Sorority Party

Alexa couldn’t remember the first time she’d tasted cum.

She’d been with a few guys in high school. She had slept with a football player or two, not to mention Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher. Some of them had cum on her, and surely she had gotten a few drops in her mouth in her first attempts to suck cock. She’d learned quickly that once she felt the guy tense up, she had to take him out of her mouth right away or risk him forcing her head down and trying to pump his spunk into her.

She wasn’t the kind of girl to swallow cum. Only a real slut would do that, she told herself. And she wasn’t a slut. She just enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock inside her and cum was an afterthought for the guy to worry about.

But her first memorable experience with that sweet-salty taste had been in her freshman year of college. There was a party her future sorority sisters had arranged. It was a pledge rite all the girls went through … or so they’d told her.

She’d arrived at the house with Amber, one of the other pledges, unsure of what to expect, but sure that Lauren and Misty had planned something degrading. It had been like that all week long.

First Alexa had to walk to all of her classes dressed in fishnet stockings and a leather skirt that barely covered her ass, with a low-cut blouse and no bra carrying a sign saying “Ask about my low, low prices.” She had been forced to clean the sorority house’s bathrooms with her toothbrush (and was threatened with being forced to brush her teeth with it). And that was just the start of the humiliation.

The whole week she had been a servant to Sister L and M, getting their drinks, washing their cars, cleaning their rooms, the whole works.

But that was OK, because Alexa new that these things were necessary to get into a sorority and have the “full college experience” her parents and high school counselors had told her about.

Now she was at the door of a two-story suburban house well-away from campus and about to be confronted by who knew what. Misty had been a Cheshire cat when she had told Alexa and Amber about the party.

“This is it pledges,” she’d said. “Come to this party and perform well, and you will be the newest sisters of Alpha Beta Tau. Don’t be late. Have fun.”

Alexa wondered why she and Amber were the only ones told about the party, but didn’t worry about it. Lauren and Misty seemed like they had taken a liking to her. And Amber too, for that matter.

Amber was a nice girl, very flirty with long brown hair, hazel eyes and full lips. She looked like an Idaho beauty contest winner – in part because she was. She had won her local county fair twice, relying in part on the switch in her step as she strutted across the stage. The walk accentuated her rock-hard ass, tapering down to firm legs, which ended in soft-looking, perfectly manicured feet. She had shapely C-cup breasts and a tanned complexion of any man’s (or woman’s) farm girl dreams.

Alexa was no slouch by comparison. Milky white complexion with a light dusting of freckles, her hair was a fiery red, balanced by light blue eyes. Her breasts were only Bs, but they were pert with quarter-sized nipples that tightened at the lightest breeze. Her ass was phenomenal, the kind a boyfriend had told her he could spend hours kissing and licking. He had, in fact, until she had gotten so worked up she begged him to fuck her.

Alexa reckoned this neighborhood hadn’t seen a pair like them in a while. They were both dressed in stylish dresses that showed off their best features. And they chatted nervously as they waited for someone to open the door.

A few moments after ringing the doorbell, a casually-dressed man answered the door. He was attractive, with the latest GQ hair and dimples that gave Alexa shivers.

“Ladies,” he said in a smooth baritone, “welcome to my humble abode.”

The girls walked cautiously into the house, scanning the entryway to try and get some clue as to their purpose there. The house was well-appointed with oak paneling and tasteful carpets.

“You girls find the house OK?” the man, who now introduced himself as John, asked.

“Oh yeah, no problems,” Amber said.

“Good, this way,” John said, extending his hand to the entrance of the living room.

The girls followed his gesture and entered the room, where they found eight men sitting around talking about the Clinton impeachment hearings.

“All I’m saying is that the Oval Office is no place … well, hello,” a blond business major type was saying before noticing the girls enter the room. “It’s good to see our honored guests have arrived.”

“We’re the ones who should be honored,” a brown-haired guy in his late 20s, said, coming off more oily than charming.

Each of the men introduced himself, pointing out his major or occupation. They were all relaxed, with drinks in hand. John, the host, offered drinks to Alexa and Amber, which they gladly accepted.

After about an hour, Alexa began to loosen up, talking to the guys about current events and her studies to be a journalist. Amber had been surrounded by a few of the other guys and seemed to be having a good time as well.

“Well, I just loved being the center of attention,” Alexa overheard her saying. “To be up on stage, with everyone’s eyes on you. That’s the best feeling ever.”

