Hot Wife Office Christmas Party

My name is Simon, I am 32 and I have been married to Joanne for nearly 3 years.

Joanne is 26 and works part-time for a small company near where we live. She works with 3 men who are all in their early 50s – old enough to be her dad – but seems to enjoy it.

I have met them all and they all seem to poke a bit of fun at Joanne which she takes in good humour and tries to give as good as she gets.

Joanne has a great personality and a great figure but has always only ever had lowly paid jobs and as she is quite naïve I often worry that people take advantage of her good nature. I know when I have worked in a mixed environment, although there has never been any sexual harassment, the guys quite like embarrassing the ladies with sexual innuendo and often look them up and down and make comments amongst themselves.

I imagined Joanne’s workmates would often look her up and down and comment on her lovely body. She is 5’4 with shoulder length brown hair, a shapely figure with a fantastic pair of 38d tits and a pretty face that makes her look younger than she is.

I am about 5’9 and reckoned her workmates Martin and Brian were about the same or probably slightly taller, and Barry was about 5’7.

The Friday before Christmas I’d been to the pub at lunchtime and then left to go and pick Joanne up. Joanne was also having a lunchtime drink and food with her 3 colleagues.

I parked outside and walked round the back as the front door was locked. Going into the back I got tangled in the noisy chimes hanging from the door, and hearing laughter I then walked down the short corridor and into the room where they all were.

There were cans and wine bottles on one of the tables and by the looks of them they were all having a merry time. They all acknowledged me and asked if I’d got stuck in the ‘burglar trap’ and then Joanne said “look what they’ve bought me,” as she pointed a large box with what looked like some sort of vanity unit inside.

“That’s nice,” I said looking around and noticing all the guys smiling and looking at my wife.

She always looked smart for work but because it was the last working day before Christmas she had made a special effort and had put on a short-sleeved red blouse that was fairly low cut as well as being mostly see-through and you could see her red lacy bra underneath. She had a smart black and red patterned skirt that came to just below her knees, and red ankle-strap shoes with a small heel. I also knew she was wearing a black half-slip underskirt and red lacy briefs. She had also put a bit of extra makeup on that morning.

I had a drink with them as they continued chatting and laughing all seemingly with their eyes transfixed on Joanne. I began to think that wearing a see through top wasn’t such a good idea after all. Although they would have been used to seeing the great shape of her tits, and had probably caught the occasional glance of her cleavage now and then, this was almost a clear view of her upper body and even I was enjoying the view even though I had seen her naked almost every day.

I sensed the guys would stay there all day if they could so as I finished my drink said “shall we make a move?”

Joanne looked at her glass which was still more than half full and said “can I just finish this.”

“Sure, I’ll take this box to the car and just call at the supermarket to get some money, I’ll sound my horn when I get back shall I,” I offered.

“OK then,” she said, and the guys all shook my hand and wished me a merry Christmas.

Some time later I remembered I’d already drawn some money out the day before and left it at home so I started back, entering the building and negotiating the chimes without making a sound I then began to slow down as I approached the door to the room which was slightly ajar.

I heard the guys saying “come on, it is christmas,” and “ohhh, come on,” and “get into the Christmas spirit,” as Joanne was laughing.

Palm Springs Spring Break

Spring break is always the best time of the year, at least I think so. This year, it had worked out where my spring break was the same as the colleges. Usually, my high school doesn’t break at the same time. I took this to be an omen that I should go and have a little fun. When I told my parents I was going to spend the week with my friend Heather, they weren’t that happy. But, I reminded them, gently, that I was eighteen and, legally, I didn’t need their permission. My parents raised me to be independent. I guess they were starting to question their parenting decisions at this point. Either way, I packed up my things, drove to Heather’s and picked her up. Heather had told her parents she was staying me. Actually, we were going to Palm Springs for the week.

As I drove through the desert, Heather and I listened to music, ate junk food and fantasized about the trouble we were going to get into. I’d recently broken up with my boyfriend and Heather had been without a boyfriend for nearly a month. Who needed high school boys when we were in the hunt for college guys? As we entered Palm Springs, things were already starting to get wild. Stopped in traffic, three guys climbed into the back of my convertible and made themselves at home. They were cute so Heather and I didn’t mind. Chuck, Mikey and Jimmy were from Colorado and asked where we were staying. I had called ahead and booked a hotel. Luckily, Chuck knew exactly where it was and directed us to it. They’d been in town for three days and already had the lay of the land.

After Heather and I checked in, we changed into tank tops and shorts and headed back out to town. Mikey and Jimmy had taken off but Chuck had waited around for us. Chuck was sweet. I could tell Heather had already fallen for his tall good looks. For me, he was a little too jock. Anyways, the three of us climbed into my convertible and took off for greater adventures. The number of people in town was growing by leaps and bounds. It was such a rush. Everyone was having a good time. We ended up at a huge party at a private house. Someone had told us about it and it was amazing. A huge house, a band playing on the patio, drinks flowing. As we walked around, Chuck and Heather were getting more and more friendly with each other. Finally, they disappeared. Not sure where to, but I was pretty sure I knew what for.

As I grabbed a beer, this gorgeous guy came up and stood in front of me. He was tall, probably around 25, dark hair. He was wearing khaki shorts and his shirt was hanging open. Amazing chest. He smiled and said his name was Linc and did I have any tattoos. Ok, that was a new line I hadn’t heard before. I told him I did and did it matter. He said it might and asked me to show it to him. Now, actually, I two small tattoos that I got when I turned eighteen four months ago. Pulling the neck of my tank top down a little, I showed him the small black rose I have on the upper inside of my left breast. As I did, I told him I had another one too. He wanted to see that one too. I told him to follow me.

Walking around the house, I came to a secluded spot surrounded by bushes. Slowly, I undid my shorts and pushed them down. Then I slid my panties down. Right above my pussy, I have another black rose interlinked with a heart. Linc smiled and knelt down in front of me. He was really close to me and I could feel his breath on my skin.

“I like it. Very subtle. What’s this little hoop right here?”

Her First Golf Outing

The four of them had a great time golfing together. Especially Theresa, since she was the only girl in the group. This hot young blonde was a little thing – standing just 5 feet tall and weighing 100 lbs. She flirted with all of them during the outing by either rubbing up against them before they would take their shot, or flashing them while driving the cart. Dave and Mike rode in one cart, while Hank was the lucky one to ride with Theresa. Needless to say, he got the most attention. They had been attracted to each other for a while, but hadn’t done anything about it up to that point. She was out to change that.

With all the alcohol that had flowed during the outing, all four of them were feeling no pain. But they still had to drive back to the picnic that followed. Everyone had climbed back into Dave’s truck so he could drive. As was like the rest of the day, Hank sat in the back with Theresa. The doors were barely closed when they had their hands all over each other. They were laughing, so it really didn’t matter what the other two thought or heard. She lifted her shirt to expose her beautiful breasts still covered by her bra – Hank quickly took care of that. Hank sat to her left, behind Dave, while she sat in the middle, making sure that Dave saw as much as he could in his mirror.

Hank started sucking on her left nipple, while she rubbing the other one. She looked up to see Mike practically drooling over the back of the seat. “Why don’t you lean that seat back, Mike. This one needs some attention, too!” He didn’t need to be told twice, as he quickly slammed the front passenger seat in full recline position. All Dave thought was, “Thank God for tinted windows.” Mind you, it was still only about 3:30 in the afternoon.

