Summertime BBQ

My husband and I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. They were some fun years and some real fun times for both of us. He is the school jock type and being raised in Virginia Beach also quite the surfer type too. Myself, well, I was the typical shy academic study girl. Don’t get me wrong, I still had fun.

Here we are 30 or so years later in the typical All American lifestyle. Work all week and play on the weekends. We love the outdoors, boating and a good time. I work as an accountant and Bob is in Sales Management. His job requires long hours and a take-charge type personality. Mine on the other hand, requires patience and precision.

I guess it was last weekend, no two weekends ago, that we went to a BBQ at his best friends house north of town. Josh and his wife, Sally, have a nice secluded place with a pool and a big shady yard. The perfect place for a Saturday afternoon BBQ!

Josh is your normal nice guy, always joking and of course flirting. But, Sally, she’s gorgeous! Along with shapely legs, she has Auburn hair, cut short and perky, beautiful hazel eyes and a nice body. She is confident and lets Josh have his fun flirting!

I guess we were the last to arrive. Steve and Jennifer were already there along with Sam, Josh’s big brother. Sam greeted us! A hug for me and a slap on the back for my husband! Jennifer and Sally were messing with some corn in the kitchen and laughing about something. Steve was in the pool and Josh was headed our way with two frozen margaritas. It looked like a feast was about to be served but the margaritas were first. I could tell it was going to be a great afternoon.

Of course the guys had to talk about the race last weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. So I jumped in to help with the corn and fixin’s for the meal. After the second margarita I found myself needing to pee. The powder room is on the first floor by the stairs. I opened the door just as Sam was coming out. Ooops! I laughed and said I hope I didn’t rush you. He winked and said, Naw, but if you need some help, Anne let me know. His eyes drilled me right then and there. I went in and locked the door. Sitting there peeing, I was thinking, that was a new sensation. I remembered some of the dirty talk my husband and I have when we are in bed, about other people in out sex lives. It has always been a turn on for him and fun to fantasize about.

Back in the kitchen I got drinks for Jennifer and myself, when Sam comes in for a refill. Of course I pour him one too. He reaches over and lifts my chin and says “thank you”. My lips are inches from his; he smiles and says ” see you in the pool?”

The tingling sensation in my nipples sends goose bumps down my arms. I look down and see that they are erect. I look up and Jennifer is standing there, smiling. She reaches for her margarita and brushes my nipple with her hand. My head jerks back and I just look at her, stunned. Was that on purpose I wonder. She says, “Come on lets hit the pool”.

My husband is talking to Josh when I ask if he needs another drink before I get in the pool. His hand cups my ass through my suit and says yes he’d love one, “Anne, can you get one for Josh too Honey?” “Sure, I’ll be right back” I say. His hand lingers a little longer then normal, but I pay no attention to it.

“Damn it”, I spilled the margaritas. As I am bending over cleaning up the mess on the floor, I feel someone close by. I turn and see Sam and Jennifer standing there. Jen says, ” Here let me help you” and Sam tosses a bar towel to us. As I get up, Sam offers a hand and I take it. He pulls me to him and brushes my lips with his! I don’t know why, but I kissed him back. Then I realized Jen was still there! She simply smiled and said “all clean now”. As Sam released me, I turned to get the drinks I had been sent for and Jen softly cupped my ass and said “nice”. The sensations in me were going crazy. Maybe it was the margaritas, but I knew better.

Josh and my Bob were still carrying on about something to do with business when I approached. I hand them the drinks and tell them to “give it a break”, “this is supposed to be a day off”. “Relax and have some fun for a change”, as I turn and head for the pool. They both laugh and say “yeah, yeah”.

Mmmmmm, the water feels great. Sally is already in and wearing a bright yellow string bikini. She says, “Hi, you’ve been busy”.

“I guess, but the margaritas are great” I said.

“So what do you think?” she asks.

“A beautiful day, A beautiful place and wonderful friends.”

“Yes they are wonderful. By the way Sam said he was looking for you, did he find you?”

“Yeah, I spilled some of the margaritas on the floor and he and Jen helped me clean it up!”

As she scans the pool deck she says “oh really?” Then she spots Sam and Jen having a conversation. “Sam has always been the best”. “Looks like Steve needs something, I’ll be right back!” as she hops out of the pool and heads towards the back sliders.

I am lying there with my head on the side of the pool when Bob and Josh swim up. Bob is on my left and Josh on the right. “About time for a new margarita don’t you think?” Josh says!

“I’ll get them”, I offer. Bob says, “No, it is my turn” and heads for the kitchen.

“Having fun?’ Josh asks.

“Yup” I reply,” nothing like it! What about you?”

“Enough talk, time for some margaritas and relaxation!”

“I agree…………” I stop mid sentence as I feel his arm brush my nipple while he is reaching up for the drink. I look at my husband as he returns and he just smiles. “Where is mine?” I ask?