At that, Alexa thought she saw a wink and a nod from the blond guy to one of the black guys in the room. She figured she might just be imagining it, though, and put it out of her mind.

Thirty minutes more went by, and Alexa was beginning to feel a little tipsy, when Sisters L and M walked in the door.

“Well, well. The party is already in full swing,” Lauren said. “Well, not ‘full swing,’ but a start.”

“Well, let’s see if we can get the real fun started,” Misty said.

As if on cue, all the guys in the room stood up and greeted the new girls, some showing what Alexa thought might be inappropriate affection – she saw Misty’s ass cupped during more than one hug.

With the greetings out of the way, Lauren moved to the couch where Alexa was sitting, sat down and took her hand.

“OK, this is it,” she said. “One last task and you are a sister for life.” Alexa nodded, confused.

“Pick a guy, any guy,” Lauren continued, as Misty instructed Amber to do the same.

“For what?” Alexa asked.

“Well, you are going to fuck him on this couch while we all watch and Amber does the same thing,” Misty interjected.

“What?” Alexa gasped. “You’re crazy. I won’t.”

“All of the sisters have done it,” Lauren explained, curling a lascivious smile in the direction of the guys. “These are current and former frat brothers. They are all safe and discrete. And besides, it’s the only way be part of us. Are you going to let a lifetime of sisterhood and the opportunity at such great connections to walk out the door because you’re too prudish to follow one of our traditions.”

“We’ll give you, what, say 30 seconds to think it over,” Misty said, looking at both Amber and Alexa.

Alexa was still in shock. How could they expect this from her? What kind of freakish joke was this? Did all of the sisters really do this? What if someone found out? Why hadn’t she heard about this before? The questions swirled through her head, and the alcohol didn’t help.

She was just about to stand up and walk out the door when she saw Amber stand up, drop her dress to reveal matching black bra and French-cut panties. She moved toward one of the black guys.

“Come on darlin’,” she said. “If we are going to do this, let me see what you’ve got.”

Without missing a beat, he unzipped his fly and pulled his semi-hard member out.

“Not bad,” she said.

“Amber?!?!?!,” Alexa called out.

The brunette turned to her as she reached out for the now-hardening black cock and said, “Alexa, I’ve got to be part of this sorority, no matter what.” She began to turn back, then stopped saying “Besides, I’ve never had a black guy. And he won’t ask to meet my daddy.”

The guy gave a comical shake of the head and everyone laughed like it wasn’t odd to see a woman about to suck off someone in the middle of a room of people.

“Tick tock,” Misty said to Alexa, who was still sitting, frozen on the couch. “Pick a guy or leave. Newbies always get the first pick and I am ready for some fun myself.”

Summoning all of her courage, Alexa stood and tried to walk to the door, but instead walked to John.

“Alright, if I have to do it, you seem nice,” she said.

“OK,” he said, turning her back toward the couch. “I’ll be gentle.”

When they reached the couch, John turned her around and began kissing the back of her neck as he unzipped her dress.

Alexa was visibly uncomfortable, but she tried to concentrate on the sensation of his lips on her neck. They felt good. Warm. Slightly moist. And his breath caressing her gently.

Closing her eyes, she felt the dress slowly slipping off her shoulders as a breeze from the central air conditioner wafted across her bare skin. She felt her nipples harden beneath her bra, partly from the cold wind, but there wsa something more. She could feel it between her legs as John began to knead her breasts and nibble her earlobe. She was turned on, and not only by the motion of John’s strong hands. She was turned on by the idea of other people watching her.

Alexa arched her back, burying her ass into John’s lap. He was getting aroused too, and she ground her butt into him as he slipped his left hand to her tight abs.

His right continued to massage her breasts, then reached between them and unclasped the bra, which joined her dress on the floor. The feeling of the fabric grazing her nipples as it fell sent a shiver through her body and she ground into John even harder.

He turned her around then and kissed her neck from the front, tugging slightly on her hair to expose more of her neck. Bending at the knee and putting both his hands on her back, he traced his tongue down between her breasts before moving his mouth to her left nipple.

John engulfed her breast, twirling his tongue around the areola as he pulled her into him, she in turn pulling him closer as well. She put her hands onto his head and began running her fingers through his hair.

Her juices were flowing as he moved to the right breast, pulling on it with his mouth like he was going to get milk out of it.

Her breathing heavy and her eyes shut tight with pleasure, she forgot that she was surrounded by a group of men and women, most of whom were now rubbing their crotches.