Male Stripper

Bruce and Karen were good friends of ours and because we only lived two houses apart, we spent a lot of time with them. Bruce was a little shorter than me, a bit thinner, and he had a dry sense of humor. He wore his brown hair cut short in a military-style hair cut and he never needed a shave, the perfect USMC poster boy if you know what I mean. The fact that he’d pulled two tours in Iraq, both in a Marine recon unit, didn’t hurt his hometown hero image that’s for sure. Karen was a saucy little dark-blonde with huge knockers and she never wore a bra and seemed to like showing off her huge, dark nipples that always seemed to be hard.

This particular Saturday afternoon, Bruce and I were working on my truck and we were just shooting the shit when somehow the subject got turned to sex, which it always did anyway sooner or later anyway. We are both prior service and had been in some of the same places, just at different times, so we were pretty comfortable in talking to each other. So I wasn’t surprised when he told me a story about him and Karen getting frisky last night and her asking him to spank her.

“Helen likes that too,” I said. “If the mood is right, I call her a slut and spank her while we fuck.”

“Karen and I sometimes role play like that too, with different stories that we change whenever we get tired of the old one,” he laughed and then added that Karen seemed to get tired of them pretty quick and was always demanding him to think up more.

“Helen likes it when I tell her stories, but she doesn’t like talking back and playing along,” I sighed, “but she has her favorites, and that’s a sure-fire way to get her off.”

“Yeah?” Bruce chuckled “and what’s her favorite one?”

“She’s being forced to suck another man off while I fuck her from behind. What’s Karen’s?”

“Being with another woman and making me watch,” he laughed. “I told you she was evil.”

“She’s never been with another woman?”

“You say that like every woman you know has been with another woman. Has Helen?”

“Sure, a few times.”

“Is this something she’s told you or did you actually see her with another woman, like in pictures or anything? You know as well as I do that some women will say things just to make their husbands happy, right?”

“Right, some will, but not Helen,” I assured him. “I know she’s been with another woman because I was there and watched her.”

“Wow,” Bruce sighed, “I wish I could talk Karen into something like that.”

“You never know until the situation comes up, she might go along with it if it was with someone she already knew.”

“Are you suggesting that you and Helen should join me and Karen in the bedroom?”

“All I can say is I know Helen has mentioned your name several times and how much you turn her on and I think Karen is a knockout and me and you get along, so why not? No pressure,” I hastily added when he didn’t say anything, “if you guys don’t want to we can just forget about it with no hurt feelings.”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to,” he smiled, “I was just trying to decide if I should tell Karen or let it surprise her.”

“I think we could surprise both of them if we play it right.”

“I’m game for anything, so tell me what you’ve got in mind.”

So we planned the entire evening while we cleaned up the garage and put everything away. He said he’d have Karen over tonight around 8 and we’d put our plan into action, and I agreed. I didn’t tell Helen anything about it other than they were coming over for dinner and what time.

The meal was uneventful considering the nerves both Bruce and I were feeling and even the girls picked up on it and so we were all laughing and goofing off more than usual until well after we’d finished eating and retired to the living room.

First Fraternity Gang Bang

I was going to meet my fiancé Kurt’s best friend and fraternity brother for the first time. Kurt had wanted me to look amazing he had said. He had told me that all through college they had had a rivalry. So for fun I let him pick out my outfit.

I walked into the bedroom from the bathroom after having taken a shower and blow drying my hair, and smiled when I saw he had picked out my clingy black skirt that really hugged my hips, and showed a lot of my long legs. He had also picked out a red corset style top that I had never seen before. Next to the clothes I saw a white box with a red ribbon.

He was sitting at my vanity with a big smile on his face, “I bought you something that I would like for you to wear tonight.”

I opened the box to find a red lace garter belt with a matching pair of crotch-less lacey panties and a matching bra.

He was behind me and removed my robe. It dropped to the floor, and I felt his rough hands against my skin as he moved my long blond hair to one side. He kissed the spot on my neck where it meets my shoulders.

“Can I put it on you?” he asked and nibbled my earlobe.

I let out a long sigh feeling warmth between my legs, and nodded.

He grabbed the panties and held them at my feet. I stepped into them, and he slid them ever so carefully up my legs. He kissed my inner thighs, and I let out a whimper. He looked up at me and smiled. The garter belt followed, and this time he kissed my stomach.

My skirt was slid up next. He turned me around to zipper me, and bit each of my ass cheeks lightly. It tickled so I giggled. He spanked my ass in response.

He didn’t put the bra on, because the corset top had a built in bustier. He kissed my shoulders as he fastened the clasps in the back. He turned me around again, and reached into the top of the corset. He positioned my breasts so that they pushed up nice and high, and made my C-cups look more like D’s!

We were facing each other then, and our eyes were locked. I had never realized that getting dressed would be as much of a turn on as getting undressed. He kissed me long and hard then, and I wanted to claw his clothes off and fuck him right then and there.

He pushed me back down on the bed. Then turned to the dresser, and pulled out a pair of nude thigh high stockings. He knelt before me, and slowly rolled each one up my legs. He ran his hands down my right leg after the stocking was on and attacked to the garter belt, and did the same with the left. He had picked out three inch black heels for me to wear. Smiling, I stepped into them.

I felt like a pampered princess at that point. He stood before me, and pushed me back onto the bed. He lay on top of me, and we kissed. His hands roved my body, and I began to pull his shirt out of his pants. I wanted him so bad at that point.

He pushed himself off the bed, “We’re going to be late.”

We met his friend at a very fancy uptown restaurant. Kurt’s friend was very tall, and had shoulder length brown hair. He was introduced to me as Greg.

Greg’s brown eyes never left my breasts, especially when we shook hands, and they jiggled a little. I looked to Kurt, and saw the proud expression on his face.

Kurt had graduated the year before, and Greg was a senior that year. After they went over polite conversation about what each other had been up to they spent most of the evening talking about the fraternity and the new pledges.

By dessert I was feeling a little bit alienated, seeing as I hadn’t said much since the salad was brought to the table. However, I had enjoyed three, or maybe five, glasses of red wine.

Before I knew it, Kurt was closing the door to the car after I had climbed in. Dinner was over and I was a bit tipsy. I watched out the window as he spoke to Greg.

I was a little annoyed that I had been ignored most of the evening. I had decided that I was going to tell Kurt how annoyed I was when he got back in the car.

Just as I was about to open my mouth after he climbed into the car he placed his hand on my thigh and kissed my forehead.

“Would you mind if we went back to the house. You can see where I used to live.”

I crossed my arms over my chest, “Actually I would mind! First of all your little friend’s eyes NEVER left my tits, and second of all you two didn’t acknowledge me all night!”

He squeezed my thigh, “I’m sorry baby, but you have no idea how happy that made me!”

Pulling The Bridal Train

Mary sat looking into the large mirror that rose above the antique dressing table and smiled at her image in the glass. She looked stunning with her golden blonde hair flowing down out of the wispy wedding veil, framing her creamy white cheeks in an almost angelic halo. Her silky white wedding dress dipped down in the front revealing her milky cleavage and she felt her breasts rising as her breathing grew short. Her nipples, always sensitive, reacted to her thoughts and rose up creating dimples in the otherwise smooth cloth that barely covered her breasts. She smiled at the sight, enjoying the idea of all of her guests seeing her like this.