“Here we can share” Josh says, offering me s glass. Looking past Bob and Josh, I see Sally and Steve coming out. They are laughing and Sally heads to the pool, while Steve heads towards Jen.

“I need to use the restroom and I’ll get another Margarita on my way back”

“Josh says hurry back” and winks!

Am I imagining all this? I must be! I look in the mirror and try to straighten myself. It is tough to do at a pool party and in the heat. I open the door and run smack into Sam. Our lips meet and then he slides his tongue into my mouth. His hands are on my ass pulling me to him. I put my hands on his chest to push him away, but can’t. He eases me back into the bathroom and his hands are working their way into my bottoms. His kiss is relentless. He has one hand in my bottoms and one rubbing my nipple through my suit. I can’t catch my breath, but he stops. I am able to escape out of the bathroom….but do I really want to? Jen catches me as I turn in the hallway. I start to explain, ” Sam forced……” Her lips stop me in mid sentence. Her hand is gentle on my breast as the other cups my ass. I try to break away, only to find Sam helping her. Jen is exploring my mouth and lips with her tongue and I respond, slowly at first! I feel Sam’s hands sliding up the front of my suit, close to my crotch.

“Please stop”, I whisper. “Just give me a minute! What is going on? What is this all about?”

“We want you”, Sam and Jen say at the same time! I can see Sam’s erection in his trunks now, a definite bulge of substantial size. Now I know the tingling sensations are sexual and not the margaritas. Wondering what this is all about passes through my mind, as Jen steps up behind me and starts caressing my breasts. Sam wastes no time placing his lips on mine, exploring my mouth with his tongue and sliding his fingers under my bikini bottoms. My nipples are hard and my pussy is soaking wet. NO this is not happening…Noooo… but yes it is, almost just like the dirty talk in bed. My hand, out of my control, reaches out to feel Sam’s huge bulge.

Sally smiles at Bob and Josh, who are leaning against the edge of the pool enjoying the margaritas. As she bends over to sit on the edge, the guys are offered a great view of her luscious breasts. The yellow string bikini dos not cover very much anyway. Sally dips her finger in the drink and slowly licks off the margarita.

Steve moves his chaise lounge over to Sally and the two guys at which point Josh offers to get fresh drinks. Sally, sitting on the edge of the pool lays back and stretches in the hot sun. Steve jokingly threatens to pour frozen margarita in her navel causing her to jump.

Jen is kissing my neck and has my top off pinching my nipples while Sam has worked the bottom of my bikini down to the floor. His fingers are just barely touching my pussy, which is throbbing, and wet. My god is he big, he will split me open with that, I am thinking as I feel his hands on my shoulders. He is leaning against the wall and Jen is already kneeling by my side. Sam urges me down to my knees; Jen takes my face and kisses me deeply, then holds Sam’s enormous cock in one hand and guides it to my wet lips. She places her hand on the back of my head and brings his huge cock into my mouth. With her other hand she is fingering my pussy. Jen is stroking his cock as he starts to thrust in and out. She tries to kiss me as he pumps in and out. On my knees, it makes enough room for Jen. She lies down on the hardwood floor and slides beneath me, her tongue finding my drenched and wanting pussy.

As Sally jumps she in fact spills the cold margarita on her tummy. She looks at Bob and says,” Lick it off” It is not a request, but a command. Startled and a little drunk, Bob does as he is told. “You did not get it all, Bob, there is more down here,” she says as she slides the skimpy bikini bottoms off. She exposes her shaven clit. Sitting up she tells Steve to take her top off.

As Josh arrives with the new drinks he asks, “Have I missed anything yet?”

“No we are just getting started!” She says laughing

Jen is making it hard to concentrate on sucking Sam’s cock. I can only take part of it. It is so thick. He has his hands on the back of my head thrusting in my mouth with steady rhythm now. He doesn’t need his hands on the back of my head, I am so willing right now to please……………..aahhhhhhh I am Cumming!!!! Cumming in Jen’s mouth! Oh my god she is still eating me, her tongue, her tongue is unlike any man’s I have ever had …she knows exactly where to touch and how. Sam’s cock is growing bigger and he is breathing heavier now. He is using my mouth as a pussy to fuck, as he desires. I surrender my mouth to the thrusts while Jen is relentless on my pussy. I can feel myself gushing in her mouth and face, but Sam has my attention now….He is pulling my hair and ooougggghhh, gagging. He thrusts deeper, deeper then anyone has ever gone. His cock is thrusting into my throat. He is yelling at me “he is going to cum, and I better not spill one drop”

Sally spreads her legs to wrap one around Bob’s neck, pulling him into her already wet cunt. She orders him to clean her up. All the margarita must be gone she says. He starts below the navel and she pushes his head down so his lips and tongue are at her pussy.

Bob starts to object, ” Sally I don’t know about this it is not a…..”

She says, “Clean my cunt….clean it out completely. NOW!”

Bob obeys and starts to lick it…it tastes raw and silky, sticky wet. The scent is one of musk. While Bob is licking and cleaning her cunt she asks if he remembers her and Steve going into the house a while ago. That Steve needed something!