Had she opened her eyes, she would have seen that Lauren had unbuttoned her blouse and was stroking her right double-D with her fingertips. And Misty had lost no time unzipping the brown-haired man’s pants and was caressing his cock. But Alexa did not open her eyes. Instead, she was enraptured by John’s touch and lifted his head to kiss her full on the lips.

She began kissing his neck and slid her hands to his crotch, where the bulge she had felt before was growing ever-larger. Unzipping his fly, Alexa reached into his slacks and felt his cock hardening. Pulling to free it, John had to step back to give his member room to move. His half-hard cock flopped into the air and Alexa felt its size for the first time.

Surprised, her eyes popped open. But her tunnel-vision was trained on his crotch and nothing else. It was about 10 inches long and two-and-a-half inches thick. Now semi-erect, it was the second-largest cock she had ever seen – the largest belonging to the aforementioned English teacher.

But now her lust took over completely and she dropped to her knees, pulling him into her mouth with the force of a tropical storm running aground. Slathering his rod with her saliva, she massaged his cock with her tongue as her lips moved rhythmically over the shaft.

John unbuckled his belt, allowing his pants to fall near the pile of Alexa’s clothes, then stepped out of them as she cupped his balls with her left hand and stroked his cock with her right, her fingers following her lips closely to accentuate the feeling made by the multiple ridges. From time to time, she lifted his cock out of her mouth and, reaching between his legs to grab his ass and pull him closer, she licked his balls, appreciating their being shaven – not unlike her pussy, which only had a small tuft of hair above her lips.

“He must get these licked a lot,” she thought to herself.

Alexa looked up at John, who was looking down at her as well, with a look she couldn’t quite make out. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her before turning her around and reaching into the front of her purple t-back panties and feeling the heat coming from between her legs.

She felt his fingers glide between the folds of her pussy and graze her clit. At the same time, John wrapped his other hand around her neck and squeezed – not tightly, but firmly nonetheless – while also nibbling her earlobe.

John released his grip and slipped Alexa’s panties over her hips and down to the floor, quickly biting her ass as he passed by.

John widened her step and bent her toward the couch as he stood up, his now fully erect member rising between her legs and banging against her thighs as he did.

Feeling him stand behind her, Alexa reached between her legs and guided him into her. Sparks immediately shot out through her body, and she remembered the feeling of being bent over the hood of a truck parked on the 50-yard-line after her senior prom. Lance had been the first guy to fuck her doggy-style and she discovered it was the position for her – seemingly submissive, but still in control.

But John’s cock was much bigger than the high school tight end. And his rod spread her as it entered, pushing slowly at first, then after pulling back, speeding up. The rhythm increased as she relaxed into the motion. In. Out. In. Out. Stroking deeper and deeper.

He began thrusting harder, and she matched his movements, backing into him as he pushed hard into her. Her legs quivered each time he pulled back and she was so worked up that she felt like she was dripping onto the floor.

She came with a loud groan and went weak in the knees before regaining her composure.

John pulled out and she dropped to the ground, returning her mouth to his cock, which was now covered with the taste of her own insides. She loved that taste, and sucked his cock even harder.

This time though, she looked around the room. She saw Misty completely nude and riding reverse cowgirl on the brown-haired man while simultaneously sucking off another man. Amber was being stuffed by her first black man and loving every minute of it. She was lying on her back and, reaching across her chest to squeeze one breast, sought to slow the jiggling of her other from the force of the man’s stroke.

Two men stood at Lauren’s right side as she sucked the swollen rod of one of the others. A fourth man had his face buried between her legs and was shaking his head wildly. The two standing men looked at Misty or Amber, sometimes returning their gaze to Lauren’s chest, which she was still massaging with a free hand. They had dropped their pants and were stroking their cocks, Alexa figured, in anticipation of fucking Lauren or Misty.

Then, almost in unison, the two men turned and looked at her and the thought occurred to her that John wasn’t the only guy she would be fucking tonight. Under normal circumstances, the thought would have sickened her. She wasn’t a slut, after all. But these weren’t normal circumstances, and now she was intrigued by the idea of having two or three men in one night – maybe at the same time.

But John was not finished with fucking her. He lifted her off her knees and told her on to lie on the couch, with her head in the middle. He put one leg at the couch’s back and then positioned her so she would be in-between his legs, face to face, forming a right angle.

Sliding his cock in again, be began to stroke her clit with his right thumb as he moved in and out. And with his left hand, he began massaging her right breast.