It was still two hours before her wedding would start. Two hours and she would become Mrs. Greg Stevens. Her hair was not yet done up into the hairstyle she had chosen and she still had to put her makeup on, but still she was beautiful. Her face glowed with the inner happiness of knowing that a wonderful life was ahead of her. Greg was a kind and gentle man, who took her as she was and didn’t wish to change her. He was handsome, successful and very good in bed. Best of all he enjoyed her sluttish nature as much as Mary herself did. Mary smiled at herself and her own thoughts, beaming with delight as she studied herself in the mirror.

“Radiant!” Becky, her long time friend and bridesmaid, said as she looked over Mary’s shoulder. “You are radiant.”

“Well I’m supposed to be, aren’t I? In two hours I’ll be Mrs. Stevens. Newly married and headed to Paris for my honeymoon.”

“Paris is tomorrow honey. You spend tonight at the Palace Hotel, in the bridal suite.”

“Yeah, and what a night it’s going to be too!” Mary smiled broadly, showing her perfect white teeth before she turned serious and looked at her friend. “Can you believe I am actually nervous? I thought it was the groom that was supposed to be sweating.”

“Maybe you need something to take your mind off of it for a while. Want me to arrange something for you?”

“Ooh, you nasty girl. What did you have in mind?” Mary grinned at her friend.

“Well, let me get rid of your mother first. I’m sure that whatever I can come up with she’ll not approve.” Mary’s mother was the one who had insisted on having the wedding in a church, performed by her minister. Mary’s lifestyle really didn’t mesh very well with the traditional religious views, but she had given in to her mother, mostly because fighting would be futile anyway.

“That would be a start. She has been driving me crazy today. Where is she now anyway?”

“The caterer arrived and she is down stairs making their life a living hell.” Becky laughed. “They will probably kiss me when I send her off on an errand. Now let’s see. What do we need that’s important enough to require her personal care?”

“Here, ” Mary said taking off one of her shoes and twisting the heel roughly finally breaking if from the shoe, “send her down to the bridal shop to get this fixed.”

Becky laughed and took the broken shoe. “Perfect, perfect. It’ll take them a while to fix it. She won’t be back until just before the wedding starts.”

Just then a knock sounded on the door to the dressing room. “Are you decent in there?” A deep baritone voice called through the closed door. Greg’s father had the most sensuous voice Mary had ever heard and she felt a tingle start between her legs just from hearing his voice.

“Yes, but you can come in anyway.” She called out causing Becky to playfully slap her shoulder as the door opened.

Carl Stevens was a little taller than his son Greg, but had the same rugged good looks and the same large hands. Mary could only imagine that his cock was as big and beautiful as his son’s. The thought brought her nipples back to full attention and she smiled as he entered the room.

“Hi Carl, what’s up?” Mary said, taking the time to let her eyes drift down over his muscled chest, past his trim waist and onto the bulge in the tuxedo pants that he was wearing.

“Just checking to see if everything is okay.” Carl said, smiling at his son’s fiance as he noted her checking him out. She was beautiful and if half of what Greg said about her was true, then Carl was looking forward to having her in the family.

Becky held up the shoe. “Actually I was just about to send Linda on an errand. Would you like to stay here and keep Mary company until I get back?”

“Sure, no problem at all.” Carl felt his cock twitch inside his pants at the thought of being alone with Mary, even for a few minutes. Nothing had ever happened between them, but the sexual tension had been there for a long time. He shook his head, how could he think that, it was his son’s wedding day! And here he was thinking about a quicky with the bride.

Mary noted the twitch in Carl’s pants and smiled broadly. She had wanted to have him since the first time Greg had taken her to meet his parents. The opportunity had never arisen, however, but now she thought he might just be the distraction she needed. As Becky slipped out of the room, closing the door behind her, Mary twisted in her chair, pulling her legs out from under the dressing table. Her wedding gown was long in the back, trailing back into a long formal train, but the front was cut short enough to reveal her knees and as she turned she purposefully spread her legs and pulled the dress up just a little hoping to give Carl a flash of panty. Carl saw her turn and saw her skirt ride up but from his standing position he could only see about four inches above her knees. He smiled at her and moved to sit down on a small folding chair in front of her, hoping to improve his view.

Boys Night In

Iris really didn’t need an excuse. Having men within sight was usually enough, but a few drinks always helped. The way she danced so carefree to the music held her male audience spellbound. It really didn’t matter that they were the husbands of her closest friends, leggy blonde Cindy and tall, sultry Maria, and the fiancé of busty brunette Beth, a perky second grade teacher. The three girls were having their own night out at the male strip clubs. At least that’s what Cindy had told her. The guys would have to make due with some boring basketball game on TV. Iris wasn’t interested in watching guys strip, she told Cindy, even though she did enjoy the sight of naked men. Iris had something else in mind for that Saturday evening. She would just stop by Cindy’s house, where the guys were hanging out, and invite herself in, maybe have a few drinks, get the guys horny, and leave them hard as she walked out the door. No, she could never do that. She couldn’t leave a hard cock unrelieved.

It was February, but Iris arrived wearing a black skirt that just covered her tight little ass, with white, lacey, see-through panties beneath and no bra under her filled-out purple tube top. She was surprised to find there was no basketball game on TV as she had expected. Instead, the guys had planned their own party, a kind of Boys’ Night In. Her ring was answered by Charlie, Cindy’s big, muscular hunk of a husband, who welcomed Iris and showed her inside. Iris pretended she was there to meet Cindy to go to the club but obviously had missed them. “Well, you came to the right club, anyway,” Charlie laughed, leading the way down the stairs. They were all in the large rec room. There she found Mark, with a fresh crewcut, who was Maria’s husband. He was about 45, too old for the 22 year old Hispanic girl, but he was fit and tanned from their recent trip to the Caribbean. Iris also knew Tommy, Beth’s fiancé for almost a year now. He was in his thirties, but kept his hair long. She knew all of them from many gatherings in and around Cindy and Charlie’s hot tub.

Then she saw Randy, a buddy of Charlie, who had brought his Chinese girlfriend over to entertain them. He evidently wanted to show her off to his friends. When Iris arrived, she found the other lady there and was momentarily disappointed that she would not have the guys all to herself. Iris was also surprised to find Randy there because Iris had been dating him for a few months almost a year before. He would never press her for any kind of sex and she thought either he was a naïve geek who was too shy for her sexy body or he was gay. Now he was at this party with the sexy Chinese-American girl.

The party was in its early stage when she arrived, she saw, so Iris took the first drink offered to her and began to mingle as the stereo played. Soon she came to the Chinese girl, and they had some things in common, they discovered. One thing was that Randy was previously Iris’s boyfriend. They talked about him and laughed together, and as the music got louder, they began to groove to the beat and soon were actually dancing together as a couple. The men’s eyes were on them. Both girls were fully aware of the effect their routine was having on the four men watching them with hungry intensity.

Iris, the tall, slim redhead, and Mei-Wai, the petite, buxom Chinese girl, had already drunk more than they probably should have. They were feeling good as they danced together, aware of the appreciative glances from the men. The girls seemed to understand each other, had decided without uttering a word, what was going to happen next.

“Go, ladies, go,” called Charlie, and the other men responded with more encouragement. “Let’s make this a real show,” cried Randy. “These two gals are already putting on a great show,” shouted Mark. Charlie asked Iris and Mei-Wai if they wanted the shades lowered on the large picture windows that formed the three sides of the large recreation room, so things would be more private. “No reason to let the neighbors have a show,” he said.