Bob stops to answer and is told instantly to continue or else he will receive punishment. Sally commands Bob to continue eating her till she tells him otherwise. “Yes Bob eat my pussy and suck Steve’s cum out of me. That is where I went. To have Steve fuck me and fill me with cum for you to eat out”

Sam is starting to cum! I can feel his massive cock swelling in my mouth and then he starts jerking and filling my mouth with cum. OH my god, I have never had so muc……..I am Cumming again. Oh my God Jen don’t stop! More Sam, please more, I want more goes through my mind. I can’t speak because his cock is still filling my mouth.

“Do not spill one drop or swallow any more then you have, do you understand?” Sam demands as he withdraws his cock from my mouth with a plop. Come with us, as Jen and he lead me naked towards the pool. I start to object but see my husband eating Sally on the edge of the pool and become aroused again.

“In the pool and share it with him” Sally commands. I wade over to Bob, who is now told to look up and kiss me. Sam and Jen are holding my arm as Bob kisses me. His eyes are wide with excitement as he sees the expression on my face, similar to when we are fucking at home. As he kisses me I push the remains of Sam’s cum into his mouth and the kiss intensifies. Sally says” now you have tasted two and the third is yet to come.

Steve and Sam head for the kitchen to get refills for everyone. Bob is told to lay down in the chaise lounge. Sally and Josh secure his hands and feet to the deck and comment on the raging hard. Sally says” We will take care of that in due time”.

Jen comes over to me and starts to kiss me, I never thought I would, but I am responding when Sally calls us out of the pool. She looks at me, up and down and up and down! Then she asked Jen if I behaved?

“Unbelievable”, was the answer. “Sally she must have cum four times and she drenched my face”

With that Sally grabs her hair and kisses her, sampling my juices on her lips.

Josh comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me flicking my nipples. I struggle to turn and as I do we fall back onto a chaise lounge. Me on the bottom and him on top. I try to sit up, but know it is no use; he has my legs spread and shoving his cock in my pussy. If it had not already be wet, it would have hurt. He pushes me back on the lounge chair and looks down at me while He starts to thrust in and out very slowly. Sally asks Bob” Can you see this Bob, can you see Josh fucking Anne? She just finished sucking off Sam and we are just getting started! HAHAHA’ She laughs. With that she straddles the lounge I am laying on and while Josh is fucking me she moves her pussy over my mouth and commands me to eat her.

Bob is lying there watching, his cock throbbing in the air when Jen decides to tease him. She ever so lightly slides her tongue over his hard cock. Steve goes over and sits down in the chaise lounge next to Bob, to watch the show; slowly playing with his own cock, while Jen slowly licks Bob’s cock.

“Come on Anne make her cum, that’s right Anne make her Cum and suck all of her juices” Josh says as he pistons his hard cock in me. I am doing the best I can on Sally and wanting more from Josh. I wonder if this is what Sally meant when she said Sam was always the best? Ugg, Ugg …he is really pounding me….yes more, please give me more!

“Here Bob lick this off my fingers, you are going to eat a lot more before the day is over” Jen says as she wipes the pre-cum from Steve’s cock head.

“Is it ok Sally?” Sam asks as he approaches Bob and Jen.

“Yes, you can start now” she gasps between breaths

With that Jen starts to work on Bob’s cock at the same time Sam starts to kiss her. I can only imagine what is going through my husbands mind. Two friends sucking him, his best friend fucking me while I service his wife.

” Oh God, I am cumming Anne, fuck fuck fuck….ahhhh, OH Fuck, yes Anne, yes, yes. Josh hollers.

He is slow in withdrawing from my pussy; he seems to be waiting for something. Sally Screams as she cums and ejaculates in my mouth. I feel like I am drowning…her cum is like a waterfall. She commands me to stop and that we will have more time later.

Sam and Jen seem to be fighting to see who gets Bobs cock. I am brought over to the lounge that my husband is tied to and told to stand over his mouth and watch while Sam and Jen suck him dry. Sally commands me to squat on his mouth and for him to enjoy eating his best friends load of cum from his wife’s pussy. Bob opens his mouth and starts to suck on me in earnest while Sam and Jen start to bring him to a climax he will never forget! As Sam and Jen are licking and sucking his cock and balls, they have orders from Sally not to let him cum…yet.

I can see his hips pumping up and down and I know he is getting close, just then Sally starts to insert a well lubricated dildo in Bob’s ass. I cum instantly seeing this, and Bob loses it, shooting off in Sam’s and Jen’s mouth and on their faces. I am quivering, standing there over my husband’s mouth.

Sally says” Well the corn is done and I think everything else is ready, Lets grab a fresh drink and see what the guys are up to, shall we?”

“Huh, oh yeah sure” I say as I bounce back from my daydream.” Lets do that and hit the pool too”.

I wonder what the afternoon will be like after all!