“Fuckin’ twat,” he said.

The guys laughed and followed Bruce out of the gym.

Jen and I finally made it to the locker room, where we turned the showers up hot and ate each other’s pussies until it we were late for curfew.

All this happened after a regular season game. I can’t wait to see how the team celebrates the play-offs.