Iris agreed readily. Intrigued, Mei-Wai was happy to follow her lead. The room was an extension of the hallway and was decked with a long bar and a big screen TV, a pool table and an awesome stereo system. Against the walls were wrap around sofa and loungers with ottomans. As the room darkened, Charlie turned on the party lights and then flicked the switch for the glitter ball hanging from the ceiling to begin turning, sending swirls of light everywhere as the girls stopped their dancing.

Pool Hall Gangbang

My first wife and I had a great sex life that included some pretty wild events. We were very active sexually and enjoyed every minute of it. Our escapades included some exotic and public places. We tried to make it exciting every time we had sex. The following story is just one of our many exploits.

When we first met I knew our relationship would be based on sex. The first night we ended up closing the bar we met at and going straight to a hotel. She was a stunning piece of work. Many of the other guys in the bar were watching her every move. I know I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was 5’9” and had long slender legs. She was playing darts with one of the guys I came up there to meet. From the moment I walked up to them I wanted to get into the spandex pants she was wearing. When my friend introduced us I couldn’t help staring at here magnificent body. Somehow I heard what her name was. It certainly matched the way she looked.

“Hi, my name is Candi” she said as she put out her hand to shake mine.

“Hello, mine is Mike” I answered back.

That was the most I remember from our first night. We had simply had way too much to drink to remember anything else. After that night we spent every night together until our divorce a few years later. I can’t imagine staying together forever being based on sex.

Through our time together we would talk about our fantasies. She stated early in our relationship that she was probably bi. That is a different story entirely though. Candi would often explain how much she liked others knowing we were have sex in front of them. We would go out and play with each other without actually showing exactly what we were doing to each other. I would ask her about what she thought of being with more than one guy. We just talked about it for a long time, until I had come up with a plan to make it happen.

I called her from work early Friday morning to tell her to get ready for that night. I explained she should go shopping at Frederic’s or someplace similar. I also stated she was not to wear any panties that night. We had done this part before and she always surprised me with what time of lingerie she picked out. When I hung up I could barely concentrate on work the rest of the day.

When I got home she was already getting dressed for the night. She had bought some black fishnet stockings and garter belt. I saw hanging a new black miniskirt and sheer black blouse. When the whole ensemble was put together it didn’t leave much to the imagination. She stood in front of the mirror admiring herself. I couldn’t help but stand and stare in awe. She stood adjusting herself and occasionally feeling herself up. Candi knew just how good her 5’9” slender frame looked. She would bring her hands up her hips and slowly caress her flat belly working her way up to her 38c breasts. I could see she was getting aroused just looking at herself in the mirror. Her nipples musted have stood out nearly an inch. You could see right through her top to her black lace bra. If you looked close you could see her pink areolas through the thin material. She was ready to go for the night.

I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready. I just threw on the usual attire. I wore my black jeans and a grey sweater. I knew whatever I wore would never matter. She had the department on looks. I just tried to look like I might be good enough to be seen with her.

Without explaining where we were going I told her to get in the car. We drove to a fairly nice restaurant. Before dinner we proceeded to sit at the bar and down a couple of drinks. I knew for my plan to work Candi would have to get a buzz going. After dinner we made our way back to the bar and sucked down a few more. I could tell by her giggling she was getting a little tipsy.

After I was sure she was well on her way to being drunk we left and headed for a local pool hall. I the drive there she was feeling a little frisky. She would spread her legs so her skirt would ride up and expose her neatly shaved pussy. I could see it glistening every time we passed under a streetlight. She was soaking wet. Candi reached down and started rubbing her clit. I tried to slow her down a little. I did not want her spent before we even got started. I knew how fast she could go from start to finish. This night was going to last a long time if I could help it.

When we finally arrived at the pool hall she had calmed down a little bit. We got out of the car a walked in to a room full of stares. I knew they sure as hell weren’t staring at me. A couple of guys in the back corner whistled as we walked up to the counter. It was a dimly lit place except for the lights above the tables. The bartender poured us a couple of drinks and handed us our rack and set of balls. Candi enjoys playing pool, especially bending over and giving everybody a great view of her round heart shaped ass. We found an open table closer to the back. As I started to rack, I scanned the room. I counted about 30 guys and maybe 6 other women.

Candi broke the first game and just loved showing off by bending over too far for the table of four guys next to us. I could tell by the look in their eyes that they got a glimpse of her bare snatch. They were like a pack of rabid dogs with their mouths watering. I had seen these guys in there before. They were usually pretty good shots, but every time Candi got up to shoot one of them would miss. It was fun watching them try to concentrate on their game.

Sorority Party

Alexa couldn’t remember the first time she’d tasted cum.

She’d been with a few guys in high school. She had slept with a football player or two, not to mention Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher. Some of them had cum on her, and surely she had gotten a few drops in her mouth in her first attempts to suck cock. She’d learned quickly that once she felt the guy tense up, she had to take him out of her mouth right away or risk him forcing her head down and trying to pump his spunk into her.

She wasn’t the kind of girl to swallow cum. Only a real slut would do that, she told herself. And she wasn’t a slut. She just enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock inside her and cum was an afterthought for the guy to worry about.

But her first memorable experience with that sweet-salty taste had been in her freshman year of college. There was a party her future sorority sisters had arranged. It was a pledge rite all the girls went through … or so they’d told her.

She’d arrived at the house with Amber, one of the other pledges, unsure of what to expect, but sure that Lauren and Misty had planned something degrading. It had been like that all week long.

First Alexa had to walk to all of her classes dressed in fishnet stockings and a leather skirt that barely covered her ass, with a low-cut blouse and no bra carrying a sign saying “Ask about my low, low prices.” She had been forced to clean the sorority house’s bathrooms with her toothbrush (and was threatened with being forced to brush her teeth with it). And that was just the start of the humiliation.

The whole week she had been a servant to Sister L and M, getting their drinks, washing their cars, cleaning their rooms, the whole works.

But that was OK, because Alexa new that these things were necessary to get into a sorority and have the “full college experience” her parents and high school counselors had told her about.

Now she was at the door of a two-story suburban house well-away from campus and about to be confronted by who knew what. Misty had been a Cheshire cat when she had told Alexa and Amber about the party.

“This is it pledges,” she’d said. “Come to this party and perform well, and you will be the newest sisters of Alpha Beta Tau. Don’t be late. Have fun.”

Alexa wondered why she and Amber were the only ones told about the party, but didn’t worry about it. Lauren and Misty seemed like they had taken a liking to her. And Amber too, for that matter.

Amber was a nice girl, very flirty with long brown hair, hazel eyes and full lips. She looked like an Idaho beauty contest winner – in part because she was. She had won her local county fair twice, relying in part on the switch in her step as she strutted across the stage. The walk accentuated her rock-hard ass, tapering down to firm legs, which ended in soft-looking, perfectly manicured feet. She had shapely C-cup breasts and a tanned complexion of any man’s (or woman’s) farm girl dreams.

Locker Room

The locker room was silent but the entire colosseum literally vibrated with the roar of thousands of people as the game ended. The doors to the locker room slammed open and over a hundred people flooded the room accompanying the victorious team. I had somehow managed to be swept away with the crowd and now found myself in the locker room surrounded by a sea of men. Shoulder-to-shoulder, body to body, the entire room seemed to move as one…and my body was continually being brushed up upon…pressed into…and I was enjoying the excitement of the victory as well as the anonymous touching… whether intentionally given or not.

