Poker In The Rear

My boyfriend, Jerry, has a weekly poker game with his friends. Each week they hold it at someone else’s house. This week it was being held at our house. I typically leave during their game so they can have their “guy time.” When I returned five of the guys were still there. They invited me to play a few hands with them. I was surprised to be invited, but I’m a pretty good poker player, so I took the invitation.

I was up several hands when Jerry suggested a twist to the game. Did I feel up to strip poker? Being on a winning streak, and thinking that the guys wouldn’t let it go too far, I agreed. I won a few more hands and the guys started to strip. There was plenty of exposed male flesh around me to start some tingling.

I lost the next several hands and was down to my bra and panties. The next hand came down to a show down between me and one of the guys named Hank. My three aces did not beat Hanks full house and my bra came off. I was feeling a little exposed and aroused at the same time. I was topless in front of five men. The next hand came down to me and Jerry. I had a straight flush and was feeling very confident when Jerry suggested that we up the ante. Rather than playing for chips, we play for a . The winner picked what it would be. Looking at my cards again, I agreed. I was already planning what I was going to ask for, when Jerry laid down his royal flush.

I looked at him with shock, anticipating what he might ask for. He told me that his request had two parts. The first part was that I would give him a blow job. I thought I had gotten off easy until he told me that all the guys would be watching. I was both scared and aroused. We had never had sex in front of anyone and I wasn’t sure about being that exposed. Jerry reminded me that a bet is a bet and he had won.

Dressed in only my panties, I got on my knees in front of Jerry. He was already hard and waiting. As I took him into my mouth the guys lined up behind me to watch. They had a perfect view of my ass up in the air as I pulled Jerry deeper into my mouth. It didn’t take long for Jerry and me to find our familiar rhythm. His cock grew larger and harder in my mouth and I could tell he was on the verge. He told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. A few seconds later, he shot his load down my throat. I continued to suck him and milked every drop from him. I was hoping the guys would soon leave so that Jerry and I could move the bedroom and continue. Jerry then reminded me that his request had two parts.

When he told me the second part of his request, I looked at him with shock. I never expected him to say he wanted me to suck the cock of every guy there. Shock mixed with lust when Jerry told me to turn around. I saw that every guy had stripped and had been jerking off while watching me blow Jerry. I saw the variety of sizes and shapes and cocks and felt fire down in my pussy. I had five men who wanted me and were ready.

The first guy was Hank who had caused me to lose my bra. I moved in front of him and examined his short but thick cock. I knew that taking his length wouldn’t be a problem, but when I placed my mouth over him, my mouth stretched to its limits. As I adjusted to a different size than Jerry, I slowly began to pick up my pace and was able to accommodate his thickness. Hank told the other guys that I had an amazing mouth and they would enjoy it when it was their turn. While I was sucking Hank, I felt someone behind me. Scanning the faces, I realized it was Jerry. He softly touched my pussy and commented on how wet I was. He then told me that he thought I needed a good fucking. I couldn’t disagree with him. I was wet and ready. Jerry pulled my panties down and eased into me. I let out a loud groan as he filled me with his once again hard cock. Each thrust from Jerry pushed my mouth further onto Hank. Hank told me he was ready to cum and he wanted me to swallow just like I did to Jerry. I was not in any position to protest as Hank unloaded down my throat. Watching me swallow everything Hank had made Jerry shoot his load into my pussy.

I told the guys that my knees were getting sore, so they allowed me to lie on my back. Jake was next. He was every bit as thick as Hank was, but was twice as long. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle him but it was worth a try. Jake squatted over my face and I asked him to go slowly so I could adjust to his length. I was able to get most of him into my throat and moaned as he slowly fucked my face. I heard Jerry ask if anyone else wanted to fuck me. I was not prepared for that question, but my pussy was soaking wet.

A guy they called Taz volunteered. He lifted my hips high and drove into me with a fury. I understood where he got the nickname Taz. He fucked like the Tasmanian Devil; hard and fast. I bucked and ground against him meeting his rhythm while Jake continued to pound into my face. Taz came quickly. He pulled out and shot all over my shaved pussy. I reached down and rubbed his cum across my clit. Jake had not cum yet and told me he wanted to be in my pussy. I quickly agreed. I had never had a cock that big before and couldn’t wait to have him inside of me. He flipped me back over onto my knees. Randy took his place in front of me and I took his cock into my mouth as fast I could. Jake was fucking me and hitting my g-spot and I had wave after wave of orgasm, while my pussy clenched his cock hard and tight. This made Jake cum and he pulled out and shot his load over my ass.

Randy then said it was his turn in my pussy and he wanted me on top of him. Barry was the last cock for me to suck. As I lowered my pussy onto Randy’s cock, Barry stood in front of me so I could suck him off. The other guys came closer to get a better view as Barry was easiest the largest of all the guys. They said that no woman had ever been able to take Barry all the way. I gave it my best shot. He was about halfway in when Jerry said something that got me even more hot. He told me that he was so turned on watching me be so full of cock that he wanted to see if I could take while I had Randy in my pussy and Barry in my mouth. I creamed all over Randy just from the question. Jerry spread the juice from dripping pussy around my hole and spread my ass as wide as he could and slowly entered me. With my mouth still on Barry, I let out a load groan. I had three cocks inside of me at one time and it was an amazing feeling.

Not wanting to be left out, Hank and Taz inched closer and told me that they wanted me to jerk them off so that I could have every one of their cocks at one time. There wasn’t a spot that didn’t have a cock. I could not move. My hands jerked Hank and Taz as the other three guys fucked me in their own rhythm. I came and came dripping my juice all over Randy.

As each guy reached his climax he shot his load. Taz, Hank and Barry shot all over my tits. Since my mouth was now free, Jake moved back in front of me and once again fucked my face. Randy soon shot his load into my pussy, followed by Jerry in my ass. I knew how much Jerry loved to fuck my ass so I knew the restraint it took for him to hold out that long. Jake and Randy changed places and Jake eased my pussy onto his cock. I rode him with everything I had left. We rolled over so that I was on my back and Jake continued to stretch my pussy and he drove into me. When he was ready to shoot his load, he pulled out and shot across my tits and my face. I was dripping cum from every part of my body.

As each guy dressed and left, he kissed me and told me I was welcome to play poker with them any time I wanted. When everyone was gone and Jerry and I lay together, he finally admitted that the whole thing had been a set up. While they were playing each guy was talking about his sex life and they told Jerry that they wanted to fuck me and that I had a mouth that had to be made for blow jobs. They set up signals between themselves to let each other know when they had a winning hand so that I would end up being the loser. I should have been angry, but I didn’t feel like I had lost at all.