“Oh god,” she said. “Fuck that feels good.”

She closed her eyes again and relished the sensations his thumb made on her clit. Arching her back to force more of him into her and give him better access to her love button, Alexa was in the clutches of a second orgasm when she felt a third hand begin to kneed her left breast.

She kept her eyes closed tightly, but was soon greeted with the feeling of a cock at her left cheek. Instinctively, she turned her head toward it and opened her mouth, pulling the cock into it. She reached over and began to stroke the rock-hard man meat as she bobbed her head as best she could. Opening her eyes, she saw it was one of the guys who had been standing near Lauren. The other guy had moved to Misty’s spot on the floor. She had turned around and was now taking on all three of them, sucking off the new guy while riding another. The third guy was just inserting his cock in her ass when Alexa looked over.

Alexa was surprised that she was still a little shocked by that. She had heard about anal sex, but had never seen anyone do it – certainly not with two other men already in her. This was a whole new world to her.

The cock Alexa now sucked was not as big as John’s, but in this position it was big enough to cause problems, ramming the side of her mouth instead of sliding in smoothly.

“Wait,” she said, pulling the oral member out of her mouth. “Let’s change positions.”

“OK,” John said, breathlessly. He was getting tired and Alexa could feel it. She took control of the situation and standing up, returned her mouth to his cock and presenting her pussy to the new member of their little private couch party.

The return to doggy-style felt good, even if the man now in her pussy was a bit smaller than the first.

Alexa reckoned that John would be able to rest and then could resume plowing her with his larger farm gear. But John needed a real rest and he told her he wanted to cum.

She wanted more cock, but told herself she had seven other guys to help her out if she needed it. And so she began sucking him harder than ever, squeezing his cock in a way that she knew would get him off quickly.

The new guy, seeing this, began pumping harder. And even though the sensations she was feeling slowed her mouth around John’s cock, he began to tighten. She began to move away and use only her hand, but John’s cum shot out faster than she had planned and sprayed her mouth and chin. She couldn’t help but swallow some. It wasn’t so bad.

She continued to stroke him as the man behind her held her in the position.

“I want you to clean me up,” John told her as he guided her head back to his now softening hard-on.

She was in no position to argue. And besides, tonight had been a night of firsts, so she began licking the quickly cooling white-clear cum that was dribbling down the head of his cock.

She cleaned the spot off of her chin with a finger and, more for him than her, began to suck the finger before returning her mouth to his cock.

All the while, her second lover of the night continued to pound away at her pussy, making small circles with his thumb on her little brown pucker. For a while, she wondered if he was going to try and fuck her ass, but soon he too announced he was about to cum.

He pulled out, told her to get on her knees and stroked his cock until he sprayed all over her tits. Without even being asked, she began to clean his cock as she had John’s.

And when she was done, the man moved out of the way to reveal two other men standing behind him. They had been fucking Lauren this whole time, but were now stroking their cocks in preparation for Alexa.

The first presented his cock to her and she grabbed him without hesitation, guiding him into her mouth and quickly realizing that for the first time, she was tasting another woman’s pussy, although it was one step removed by the dick its juices remained on.

It was a strange sensation, but Alexa enjoyed it and looked over at Lauren for approval, which she got with a sly smile from both Lauren and Misty who had joined her on the love seat. They sat there, legs intertwined and slowly rubbing one another’s breasts and pussies.

Misty’s suitors were taking turns with Amber now, one cock in her mouth as she rode another and stroked the two at her sides. It was like she was an old pro at this. She had taken to it even more readily than Alexa.

The cum of her second lover was cooling quickly on her chest as she sucked the cock in front of her and stroked the other man’s with her right hand. She wanted to feel them inside of her, maybe even both at the same time, but she could sense they wanted release.

So, she pulled every trick she had learned in her short life to make them cum as soon as possible, juggling their balls, taking the cocks deep into her mouth and changing from one swollen rod to another, back and forth until the men were driven insane with a need to explode.

And explode they did, right onto her face and chest, the gooey man juices running down her cheeks and into her mouth.

She relaxed from her knees, sitting on the floor and looking over at all four men gathered around Amber, shooting ropey jets of cum all over her. The sight was amazing, Amber just sitting there, enjoying the attention being paid her by all of these men. She was perfectly at ease covered in cum. That was when Lauren spoke up.

“Well ladies, you look like perfect messes,” she said. “Why don’t you help each other clean up?”

But that is a whole different story.