I caught the eye of one of the team members…his stare was intent on me…as he walked over to stand closely to me…forcing me up against one of the lockers. He placed the palms of his hands onto the lockers behind me and lowered his face, his lips next to my ear…whispered…”want to have you…all of us do….” My groan and weak kneed response was all he needed to know…and the entire crowd was signaled to clear out…leaving the team players and me to begin our own game.

“Wait here,” was all I was told to do…and the steam from the showers began to rise as the men began to strip. Some were intentionally teasing me as they stripped…some hurriedly stripping to get into the shower…and one was standing in the corner, completely naked, having already showered…drying off slowly to my delight.

He came over to me with several towels…laid them down on the bench in front of me and then casually stood behind me, directing my field of vision into the showers as he began to slowly undress me from behind. As he stripped away each item of clothing he urged me to watch the men showering…told me to decide how I would pleasure each one…that he would see to it that I was deeply aroused and that he would be the first to fuck me into oblivion. From behind he stripped me completely…and his enormous hands began to flow over my body…cupping my breasts…pulling and pinching at my nipples. I could feel his cock pressing in above the small of my back…his height bringing his cock higher than I was used to. I could feel his hips rocking slightly, making his cock slip over my back, up and down, his grasp upon my breasts tightened…Then his hands moved lower and from behind spread my legs apart, allowing my hand to easily begin stroking my clit while his hands tempted and teased my entire body…continuing this as I watched the men showering…soap and steam rolling over their bodies…all mine to be had.

My 5’3″ height was overpowered by his nearly 7′ frame as he turned me around…slid his hands under my hips…and easily pulled me up to waist level. I greedily wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me over to the lockers…forcing me up against the cold metal…and using the lockers as a brace…held me against that as his hand lowered to my cunt and inserted two fingers into my now dripping pussy and proceeded to finger fuck me slowly…my juices flowing already over his fingers.

Amys Black Cock Gangbang

“Hey, Mark, how are ya doing?” Jerome was standing in the living room, nude except for a white tee shirt. His long black penis arched away from his body, like an elephant’s trunk.

“Hi, Jerome. I’m doing OK.”

I’d just come in the door from a long day at the office. I was used to finding Jerome in my house in the afternoons. Amy liked his company. I had introduced them with the vague notion of getting my wife interested in sex with a black man. Now, it seemed, she had become all too interested.

“Amy is freshening up after some afternoon fun. Have I told you lately what a good fuck your wife is, Mark?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess so.”

“You better believe it. You are married to a first class slut!”

Speaking of which, Amy sauntered into the room wearing only high heels and a tiny black thong. She looked to me like a whore between johns. Jerome seemed to like it just so.

“Hi, darling. Did you have a good day at work?”

“It was all right.” In fact, it had been rather long and dreary, full of endless meetings and presentations no one could remember. Since Jerome had come into our life, I found it harder and harder to concentrate at work. Who would, knowing his wife was getting balled by a big black guy?

“Well, we’ve had a lovely afternoon, right here.” Amy walked up to Jerome and gave him a big kiss on the mouth. She reached down and held his black prick in her hand. “We missed you, too, didn’t we Jerome?”

“Sure thing. I like having you around, Mark. It makes me feel good, you know?”

Part of me wanted to say I’d rather be alone with my wife. But as usual, another part of me, namely my cock and balls, were once again stiffening at the sight of Amy with this black man. The plain fact is that I was as much addicted to black sex as Amy was.

“Suck it a while, baby.” Jerome pushed Amy to her knees and presented his penis to her face. She took it in both hands and began to lick the fat knob.

“I hope don’t mind if Amy and I go to the city for a few days, Mark.” Amy continued to suck.

“Huh? What for?”

“She’s gonna get her tits enlarged. A couple of sizes.” He grinned at me.

“Geeze. Her tits are size B almost C now.”

“I like her tits too, Mark. But you see a slut needs big tits to be fully appreciated. My friends will like to see size D.”

“Your friends?”

“Sure. A whore like your wife should be appreciated by more than just me and you. She’s a gem, Mark, the real McCoy. She can give a black man a really fine time.”

“Amy? Do you want your boobs enlarged?”

“Yes, Mark. I want to please Jerome and his friends. Don’t you think I’ll look sexy?”

I gulped. “I guess so. I always thought you liked your tits just as they are.”

Toris Frat House Gang Bang

Everyone at high school wanted to be friends with Tori, and why not. Tori was the setter on the volleyball team, a flier on the competitive cheer team, treasurer of the science club, homecoming queen, graduated second in class, and was voted best all-around by the senior class.

Tori was friendly to everyone she met, and was stunning to look at. Standing 5′-1″, and weighing a mere 98 pounds, Tori’s body was tight, with small breasts, and a nice firm ass. Tori had shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes, which gave her an innocent appearance, which was true, as she remained a virgin until her 18th birthday party in November of her senior year.

The fall after graduation Tori headed to college, where she was immediately loved by all those who came in contact with her. She joined the cheer team, and was active with the programming board, and made lots of new friends.

One friend was a Bernie, a sophomore in her History 102 course. In mid-October, Bernie invited Tori to a PJ in PJs party at the PiKA house, where Bernie lived. Tori had been to several on-campus parties, but this was her first fraternity party, and she was excited to attend. Tori dressed in a pair of green and blue flannel pajamas when Bernie arrived 8:00.

When they arrived at the PiKA house, Tori was happy to see such a large crowd at the party. She recognized several people from her classes, and from her dorm. Being the friendly person she was, Tori struck up conversations with lots of different people. Tori also made her way to the PJ, and found it really tasted good.

There were lots of different kinds of pajamas being worn. Guys were in every thing from robes to boxers. There were some girls in flannel pajamas like Tori had worn, some in long robes, some in long t-shirts, and some in sexy teddies. Tori felt very comfortable around everyone in their PJs and was surprised at the number of girls at the party. She later found out many were PiKA little sisters.

As Tori continued drinking more and more PJ, she began to dance a little more. It seemed that everyone wanted to dance with her, and her glass of PJ always seemed to get refilled. Bernie of course would cut in frequently and danced with her quite a bit throughout the night.

By 11:00 pm Tori was drunk, and by 1:00 am, she was as loaded as she had ever been. She managed to stumble over to Bernie.

“I think I need to lay down Bernie. I’m really drunk.”

“I’ll take you up to my room, and you can sleep there.”

“That’s sweet of you Bernie. First I have to go potty.”

“I’ll help you there too.”

Bernie led Tori to the bathroom, “Do you need some help?”

“No I can go by myself, please wait for me outside.”

Bernie waited outside the bathroom for Tori. Tori’s peeing sounded like a torrent that seemed to hiss for at least three minutes. Finally Tori stumbled out into Bernie’s arms.

Bernie led her to his bedroom and laid her in his bed. “Good thing you came in your pajamas. You can sleep here until you feel better.”

“I feel great, I’m just too drunk to stand, and the room is spinning. You are so nice Bernie, will you sty with me for a while.”

“Sure. How about if I lie down beside you for a while?”

Bernie settled into the bed and Tori snuggled in beside him. Bernie began stroking Tori’s hair and she let out a little moan. Bernie leaned down and gave Tori a soft kiss on the cheek.

“That’s so sweet Bernie. You’re a great guy.”

Bernie continued to stroke Tori’s hair and began to lightly nibble on her neck and ears. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” he whispered in Tori’s ear.

“Thanks,” Tori said as she turned over and looked up at Bernie.

