The Golfers and The Bachelorette Party

My brothers invited me to go golfing on their annual golf outing to NC with their college buddies. I’m a hack golfer, the trip sounded like fun and it gave me a chance to get away from my normal routine of life. When the time came I traveled south, met up with my brothers and we headed to North Carolina. Once there we hooked 17 other guys who were all my brothers college buddies. Most of us are in a early to mid forties. The first two days there were just filled with golf, eating and drinking. The 2nd night the 13 of us hit a local restaurant for dinner. We had just finished our meals when one guy came back from the rest room and said the bar was full of girls having a bachelorette party. One of my brothers and a couple other guys proceeded to get up and head to the bar. I was a couple of minutes behind them.

When I entered the bar my eyes grew wide. There before us were 15 beautiful women in the middle of the party. I’m guessing they ranged in age around 25 to 30. The drinks were flowing and a new game was starting where the girls had a piece of paper and pencil in hand. They had to hold the paper on the top of their head and draw a picture of a cock. They were all dying laughing, so were we as we enjoyed their activity. One girl came over to my brother and ask him to draw his cock on her paper. He wanted to know if he could use both sides of the paper because it was too short. She turned around and gave him a look, then licked her lips with the longest tongue I had ever seen on any woman. She then walked over to another girl and proceeded to grope and kiss her. Damn this was a turn on, we knew this party was going to be a good one. Then we noticed some of the other girls were pretty touchy feely kind of girls with each other too. This was one party we were going to stay close to.

The girls finished their party at the restaurant, then walked across the street to the bar / nite club. Our group proceeded directly to the bar. Once inside things really heated up. The girls grabbed all the space by the dance floor stage. They danced with each other sliding their hands under each others clothing and feeling each other up. They definitely had the attention of everyone in the bar. We found a couple of empty tables on the other side of the dance floor, grabbed some chairs and had the best seats in the house for this show.

The Bride, Suzanne, is a tall blonde with killer tits. Dressed in a tight scooping top and a mini skirt and a pink lace G-string. She wore a vest the girls had made her that had lifesavers sown on it, for $5 you could bite a life saver off the vest. The bride had a friend, Anne, who seem to be the chosen mother and protector of the girls, and I bet her pussy was wet all night in this role. She was very hot, dark hair, slender with long skin tight black pants and matching top. The girl with the long tongue, Rachel, wore a black mini dress and black G-string. There were 2 black girls, one tall and slender, Naomi, the other shorter, Jeanette, with a healthy statue. Both very sexy, but Jeanette was a real party girl and a turn on. Another girl, Roxy, was the hottest and most sensual of all of them. Roxy was tall with dark hair, slender and moved her body in ways to knock down armies.

They all were dancing right in front of us. Roxy and Rachel came over by us shaking their booty and tits. Roxy reached around Rachel’s ass, pulled her dress up exposing her delicious ass cheeks and the black G-string. One of the guys reached over and spanked her ass, she never flinched, just kept on dancing. That was our cue to join in the fun. A few of us got up and started mingling in dancing with the girls. To our enjoyment they accepted us into their party, responding by dancing with us. I had Anne and Jeanette on either side of me, grinding up and down my legs. I reached around their body and felt their ass’s as I got down with each of them slowly coming up with my leg between their legs, making sure I pressed against their wet pussy’s on the way up. Since I’m 6 ft 5 in tall Jeanette tits came to the height as my cock, I said she was short. She knew how to grind, pushing her pussy against my leg and riding it hard. My cock was hard at this point, she pressed her body against it as she danced.

We alternated with each girl on the dance floor. I finally had my shot with Suzanne. She was feeling pretty well, floating on air. She rubbed her tits against me and was grinding my leg too. I ask her if she did body shots, I think she’d have done anything that night. Suzanne, Anne and I went over to the bar, I ordered up 2 lemon zingers.

First I wanted to see Anne do one on Suzanne. Anne took a lime and squeezed it on Suzanne tits. Suzanne slid the shot glass between her tits while Anne put her lips on the glass. Suzanne then leaned forward pushing her tits and the shot glass into Anne’s mouth. Anne drank is all, then finished up by licked her tits. Taking the cue, I helped Anne lick Suzanne’s tits clean. Suzanne pulled her top down and I licked and sucked her nipples right there at the bar. I then leaned over and kissed Anne’s lips, her mouth was soft and hot it sent a shock wave through my body. Our tongues darted across each other, it was a great kiss.

Now it was my turn to do a shot on Suzanne, same ritual, her tits pushed into my face as I drank the zinger. Again Anne and I licked her clean, each of us on a breast sucking and licking. I kissed Suzanne driving my tongue inside her mouth, Anne wanted some too and the 3 of us kissed and licked each other. I knew I had to have more of that. We then headed back to the dance floor mixing it up again with the girls.

I stopped over by my brothers and told them about the bar action. They were getting plenty of action on the floor. My middle brother had managed to get the black G-string off of Rachel, she seemed to love showing off her naked snatch as she danced. One of the guys decided he was going to dance with his cock hanging out. It probably would have been OK, except it was little. The bouncer came over shook his head and told him to put it away, we all died laughing. It was so funny that no one cared what the girls did that night. Only a few brave soles come over to try to cut into the action, most people just watched.