Bernie leaned down and gave Tori a deep kiss. In her drunken state, Tori was immediately aroused, and began kissing back. She felt Bernie’s hands move under her pajama top and find her breasts. She let out a gasp as Bernie pinched her nipple.

“Bernie, I get really horny when I’m drunk. Usually I’m a good girl, but I’d be happy to fuck you if you want.”

Lets Play Pool

It had been a bad week, and I was ready to go out and cut loose. I was feeling a little slutty and dressed accordingly. I put on my black leather bustier, which shoved my tits up and put them well on display and I shrugged my leather jacket over the top. My leather mini skirt came to mid thigh and I added knee high spiked heels boots to complete my look.

I asked my husband, Brian, how I looked and he grabbed my ass and kissed me hard. I knew I had his approval. We headed out with no particular destination, just that we wanted to have some fun. As we passed a pool hall, I told Brian it looked like the perfect place to stop. He turned around and pulled into the parking lot. There were only a few cars there, but the music was jumping.

We went in, ordered a couple of drinks and found an empty table. We sat down and were enjoying our drinks. The music was putting me in the mood to dance, but Brian wasn’t really in the mood. I decided to just dance on my own. I don’t know if it’s the way I was dressed or the fact that I was dancing alone, but a couple of guys joined me. We were doing a little bit of dirty dancing and having some fun. Brian came out and danced a dance or two with me, then asked me if I felt like playing pool.

We played a few games, each of us winning a couple of times. The guys that I had been dancing with were at the table next to us. They asked if we wanted to play against them. They said that the losers would buy the winners a round of shots. Brian and I were game and racked the balls. They easily took the first game. We bought shots for our opponents, Matt and Ed.

We took the next game and I ordered my usual tequila shot. Matt and Ed were whooping it up as I did the shot without the salt and lime. I was loosening up a little bit and beginning to have some fun. I decided to play with the guys a little bit. With each shot I took, I made sure to bend a little bit more than necessary so they either got a good look at my tits or so that my skirt slid up a little bit more. Matt missed an easy shot, and we took the third game. Again, I did my tequila shot to more cheers.

I Became a Gangbang Cock Whore

To say that a month ago I was, on the face of it, prim and proper would be an understatement. Tim and I (Jane), met in our first year at high school and were inseparable from that time on and I guess it was always assumed by ourselves and our families that we would get married. Tim was everything I could have ever wanted – the proverbial tall, dark and handsome athletic sort, not to mention incredibly wealthy, once he had established himself in the family law firm which his grandfather had founded.

We married when we were twenty and for the most part, have had an idyllic marriage. The only thing which has not been perfect has been the sex. Having never had another boyfriend, never mind sex partner, I just assumed that the sex I was getting was normal and couldn’t figure out why people raved on about it so much. It was only when I was staying at a girlfriends one time and I found a porn magazine hidden under the bed, that I realised the reason I found sex disappointing was not down to me but to Tim. You see, having never seen another, I thought his dick was normal, so when I say that it is only four inches long and just an inch across at its thickest point you will understand why I had never had an orgasm in the first five years of our marriage! Tim just climbs on, pumps into me for a couple of minutes and then gets off – no foreplay or variety, so I have had to get my satisfaction in other ways.

Once I’d realised that I should be getting sexual satisfaction, I began to find out more about it from the internet. Inevitably, I came across hardcore porn sites and pictures of men with really big cocks, and having bought myself a dildo, I used to masturbate myself to orgasm when Tim was out. This way, I got my satisfaction on my own as I fantasised about having a muscular man with big cock sliding it into me. Despite this secret side of my nature, I never considered cheating on Tim despite several offers. I keep myself in good shape and at 5’8″, 122 pounds, a 36C, 26, 36 figure and long blond hair, I get plenty of looks from the men, especially when I’m in my swimsuit. One of the ways I keep in shape is by dancing, and though I say it myself, I am good on the dance floor. I’ve always had a good sense of rhythm and can adapt to any kind of modern dance.

To celebrate 20 years married, Tim booked us three weeks in a villa complex in Cuba in one of those closed resorts where you don’t get to see much of the rest of the island, because they claim it isn’t safe for visitors. Yes, there’s plenty to do in the resort itself and its nightclub is excellent. Tim and I stayed up into the early hours every morning enjoying the atmosphere and dancing ourselves into exhaustion.

Excursions were organised and we’d taken the opportunity to see as much of the island as possible. The staff at our complex were great in suggesting things to do and places to visit, and would often take us themselves rather than going on trips arranged by the travel company. This way they got generous tips to supplement their wages from the resort. One of the waiters, Joe, a gorgeous Hispanic guy had taken Tim and me all over in our first 10 days. It was obvious that he fancied me and he took every opportunity to ‘help’ me into the car, down steps, across the street, often holding my waist or touching my breasts in the process.

Happy Fucking Halloween

“Happy Halloween,” bubbled Cordelia Morgan.

“Fuck Halloween,” replied her sister Johanna.

“Happy Fucking Halloween, then. Just what is wrong with your attitude?”

“Harley has this stupid Halloween party. He really insists that I go but I have study group early tomorrow. I guess I have to go, but I just won’t stay long.”

“But sis, Harley is your new boyfriend. I mean, the paint isn’t even dry on the relationship. You know he gets all excited every year about his stupid frat’s stupid party. It’s the biggest early campus social event. Remember how upset you were Mom wouldn’t let you go last year because you were underage? And you weren’t even dating Harley then.”

“Well, that was then, this is now. I’ve never been the sort of girl to play dress up and I think twenty is a bit old to learn how.”

“Never too late to learn. Or too early to learn about sex. You are fucking Harley, aren’t you?”

Johanna blushed, revealing the truth before she spoke. “We aren’t even officially going steady yet. It’s not like I’m the campus slut or anything.”

“And I suppose that you mean that I am?”

“I never said that. I just find it awkward waking up and finding a strange man in our bathroom. And one morning, I walked out to get coffee and saw you blowing some naked guy in the kitchen. I know we agreed when I moved here from home that visitors were allowed, but we need to find some way to warn me.”

“These things just happen without warning sis. They could happen to you too if you just loosened up a bit. College is supposed to be fun. Speaking of which, maybe I ought to dress up as a nun. Unless you have that role reserved.”

“Nope. No costume for this girl. Harley likes me how I am.”

“Suit yourself,” replied Cordelia, at 21 the older of the two Morgan sisters. “I plan to stay late, so I think I’ll have a little nap first.”

“I might as well head over; see if Harley needs set up help.”

It was just a short walk from the apartment which Johanna now shared with her sister across to the fraternity house where Harley and his frat brothers would host the biggest Halloween party in this campus town. The fact that the girls’ father, Dean Morgan was the college president made even attending the rule breaking bash awkward for Johanna. Cordelia had always been the wild child. Johanna ended up typecast as the good little girl. If Johanna followed Cordelia’s advice, she would be breaking free from all her upbringing. One little voice told her to go for it, virginity was no longer a prize and waiting for love was silly. The sensible voice, oddly, never denied this. Instead, it reminded Johanna of the need to make the 8 a.m. study group the next morning. Though school came easy to her, Johanna had an unreasonable fear of failure driven into her by years of her stern parents telling her she would end up being a no good tramp like her sister if she wasted her time on boys and parties.

Devshrees Gangbang

I met Devshree during my first year in college. She was a real cracker with humongous tits.. my mouth just went dry the first time I saw those puppies… She flirted with me from the first day and came on to me during one party.. being the horny bastard I am I said yes and We were inseparable for the rest of the year and decided to go on holiday together that summer.