I headed back to the dance floor, this time to dance with Naomi and Jeanette. I was the vanilla in the Oreo, loving the two girls bumping and grinding my body. Naomi was tall so her body molded to mine. She rode my hip as I pulled her tight against me. Jeanette was bumping her ass into my leg making sure she pushed up against my cock once in a while. Naomi took a break while Jeanette and I continued to dirty dance.

Roxy came over my way, I got her into the mix and started dancing with her. She turned and I was grinding against her ass, I reached my hand around placing it on her hardbody stomach. Since she was wearing a short top my hand slipped under her shirt as she moved. Suddenly she stopped and walked over to Anne. Anne approached me then ask me to not do that again, just to keep it fun. I was alittle taken back, but respected her wishes has we didn’t want the partying to stop. I took a break and got another corona to take some time to reflect on how great this night was.

As I was standing by the dance floor I noticed Suzanne and Anne talking in the corner. It was dark and most of the bar was blocked from seeing them because the dancers were in the way. I made my way over to them and started talking. Suzanne put her arms around me, kissed me, asking me if I wanted any lifesavers. I had another idea. I ask Suzanne how much she wanted for her G-string. She looked at me, lifted her mini and showed me her pink lace undies. She turned to Anne and ask her how much her G-string was, Anne looked at me and said $50. That sounded good to me, I would have spend $50 at the tittie bar and had nothing to show for it. I told Anne that was good, I saw Suzanne look at her and she ask her how was she going to get them off. I turned to my brother, handing him my wallet and told him to get me $50 dollars out. He looked at me and wondered what I was doing that was going to cost $50. Getting the money I handed it to Anne, then told Anne to take off Suzanne’s G-string while I watched. I noticed a few of the girls in the party had been watching this deal go down.

Anne reached under Suzanne’s mini and proceeded to strip her of the tight pink lace. I think Suzanne’s temp increased about 10 times in that moment. Anne handed me the undies, then reached up and kissed me, I sucked her tongue and licked her lips feeling to heat roll from her tongue. She thanked me for the donation to the Bride. Then Suzanne reached over and planted her hot kiss on my lips. Our lips melted together as our tongues found each other. I then moved down to her hot hard nipples sucking and licking them again, I was in heaven baby! As I thanked them both I turned to see the other girls watching us, I held up the panties and they smiled with a few thumbs up and applause!

At this point the Bachelorette party decided to move to a different bar about a mile down the road. As we were leaving, Rachel ask my brother for her panties back, they went into the ladies room where he honored her request as he slipped them back on. The girls left and we followed them to the next night club.

We had no idea what was in store at the next place. It seems this place caters to Bachelorette parties on Friday nights. We entered the night club ordered up some beers and mingled with the girls. This place had private rooms for patrons to relax and do what ever in. One of the rooms was semi-open at the top of some stairs. The other room was closed for the ultimate privacy. There was a large dance floor in the middle and a dance balcony above it. Overall it was a very cool place.

A few of the girls got together and headed up into the semiprivate room. Climbing the stairs to the dance balcony, we could see over the short wall into the room. The girls were kissing and feeling each other. Roxy laid back, spread her legs while the Anne and a few other girls kissed her legs and ultra wet pussy. It was all very hot and extremely sexy watching this. She had a girl on each tit, one kissing her lips and neck and another licking her swollen clit. She moaned and thrust her hips up as she reached climax.

When they finished they got dressed and came down the stairs to the dance floor. Some of the girls were sitting around some cushy sofas with a few of the guys hanging around. Anne, Roxy and the other girls were getting into it on the dance floor now. Hands were running up and down each others bodies. Lips met and tongues explored each others mouths. When the music stopped they headed to the private room at the top of the stairs. We can only imagine what was happening in that room.

Suzanne and Rachel were entertaining the guy on the sofas. They sat there with their legs spread exposing their lace covered pussies to the guys sitting across from them. It seems Suzanne found another G-string to wear, white lace for the bride. Suzanne and the dick that tried to dance with this dick out at the bar started talking about her pussy. He wanted to know what it tasted like. She ask if he was man enough to come over and lick it. He hesitated, so she took a lifesaver off her vest reach under her mini and slide it inside her pussy. She then took it out and threw it to him, he caught it, gave her a look and put it in his month.

She ask him what it tasted like. He said “Tuna”! OMG we could have died, that one word rolling off his lips signaled the party was over. She gave him a look that drove a wooden stake right through his heart and tore it out the outside. We looked at him in disbelief. He then realized the impact of what he said and tried to apologize, but it was useless. The damage had been done and the party was over.

PS. We returned this year to golf again. By chance we stopped at the same bar and believe it or not I saw Suzanne again. She’s married and still looked just as hot. She remembered me and ask me about her G-string. I told her I had them in my golf bag. She gave me a big hug and introduced me to her husband, who said to me “I heard you guys had a good time last year”. I looked at him and said “Yes, yes we did”. He was very cool with it and glad his bride had a fun time. I imagine she’s still having a fun time!