I’ve never been into beach holidays. I’m more of a museums and monuments person, but to please Devshree, I booked an apartment in a small town in GOA. It was right at the start of the season, which meant that the package was cheap enough for us poor students to afford. The cost also reflected that the town was one of the smaller, less well-known places on the coast.

The complex we stayed in had five apartments around a shared swimming pool and sunbathing area. Three of the other apartments were empty the week we were there. But in the apartment next to ours were five guys our age that messed about in the pool, played loud music, drank a lot and generally did the typical college boys thing. Devshree and I hit it off with them straight away.

At nineteen, Devshree was a hard bodied beauty, a real cracker, and the guys next door made no secret of the fact they thought so too. They would wolf whistle and holler every time she sat out by the pool.

I could tell Devshree found these guys attractive and even though they were acting like morons, she loved the attention. She played up to it, selecting her skimpiest bikinis to wear during the day, and her lowest-cut, most revealing dresses during the warm evenings. She also turned it on in the sack. She fucked my brains into mush each and every night, not caring if the guys next door could hear us through the thin walls. Their attention had lit her pilot light, and I was having trouble putting it out.

One evening, around eleven, as we walked back from a beach bar, we met the lads on their way back to the complex too. They were bemoaning the lack of late night bars and discos in the area. Devshree and I agreed that the town was rather sleepy.

One of them, Rijoy, changed the direction of the conversation. “Hey man, you’re one lucky geezer, you know.”

“Yeah,” said another, his name was Girish. “This girlfriend of yours is something else. I only wish you’d gone topless, Devshree. Now that would have been a sight.”

Devshree blushed.

Girish continued, “We were hoping there’d be some fit women here, especially Sanat.” He nudged his friend in the ribs. “But we never imagined there’d be babe like you here.”

We reached our apartment.

“Would you guys like to come in?” I asked. “We can start our own party. I mean it’s not as if we’ve got any neighbours to complain or anything.”

They readily agreed. Two of them retrieved some booze from their place, and I fished out some music and put it on the stereo.

We planned to party well into the early hours. The booze flowed almost non-stop, with one of the guys popping out to an all-night shop to get more when we ran out. But by two, we were all starting to flag, and I changed the music from the hardcore dance tunes we had been playing to more seductive, slow and smoochy tunes.

I danced with Devshree while the others watched, and the booze must have really affected her because as our tune came to an end and the next one started, she pushed me away and grabbed the nearest of our new friends.

The lucky guy was Rijoy. They danced very slowly, and when the next tune came on Devshree again switched partners. She carried on switching partners until she was dancing with Satish, the last of the group.

As I sucked on yet another beer, I noticed that Satish was pulling the zip of her dress down, revealing the soft, tight, tanned back. Devshree kissed Satish, and he slowly slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Under the dress Devshree had on her sexist undies — sheer black bra and thong-back panties that left little to the imagination.

Bukkake Dee

It was a set up. My lovely wife Dee had always stirred me that she wanted to be gang banged. She is 39, almost 40 actually- her birthday being in June 15th. She stands 5’10’ tall and is a stunning long-legged blonde with nice perky breasts and the most amazing blue cock sucking eyes I have ever had the pleasure of gazing into.

Our sex life was speckled with multi-partner adventures. She loved cock…what can I say?

I told her to meet me at the Bouncing Balls pool parlour. We loved to play pool and had our own table. I told her some friends were meeting us there. I told her to dress sexy – short skirt and heels. I knew she would, as she loved to tease other guys and make their wives shitty with her flirting. The name of the pub was a strange coincidence…because before long balls would be bouncing all over my hot wife’s chin.

Without letting her know, I had booked the back room of the Bouncing Ball. It was famous for wild parties and buck’s night celebrations. The owner pretty much turned a blind eye to what went on in there, as it was separated from the rest of the place by two security doors, and as long as he got paid, what the hell.

When Dee arrived, she as shown through to the back room by the bouncer, Tony. I’d paid him an extra $50 cash to look after things on the night.

For three weeks I’d been organising the men. I didn’t want anyone that either Dee or I knew. I’d posted a few ads on the internet and managed to find twenty blokes that met the criteria. Without going into it in too much detail, they had to be young, well muscled and clean of disease. Dee has a thing for muscled guys, and I was insistent that they were proven disease free before letting them loose on the wife!

Walking through the door and into the back room, Dee stopped and looked very surprised and shy. She also looked fucking hot. She didn’t know a soul, because I was hidden behind the video camera panel next to the DJ area. She was dressed just as I suspected she would be. Black mini, red crop top and boots. She looked horny as! A young guy walked up and offered his hand. Warily, Dee shook it and was lead to the bar. Three other guys joined the group and she was given a drink. Before too long, she was asked for a game of pool, and proceeded to play with most of the guys watching. As she bent over the table, many of the guys started cat calling and whistling.

I could see Dee was getting horny, because she was winking and smiling at each of the guys as they watched. She’d had three drinks by this time, and I knew she would be feeling very hot. It doesn’t take many to get her fired up. As she bent to play her next shot, the ball was a fair distance up the table. Her short skirt hiked itself up and over her thigh, exposing the cheek of her magnificent tight butt. A young stud on the stool nearby stood up and rubbed her cheek with his hand. Dee did not flinch. She nailed the 7 ball in the corner pocket, before removing his hand and continuing her turn. Her next shot she potted the 3 but the white went in off. The fella she was playing with said,

“I tell you what baby, take off your top and I’ll forfeit my two shots.”

Without a comment, my horny hot wife put down her cue, and with a maximum of tease, peeled off the skintight red top she was wearing. Braless and with nipples erect on her 34C breasts, she picked up her cue and waited for him to have his shot.

Her next turn she committed the cardinal sin…potted the black.

“Damn honey…you lose…looks like I get to choose which item you take off next. I pick your skirt baby! Now get it off..”

Supporting The College Team

My wife and I met in college, during the drunken party days of fraternity-sorority life. We are now in our late twenties, and we have been married for three blissful years. We have no children, as we live rather casually and are sort of putting it off. Even though we had a rather crazy and promiscuous lifestyle in college, at the time we had no idea that our real sexual adventures would really begin when we became married, full-time working adults. Now, we find this pretty ironic.

My wife Lisa is a total knockout. She’s quite a health nut, which is nice for me because she’s always tanning and working out to keep in good shape. Her breasts are not enormous, but 36C’s with a very round and natural feel, and very perky. She is 5’7″, and her abs, thighs and ass are made of steel. Some guys say they like her because she looks like she could kick their ass. One friend from college who had slept with her before we met said it was the best work-out he’s ever had. What first drew me to Lisa were her bright blue eyes which seem to just pop in comparison to her dark skin. Her dark brown hair is thin and straightened which she keeps parted and framed around her beautiful face.

I’m not exactly unattractive, I’m pretty average build-wise, and I’ve gained a few pounds since college, but I like to think I’m a good-looking guy. Deep down I know Lisa is physically attracted to more athletic types, but she loves me and only me, and I can still pleasure her better than any man, that’s for sure. In public she is the one turning heads obviously.

Although our first swinging experience was very hot, we wanted to save it for later and instead tell everyone about a really crazy night we had last weekend.

Our college football team had lost a pretty bad game, one of the first important ones of this season. We always go to home games in our normal college t-shirts and “team spirit” type clothes. Then, if we’re not too tired, we like to go home, shower and change before we hit the bars. Luckily we live near campus, so shortly after this travesty of a football game we were ready to get hammered and have some fun.

We picked the busiest and most packed bar out of the several on campus. The second we walked in, I already noticed a few of the young college boys staring at Lisa. She was wearing tight jean shorts and a sort of stylish black tank-top. She smelled absolutely amazing and I myself kept staring at her well exposed cleavage, building a rather sizeable erection I hoped to make use of later.

After two drinks sitting at the bar (which we hate), a table in the corner finally opened up and we made a dash for it. Just as we got there, a couple of guys sighed as if they were going to use the table. As we were sitting down and I noticed their disappointment, I realized who they were. All three of them were football players from our team; however they had been benched for this game. We generally don’t see football players out in public, so we were excited and told them they could join us if they like.

After several more drinks, we got to that point where we were all best friends and everyone was laughing at everything going on. As expected, the guys were flirting rather shamelessly with my wife, and complimenting me on my taste whenever she wasn’t paying attention. I got used to this a long time ago, and I’ve always been proud of her. Plus, as we had a somewhat open relationship, I was curious about where this would go.

Lisa started rubbing my thigh under the table, and it was definitely about that time. We usually can’t keep our hands off each other if we get drunk enough. She slowly ran her hand along my crotch, teasingly brushing against my cock. I leaned over and started whispering in her ear.

“Why did you dress so slutty tonight?” I asked with a grin.

She giggled and replied, “Isn’t it obvious? So that guys would want to fuck my tits.”

It was at this point that we decided to expedite the process so we could both get our rocks off. We stood up to leave, and told the guys we were going take off. They said they were leaving too and that they’d walk with us to our car.

Walking through campus, I held my wife’s hand as three large football players walked along with us as if they were our body guards. One of the guys was black, named Marcus, and the other two were white guys named Trey and Brent. They were all very good-looking and I could tell that Lisa was attracted to them.

Sort of stumbling a bit, I stopped at an alley and told the guys that nature was calling, out of nowhere I needed to relieve myself. We all walked down the alley away from the busy campus atmosphere and I went behind a dumpster to do my business. Upon returning to my companions in the alley, my heart started pounding at what I saw.

Lisa was making out with Marcus, and the other two were starting to feel her up. She looked over and saw me, whispered something to the guys, and started giggling. Immediately they picked up the pace and started to grind up against her from the front and back, as if they were gangbanging her with their clothes on.

Working Girls

Jessie and Linda coolly eyed their latest catch with a practiced look as Tom made his way through the crowded bar to where they sat in a corner booth.

Tom was the cute new guy on the fifth floor of their company’s office that some of the girls had been talking about. One girl, in particular, had gone out with him a couple of times, and had reported that he was a quiet guy who carried a big stick. She had said this with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her face. That was all Jessie and Linda needed to know. As the well-known Tenth-Floor Tramps, they felt duty-bound to find out for themselves just how big a stick Tom carried.

Tom had been in the company’s Atlanta office for about six months. He was in his mid-30s, of average height and weight, with hair just beginning to go gray. He was originally from Florida and had been married once, but was now divorced with a child living with his ex-wife in Colorado. It had been an amiable divorce, but it had still left him hurt, so he had wanted to start off new in another state, somewhere closer to his aging parents and the rest of his family.

Thus, he had jumped at the opportunity to join this company and move to Atlanta. It meant he only saw his daughter once or twice a year, but that was something he’d have to live with. Maybe a few years down the road, after he’d mellowed a little bit, he could possibly move back and be more a part of his child’s life.

But for now, he was enjoying the single life in a large Southern city. Frankly, he was more comfortable in the South, dealing with Southern women. They were so much less demanding and so much less naïve about the ways and means of life and love. He’d had a strong, Southern-to-the-core mother and two sisters, one older, so he knew instinctively how to live with a Southern girl.

And Jessie and Linda were both thoroughly Southern girls, as Tom was beginning to learn. It was just after the end of the workday on a Friday in early spring, absolutely the best time of year in Georgia. The air was filled with the sight and smells of the azaleas and all of the other blooms that make spring in the South such a kaleidoscope for the senses. And, of course, with spring flowers comes spring fever, when the urge to merge rises uncontrollably in lovers of whatever persuasion.

So Jessie hadn’t been too shy about approaching Tom in the cafeteria one afternoon the previous week. They had become acquainted, then Jessie had introduced him to Linda a few days later. They had invited him to join them for a few after-work drinks at their preferred watering hole just around the corner from their building. Tom wasn’t sure what to expect, but he knew only fools turned down date invitations from the likes of Jessie and/or Linda, and his mama hadn’t raised a fool.

Tom may have been a quiet guy on the surface, but he could be a real party animal when the mood hit him, and right now he was definitely in the mood. His department had just sweated out a deadline on a major account, that if they had missed would have meant either working overtime that night or coming in the next day, both of which would bust the project’s budget. Since nobody wanted that, they had plunged themselves into the project and had gotten it done. So the adrenalin was still rushing, and Tom was ready to cut loose as he plopped down next to these two lovely ladies.

Watching The Suspected

Thursday night, 10 pm. The waiting queue were shuffling their feet in the cold out on the footpath, waiting for the doors of the Stroke Bar to open. Hot new band-of-the-month The Suspected were playing a gig there tonight, and all the regular patrons, plus more, had turned up. Rosemary jumped up and down on the spot, trying to warm herself up, wishing for a moment that she put some warmer clothes on, but quickly brushing that thought away with a private grin as she saw the looks she attracted from her fellow queuers, enjoying the subtle attention. She craned her neck, trying to see around the shifting bodies of the few people in front of her to see if the security had opened up the doors yet, and managed to catch the eye of Daniel, the main doorman of the club. He grinned, and waved her to the front of the line.

“Hey Rosie, got i.d. on you, love?” he teased.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, striking a pose on the steps, placing one knee-high boot clad leg up on a higher step as her short skirt rode a little up her thighs.

“You KNOW I’m over 18, you bastard, I work in the bar down the road! And besides, Dan, would an underage girl have these?”

She brought her hands up to cup her breasts, bringing them to the doorman’s attention. Dan grinned hugely, enjoying their little game, letting his gaze linger over her small pert breasts, ogling her nipples sticking out through the thin fabric of the Suspected t-shirt she wore.

“Forget your bra again Rosie?” he laughed.

She smirked.

“I never wear ‘em, Danny boy, you should know that. Can I go in now, I’m FREEZING!”

He glanced across to his partner, laughed again and opened up the door, ushering her in and lining up the rest of the crowd.

“In you get, love, enjoy the show, it should be a good one!”

She flounced past, into the dim light of the bar, but was called back.

“Wait, you forgot your pass-out stamp, Rosie!”

She sighed dramatically, tossed her short blonde hair and wriggled her ass at him and spun around, hands on hips as he approached her.

“Stamp my ass, Dan, I’m not planning on going out halfway through!”

“If you insist!”

He turned her around, lifted her squirt and tugged her panties down an inch as she squealed and laughed and pressed the stamp onto the soft pale flesh of her bare buttocks, marking her with a blurry inking of the word “stroke”.

“As the lady requested!” he grinned before returning to the door. “oh, and nice panties.”

“I’ll buy you a pair for Christmas if ya like ‘em that much.” Rosemary called back as she laughed again, mock-grumbling and readjusting her clothing and headed over to the main bar.